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How to Perform an Access Review on Service Accounts in Okta

Questions? Contacts us at sales@youattest.com
Recorded Aug 21 2020 6 mins
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Presented by
Austin Grajek
Presentation preview: How to Perform an Access Review on Service Accounts in Okta

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  • Slashing the Cost of IT Access Reviews and the TCO of Audit Tools Recorded: Sep 30 2020 45 mins
    Josh Linder - Security Product Analyst
    Auditing is a necessary, but expensive, process. Beyond traditional financial and physical security audits, the recent explosion of remote work has shined a light on the need to secure – and validate – identities and permissions.

    To securely manage remote workers, IT staffs must perform periodical IT Access Review audits to determine that only the right users in the proper roles are accessing various corporate resources. To cope with ballooning external risks, businesses must also turn to DRP (Digital Risk Protection) services in order to get the full picture of the organization's overall risk profile.

    Of course, both IT Access Reviews and DRP audits are costly endeavors. Worse, those costs can easily spiral out of control because there are so many unknowns involved with each audit.

    What will be found? What won’t be discovered, and which audit findings must be remediated?

    Beyond those unknowns lies uncertainty around cost itself. Traditional auditing firms have, for years, utilized re-assigned (and overworked) IT workers to perform audits and craft reports. However, there is a better way: tools exist to improve the efficacy and reduce the cost of the audit process, while also eliminating dangerous blind spots across governance, risk, and compliance.

    In this webinar, we'll talk to a security analyst and cost analysis expert to learn:

    - What is the value of utilizing auditing accelerators?
    - How can we quantify the complexity of our current processes?
    - How do we justify the investment in automation?
    - What are the financial implications of doing nothing?
    - What is the risk of an overlooked credential/access mistake?
  • AD Best Practices for Audit - Okta's Jennifer Galvin & Focal Point's Raj Sawhney Recorded: Sep 2 2020 43 mins
    Jennifer Galvin, Raj Sawhney, Garret Grajek, and Austin Grajek
    Have you had recurring Active Directory access review audit nightmares?

    If you’re ever had to conduct an access review audit of Active Directory, you know that it’s a long, cumbersome, error-prone process, and it’s not just a one-off project. CISAs have a lot on their plates already, but when AD must be audited, someone has to do it, and this chore tends to fall to CISAs.

    Fighting with spreadsheets, lengthy email chains, service tickets, and weeks of toil isn’t anyone’s definition of a “productive workflow,” so organizations with deep pockets often turn to “automated” audits, which aren’t all that automated. These tend to be expensive on-premises systems that require hefty service contracts.

    Pick your poison, because neither approach scales.

    If you have Active Directory access review audits in your future, and you’d like to break this expensive, labor-intensive cycle, you’ll want to join us on Wednesday, September 2 at 10:00 AM PT as we discuss how to turn Okta into a high-octane IGA engine.

    Webinar: How to use Okta as a high-octane IGA engine

    CISAs, CISOs, and IT leaders already trust Okta to deliver comprehensive IAM/SSO capabilities. Now, through new partner YouAttest, Okta customers are able to directly integrate a fully functional IGA Access review system via a secure and certified set of APIs – all at a fraction of the cost of DIY systems, consultants, or bloated and costly IAM solutions that duplicate many of the features you’re already paying for with IDaaS/SSO.


    Jennifer Galvin, Team Lead, CIAM Specialist, Field Alliances Enablement for Okta, Okta Certified Consultant and Okta Certified Developer

    Raj Sawhney, Managing Director, IT and Internal Audit at Focal Point

    Garret Grajek, CEO of YouAttest
  • How to Perform an Access Review on Service Accounts in Okta Recorded: Aug 21 2020 6 mins
    Austin Grajek
    Questions? Contacts us at sales@youattest.com
  • YouAttest and Preventing the Insider Threat - Webinar Recorded: Aug 11 2020 46 mins
    Josh Linder
    Hacks like the fake Twitter post of July 2020, demonstrate once again about the importance of governance around privileged accounts.

    As presented at conferences and to CISSP user groups around the world, Josh will discuss the state of the insider threat, the actors and motives, touching briefly on history and approaches to get ahead of this threat. This webinar will be focused on the threat to enterprise accounts and how they are leveraging YouAttest to prevent nefarious insider activities.

    What is it?

    We will discuss many topics, including:
    - The wide variety of insider threats accounting incidents leading to a data breach
    - How to manage an all-new set of insider threats (as the remote workforce have
    - While much is made of malware and ransomware, theft and vandalism using insider
    credentials are the more deadly downstream effect

    Even with egregious (huge/large/publicized) situations like Twitter, insider misuse of credentials occur every day.
  • YouAttest Access Review & Okta Tenant Audit Demo Recorded: Jul 20 2020 10 mins
    Austin Grajek

    Ask about our 30-day free trial
  • Auditing the IT Enterprise ft. QoS Consulting Solutions Co-Founders Recorded: Jul 14 2020 53 mins
    Stacey Cameron, CEO and Shannon Noonan, President
    QoS Consulting Solutions is a world-class information security, compliance, and risk management consulting firm. Led by (2) renowned IT privacy and security leaders: Shannon Noonan and Stacey Cameron have over 35 years in risk and auditing experience.
    Stacey and Shannon will discuss:

    - Key issues in 2020 for risk and compliance
    - Overlooked aspects of compliance
    - Importance of deploying proper tools for Risk Compliance

    YouAttest will join the discussion with a cross-functional product that allows enterprises to meet the NIST Cyber Framework (CSF) PR.AC-4 which states enterprises many reviews

    “PR.AC-4 Access reviews are performed semiannually by each application or infrastructure owner, to confirm that access is still required. Any exceptions found must be removed within ten business days.”

    QoS Consulting and YouAttest will discuss how Acces Reviews and other auditing best practices can be implemented across all IT domains, cloud, mobile, and on-premise.
  • YouAttest and NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.1 Recorded: Jun 21 2020 6 mins
    Garret Grajek
    Questions: sales@youattest.com

    In this video we will discuss how YouAttest helps meets NIST recommended practices and other regulatory practices regarding access review and security.
  • Audit Applications Outside of Okta with YouAttest (.CSV Upload) Recorded: Jun 12 2020 4 mins
    Austin Grajek
    Questions: sales@youattest.com

    In this video, we'll show how you can audit applications outside of Okta using our latest .csv upload feature. YouAttest can now handle all of your applications inside and out of Okta.
  • How I Executed my Access Review with YouAttest- Customer Testimonial Webinar Recorded: Jun 2 2020 31 mins
    Craig Guianasso
    Craig Guinasso, Director of Information Security at Exact Sciences walks us through how YouAttest helped him meet requirements under HITRUST and ISO audit frameworks.

    Email: sales@youattest.com
  • How to Audit Active Directory Groups With YouAttest Recorded: Dec 19 2019 4 mins
    Austin Grajek
    E: sales@youattest.com
    P: 1.877.452.0496 ext. 1
    Schedule a demo: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=18370865&
  • Enabling Single Sign On with Okta using SAML Recorded: Oct 19 2019 5 mins
    Austin Grajek
    Single sign on URL: https://saml.youattest.com/saml/sso/

    Contact Info: sales@youattest.com

  • How to Meet ISO's Randomization Standards in Less than Two Minutes Recorded: Sep 13 2019 2 mins
    Austin Grajek
    website: www.youattest.com
    Email: sales@youattest.com

    In this short demo, we outline the steps in selecting a random set of users from any application within your Okta environment using YouAttest. This is extremely useful when meeting ISO standards which require the auditor to select users at random.

    Create an attestation report, run audits, and meet standards in minutes, all free of on-premise software with YouAttest Cloud-Based Auditing.
  • Welcome to YouAttest Recorded: Feb 15 2019 2 mins
    Developed as the world's first on-demand Cloud-architected IGA system, YouAttest.com allows your HR/Risk/Audit departments to connect directly to Okta in order to run Certification and Attestation campaigns. With no on-premise software to deploy, YouAttest can kickstart your next SOX audit in minutes.

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  • Title: How to Perform an Access Review on Service Accounts in Okta
  • Live at: Aug 21 2020 6:40 pm
  • Presented by: Austin Grajek
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