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Continuous Asset Monitoring to Accelerate Remediation

Managing and enforcing device security access controls and policies pose significant challenges to every organization. The consequences of being unaware of unknown or rogue devices running in your environment lead to greater security risks and a longer time for the discovery of breaches. Dynamic and robust asset discovery and visibility is the key to mitigating the risks in this scenario.

By joining this webinar, you will learn how Sangfor helps you
• Identify and classify IOT devices that were previously unknown
• Utilize device and user data to build a holistic view of the network and the security access controls implemented
• Implement the most cost-effective unified user and device management solution
Recorded Mar 16 2021 40 mins
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Presented by
Eugene Yew - Sangfor IAG Product Manager
Presentation preview: Continuous Asset Monitoring to Accelerate Remediation

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  • Trifecta Effect: Identification, Assessment and Enforcement for Asset Management May 18 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Eugene Yew
    In today’s modern world, tougher network security challenge for businesses to combat increasing volumes of devices and data traversing in their network. Majority of organizations have no proper plan and inadequate information to identify potential threats. Most of them lack a fully deployed comprehensive secure internet access solution to unveil device with associated users, notify and remediate to reduce attack surface. In short, organization need holistic approach to improve their network visibility to better enable network security with necessary components of identification, assessment and enforcement in their network environment.
  • How Sangfor Endpoint Secure Disrupts Ransomware Using AI Recorded: Apr 27 2021 33 mins
    Fan Yue - Sangfor Security Product Manager
    Ransomware attacks continue to be on the rise. According to Interpol Asean Cyberthreat Assessment 2021, there were about 2.7 million ransomware detections in ASEAN during the first three quarters of 2020. Among the ten ASEAN member countries, Indonesia suffered the most, with 1.3 million incidents, accounting for almost half of the detections in the region.

    The average ransomware payout has grown from less than $10,000 USD, in the third quarter of 2018, to more than $178,000 USD per event, by the end of the second quarter of 2020. Large enterprises are making average ransomware payments of over $1 million USD.

    How can Sangfor help you in the battle against ransomware? Sangfor Endpoint Secure is one of the best EDR products on the market, integrating AI technology that specialises in anti-ransomware.

    During the webinar, our speaker will talk about how powerful and professional Sangfor Endpoint Secure is in dealing with ransomware, and you will gain a new understanding of Sangfor security framework: Sangfor XDDR (eXtended Detection, Defense & Response).

    Sangfor will offer a free, one-time ransomware health check and free Ransomware incident response services for those who participate in this webinar. Limited availability, first-arrived, first-served!
  • Anonymous Malaysia is not so Anonymous Now but Still Dangerous Recorded: Mar 30 2021 42 mins
    Guy Rosefelt - Sangfor Security Business CMO
    Anonymous is a decentralized global hacktivist movement that is widely known for cyber-attacks against governments, government agencies, corporations, and any organization they consider embodying hypocrisy. They strongly support anti-surveillance and anti-censorship views.

    Anonymous Malaysia, a cell of Anonymous, recently took the global hacktivist spotlight by demanding more powerful cyber-security safeguards within Malaysian government institutions responsible for the security of personal data related to Malaysian citizens. Earlier this year the Malaysian government identified and took into custody persons they considered to be members of the hacktivist leadership.

    So Anonymous Malaysia is not so anonymous now but still dangerous. Being a collective, Anonymous Malaysia is much more than the people detained and other cells are willing to support the local cell. That means more attacks may still be on the way.
  • Sangfor Digitally Transforms the Healthcare Industry Recorded: Mar 25 2021 34 mins
    Aaron Wang. Senior Product Manager, Cloud Computing & Infrastructure
    Imagine surviving a major illness, only to find your hospital or healthcare provider has lost all your most personal financial and health information in a cyber attack. COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on the healthcare industry in recent months, uncovering many disturbing and long-forgotten vulnerabilities. When relying on healthcare professionals for the survival of those you love, the last thing you need to worry about is the security of your data. Technology has become an indispensable part of modern healthcare service, with healthcare professionals relying heavily on applications, information systems, mobile devices, electronic medical records (EMR), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) to provide the best and fastest service. The more traditional 3-tier infrastructure commonly used in the healthcare industry is often slow, rigid and complex, making it impossible to use medical applications and systems to their full potential.

    In this session we will explore the many ways a Sangfor HCI solution can enable a faster, more robust, and future-proof digital healthcare platform.
  • The New Trend - Intelligent Threat Detection and Response Platform Recorded: Mar 19 2021 25 mins
    Guy Rosefelt - Sangfor Security Business CMO, Liang Soon - Presales Manager @Sangfor Singapore
    - Advanced Cyber Threats
    - Best Practice Cyber Protection
    - Sangfor Intelligent Threat Detection and Response
    - Use Case / Scenario
    - Live Demo
  • Covid-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry Recorded: Mar 18 2021 33 mins
    Tian Koon Lee. Manager, Global Business Solution Strategy
    The manufacturing sector regaining momentum amid Covid-19 recovery. Increasing competition in the manufacturing industry puts a lot of pressure on manufacturers to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve customer experience and increase profitability. Security protection is also one of their recent concerns as ransomware attacks during Covid-19. Therefore, manufacturing IT decision makers are looking for new digital and future-proof technologies to drive the business growth and profitability.

    Want to know more how Sangfor can help you on post Covid-19 preparation? Join our webinar for more information.
  • Continuous Asset Monitoring to Accelerate Remediation Recorded: Mar 16 2021 40 mins
    Eugene Yew - Sangfor IAG Product Manager
    Managing and enforcing device security access controls and policies pose significant challenges to every organization. The consequences of being unaware of unknown or rogue devices running in your environment lead to greater security risks and a longer time for the discovery of breaches. Dynamic and robust asset discovery and visibility is the key to mitigating the risks in this scenario.

    By joining this webinar, you will learn how Sangfor helps you
    • Identify and classify IOT devices that were previously unknown
    • Utilize device and user data to build a holistic view of the network and the security access controls implemented
    • Implement the most cost-effective unified user and device management solution
  • Sangfor PaaS: The Platform to Run Any Digital Apps Recorded: Mar 11 2021 35 mins
    Cheney Hu. Sangfor Senior Product Manager
    Application plays a vitally important role in the digital transformation of businesses. With the unprecedented technology advancement in electronics such as computers and smartphones, digital applications flourish. These applications significantly streamline the process of business operations, improve work efficiency and create greater economic value. From traditional multi-tier applications to distributed microservice applications, the architecture of enterprise applications has evolved to catch up with requirements of business to be more agile, more scalable and more robust. Modern digital applications are prone to be built in microservices with containers and Kubernetes. Compared to traditional monolithic applications that are more suitable to be run on virtualized infrastructure, containerized applications are preferred to be run on PaaS with Kubernetes for orchestration. While we are living in a world in which monolithic and microservice applications are going to co-exist in the foreseeable future, a unified platform to run both without complexity is highly demanded. Sangfor PaaS running on HCI is the right answer to that. Join us to know more about Sangfor PaaS.
  • [Cantonese] Secure Enterprise w/ Intelligent Threat Detection &Response Platform Recorded: Mar 3 2021 42 mins
    Paul Tsang. CISSP. Presales Manager of Sangfor Hong Kong

    AI-Powered Cyberattacks
    How to fight against AI-Attacks
    Applying Sangfor AI
    Response and Remediation
    Case Sharing
  • SASE: Work from Anywhere (WFX) and Beyond Boundaries Recorded: Jan 28 2021 45 mins
    Eugene Yew - Sangfor Security Sr. Product Manager
    Most enterprise and small-medium businesses are moving towards embracing the work from anywhere (WFX) trend. However, it is not as easy as giving an employee a laptop with internet access. For WFX to be successful, organizations need to ensure employees will have the same seamless connectivity experience and functionalities of the corporate network at home or everywhere as they would at the office. Similarly, we have to plan for employees who are returning to the office and how to handle multi-branch offices using a more affordable OPEX model.
  • Debunking the Myth: NGFW vs SWG Recorded: Dec 15 2020 50 mins
    Allen Lim, Eugene Yew
    Typically, firewalls lack visibility into applications and web traffic, causing security network blind spots. Secure Web Gateways (SWGs) used to be better designed, with the necessary features and functionality to mitigate risks and improve security visibility. However, these features are now beginning to be available in the newest NGFWs, making them almost indistinguishable from SWGs.

    The “Debunking the Myth: NGFW vs SWG” webinar will discuss how to close network security blind spots, what doesn’t work, and how both NGFW and SWG can effectively complement each other.
  • Network Detection & Response: The Key Tool Avoiding Security Breaches Recorded: Dec 8 2020 17 mins
    Zoppo Chen - Sangfor Cyber Command Product Manager
    Prevention does not stop attacks!!! According to AV-TEST, there are over 350,000 new variants of malware detected every day. Even if your security system is able to block 99%, hundreds of new malware are still able to bypass your security controls.

    Therefore, your security team should detect and investigate quickly for anything they are not able to prevent and finally, remove the security event before it becomes a breach.

    Network Detection and Response is the perfect tool to help you detect faster, and respond smarter to the threats in your network.

    Join Sangfor experts on December 8th at 4 p.m.(GMT +8) to discuss the ins and outs of NDR, it's capabilities and why it's so important to an enterprise.
  • 365 Days Since Sangfor Launched Its Incident Response Service Recorded: Dec 1 2020 46 mins
    Jeffrey Lee - Sangfor Security Service Product Manager
    Sangfor Security Services will share some of their cyber incident response use cases for your education. They will also present statistics on how and by who customers were attacked, as well as mitigation strategies that could be used to combat the attacks.
  • Sangfor KubeManager: Making Kubernetes Work for You Recorded: Nov 26 2020 46 mins
    Cheney Hu
    Containers and Kubernetes have shaped the future landscape of modern application development and deployment with their more powerful automation, scalability and agility. As the de facto standard for container management and orchestration, Kubernetes has now become one of the most popular open-source programs from CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). Though container management has been massively simplified using automation, making Kubernetes working for you in an effective way remains a huge challenge to organisations that are new to it. Managing Kubernetes is completely different from managing traditional virtualisation, and a fully functional PaaS requires a variety of components that go beyond Kubernetes, including monitoring and logging. Sangfor KubeManager is Sangfor’s answer to the container world, with the ultimate goal of streamlining your container operations with boosted simplicity and cost efficiency. In this webinar, join Sangfor experts in a candid talk about Kubernetes, and dive deeper into Sangfor KubeManager.
  • Malware Evasion: Why It Works Recorded: Nov 24 2020 42 mins
    Guy Rosefelt - Sangfor Product Marketing Director
    Everyone has NGAV, EDR, anti-malware, etc. installed. Yet, ransomware and APTs still infiltrate and infect organizations with abandon. In this webinar, Sangfor will discuss the most common techniques next-gen malware uses to evade detection and provide recommendations on what your endpoint protection should do to better detect and block the sneaky malware.
  • Sangfor’s VDI Solution for the Banking and Financial Services Industry Recorded: Nov 18 2020 40 mins
    Harper Zhang
    The Banking and Financial Services Industry has some of the most stringent and unique requirements, complicated by the recent shift in remote connectability requirements across the board. In addition to maintaining their own compliance standards, financial institutions must deal with exceedingly complex client requirements and challenges – needs that are being met by Sangfor’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution. Join Sangfor experts for an in-depth discussion of how Sangfor’s VDI solution can ensure compliance, connection and productivity for BFSI.
  • Securing Your Internet Gateway is Vital for Security Posture Recorded: Nov 17 2020 50 mins
    Eugene Yew
    An unsecured Internet gateway is an open door for attackers and those with malicious intent.

    Join Sangfor experts to learn about good governance of security policies and how they can integrate seamlessly into a customer environment while enabling the enterprise to achieve an optimal balance between security, compliance and employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Containers & Kubernetes - Entering a New Cloud Era with Sangfor HCI & SCP 6.2.0 Recorded: Nov 12 2020 53 mins
    Cheney Hu
    It’s time to embrace a new era of cloud computing with containers and Kubernetes, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure needs to keep up with new trends and technologies, and with HCI and SCP version 6.2.0, they've found it. A great deal of innovation has been infused into Sangfor HCI and SCP, including SCP's ability to support Kubernetes-based management for containerized workloads, and an application center for faster and more efficient application deployment, HCI is now more intelligent and flexible with storage, with the supports capacity prediction and disk-based virtual volume. DR testing will also be made available to help customers easily validate DR effectiveness without business interruptions. All these great improvements and enhancements of HCI and SCP 6.2.0 will certainly enable end-users to be better prepared for a more modern age of cloud computing.
  • 3 Tips to Solidify Your Remote Branch Security​ Recorded: Nov 10 2020 45 mins
    Allen Lim
    I've upgraded from MPLS to SD-WAN - My network is now fast and secure, right? Think again! ​

    Typical SD-WAN implementation will speed up your connection but does not protect your branch from more sophisticated cyber-attacks.

    A lack of support creates an opportunity for cybercriminals. Without IT support within branches, incident dwell time is prolonged, eventually comprising the entire network, including headquarters.​

    Join Sangfor Security experts to learn:​
    - How to avoid common traps or mistakes in the implementation of SD-WAN​
    - Best practices to secure your branch & remote employees
    - How to automate SecOps with zero branch IT
  • Reduce Dwell Time - A Key Objective to Fight off Attacks Recorded: Nov 3 2020 19 mins
    Zoppo Chen
    Dwell time is the amount of time it takes for an organization to discover a threat in their environment and remove it. Research from leading security institutes shows that the average dwell time for ransomware is 43 days, and the average dwell time for advanced persistent threats is even more than 2 years!

    As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, a large number of organizations encounter ransomware attacks, despite deployment of firewall, EDR and other preventative controls. The focus of security teams must shift from thinking about stopping attackers to assuming they are already inside the network. Join Sangfor Security experts to learn how to reduce dwell time and minimize the business impact of Cyber Threats.
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  • Title: Continuous Asset Monitoring to Accelerate Remediation
  • Live at: Mar 16 2021 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Eugene Yew - Sangfor IAG Product Manager
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