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Automating your network using AI and ML: rapidly improving business operations

· Examining how you could quickly improve your network utilising AI

· What implementation problems could you encounter and how should you deal with them?

· Designing a network for the future of work and potential future shocks

· Case studies: How has this been done well and what can you learn?

Catch up on this session from our Tech Predictions Mini Summit, an event primed to help your organisation prepare for rapid digital transformation.
Recorded Feb 16 2021 47 mins
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Presented by
Jamie Pitchforth, Juniper Networks; Jan Alexa, IDC; Mitch Davis, Dartmouth College
Presentation preview: Automating your network using AI and ML: rapidly improving business operations

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  • Why collaboration tools must be at the centre of your hybrid work plan Recorded: Sep 16 2021 32 mins
    Jonathan Freedman, Howard Kennedy; Gareth Johns, RingCentral; Harry Chapman, DTX
    Recent conversation in the media reignited the push to return to the office, with some political figures believing that workers must go back to their desks if they want to get on in their careers. But the world that once was is now long gone. Businesses know that they are capable of thriving wherever employees are working from, and employees don’t need to be in the office to get ahead.

    It was technology that allowed us to work remotely and remain connected to one another during the biggest workplace experiment in history. And it will be technology that helps companies and their workers in a hybrid world. But how do you get the most out of such technologies? How will organisations use tech to ensure equality of experience between employees in the office and employees at home?

    Join RingCentral for this 30 minute fireside chat with Jonathan Freedman, Chief Information Security & Technology Officer at law firm Howard Kennedy. The session will cover how the collaboration tools we use today can open up possibilities for organisations in the future.
  • Effectively using data for rapid business transformation Recorded: Jul 28 2021 31 mins
    Ming Tang, NHS England; Ian Conduit, Sitel Group; Harry Chapman, DTX
    In this 30 minute DTX Talk you will learn about the vital role of data during the pandemic across the NHS, from vaccines, to testing and clinical care. This is a case study on how a crisis allowed for a rapid transformation to a data led organisation. These lessons can be applied to your organisation and you’ll hear from these leaders on how to future proof your data analytics strategy, allowing you to predict and prepare for future shocks, while ensuring your organisation remains agile.

    Organisations are only now realising the critical importance of data and beginning to make long term investments, but what should your data analytics strategy be over the next 5 years? Where should you invest? Join Ming Tang and Ian Conduit in this session to tackle these topics and more.

    • How did the rapid use of data create actionable insights during the pandemic?
    • How can you ensure data sharing is interoperable between teams and departments?
    • How can you best future proof your data analytics strategy?
  • How to boost your ITOM maturity in just 40 minutes Recorded: Jul 21 2021 49 mins
    Bill Fitzpatrick, CEO & Chairman, Loop1; Sascha Giese, Head Geek, SolarWinds
    After waves of disruption, companies need to be able to move quickly and smartly to take advantage of market changes. This has led to greater pressure than ever on IT teams to deliver reliable solutions while battling increasing complexity.

    For companies driven to be digital, the success of transformation now hinges on IT Operations Management. If IT teams want to move operations forward and improve efficiency, they need to know where to begin.

    Join a fireside chat between Bill Fitzpatrick, CEO and Chairman of Loop1 and Sascha Giese, Head Geek at SolarWinds to:
    • Uncover how to assess your digital delivery and ITOM maturity
    • Find out how to identify key areas for improvement and development
    • Discover how to break down tech silos to better align your team, tools and processes
  • Last line of defence: Effective data backup to transform your business Recorded: Jun 16 2021 41 mins
    Pat Malloy, Arnold Clark Automobiles; Michael McCargo, Cisco; Mike Andrews, Cohesity
    As both data and cybercrime continue to grow exponentially, modern data management is more important than ever to eliminate mass data fragmentation and mitigate business risks. However, selecting the right data management solution can be challenging, especially for projects with multiple use cases—backup & recovery, file and object services, disaster recovery, ransomware protection—in the face of tight budgets and headcounts.

    Join us for a virtual fireside chat with Arnold Clark, a leading U.K. auto retailer, and discover effective data protection and recovery strategies for securing the future of your business with Cisco and Cohesity.

    ● Data backup: your last line of defence against catastrophic business impacts
    ● Examining how to create an effective data protection strategy
    ● Why should ransomware protection be your central consideration?
    ● Safeguarding backups against ransomware attacks
    ● Data management case study: What Arnold Clark has done well and how?
  • Building an effective meeting culture: Should you have meeting free days? Recorded: May 26 2021 47 mins
    Julie Duvillier, Dentsu; Steve Rafferty, RingCentral; Owen Ellis, AV User Group; Josh Jeffries, Faststream
    - How should your organisation manage the continued influx of meeting requests during the pandemic?
    - How can you ensure those working from home are engaged in meetings with those in the office
    - Assessing meeting productivity: How to do it well
  • Managing multi-modal: Effective collaboration between remote and in-office teams Recorded: May 26 2021 47 mins
    Rob Scott, UC Today; Inesh Patel, Sennheiser, Magnus Falk, Zoom; Jas Cartwright, NHS; Tom Arbuthnot, Modality Systems
    - Staff opinion versus business needs: what should come first?
    - What culture and policies should your organisation adopt for a hybrid workforce?
    - How to utilise technology to ensure those at home don't feel 'left out'
  • Securing your UC systems for multi-modal work Recorded: May 26 2021 47 mins
    Nikki Chapple, NTT Cloud Communications; Shakeel Ahmad, NTT Security; Nathan Piratheepan, Lane, Clark and Peacock
    - To what extent will security be an issue when some teams are at home and some in the office?
    - How can you mitigate upcoming security risks?
    - The importance of designing a security culture within your organisation to keep communications secure
  • The work never stops: Why you need to focus on continuous cyber improvement Recorded: May 26 2021 29 mins
    Daniel Clayton, VP of Global Support & Services, Bitdefender; David Sirignano, VP Security (CISO), Ebury Fintech
    - Never overlook the basics: Stop opening the back door for attackers
    - Increased automation: How to use integrated system intelligence to overcome legacy IT silos
    - Creating a continuous, connected security loop to deliver trusted customer experiences
  • Stability, agility or growth: Where do you need to invest next in your network? Recorded: May 26 2021 47 mins
    Simon Pamplin, Aruba; Tom Bragg, KPMG; Jon Burt, Greater Manchester Combined Authority; Natasha Taylor, DTX
    - Understanding your core network priorities: Do you want to minimise disruption or increase innovation?
    - What are the fundamental fixes you can't ignore? Are you at risk of downtime? How much monitoring can you automate?
    - Are you ready for a cloud enabled enterprise? What will it take to get you there?
  • The human element: Know your people to know your risks Recorded: May 26 2021 45 mins
    Lisa Forte, Red Goat Security; John Graham-Cumming, Cloudflare; Javaad Malik, KnowBe4; Holly Grace Williams, Akimbo Core
    - What are the psychological dynamics of cybersecurity? How to stop your people from being caught out
    - Understand why people are still not reporting security incidents
    - Zero trust: What safeguards do you have in place to protect your enterprise?
  • Setting the strategic direction for cyber security: What are your drivers? Recorded: May 26 2021 47 mins
    Samantha Humphries, Exabeam; Martin Borrett, IBM Security EMEA; Jean Carlos, Nomad Foods
    - What role does cyber have to play in wider transformation plans: How can security be embedded as a key consideration
    - Creating lasting resilience: What is the security vision for 2022 and beyond?
    - How can IT and cyber leaders create and support cyber teams of the future?
  • Mission control: Staying true to a digital vision at speed Recorded: May 25 2021 44 mins
    Pritam Pabla, Google Chrome; Jenny Fallover, London Stock Exchange; Lisa Varga, UpSkill Digital; Natasha Taylor, DTX
    - Choosing the right focus: Does your plan create value in the near and long-term?
    - Overcoming obstacles: What blocked are holding you back? How to drive employee adoption and education?
    - In the room where it happens: How to bring the key players in your enterprise together on issues, big and small
  • Designing meeting rooms and offices for your future workforce Recorded: May 24 2021 49 mins
    Paul Ridge, 4C Strategies; Jon Knight, Ascentae, representing MAXHUB; Richard McPhee, Exactive (Gamma); Carl Thompson, DWP
    - How should the office setup and tech be designed for the return to work?
    - Huddle spaces versus large collaboration areas: What is the right strategy?
    - Moving to a bring your own device culture: To what extent is this realistic?
    - Predicting employee habits when they return to the office: Work vs meetings, what's the top priority on the agenda?
  • The Blueprint for Creating Inclusive Hybrid Work Recorded: May 21 2021 38 mins
    Aruna Ravichandran, CMO/VP Webex Marketing, Cisco Webex; Iwan Spekenbrink, CEO, Team DSM
    Hybrid work isn’t just about choosing where to work or about the technology that makes it happen. It’s about creating a culture that leads with caring and compassion and can unlock human potential — whether employees work in the office or at home.

    How can we reimagine the world of communications by breaking down barriers and empowering business across the globe to work as one?

    Learn how you can address organizations’ most pressing concerns: 

    - Facilitating a safe return to the office
    - Helping IT teams meet the challenges of the new hybrid work model
    - Ensuring remote employees feel included, and have an equal seat at the table
    - Enabling employee well-being, and reducing fatigue and leading with empathy
    - Building a culture that supports compassion and inclusivity.
    - Keeping it secure and scaling it
  • Getting your remote work setup right: A personal approach Recorded: Mar 25 2021 61 mins
    Jennifer Adams, Head of Global Collaboration Markets, Poly; Harry Chapman, Portfolio Development Director, DTX + UCX
    What good is it to provide technology to employees if they won’t or can’t use it? Join us to learn about the brand-new research Poly has undertaken.

    For nearly a decade, Poly have studied workplace personas and how to match work styles and employee behaviours to devices and technologies so that organizations can increase productivity. Poly have conducted proprietary research and surveyed more than 5,000 enterprise workers across eight different countries.

    Their research identified seven distinct user personas found in most organizations and their work styles, technology needs and adoption. Explore how to take a personalized approach, tailor training and the high cost of a one size fits all technology approach.

    • Increasing productivity: Ensuring your technology works for your employees
    • Survey results from 5000 enterprise workers in 8 countries: What trends are there?
    • 7 Distinct User personas based upon research
    • How to effectively take a personalised approach and match workstyles and employee behaviours to technology
  • Creating strong defensive capabilities throughout businesses by 2022 Recorded: Mar 17 2021 48 mins
    Mariana Pereira; Javvad Malik; Mahbubul Islam; Martyn Booth
    - How can businesses adjust to ensure they have strong defensive capabilities by 2022?
    - What can businesses learn from the UK MoD and its creation of a National Cyber Force?
    - How will the future of work change the nature of information security? How can you build a culture to support this?

    Catch up on this session from our Tech Predictions Mini Summit, an event primed to help your organisation prepare for rapid digital transformation.
  • Delivering digital transformation: How can you get it right? Recorded: Feb 17 2021 34 mins
    Alan Brown, Professor in Digital Economics, Exeter University; Harry Chapman, Portfolio Development Director, DTX + UCX
    - How should managers deliver digital transformation effectively?
    - To what extent can you learn from other organisations? Who has done it well?
    - Designing your digital transformation strategy for a post-pandemic world

    Catch up on this session from our Tech Predictions Mini Summit, an event primed to help your organisation prepare for rapid digital transformation.
  • Advanced data analytics: what will you be able to glean from your data in 2022? Recorded: Feb 17 2021 55 mins
    Katie Gibbs, Emergence Partners; Michael Connaughton, Oracle; Caroline Gorski, Rolls Royce
    - How will businesses better use data in 2022 after being driven to be more data-focused during the pandemic? How can you ensure you aren’t left behind?
    - Designing a data strategy for 2022: Ensuring your organisation thrives
    - Data insights in real-time: Ensuring you can react at the right time

    Catch up on this session from our Tech Predictions Mini Summit, an event primed to help your organisation prepare for rapid digital transformation.
  • The next shock - climate change - should you be sending fewer emails in 2022? Recorded: Feb 16 2021 48 mins
    Margaret O'Toole, AWS; Puni Rajah, 6 Revolutions; Rahul Vadgama, Purple Dragons
    - How should your employees behaviours change to have a lower impact on the climate?
    - How should your technology ensure your business is prepared for potential climate shocks?
    - Designing a climate-focused tech strategy throughout your organisation: What should your strategy be?

    Catch up on this session from our Tech Predictions Mini Summit, an event primed to help your organisation prepare for rapid digital transformation.
  • Video fatigue: Will the user of the future demand AI enabled VR meetings? Recorded: Feb 16 2021 53 mins
    Adrian Cambridge; Chris Styczynski; Prachi Nema, Stephane Minana; Paul Scholey
    - What type of user experience demands do you need to prepare for in 2022? How will younger remote workers drive this?
    - How can the video experience be improved through the use of AI to take notes, brief you prior to a meeting and manage follow-ups?
    - How should companies adapt to utilise the best remote working technology for their future workforce?

    Catch up on this session from our Tech Predictions Mini Summit, an event primed to help your organisation prepare for rapid digital transformation.
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Covering everything from cyber security and AI to the contact centre and the future of the office, this content will provide answers to the burning questions your organisation has as you start to shape your 2021 strategy and prepare for the new future of work.

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  • Title: Automating your network using AI and ML: rapidly improving business operations
  • Live at: Feb 16 2021 11:00 am
  • Presented by: Jamie Pitchforth, Juniper Networks; Jan Alexa, IDC; Mitch Davis, Dartmouth College
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