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Driving Growth and Efficiency with Conversational Intelligence

Join Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience and Analytics at Stratifyd and guest speaker Kjell Carlsson, PhD, Principal Analyst at Forrester as they show you how to bring conversational intelligence to your contact center and succeed with speech analytics as part of a larger omnichannel strategy. In this webinar, you'll learn:

* Critical use cases for conversational intelligence, including automating insights for your team, uncovering omnichannel
trends, and augmenting Contact Center coaching and CX improvements

* How a smarter generation of speech analytics will help you uncover and automate insights with less effort on your part

* How companies are bringing together speech analytics with operational and other unstructured data to create a holistic view
of the customer and employee experience
Recorded May 27 2021 60 mins
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Presented by
Kurt Trauth, SVP of CX Strategy and Analytics at Stratifyd, Kjell Carlsson PhD, Principal Analyst at Forrester
Presentation preview: Driving Growth and Efficiency with Conversational Intelligence

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  • Budget and Goal Set Like A Pro for CX Analytics in 2022 Oct 7 2021 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Lorraine Schumacher, CCXP, Kurt Trauth, SVP of CX Strategy and Analytics at Stratifyd
    The last two years have proven that Customer Experience is critical. As we move into 2022, how can you ensure that you’re analyzing your large volumes customer feedback data efficiently and deriving the insights you need to keep pace with customer needs and expectations?

    Setting the right goals—and budget—today can ensure you’ve got everything you need to deliver maximum value today while setting yourself up for tomorrow.

    Join Lorraine Shumacher CCXP, CX Executive Advisor, and Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience Strategy & Analytics at Stratifyd, as they help you understand and set achievable goals for AI Analytics to power your CX program. Learn more about

    • How to evaluate the current CX Analytics technology and needs for your business,

    • Tips for growing your influence (and budget),

    • Strategically developing your CX analytics capabilities without breaking the bank.
  • Building An AI & ML Strategy For The Future Of Finserv Companies Sep 23 2021 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience Strategy and Analytics at Stratifyd
    Unstructured data sources like Voice-of-Customer feedback constitute up to 80% of the data in your company. Join us to discuss how FinServ companies should leverage unstructured data in combination with structured data, and the opportunities at hand for teams that can strategically combine data, Artificial Intelligence, BI and automation.

    In this webinar, Kurt Trauth, SVP of CX Strategy and Insights at Stratifyd, will discuss his insights into the unique opportunities of unstructured customer data from his time in CX, including as the former head of USAA’s Voice of the Customer program. You’ll learn about:

    How AI, machine learning and humans can work together to tackle the challenge of turning unstructured data into valuable insights

    Use cases for AI & ML applied together to tackle issues like risk/compliance and complaints across multiple customer touch points

    The strategic capabilities and skillsets necessary to include unstructured data in your short and long-term CX strategy
  • Deliver a Seamless Peak Season with Better Customer Analytics Recorded: Sep 9 2021 47 mins
    Meredith Albertson, CMO at Stratifyd and Ben Thompson, Director, eCommerce Analytics at Bluestem Brands
    The past year transformed the way consumers shop in store and online. Now, the question for many Retail and CPG companies is how to prepare for the upcoming 2021 peak season.

    One critical element of any peak season preparations will include improving customer analytics across the entire customer journey. Companies have warehouses-worth of behavioral, operational and unstructured customer data, but much of it is being unused or underutilized.

    Join us as Meredith Albertson, CMO at Stratifyd and Ben Thompson, Director, eCommerce Analytics at Bluestem Brands discuss the keys to create a seamless ecommerce customer experience through data. Learn how to

    Help meet your team’s needs for better visualization and storytelling around the customer experience

    Think outside the traditional funnel with new metrics that show the impact of analytics efforts on CX

    Make data source unification and democratization part of your workflow
  • How AI Is Transforming Insights Generation in Pharma: Part 2 Recorded: Aug 26 2021 27 mins
    Seth Tyree, SVP, Strategy-Pharma Insights
    Voice of Customer insights powered by artificial intelligence are delivering big benefits to pharmaceutical companies: more time for subject matter experts to act, reducing costs and allowing for insights generation programs to scale up to meet the demands of creating a customer-centric business.

    Join Seth Tyree, SVP, Strategy-Pharma Insights at Stratifyd, for Part 2 of this series on the way AI is transforming your insights generation strategy. In this webinar, Seth will:

    · Walk you through the ways AI replaces and compliments your current manual review process and highlight several of the most transformative use cases

    · Help you become a savvier AI consumer

    · Showcase the value of combining your data, BI, AI and automation into a single platform as the technological backbone of your insights generation strategy.
  • How AI Is Transforming Insights Generation in Pharma: Part 1 Recorded: Jul 22 2021 28 mins
    Seth Tyree, SVP, Strategy-Pharma Insights
    On both the Commercial Insights and Medical Affairs sides of the pharmaceutical industry, one key source of data continues to be underutilized: customer feedback captured in unstructured forms like text, audio, and video. In fact, upwards of 80% of the data companies collect is unstructured, which means data analysts and subject matter experts are spending most of their time prepping and manually reviewing these data sources in an effort to understand their customers.

    Artificial Intelligence can help pharmaceutical companies unlock deeper insights faster from HCP and customer feedback. But there’s skepticism about AI, and many executives are hesitant to throw their support behind it. For them, the costs associated with buying or building an AI tool can seem too risky, but the advancements in AI and machine learning are changing that calculus.

    In this webinar, Seth Tyree, SVP, Strategy-Pharma Insights at Stratifyd, will show you how AI can help you better understand your customer and the marketplace, alongside advice for getting executive buy-in for your AI-powered project.

    See how Smart AI™ technology is lowering the risks associated with traditional AI projects and increasing ROI

    Get the tools you need to demonstrate the need and value of an AI-powered analytics tool to make the most of your unstructured customer feedback

    Learn how SMEs will benefit from AI-powered text analytics
  • How AI Reduces Friction in FinServ Customer Experience Recorded: Jul 8 2021 30 mins
    Kurt Trauth, SVP of CX Strategy and Analytics at Stratifyd
    It’s not enough to identify when fraud is happening: FinServ companies need to understand how it happened. In this talk, you’ll see how unstructured customer feedback data from sources like social media, customer surveys and even CFPB complaints can provide invaluable data for tackling fraud. Learn how AI is helping bring CX and Fraud teams together to improve the way customers experience your brand.
  • A Buyer's Cheat Sheet to Customer Feedback Management Platforms Recorded: Jun 24 2021 35 mins
    Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience Strategy
    In this webinar, Stratifyd’s Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience Strategy and Analytics, shares with you everything he wishes he knew to ask before buying multiple CFM Platforms. In his years running Lenovo’s Voice of the Customer program, Kurt worked with multiple CFM vendors, and has many hard-won lessons to help you evaluate your prospective CFM vendors.

    If you’re on the road to buying your first CFM platform, or putting together an RFP to explore new options, you’ll want to join us for this event. Kurt will:

    • Recount his experience buying multiple CFM Platforms across several industries;

    • Share practical advice to create an RFP that ensures your organization gets the right capabilities
    for your use cases and business goals;

    • Arm you with critical questions to help you compare key CFM Platform functionality with third-party
  • How You Can Be a Better Leader in the Contact Center with AI Recorded: Jun 17 2021 18 mins
    Samantha Richey, Sr. Director of Rev. Marketing/Operations at Stratifyd, Dave Cebrowski, Sales Engineer at Stratifyd
    Advances in Artificial Intelligence are helping Contact Center leaders overcome some of the biggest challenges: Improve efficiency supporting agents to improve retention and scaling efforts like monitoring and coaching.

    With so many solutions promising AI capabilities, how do you make yourself a savvy buyer and deployment wizard without being a data scientist? With no-code AI solutions, all of these things can be tackled without waiting for a data science team to get to it.

    In this webinar, join Dave Cebrowski, Sales Engineer at Stratifyd, and Samantha Richey, Senior Director of Revenue Marketing & Operations as they help you navigate the reality of buying and deploying AI for the Contact Center. Drawing on their experience as Contact Center leaders, Dave and Samantha will show you:

    • Critical use cases for AI in the contact center including interaction sentiment, providing real-time feedback and agent coaching,
    monitoring for risk and compliance issues, and more

    • Key concepts and practices you need to adopt to make the most of your AI investment

    • How companies today are making AI part of their Contact Center workflows.
  • Can Smart AI™ Make Anyone a Data Scientist? Recorded: May 20 2021 13 mins
    Samantha Richey, Sr. Director of Rev. Marketing/Operations at Stratifyd, Ben Gazak, Solutions Architect at Stratifyd
    Traditional AI projects can be a daunting hill to climb for teams that lack the budget or expertise. In fact, 87% of them fail to deploy, which makes AI feel like a big risk for resource-strapped teams.

    New AI platforms make it possible to become your own data scientist by removing the need for coding and extensive IT resources to deploy AI models.

    In this webinar, Stratifyd’s Samantha Richey, Senior Director of Revenue Marketing and Operations, and Ben Gazak, Solutions Architect, will show you how the Auto Learn capabilities of our Smart AI™-powered Experience Analytics platform can help you unlock the data you know is valuable, but you just don’t know how to get the insights out of it. In addition, you can:

    • See how businesses are using the Auto Learn capabilities to tackle their unique
    business challenges.

    • Watch how our team used the Auto Learn models to help predict the outcomes of
    the recent NCAA basketball tournament.
  • CX in a World Without Surveys Recorded: May 13 2021 28 mins
    Meredith Albertson, Chief Marketing Officer at Stratifyd
    Surveys are a critical data point for Customer Experience teams, but there’s so much more customer feedback to address. In a fast-paced, digital-first world, the insights CX teams get from surveys can come too late to make an impact.

    To stay relevant, CX teams have to go beyond surveys to focus on other forms of customer feedback—like calls, emails, chat, social media—as well as operational data.

    In this webinar, Meredith Albertson, CMO at Stratifyd, will discuss how Artificial Intelligence and text analytics are critical tools for CX teams to find new sources of insight that will allow them to make a greater impact across the organization. You’ll also get:

    • Inspiration on where to find high-value customer insights in your organization

    • Recommendations on how to get started with the team you have today

    • Advice on how to overcome resistance from other stakeholders and conquering your own fears of moving beyond survey-
    driven CX insights
  • The CX Best Practices You Didn’t Know You Needed for FinServ Recorded: Mar 24 2021 31 mins
    Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience Strategy
    The pandemic likely tested many of your CX best practices over the last year; but as FinServ companies look towards the new normal, new best practices are emerging in the fight to stay competitive.

    In this webinar, Stratifyd’s Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience Strategy and Analytics, will share with you the unexpected best practices that he’s discovered in his time as USAA’s Voice of the Customer leader and in his role at Stratifyd working with top financial institutions.

    Kurt will dive into the innovative ways companies are using the data they already have to uncover new insights, as well as how they’re tapping into new data sources to find a competitive advantage. Each of these CX best practices is geared towards creating an organization that delivers clear, measurable ROI while creating a team that’s more responsive to customer experiences across more touchpoints.

    Join us to get answers to the following questions:

    What’s really hiding in your CFPB complaints, and why does it matter for your CX team?

    How can the Contact Center turn its focus from cutting costs to deriving value from calls and chats?

    How do you properly weight the feedback of your high-value clientele in surveys?

    How can tying emotional intelligence to CX interactions keep you from making incorrect assumptions about what matters to your customers?
  • How AI Delivers More Value from These 5 CX Use Cases Recorded: Mar 18 2021 31 mins
    Vanessa Sorenson, Sr. Product Marketing Lead, Stratifyd and Michelle Turner, VP of Product Strategy, Stratifyd
    Join Stratifyd’s Vanessa Sorenson, Sr. Product Marketing Lead, and Michelle Turner, VP of Product Strategy at Stratifyd, as they break down the critical ways that Artificial Intelligence can impact your bottom-line CX goals:

    • Build greater brand loyalty by prioritizing opportunities for CX improvement

    • Improve customer retention and recovery by uncovering key drivers of customer attrition and trigger alerts to take quick actions

    • Deliver rapid insights to Product, Marketing, and Contact Center teams

    • And more—specifically, two more!
  • Customers are talking, are you listening? CX Insights from Speech Analytics Recorded: Feb 18 2021 41 mins
    Kurt Trauth, SVP of Customer Experience + Strategy
    Customers are talking, but are you listening? With more channels and interactions than ever before, Contact Centers face a steep challenge in the future to manage more customer experience. But the reward for teams that can uncover hidden insights in their data extends far beyond cost savings. Today, insight and action-focused analytics platforms are helping Contact Center and Customer Experience teams deliver value across the organization.

    Join us for a 45-minute webinar with Kurt Trauth, SVP of CX Strategy and Analytics at Stratifyd as he walks you through the way Contact Center and CX teams are using unified interaction and behavior analytics to tear down the silos and work towards omnichannel nirvana.

    In this webinar, you’ll be able to:

    *Dive into use cases showcasing the ways companies uncover hidden insights into customer and employee experiences

    *See how text, speech, and sentiment analytics are improving CX teams’ understanding of the customer

    *Learn how these new insights are driving ROI beyond the traditional Contact Center metrics
  • Customer Experience Predictions and Best Practices for 2021 Recorded: Jan 28 2021 37 mins
    Michelle Turner, Product Strategy at Stratifyd
    2020 proved predictions are a fool’s errand, but here we are, at it again.

    Join us as we discuss our Customer Experience predictions and the industry best practices companies are using to deliver experiences rooted in new priorities like trust and safety.

    In this webinar, we’ll be helping you answer the timely questions behind the biggest challenges and opportunities in 2021 and beyond and arm you with actionable best practices for the year to adopt in the year ahead

    Download our latest eBook!
Experience Analytics Powered by Smart AI™
Stratifyd is the only Experience Analytics Platform powered by Smart AI. Our Smart AI takes the burden of manual analytics off your team, proactively surfacing hidden experience signals and themes 24/7, so your business can stay ahead of your customers and the competition.

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  • Title: Driving Growth and Efficiency with Conversational Intelligence
  • Live at: May 27 2021 4:30 pm
  • Presented by: Kurt Trauth, SVP of CX Strategy and Analytics at Stratifyd, Kjell Carlsson PhD, Principal Analyst at Forrester
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