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Data as a Product

In this talk Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies at ThoughtWorks, explores the principle of "data as a product" and describes how this simple change in perspective has a deep and profound impact on how we collect, serve and manage data; how we treat the data consumers as customers and how we provide experiences that delight.

Data as a Product is one of the foundational pillars to move toward growing an innovation culture where data is readily and safely available for experimentation.
Recorded Apr 20 2021 60 mins
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Presented by
Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies, ThoughtWorks
Presentation preview: Data as a Product

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  • Succeeding in the age of disruption Recorded: Sep 8 2021 60 mins
    George Earle, Dave Elliman, Emily Gorcenski & Harinee Muralinath | Thoughtworks
    Businesses are realizing that surviving COVID is just the beginning; further disruption is imminent. In this webinar, we’ll use the lens from the Looking Glass to help business executives understand how to thrive amid ongoing uncertainty — even those which have undergone digital transformation — and explore how to keep technology at the core of the business growth and plot a path forward. If you want to get ahead of the disruption, this webinar is for you.
  • Application-Driven Infrastructure Strategy Recorded: May 13 2021 61 mins
    Kief Morris, author of the Landmark book, "Infrastructure as Code" | ThoughtWorks
    Many business leaders already recognize the transformative benefits that moving to the cloud can bring. Less well understood is the complexity of managing your cloud infrastructure. But if you want cloud to transform your business and deliver value for your customers, you’ll need to build modern infrastructure management capabilities. Here’s where Infrastructure as Code comes in.

    In this webinar, Kief Morris, author of the landmark book Infrastructure as Code — now available in a fully updated second edition — explores how can Infrastructure as Code enables enterprises to embrace cloud so that it becomes an effective driver of business value.
  • Data Mesh - Unlocking Data Value in the Enterprise Recorded: Apr 20 2021 61 mins
    Emily Gorcensky (Head of Data, ThoughtWorks Germany), Arif Wider (Fellow Technology Consultant, ThoughtWorks Germany)
    Over the past decade, businesses have invested heavily in "big data" projects, only to find many of those investments failing to deliver their promised value. The experience shows that this low return on investment results from a pattern present in businesses of all sizes and in all industries; namely, centralized data ownership, which creates organizational and technical bottlenecks which throttle the pace at which value from data can be timely delivered.

    In this webinar Emily Gorcenski, Head of Data at ThoughtWorks Germany, and Arif Wider, fellow technology consultant at ThoughtWorks, present the Data Mesh concept as a technical and organizational solution to the problem and explore how reshaping our thinking about data can finally allow us to tap the full value stream of our data assets.
  • Data as a Product Recorded: Apr 20 2021 60 mins
    Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies, ThoughtWorks
    In this talk Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies at ThoughtWorks, explores the principle of "data as a product" and describes how this simple change in perspective has a deep and profound impact on how we collect, serve and manage data; how we treat the data consumers as customers and how we provide experiences that delight.

    Data as a Product is one of the foundational pillars to move toward growing an innovation culture where data is readily and safely available for experimentation.
  • Rethinking Risk and Compliance in Financial Services Recorded: Apr 15 2021 44 mins
    Nalini Haridas, Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks. Prashant Gandhi, Principal, Financial Services
    As the Financial Services sector gears up for another year of unforeseen changes and an accelerated pace of digital adoption, risk and compliance professionals must think how to enhance operational excellence with technology.

    Policymakers and regulators are going to rely more and more on technology to drive controls and beef up security. Legal and compliance teams will be expected to leverage tech to drive automation and data-led decisions.

    In this webinar, our speakers discussed three emerging tech trends that are transforming risk management. Thinking beyond traditional methods of supervising, monitoring, and analyzing data to empower people and achieve greater operational efficiencies.
  • Successful despite remote setup: Learnings & Best Practices (in German) Recorded: Feb 22 2021 60 mins
    ThoughtWorks Germany
    The developments around COVID-19 are forcing organisations to move to remote work. In this panel discussion, ThoughtWorks Germany shares insights and best practices to make remote work as efficient and enjoyable as possible for your teams.
  • Integrating Design & Tech: Bringing digital products to market (in German) Recorded: Feb 22 2021 68 mins
    Sabrina Mach (Head of Customer Experience, Product & Design, ThoughtWorks Germany)
    Companies often face the same challenges in product development: Teams develop ideas that are not actionable. Long lead times prevent bringing an idea to market in a timely manner. This is compounded by long customer feedback cycles. Finally, customers do not accept the product - or only with a low satisfaction rate.

    In this webinar, Sabrina Mach, Head of Customer Experience, Product & Design at ThoughtWorks Germany, describes how design, business and technology expertise can be integrated into the development of digital products. She reveals how interdisciplinary collaboration enables agile teams to shorten customer feedback loops, bring products to market quickly, and increase both product success and customer satisfaction - always with the goal of creating value that delivers the targeted return on investment (ROI).
  • Distributed Delivery: Game Changer for Software Excellence (in German) Recorded: Feb 22 2021 60 mins
    David Toborek (METRO digital), Sven Dittmer (Daimler AG), Lucy Chambers (ThoughtWorks), Daniel Löffelholz (ThoughtWorks)
    For many, offshoring is an extended workbench for IT projects. But that was never the case for ThoughtWorks, where teams live the concept of agile software development in globally distributed teams, or distributed delivery. ThoughtWorks speaks in this webinar with Daimler and METRO how Distributed Delivery helps to act faster and realize software excellence on a large scale. David Toborek (METRO digital) and Sven Dittmer (Daimler AG) talk about the advantages, but also the challenges and sometimes even prejudices towards globally distributed teams.
  • Modern Software Development (in German) Recorded: Feb 22 2021 52 mins
    Erik Dörnenburg (Heard of Technology, ThoughtWorks Germany)
    The way software is developed has changed dramatically over the last ten years. The focus is no longer on IT projects but on the product for the customer. Conway's Law points the way for organisational change to optimally implement an evolutionary architecture based on micro-services. And in IT operations, the cloud and methods such as Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code and Chaos Engineering are opening up entirely new possibilities. All this has enabled successful companies to build platforms for innovation that provide a real competitive advantage. Erik Dörnenburg (Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks Germany) gives an overview of the trends in software development and shows how companies can become more responsive and successful by following these trends.
  • Harnessing technology in the fight against global pandemic Recorded: Feb 10 2021 29 mins
    Ben Davison, Interim Executive Director of Product Development, NHS Digital
    As many organisations grapple with the challenges of the crisis and new realities, NHS Digital’s story of resilience is one to share and showcase. In this session we hear from Ben Davison, Executive Director of Product Development at NHS Digital, the national information and technology partner for the health and care system. He shares how the organisation has managed the unprecedented increase in citizen interaction with digital health channels and how they continue to support the UK healthcare system respond to the pandemic.
  • Bend, don't break: Building resilience into your business Recorded: Feb 10 2021 43 mins
    Kathy Gettelfinger, Luke Vinogradov & Amy Stephens, ThoughtWorks
    ThoughtWorks’ experience has shown us that organisations that thrive in times of change and uncertainty are those that are clear on their purpose but accept everything else to be fluid. This session dives into the specific technological and organisational building blocks that equip these ‘modern, digital businesses’ to absorb, and even benefit from market shifts.
  • Open GI: A comfortable pair of slippers Recorded: Feb 10 2021 41 mins
    Simon Badley, CEO, Open GI & Stephen Foreshew-Cain, COO, ThoughtWorks
    What happens to a company that is going through a mission-critical change programme when a global crisis hits and they have to respond? Simon Badley, CEO of market-leading insurance software business, Open GI shares an open and frank appraisal of the highs and lows that even an experienced leader can face when 'change is within change'. Not all of it is pleasant and 'good news', but all of it is informative and insightful, and hugely valuable if your organisation is currently grappling with this challenge.
  • Resilience in action leveraging adversity for growth Recorded: Feb 10 2021 31 mins
    Gina Miller, Co-Founder of SCM Direct and Campaigner & Ruth Harrison, Managing Director, ThoughtWorks UK
    In this insightful interview, Gina explores how personal and professional headwinds, and potentially negative forces, can be translated into meaningful opportunities for learning and improvement if approached the right way. This session provides valuable insights for business leaders tasked with navigating today’s challenging environment.
  • Ethical Tech: Creating a Framework that Works Recorded: Feb 9 2021 9 mins
    Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO, ThoughtWorks
    By considering the elements of ethical technology, organizations can develop a comprehensive approach across multiple fronts, from product development to the way leaders interact with their teams. In this 10-min video, Dr Rebecca Parsons explores the processes and frameworks to foster an ethical technology practice and guidance for implementation.
  • Navigating Cloud: The Key to Resilience, In Crisis and Beyond Recorded: Feb 6 2021 57 mins
    Scott Shaw, ThoughtWorks Australia, Xu Hao, ThoughtWorks China, Wayne Te Paa, ThoughtWorks
    Best practices, real-world challenges, and how to take full advantage of the cloud on an ever-evolving journey.

    COVID-19 has transformed every industry forever. New patterns of customer demand have emerged, widening the digital divide even further. And, with another shift on the horizon as the world “re-opens”, the need for a flexible cloud-based computing architecture that enables the enterprise to quickly react, pivot, and innovate has never been more apparent. Digital readiness will be critical, and the organizations that put transformation “on pause” may cease to exist.

    Honing cloud strategies now will enable the enterprise to achieve maximum velocity, test ambitious boundaries and position themselves to seize new and exciting opportunities down the road. But what separates a cloud adopter from a business that’s cloud-centric, or a solid cloud strategy from one that stumbles?
  • EDGE: Value-Driven Digital Transformation Recorded: Feb 6 2021 23 mins
    Jim Highsmith, Linda Luu, and David Robinson, ThoughtWorks
    Opportunity is moving faster and more unpredictably than ever before. As a result, organizations are facing a widening gap between fleeting opportunity and their ability to capture it.

    Leaders, in and outside of IT, know they need to transform the business using technology to focus on their value to the customer. EDGE is their guide to eliminating friction to close the gap between their capabilities and opportunity. It's about applying an operating model that helps them become holistically agile so that every part of the business — from culture to leadership to tech to product — can adapt and evolve at the speed of change. In this sit down with the authors, we hear about the origins of EDGE, who should use it, and when it should be used.
  • Building Digital Readiness for a New Era Recorded: Feb 5 2021 54 mins
    Marcelo DeSantis, Executive Advisor, Luke Vinogradov, Digitial Transformation, and Ruth Harrison, Managing Director
    ThoughtWorks' Digital Transformation experts share how to overcome the most common challenges of the digital era, where to get started in building the right digital capabilities for your unique business goals, and practical approaches for how leaders can prepare their organizations to manage, and even benefit from, the unpredictable digital landscape.
  • The influence of the Operating Model on successful digitisation (in German) Recorded: Feb 4 2021 67 mins
    Boubacar Traoré (Principal Consultant), Ian Murdoch (Principal Consultant)
    The influence of the Operating Model on successful digitisation programs is easily overlooked. Conflicting priorities, overwhelming complexity of existing systems, change-weary employees, and a challenging business environment weigh heavily on leaders and the digitisation team. It turns out that the path to success is shorter and more sustainable when the environment to be changed is considered more comprehensively. Organisational structures, corporate and team culture, decision-making competencies, leadership styles and ways of working should be reconsidered.
    In this webinar, ThoughtWorks Germany's Principal Consultants Boubacar Traoré and Ian Murdoch offer suggestions for successful digitisation that go beyond agile work islands and testing the latest technologies.
  • IoT - Beyond the Hype (in German) Recorded: Feb 4 2021 61 mins
    Michael Fait (Principal Consultant)
    It has been 5 years since the great IoT wave swept over us - and unlike other trends, it doesn't appear to be going away. The utopian prophecies about Industry 4.0 and smart cities seem far away, and many corporate initiatives are being called a failure. At the same time, however, we see how the benefits of connected devices become available in day-to-day business.

    In this webinar, ThoughtWorks Germany Principal Consultant Michael Fait talks about how focusing on specific Smart Ecosystems can help companies realise the benefits of IoT. Using examples and experiences from customer projects, he explains the "Dos and Don'ts" when implementing IoT projects and shows successful methods and approaches.
  • Driving Digital transformation using agile methods (in German) Recorded: Feb 4 2021 86 mins
    Nico Ackermann (Daimler), Sven Dittmer (Daimler), Dr. Martin Kramer (ThoughtWorks)
    In today's world, it is particularly important to be able to react quickly to changes and new opportunities. A proven means to this end is an agile mindset. But where do you start? In this webinar by ThoughtWorks Germany, Nico Ackermann (Daimler), Sven Dittmer (Daimler) and Dr. Martin Kramer (ThoughtWorks) use a current project to show how the OEM Daimler is driving its digital transformation and talk about the paradigm shifts required to achieve this.
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When technology is the way to differentiate and complexity stands in your way, we help you build the capabilities needed for your digital evolution.

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  • Title: Data as a Product
  • Live at: Apr 20 2021 5:02 pm
  • Presented by: Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies, ThoughtWorks
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