Why Hackers Hack: Episode 1 - The Profile

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Tyler Moffitt, Snr Security Analyst, Opentext Security Solutions

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Hacking has become a common term in today's digital world, but not all hackers are the same. In this webinar, we will explore the different types of hackers and their motivations. We will define what hacking is and the various ways it can be used. We will then discuss the three main types of hackers: black hat, white hat, and grey hat. Black hat hackers are known for using their skills for malicious purposes, such as stealing sensitive information or spreading malware. These hackers often operate outside of the law and can cause serious damage to individuals and organizations. White hat hackers, on the other hand, use their skills for ethical purposes. They are often hired by companies to test their security systems and identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by black hat hackers. Grey hat hackers fall somewhere in between black hat and white hat hackers. They may not always follow the law, but they do not have malicious intentions. They may disclose vulnerabilities to organizations without permission, but they do so to improve security rather than to cause harm. All of these hacker types have various subtypes that we will discuss along with the state of attack we find ourselves in 2023. We will showcase the malware and tactics that threat actors use today and illustrate the weak points of businesses in todays threat landscape. We will wrap up with our offerings and tips on how you can stay cyber resilient.
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