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Where to Find Small Business Loans

Banks are the largest business lending institutions and probably the first place you think of when getting a small business loan. While bank term loans are some of the lowest-cost types of financing available, it can sometimes be difficult to qualify. So, where can you find business loans outside of your bank?

We'll provide options and insights into where to find business loans with this webinar. We'll also help you decide which avenues may be best for your business, depending on your needs and qualifications.
Recorded Jul 8 2021 19 mins
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Gerri Detweiler
Presentation preview: Where to Find Small Business Loans

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  • What are Commercial Real Estate Loans? Oct 28 2021 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    If you’re considering a commercial real estate loan for your business, this webinar will cover everything you need to know before you pull the trigger and apply. Commercial real estate loans are designed to help borrowers purchase new commercial property, renovate income-producing properties, or refinance real estate debt on a property they already own.

    This Q&A with Nav's Head of Finance will provide an overview of commercial real estate loans and help you understand if that is the best financing option for your needs. We'll also cover alternative financing types that could work in place of a commercial real estate loan that may be more attainable.
  • Leverage Crowdfunding for More Financing Recorded: Oct 12 2021 60 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    You may have heard of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or GoFundMe but you aren't sure how crowdfunding can help you grow your business. In this webinar with Kathleen Minogue, founder of Crowdfundbetter.com, you'll learn how you may be able to leverage crowdfunding for even more financing for your business. Learn how crowdfunding works, how it's different from traditional funding, and how it may complement other types of funding.

    Kathleen Minogue is Founder & CEO of Crowdfund Better, the leading crowdfunding education and training organization in the U.S. Since 2012 she has been helping entrepreneurs use crowdfunding to unlock the financial and nonfinancial support of their networks to fund projects not supported by traditional finance. Kathleen is the creator of The Crowdfund Better Process™ and has coached successful donation, rewards and investment crowdfunding campaigns. She is particularly focused on bringing the crowdfunding opportunity to women, minority and rural entrepreneurs through education, strategy, training and support.

    A thought leader in crowdfunding, Kathleen has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and PwC Women Unbound report, and presented at the Director’s Guild of America, SBDC National Conference, Crowd Invest Summit, and Crowdfunding Deep Impact UK. Kathleen has also developed crowdfunding training programs for small business assistance organizations and incubators including The Local Crowd 4SE Incubator funded by the NSF and the FundBlackFounders Incubator, and is the creator of Crowdfund Idaho, the first statewide crowdfunding education and training initiative in the U.S. Prior to Crowdfund Better, Kathleen spent many years in the field of education and worked in the investment banking division of JPMorgan building relationships with technology venture capitalists.
  • Is Business Debt Good or Bad? Recorded: Sep 20 2021 26 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    Debt is often thought of as a negative thing that you want to avoid, but in many ways, debt can actually benefit a small business when managed responsibly. In this webinar, we'll talk about how business debt can be good and bad, depending on the situation.

    You'll walk away with a better understanding of some of the benefits of taking on debt for your small business and how to make sure you're managing and leveraging debt. If you're considering a small business loan or business financing, this is a great webinar to help you assess the pros and cons of business debt.
  • Business Loans for Self-Employed Recorded: Sep 9 2021 27 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    Self-employed individuals, whether they are independent contractors, gig workers, or small business owners, often face challenges getting small business loans. In this webinar, we’ll describe how to find and qualify for loans for self-employed business owners.
  • Online Business Loans: How to Compare Options Recorded: Aug 26 2021 15 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    One perk of being a small business owner in this day and age is that there are alternative loan options beyond traditional bank loans. However, having too many options to choose from and making sure you're getting a loan that fits your business needs can be daunting. In this webinar, we'll provide tips that can make this process easier. We'll review what details to look for, understanding the true cost of a loan, how to tell if an online loan is legitimate, and resources to help you compare options.

    If you're considering looking for a business loan or financing in the near future, it's good to compare options and look beyond your bank - especially if a traditional bank loan isn't an option for you. This webinar will be a great resource to help you choose a path that makes sense for your business.
  • Small Business Loans vs. Business Credit Cards Recorded: Aug 19 2021 24 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    Business loans and business credit cards can both be great options to help with business growth and cash flow improvements. However, these two types of business financing may have very different uses and strategies.

    In this webinar, we'll compare and contrast the uses, rates, qualifications, and strategies for these financing options. Depending on your business goals, one option may be a better fit than the other, or it might be a good idea to get both. Every business is different, but you'll walk away from this webinar with the knowledge you need to decide on the best path for your business needs.
  • How to Decide What Type of Business Loan You Need Recorded: Aug 11 2021 43 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    Small business owners looking for funding to grow their businesses run into challenges finding the funding they are qualified for and choosing the type of loan or financing that is best for their needs. This webinar is here to help with those challenges.

    We'll give you the information and tools you need to decide what type of funding is best for your business. Depending on your goals and qualifications, some options might be a better path for you. Identifying that path is easier for some businesses than others, but this webinar will help businesses of all shapes and sizes get on the right track.
  • When and Why a Business Credit Card is a Good Idea Recorded: Jul 29 2021 28 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    A business credit card can be much more than a convenient way to pay for purchases. These cards can also provide lucrative rewards, superior fraud protection, and can smooth out cash flow. When used correctly, they can be a great asset for your business.

    In this webinar, we'll review smart business credit card strategies. This webinar will help you plan when you should and shouldn't use a business credit card, to get the most out of this particular type of financing.
  • Pros and Cons of a Merchant Cash Advance Recorded: Jul 20 2021 17 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    A merchant cash advance or business cash advance can be a helpful financing solution for your business under the right circumstances. But it's important to understand how MCAs work and the costs behind them before you go down this path. This webinar will provide a full overview of what an MCA is and when it might be a good financing option for your business.
  • Where to Find Small Business Loans Recorded: Jul 8 2021 19 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    Banks are the largest business lending institutions and probably the first place you think of when getting a small business loan. While bank term loans are some of the lowest-cost types of financing available, it can sometimes be difficult to qualify. So, where can you find business loans outside of your bank?

    We'll provide options and insights into where to find business loans with this webinar. We'll also help you decide which avenues may be best for your business, depending on your needs and qualifications.
  • How to Get Business Funding that Doesn’t Affect Personal Credit Recorded: Jun 30 2021 21 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    For some business owners, a credit check could be out of the question when applying for business funding. Some simply don’t want a hard inquiry to show up and subsequently damaging their existing credit score, and others are intimately familiar with their credit score and know that, in some cases, it can immediately disqualify them. Whatever the reason is, identifying a financing option to fit your needs can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. There are a variety of options, including working capital loans through your payment process, merchant cash advances, invoice factoring, and crowdfunding.

    Learn more about your options and gain insight into how your business and personal credit are used when you apply for business financing.
  • How Equipment Financing Can Help Grow Your Business Recorded: Jun 22 2021 14 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    Any tangible asset, other than property or a building, used in the operation of a business may be considered equipment. Because the equipment you are purchasing is considered collateral, equipment financing allows a small business owner to finance the purchase of equipment even if they don’t have other assets that could be used as collateral.

    Does this sound like it may be a good fit for your business? Learn all about equipment financing and how to leverage it to grow your business with this webinar.
  • Small Business Line of Credit Pros & Cons Recorded: Jun 17 2021 22 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    For the 50% of business owners who have experienced cash flow problems, a small business line of credit can be necessary to maintain regular business operations. We'll review some of the pros and cons of a business line of credit with this webinar.

    You may be thinking: “My business is profitable, we don’t need additional cash reserves.” But many businesses with and without cash flow issues keep a line of credit handy for unexpected growth or expansion opportunities. A business credit line is a flexible, often low-cost way to cover short-term financing needs regardless of the nature of those needs. Learn more and find out if a line of credit could help your business with this video.
  • What Business Loan Can I Get? Recorded: Jun 8 2021 47 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    Many small business owners are denied the funding they apply for. This is often due to a misalignment of expectations and qualifications and leads to frustration and disappointment for business owners - not to mention time wasted. With this webinar, we'll reduce this frustration by helping you understand what business loan you could actually get.

    We'll review what lenders are looking for depending on the type of financing so you can better evaluate what would be the best fit for your needs and qualifications. Not everyone can qualify for an SBA loan or a bank loan. Sometimes you need to take smaller financing steps to build your business and qualifications and improve your financing options as you go. Learn more with this webinar.
  • How to Consolidate Business Debt Recorded: Jun 3 2021 42 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    What if you could consolidate your small business debt into one affordable payment? That’s business debt consolidation in a nutshell. Finding the right loan option can be confusing though, so we’ll break it down in detail with this webinar.

    We’ll discuss business debt consolidation loan options, evaluating your goals for your loan, and how to get a debt consolidation loan.

    Is business debt consolidation right for your business? Watch this webinar to find out.
  • Benefits of Online Lenders for Business Loans Recorded: May 25 2021 17 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    Any lender can put their small business loan application online. But a true online business loan usually refers to one that is processed fully online. These loans are often faster and more flexible than traditional term loans issued by banks and credit unions.

    For many physical and online businesses, qualifying for an SBA loan or other financing from a traditional lender isn’t an option, maybe because they have low credit scores or haven’t been in business long enough. In that case, borrowing from an alternative lender could be a viable way to get working capital.

    In this webinar, we'll present the benefits of online business loans to help you evaluate if one might be a good fit for your business. Traditional business loans don't always align with a business's needs and qualifications but many small business owners are hesitant to look at online options. We'll help you feel more confident in your decision to apply for online financing and show you what to look out for when you're comparing options.
  • How to Prepare for a Business Loan Application: What Documents Do You Need? Recorded: May 20 2021 26 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    Learning how to apply for a small business loan or other business financing can not only help you get the right loan for your business but can also assist in deciding whether it’s the right move in the first place. The steps to prepare for a business loan application are fairly universal, but the documents needed for an application can vary.

    In this webinar, we'll walk through the steps to prepare for a business loan application and provide information on what types of documents you may need. You'll walk away from this webinar more confident about whether you're ready to apply for financing right now and what steps you may need to take to help you get approved.
  • When is a Working Capital Loan a Good Idea? Recorded: May 11 2021 24 mins
    Gerri Detweiler
    A working capital loan is a type of business loan that can help when your company finds itself in a tight financial spot for whatever reason. This form of business funding isn’t used for long-term investments but rather is reserved for short-term financial goals. In this webinar, we'll review different types of working capital loans, important factors to consider before you apply, and help you evaluate whether this would be a good fit for your business.

    Cash flow issues can be incredibly stressful for any small business owner. It can, in fact, be the cause for small business failure: 82% of the businesses that fail do so because of poor cash flow management.

    And while business credit cards can offer a quick way to pay for an unforeseen expense, they often come with large interest rates. A better option? Working capital financing. See if this is a good option for your business needs and how to apply with this webinar.
  • How to Help Your Business Thrive Post-Pandemic Recorded: Apr 20 2021 36 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    As we look forward to the end of the pandemic and a return back to normal, what are the things you can do as a small business owner to make sure your business does more than just survives, it thrives? Nav founder Levi King has built several successful small businesses throughout his career, through good times and bad, and has a few tricks up his sleeve that will help your business.

    Watch this special webinar where we'll interview Levi and share strategies small business owners can take to help their businesses thrive post-pandemic.
  • Business Growth Strategies Through Business Financing Recorded: Apr 6 2021 31 mins
    Ty Kiisel
    How can you strategically borrow capital for your business to help it grow? As you’re looking for a small business loan or financing, this is important to keep in mind. This webinar will help you evaluate this question.

    The most common reason for business failure is a lack of adequate cash. In fact poor cash flow causes 84% of the business failures in the US. In order to help with cash flow hurdles, many small business owners turn to business loans and financing. A reactionary approach to a small business’s need for capital can satisfy a short-term need or meet an unanticipated shortfall, but might not help the business grow.

    Borrowing strategically can be easier said than done, we will help guide you through how to approach this so you can take steps to grow your business through business financing.
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