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Thoughts on Solarwinds Attack

Welcome to MCLA Conversations - Mike Davis,CISO for Alliant Group and Ritesh Agrawal, founder and CEO at Aigrap Networks - talk about insights on the SolarWinds attacks that occurred December 13, 2020.
Recorded Feb 8 2021 28 mins
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Presented by
Leah McLean, Mike Davis, Ritesh Agrawal - MCLA, Alliant Group, Airgap Networks
Presentation preview: Thoughts on Solarwinds Attack

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  • Cybersecurity Hiring – Rethink Traditional Talent Channels Apr 19 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Leah McLean, Allan Berry, Tony Bryan, Amber Lowry and Katie Adams
    Innovation is happening every day, specifically in cybersecurity – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum are a few examples. It’s no secret that skillsets from 10 years ago need to evolve to match the newer technologies and infrastructure environments for today. Therefore, hiring managers need to evolve their mindset and look at new types of talent that may not fit the typical “unicorn” player or even check all the boxes on the job description. Given many of us are always evolving to keep up with the latest trends, services, technologies – an avenue for talent acquisition that includes on the job training for start-skilling, cross-skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

    Join us in this session to understand the apprenticeship model realities and how it can be adopted into our cybersecurity, cloud and IT workforce today to support the following:

    - More highly skilled employees
    - Strategy for closing current employees’ skills gaps
    - Community support to help with employee training
    - Diversity and inclusion – increase performance and values

    You'll also hear from the Chief Information Security Officer at Centene Corporation, a large publicly traded multi-national healthcare company, will discuss how he and his team have benefitted from an apprenticeship program.
  • Unifying and Optimizing the Main Pillars of a SOC Stack Recorded: Mar 17 2021 47 mins
    Stan Golubchik and Arash Marzban, hosted by Multi-Cloud Leadership Alliance (Leah McLean & Sandhya Gorman)
    SOC in-house spend is at an average of $2.72M on security engineering alone. This work entails integrating disparate security data, building out rules and content, and automating processes – yet 23% of SOC leaders said their efforts in this area of security engineering were actually effective.

    It’s no wonder that this continues to be a problem across operators as they wrestle with a deluge of alerts, gaining a higher ground for better threat visibility, and increasing efficacy on detections. While the SOC tool stack is now enumerated with best of breed security analytics tools and remediation software, each of these tools’ ushers in its own level of expertise and costly overhead to manage.

    The ROI is severely lacking across many enterprises with these costly tools and the ancillary managed services that chomp into budget as operational efficiency is still rampant.

    In this session, we will provide an analysis of the following:
    • Core security stack in a SOC that includes SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and XDR
    • How these technologies are synergistic with the people and process of the SOC of the modern
    • What improvements can be made in order for SOC operations to be more efficient against threat
    mitigation, time to acknowledge, and time to response against emerging threats in the
  • The Art of Cyberwar Recorded: Feb 23 2021 57 mins
    Greg Hatch and Dan Ward
    Join cybersecurity veterans Dan Ward and Greg Hatch, founders of Saepio, a security risk reduction platform in this very timely session. Dan and Greg will provide you with insight, strategy, and new confidence to take on advanced threats and attackers so you can proactively defend your networks and data.

    Dan and Greg will address the following questions:

    ● Why is it that security spending throughout organizations of every size is increasing year over
    year but cyber-attacks continue to accelerate at an unprecedented rate?
    ● Who is it that is attacking me and why?
    ● Why are my cyber protection product's in my security stack failing to reduce my risk exposure?
    ● How do I continue to manage risk with my exposure on the Internet, in cloud environments, on endpoints and in my premise when the demands of my business are to go faster and faster?
    ● When I am attacked (and it is a matter of when not if) How do I limit the risk and exposure of the attack?
    ● How do I articulate to my stakeholders (executives and IT) Our risk exposure, our efficacy of investment and our approach to reducing cyber-attacks?

    Dan and Greg will share with you an approach to cyber protection that will greatly reduce your attack surface, greatly improve your digital infrastructure security, identify assets of compliance and provide stakeholders throughout your organization an understanding of cyber security, compliance and risk mitigation.

    The time is now to stop taking a product approach toward security and embracing a proactive war against the cyber adversary.
  • Thoughts on Solarwinds Attack Recorded: Feb 8 2021 28 mins
    Leah McLean, Mike Davis, Ritesh Agrawal - MCLA, Alliant Group, Airgap Networks
    Welcome to MCLA Conversations - Mike Davis,CISO for Alliant Group and Ritesh Agrawal, founder and CEO at Aigrap Networks - talk about insights on the SolarWinds attacks that occurred December 13, 2020.
  • The Many Faces of Cloud Recorded: Jan 28 2021 48 mins
    Multi-Cloud Leadership Alliance (MCLA): Sandhya Gorman, Leah McLean, Charu Madan, Felipe Conill
    Cloud Computing is one of the largest technology and business paradigm shifts of this century. Our panelists will share insights on cloud computing models of today as well as trends they predict for the future. In addition to the technology component, the panelists will discuss how partnerships are being transformed; especially for ecosystem ISVs and channel partners. Each panelist is a member of the Multi-Cloud Leadership Alliance, an industry consortium created to share cloud best practices as well as to influence the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

    At the end of this session, attendees will gain an understanding of the following:

    1) Cloud sales and marketing model;
    2) The various product and service offering options;
    3) How to influence driving joint revenue with CSPs;
    4) Deeper insights into customer technology and procurement decisions.
Cloud Partnerships | Cybersecurity Initiatives
Multi Cloud Alliance (MCLA) and Cyber Future Foundation Channel

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  • Title: Thoughts on Solarwinds Attack
  • Live at: Feb 8 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Leah McLean, Mike Davis, Ritesh Agrawal - MCLA, Alliant Group, Airgap Networks
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