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Data-driven Optimizations in Manufacturing through Machine Learning

Discover how a global manufacturer saved $millions in repair and operating costs as well as improving product quality with machine learning and custom-made, creative and clear data visualizations that empowered the technicians and executive teams to help make better data-driven decisions.

"Our approach is creating high costs per unit, shipping delays and even worse, does not always prevent DOA and failure rate in the field. We can’t expand our business until we solve this" - Executive, Global Technology Manufacturer

In this webinar, experts from our data insights team, discuss how Calligo partnered with a leading manufacturer specialized in high-end computer boards, to create a bespoke machine learning solution that saved the organization $millions in repair and operating costs. Prior to the introduction of machine learning, the organization identified 2% of its daily production as faulty whilst the engineers used “gut instinct” to replace the components, resulting in approx. $10m in repair costs per annum.

The team will also demonstrate the hand-crafted dashboards, specifically created for the technicians and the executive team, and how they helped inform the team to make better decisions, reduce unnecessary repairs, and ultimately, save the organization millions.
Recorded Aug 18 2021 39 mins
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Presented by
Tessa Jones, Director of Data Science @ Calligo & Zack Mazzoncini, VP of Partnerships @ Calligo
Presentation preview: Data-driven Optimizations in Manufacturing through Machine Learning

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  • Data Safety: Is your data safe to use? Oct 28 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Moderated by Moderated by: Adam Ryan, Chief Services Officer @ Calligo. Joined by Perkins Coie & IAPP, DWF and KPMG
    Your cloud environment sets the tone for how your data is treated. But it has never been harder for your data to be safe.
    • More disparate workforces, probably permanently
    • More security risks as cybercriminals take advantage of the dissolved network perimeter
    • More chance of accidental breaches working from home
    • More data privacy legislation being passed
    • More consumer sensitivity over how personal data is used
    • More regulator scrutiny
    • More regulators keen to hold individual board members to account, not just the business

    Tackling all of these risks and threats requires Data Safety.

    Not just data security – which is where the bulk of attention is usually paid – but equally ensuring continuous adherence to data privacy obligations, compliance with industry regulations and good governance.

    This combination alone makes your data ‘safe to use’ – which is a necessity for the agility and innovation that 2021 calls for.

    And so data safety must be built into your cloud environment, else every data interaction risks being a threat.

    This talk, presented by experts in data security, data privacy and data governance industries, will:
    • Explain the concept of Data Safety
    • Identify the key questions CEOs need to ask of their Data Safety leadership team
    • Show how these questions should manifest in the design of your cloud environment
    • Using real-world examples, show the commercial contribution of data safety to the bottom line

    • Dominique Shelton Leipzig, Partner and co-chair of the Privacy & Data Management Board @ Perkins Coie + Board Member @ IAPP
    • Stewart Room, Global Head of Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber Security @ DWF Law + President of the National Association of DPOs
    • Arthur Mainja, Senior Manager @ KPMG + Chairman of the Channel Islands Information Security Forum (CIISF)
    • Mark Herridge, Chief Information Security Officer @ Calligo
  • Machine Learning Success Story: How a manufacturer saved $$$ in repair costs Recorded: Oct 20 2021 39 mins
    Tessa Jones, Director of Data Science @ Calligo & Zack Mazzoncini, VP of Partnerships @ Calligo
    Listen to a customer success story of how a global manufacturer saved $millions in repair costs and improved product quality with a bespoke machine learning solution.

    In this talk, experts from our data insights team discuss how Calligo partnered with a leading manufacturer specialized in high-end computer boards, to create a bespoke machine learning solution that saved the organization $millions in repair and operating costs.

    Tessa and Zack will also demonstrate the custom-made dashboards that they created specifically for the technicians and engineers, as well as a high-level executive report for the executive team. They'll also discuss how the data visualizations helped empower the teams, revealed hidden insights, and enabled them to make better data-driven decisions.
  • Data Privacy: Why it applies to you, and how it is commercially valuable Recorded: Aug 12 2021 49 mins
    Adam Ryan, Chief Services Officer @ Calligo, Jennifer Wu, Privacy Consultant & Billy Herlihy, Privacy Delivery Manager
    The difference between a ‘tickbox exercise’ approach to Data Privacy and a strategic approach, and the benefits to your business. Remarkably, some businesses in North America and Europe still see data privacy as not important or even not appliable to them.

    This is despite more than 80 countries having their own privacy laws, including:
    • Every EU country
    • UK
    • Canada (who also has a more powerful data privacy bill moving through approval at the moment)
    • Most countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa
    • Plus more US states than people realise
    • Not to mention the various industry-specific regulations that also require data privacy controls.

    Most of these have power to deliver serious, even crippling fines and penalties and if you have operations, customers or even just a marketing audience in any of these countries, then they apply to you.

    And so, most businesses have addressed data privacy – at least in part, or once some time ago. But only a few have implemented continuous and strategic data privacy programmes.

    What do these few have in common? They have better control of their data. And from it, their businesses are accelerating.

    During the webinar, the team discuss existing and upcoming privacy regulations that could apply to your business, and why you should tackle privacy strategically and the commercial benefits it delivers such as improved customer trust, access to new verticals and platform for innovation.

    Join Adam Ryan, Chief Services Officer, is joined by two members of our Data Privacy team to learn about:
    • The growth and reach of data privacy and how it is almost guaranteed to be relevant to your business
    • The difference between a one-time ‘tickbox exercise’ approach and a continuous strategic programme
    • The tangible and commercial benefits of a strategic programme, beyond compliance
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: What are the benefits? Recorded: Aug 10 2021 47 mins
    Adam Ryan, Chief Services Officer @ Calligo and Chris Rogers, Cloud Architect @ Zerto
    Your data is your business. If you lose access to it, or it is corrupted, lost, stolen or held in a ransomware attack, how long could you survive without it?

    What measures do you have in place to backup your data? And are you sure? For example, most businesses using Microsoft 365 believe that Microsoft is automatically backing up their data in case of disaster. It is not – leaving businesses at serious risk of total data loss.

    Similarly, many businesses who are “backing up their data” are in fact not backing up enough data, or regularly enough, or in a way that is rapidly restorable.

    Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

    75% of businesses have nothing planned. Literally no preparation for total or partial loss of data or access to it.
    93% of companies without a disaster recovery plan in place who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.

    Meanwhile, 96% of companies with a trusted backup and disaster recovery plan were able to survive ransomware attacks – one of the most common major data disasters.

    This webinar will cover:
    - The threats and liabilities that data protection shields you from.
    - Best practices for backup, using real-life examples of worst practice.
    - The differences between backup, disaster recovery and business continuity and the over-confidence that comes from not appreciating these differences.
    - What you need to consider in your data protection strategy, and how to implement it.
    - How you will benefit from doing this right.
Unleash the potential of your data
Calligo is the world's first end-to-end managed data services provider, with a global track record in improving organizations' productivity & profitability by making their data more available, secure, and safe.

Alongside industry experts, we'll be discussing topics such as Data Privacy, Cloud, Business IT, Productivity and Data Insights such as Machine Learning, Automation and Data Visualization.

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  • Title: Data-driven Optimizations in Manufacturing through Machine Learning
  • Live at: Aug 18 2021 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Tessa Jones, Director of Data Science @ Calligo & Zack Mazzoncini, VP of Partnerships @ Calligo
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