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A Balanced Approach to Securing our Software Future

Interview with Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Journey
Software powers the world. It's ubiquitous and expands the digital footprint for adversaries to attack. Software security is the first line of defense and plays a vital role in reducing that digital footprint to protect critical infrastructure and data from adversary attacks. With the increasing adoption rate of DevOps, software is being delivered faster, which presents unique challenges for software security.

Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Journey, and Kevin E. Greene, Director of Security Solutions at Parasoft, will host a lively discussion on taking a balanced approach to securing our software future. Join this talk as they reflect on learning from the past and looking forward to strategies to improve software security.
Live online Jun 22 3:30 pm UTC
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Presented by
Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Journey, and Kevin E. Greene, Director of Security Solutions at Parasoft
Presentation preview: A Balanced Approach to Securing our Software Future

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  • The Secret to Modernizing Technology and Culture in Financial Services Jul 15 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Fernando Martinez, Dir Consulting, Banking & Financial Services, CGI; Mark Lambert, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft
    CGI produces a financial application that processes more than 275K transactions daily for over 5.5M accounts. They needed to update their software development process and technology, and doing so involved a change in their team culture. They will share their transformation story and share the reasons why they were successful.

    Join this interactive conversation to learn how the CGI team addressed its challenges, including:
    - What worked, what didn’t, and key elements used to meet the challenges.
    - How to prioritize people and culture as an integral part of the transformation.
    - Enhancing the process and technologies to accelerate software delivery.
  • 3 Key Steps for Effective Microservices Testing Jun 29 2021 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Chris Colosimo, Product Manager, Parasoft & Wilhelm Haaker, Solutions Architect
    Did you know that many of the same technologies and techniques used for testing other applications can be used to test microservices, even API testing? However, the challenge with microservices is the sheer volume of services and their web-like interdependencies, as well as understanding how to effectively monitor event flows.

    Let us help you tackle this challenge. Watch this webinar to learn the key steps to automate testing for orchestrated and reactive architectures, including how to:
    • Establish a process for testing synchronous and asynchronous event flows.
    • Monitor event flows to identify and trace messages for validation.
    • Use simulation to overcome manual steps in an automated test scenario.
  • Ensure Lifecycle Traceability With codebeamer & Parasoft Jun 24 2021 2:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ricardo Camacho, Parasoft & Daniel Jaikumar, Intland
    The amount of embedded software in safety- and security-critical systems keeps growing. Establishing links and tracing artifacts throughout the lifecycle is a fundamental requirement and essential for the delivery of safety-critical products. To achieve traceability amidst rising complexity, requirements and test management tools should work together seamlessly and synchronize relevant artifacts.

    Join Intland Software and Parasoft to learn how bidirectional traceability between codebeamer ALM and Parasoft helps simplify, automate, and reduce the cost of compliance with safety- and security-critical standards.

    Lean how to:
    - Build and visualize full lifecycle traceability by linking codebeamer requirements to the verifying test cases in Parasoft.
    - Perform automated unit tests in Parasoft and verify traceability in codeBeamer ALM.
    - Increase quality by adhering to coding standards with code coverage analysis and different quality metrics.
    - Ensure compliance with different safety and security standards like ISO 26262, IEC 62304, DO-178C, and more.
  • A Balanced Approach to Securing our Software Future Jun 22 2021 3:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Journey, and Kevin E. Greene, Director of Security Solutions at Parasoft
    Interview with Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Journey
    Software powers the world. It's ubiquitous and expands the digital footprint for adversaries to attack. Software security is the first line of defense and plays a vital role in reducing that digital footprint to protect critical infrastructure and data from adversary attacks. With the increasing adoption rate of DevOps, software is being delivered faster, which presents unique challenges for software security.

    Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Journey, and Kevin E. Greene, Director of Security Solutions at Parasoft, will host a lively discussion on taking a balanced approach to securing our software future. Join this talk as they reflect on learning from the past and looking forward to strategies to improve software security.
  • Key Trends in the Automated Software & Security Testing Market Recorded: Jun 15 2021 42 mins
    Chris Rommel, Executive VP, VDC Research; Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives & Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist, Parasoft
    Panel discussion with VDC Research & Parasoft Executives. The demand for digital everything continues to accelerate, creating lots of complexity for software teams. Automation is at the heart of modern CI/CD and DevOps practices with the goal to deliver faster. Unfortunately, testing practices lag in most organizations, creating a quality gap.

    In this session, our panel of experts will show and share modern automated software and security testing tools and practices. We'll look at the role of testing within the CI/CD pipeline for both the world of enterprise applications and embedded software, digging a little deeper on topics of compliance and security for safety-critical systems.

    Here are some key takeaways:
    - A look at modern shift-left practices for leading organizations
    - The state of application security and compliance
    - The role of testing in the world of safety-critical systems
  • Develop a Profitable Continuous Testing Strategy Recorded: Jun 10 2021 39 mins
    Matt Klassen, Vice President, Parasoft
    What's the business value of software quality? Most organizations say that quality is important, but don’t really know how to quantify the actual value of delivering high-quality software. Surveys show that those companies that implement effective software development and testing strategies produce a better user experience, resulting in increased competitiveness and higher profitability.

    To accelerate software deliveries to market—and keep defects and costs as low as possible—it’s essential to invest in a software testing practice that combines people, processes, and technology. To deliver “quality at speed,” teams need to integrate test automation into their CI/CD pipeline and ensure that they can build a repeatable continuous testing practice.

    In this session, we’ll discuss:
    - What an effective test automation strategy includes.
    - How to implement continuous testing without slowing down software delivery.
    - How to determine business value (ROI) of a continuous testing strategy.
  • Implement Service Virtualization for Financial Services Recorded: May 25 2021 59 mins
    Venkata Penmetsa, Solution Architect and Chris Colosimo, Product Manager
    Financial services are dynamic, with multiple channels and numerous technologies that must work together under tight regulations. To deliver high quality applications, QA teams need to test early and often, while managing a complex array of dependencies and integrations of data and interfaces.

    Testing your financial services applications involves validating APIs and services that may be inaccessible or unstable in the testing environment. Whether you work with TIBCO services, FIX messages, asynchronous message queues, or ISO 8583 credit card payments, you need to mitigate the impact of system and data dependencies.

    Gain full control of each downstream dependency by using service virtualization to accelerate API testing for end-to-end scenarios. In this session, you’ll see real-world examples where Parasoft Virtualize emulated common financial services in a short amount of time to reduce bottlenecks. These scenarios include:

    - Virtualizing asynchronous message queues for everyday banking.

    - Testing a card provider backend over ISO 8583 protocol for POS transactions.

    - Simulating FIX messages for capital market applications.

    - Virtualizing TIBCO services.
  • Requirement Traceability for Safety-Critical Applications Recorded: May 18 2021 61 mins
    Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives & Ricardo Camacho, Sr Technical Manager
    Traceability is crucial to ensuring that the released product matches the stakeholder’s expectation, that a quality product is produced and fulfills its compliance needs.

    Industries and the process standards that govern them like Automotive (ISO 26262), Avionics (DO178B/C), Medical (IEC 62304), Industrial (IEC 61508) and Rail (EN 50128), realized the importance of constructing from the very start of a project, requirements traceability. It’s essential in order to prevent faulty, unsafe and insecure code from going out the door. History has also shown us that these software mistakes can be very costly. Not just in terms of recalls and lawsuits but also in the loss of human life.

    Key takeaways:
    - The importance of traceability in satisfying your process standard requirements
    - Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) and managing traceability between artifacts
    - How test automation offers consistency and productivity in traceability and report generation
  • AI Innovations That Improve Software Quality Recorded: May 11 2021 49 mins
    Grigori Trofimov, Senior Solutions Architect
    Everyone wants high-quality software, but you can’t test quality into an application. You need a quality-driven approach that spans development and testing with an integrated strategy for your DevOps workflow. It's more critical than ever for DevOps teams to implement fully automated continuous testing and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to efficiently achieve higher levels of test automation.

    Parasoft has optimized our automated testing tools with innovative AI and ML features to accelerate test creation, maintenance, and execution. In this session, you'll see how to:
    - Leverage AI/ML to quickly create UI and API test suites to validate functionality.
    - Translate user requirements into API tests, correlated for traceability and coverage.
    - Shift left even more by leveraging API tests for load and performance testing.
  • Forrester Webinar: Protect Applications With OWASP API Security Top 10 and SAST Recorded: Apr 22 2021 60 mins
    Sandy Carielli - Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and Arthur Hicken - Chief Evangelist, Parasoft
    APIs are the building blocks of modern applications. If the APIs aren’t secure, the system isn’t secure, but API security testing is tricky: it requires both API testing skills as well as developer skills to exercise the APIs in a meaningful way. It also has the challenges of security testing – you need security knowledge as well as application knowledge to attack the system and validate its behavior.

    Shifting API security testing left is critical to minimize costs and reduce impact on release schedules. DAST and API testing get you started, but the best way to get ahead is to implement security best practices and standards in development, using SAST. The OWASP API Security Top 10 is a great way to start.

    In this session, learn how SAST can help drive your security testing efforts, including:
    • The importance of API security and how OWASP API Security Top 10 addresses the need.
    • Adding SAST to your SDLC and pipeline to harden the application against attack.
    • Producing the right reports for your security team without extra effort.
  • Test Anytime, Anywhere With the Right Service Virtualization Solution Recorded: Apr 6 2021 50 mins
    Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft and Grigori Trofimov, Senior Solution Architect, Parasoft
    Many enterprise development and testing teams struggle to fully verify their applications due to constraints in their environment. When services, systems, or endpoints are beyond their control or unavailable, testing becomes a bottleneck. As a result, they miss test coverage targets and delivery schedules, resulting in late-cycle defect detection or production outages.

    Augmenting your test environment with simulated services enables teams to develop faster and test earlier and more completely. When evaluating service virtualization solutions, there are many factors to consider for a successful deployment and ROI. In this session, we'll discuss key features and capabilities that have proven successful in virtual deployments. You'll walk away with a checklist to help assess your needs. 

    Learn about:
    - The impact of application testing delays and bottlenecks and how to address them.
    - The business and technical benefits of environment-based testing.
    - Key virtualization features to handle the size, scale, and complexity that a modern enterprise requires.
  • Continuous Testing Is the Answer to Quality at Speed Recorded: Mar 24 2021 53 mins
    Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft
    Recent Forrester research has reinforced the software trend that application delivery is not just about speed — it’s about quality at speed. Quality is a top-of-mind priority for executives to deliver a compelling user experience. Leading brands are putting quality at center stage to focus on the success of key initiatives. The challenge is in achieving these quality goals in a timely manner to drive business results.

    Traditional testing practices are inefficient and late-cycle, which means you’re always playing catch up. There's a better way: continuous testing integrated within the DevOps pipeline. Join Mark Lambert, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Parasoft, to learn how to:
    - Avoid technical debt by aligning testing in-sprint with development.
    - Optimize the test practice to focus on the things that matter most.
    - Increase test reliability and coverage by using simulation to control the test environment.
  • Panel Discussion: Mitigating Cybersecurity Software Vulnerabilities in Medical D Recorded: Mar 16 2021 59 mins
    Seth Carmody, VP of Regulatory Strategy at MedCrypt & former FDA Leader and Andrey Madan, Lead Solutions Architect, Parasoft
    Panel discussion with former FDA leader. Most medical device manufacturers and software teams find the topic of cybersecurity threats and the evolving focus from the FDA uncomfortable. But what if you could listen in on a conversation with leaders, authors, and practitioners that have direct experience of the subject? What if you could ask them questions?

    Join us for a lively panel discussion with experts, Seth Carmody, VP of Regulatory Strategy at MedCrypt and former FDA leader, and Christopher Gates, Director of Product Security at Velentium and a principal author of "Medical Device Cybersecurity for Engineers and Manufacturers."

    Highlights include:
    •Root causes and threats in the medical device industry
    •Cybersecurity is not just a technology issue
    •Best practices in approaching cybersecurity and risk
    •The roles engineers and manufacturers play in cybersecurity
    •Software testing solutions that help remedy vulnerabilities
  • 3 Imperatives of Software Quality That Drive Digital Results Recorded: Mar 10 2021 48 mins
    Matt Klassen, Vice President, Parasoft
    The global pandemic has increased customer demand for digital products and innovation, and according to Gartner, this will only continue to accelerate. Software is a key enabler of the digital business but will only deliver the desired business outcomes if development teams modernize their quality practices to move to a continuous quality approach.

    Join us for this webinar in which Matt Klassen, a vice president at Parasoft, will reveal the software quality and testing imperatives your team needs to master to deliver the digital business results your organization expects. Matt will discuss practical tips for development teams to expand their definition of quality, embrace continuous quality practices, and integrate them into their CI/CD pipeline workflow.

    This informative webinar will explore:
    - A modern definition of quality that includes customer experience and business outcomes.
    - Integrating quality into the CI/CD workflow as a set of continuous practices.
    - When to shift left and when to shift right to maximize value and minimize risk.
  • Integrate Testing Into DevOps to Deliver Continuous Quality Recorded: Feb 24 2021 47 mins
    Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft
    Many companies have adopted automated testing as a key part of their software development life cycle to improve application quality. But you can’t test quality into an application. If quality isn’t fully integrated into your Agile workflow and CI/CD pipeline, then you may be missing opportunities to reduce defects and accelerate delivery.

    Leveraging your existing DevOps and CI/CD ecosystem to incorporate continuous testing practices will help you assess the quality of your deliverables and optimize testing efforts. Join this webinar to reach your quality goals:

    - Reduce the cost of quality, security, and compliance.
    - Decrease the time between defect discovery and remediation.
    - Focus the team’s testing efforts where it matters most.
    - Optimize test execution to get in-sprint feedback from your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Save Time & Money: Calculate the ROI of Test Automation Recorded: Feb 12 2021 24 mins
    Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft
    To accelerate software deliveries to market—and keep defects and costs as low as possible—you need to invest in a test automation practice that combines people, processes, and technology. However, to make that investment, you likely have to provide substantial justification to your executive leadership. It may seem like it takes significant effort to communicate a compelling return on investment (ROI), but with some straightforward calculations, you can easily present your case.

    In this session, learn how a hospitality industry leader, Caesars Entertainment, modernized their quality practice with test automation and effectively calculated their ROI to gain approval for the initiative. Learn how to deliver measurable value to the business with test automation through:

    - Best practices for creating a scalable end-to-end test automation strategy.

    - Key metrics to quantify the value of test automation.

    - ROI calculations for key stakeholders within the organization.
  • Deliver High Quality Software With the Right Automated Testing Solution Recorded: Feb 10 2021 45 mins
    Chris Colosimo, Parasoft Product Manager
    How do you test for software quality? If you’re looking to increase test coverage for your enterprise application, you must go beyond UI and manual testing. API testing is the most efficient test automation practice for identifying defects and ensuring a seamless customer experience. But there are many different approaches and tools available on the market. How do you get the ROI you’re looking for to achieve the automation necessary to deliver high quality software at the speed of Agile and DevOps?

    In this session, you’ll learn the essential capabilities required to build a sustainable API testing strategy that can be scaled across your organization. Explore these considerations for choosing the right API testing solution:
    - Learn about 5 key capabilities you need in your API testing solution.
    - Leverage AI and machine-learning to create and maintain API tests.
    - Create a collaborative workflow best suited for your organization.
  • Leverage Test Automation to Deliver Business and Quality Goals Recorded: Jan 28 2021 62 mins
    Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft
    Whether you’re dealing with microservices, web services, or other complex application environments, you need a quality-first approach to successfully achieve business and technical goals. How confident are you in the quality of your software releases?

    Industry leaders Alaska Airlines, Caesars Entertainment, Fitch Solutions, Sabre, and ING with IOVIO optimized their software delivery processes and achieved quality goals with test automation.

    Join this webinar to learn more about how these industry leaders reached their quality goals using test automation technologies.

    Key takeaways:
    • Improve quality and increase code coverage with unit testing.
    • Maximize ROI with higher productivity using AI-powered API testing.
    • Reduce constraints from complex test environments with service virtualization.
  • Simplify REST API Testing Recorded: Jan 14 2021 59 mins
    Chris Colosimo, Parasoft Product Mgr & Wilhelm Haaker, Solutions Architect
    You already know that you need to work with REST APIs, but how are you testing to make sure that they are responding as you expect them to? They need to be secure and reliable as well as align with correct business rules. Your APIs may be used by multiple applications that are not tightly integrated.

    Before your applications go to production, you need to ensure that you’re getting the expected results from each API during your QA process. Here's the challenge: the further the APIs are from your application, the less you know about them. Complex API chains require intimate knowledge of the underlying business rules. You must make sure that the APIs you are integrating don’t compromise the quality of your application.

    Listen to this on-demand webinar to learn tips and techniques for making it easier to test your REST APIs using the Parasoft SOAtest automated testing environment, including:

    • REST API principles and testing priorities
    • Best practices for creating a scalable API testing process
    • A real-world demonstration of AI-powered test creation
  • Best Practices for Achieving Code Coverage Goals With JUnit Recorded: Oct 1 2020 66 mins
    Mark Lambert, VP Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft & Brian McGlauflin, Sr Software Engineer, Parasoft
    Unit testing is a proven technique for ensuring delivery of high-quality Java applications. It has plenty of benefits if done well. A solid unit testing practice built with JUnit is fundamental for achieving code coverage, but it can be a struggle for many organizations to implement. It takes a focused effort to create, scale, and maintain an effective unit testing practice that minimizes coverage gaps and risky releases.

    In this webinar we discuss the challenges of unit testing. We show you how to effectively scale your JUnit testing practice across the organization, reducing the amount of time and expertise required to create and maintain stable test suites.

    Learn the steps to increase code coverage, including how to:

    • Implement best practices for creating meaningful and maintainable test cases.
    • Leverage parameterization and mocking frameworks to maximize test coverage.
    • Use smart test execution to get quick feedback on changes made to the code base.
    • Extend code coverage metrics to incorporate automated functional and UI test jobs.

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  • Title: A Balanced Approach to Securing our Software Future
  • Live at: Jun 22 2021 3:30 pm
  • Presented by: Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Journey, and Kevin E. Greene, Director of Security Solutions at Parasoft
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