The Convergence of Cybersecurity and Network Operations Teams

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Blake Krone - Mobiadroit

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In the past, cybersecurity and network operations teams typically functioned in isolated silos within organizations, often leading to limited communication and interaction between them. This organizational structure often resulted in a lack of understanding between the two teams, as they focused on their specific domains without fully grasping the challenges faced by the other. As a consequence, cybersecurity initiatives might have been viewed as restrictive and obstructive by network operations, while network changes or configurations might have unknowingly introduced security vulnerabilities. In this webinar we will discuss why there is the need for convergence of Cybersecurity and Network Operations Teams and how it can be made possible. 1. Understanding the Need for Convergence • Exploring the challenges faced by traditional cybersecurity and network operations silos. • Highlighting the evolving threat landscape and its impact on network security. • Discussing the benefits of integrating both teams for enhanced security and operational efficiency. 2. Building a Collaborative Culture • Overcoming cultural barriers between cybersecurity and network operations teams. • Promoting communication and fostering a collaborative mindset. • Encouraging shared knowledge and skillsets for mutual growth. 3. Real-time Threat Intelligence and Incident Response • Leveraging network operations data for real-time threat detection. • Integrating cybersecurity insights into network monitoring and incident response. • Case studies illustrating the effectiveness of collaborative incident handling. 4. Streamlining Operations and Resource Utilization • Identifying areas of overlap and resource duplication. • Streamlining tools and technologies for both teams. • Maximizing cost savings and operational efficiency.

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