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Oxford Instruments Case Study

This hardware manufacturer became #1 in their market with customer-centric licensing and entitlements. A must-see for hardware manufacturers.
Recorded Sep 30 2021 17 mins
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Presented by
Dean Bass, Product Development Director, Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis
Presentation preview: Oxford Instruments Case Study

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  • Software Monetization Matters: The Art of Software Packaging Dec 2 2021 5:15 pm UTC 28 mins
    Adrian Pearce, Principal Business Value Consultant & Rachel Present Schreter, Content & Product Marketing Director at Thales
    Software entitlements provide software providers and software-driven hardware companies the ability to control who is using what features, where they are using them (specific devices), and for how long. The beauty of a robust and flexible software entitlement program is the ability to utilize this control to customize offerings for your end user. Perhaps your prospective customer cannot commit to a perpetual license agreement. You could offer a monthly subscription. What if they want to try out a new feature before committing to purchasing? Entitlements allow you to offer a free trial period. Explore the many creative packaging possibilities with Thales software monetization experts Adrian Pearce and Rachel Present Schreter in this 20 minute webchat.
  • Software Monetization Matters: Effectively Working with Channel Partners Nov 18 2021 5:15 pm UTC 21 mins
    Adrian Pearce, Principal Business Value Consultant & Rachel Present Schreter, Content & Product Marketing Director at Thales
    Utilizing channel partners to distribute your offering can serve as a valuable extension of your sales team. It can also create challenges when transitioning to a new business model. Companies sometimes face channel partner resistance when instituting a new software entitlement and licensing plan. Demonstrating the tangible mutual benefits can help smooth this path.

    Join Thales software monetization experts, Adrian Pearce and Rachel Present Schreter, as they explore proven approaches to incorporating your channel partners into a new software entitlement and licensing plan to maintain a positive, productive, and profitable relationship.
  • Go Hybrid - un'innovazione nel settore delle licenze software Nov 17 2021 10:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Marco Costa, Country Manager, Thales DIS CPL / Paolo Cornolti, Presales Consultant, Thales DIS CPL
    Il passaggio dal software on-premise al cloud o dalle licenze perpetue agli abbonamenti è una sfida importante per molti fornitori di software o produttori di dispositivi intelligenti: entro il 2025, la maggior parte del software sarà compatibile con il cloud. Forse in questo momento stai pensando di percorrere questa strada e se hai domande o dubbi, non sei solo.

    Questo webinar ti mostra le possibilità e i vantaggi delle licenze ibride e come puoi implementare questa transizione. Oltre a una dimostrazione del prodotto, ti mostreremo ...
    - perché ora è il momento giusto per pensare alle licenze ibride?
    - In che modo la licenza ibrida semplifica la monetizzazione del software e la sincronizzazione delle offerte di prodotti.
    - Come migliorano le licenze ibride e l'esperienza del cliente
    - In che modo le licenze ibride possono aumentare la tua offerta on-premise e semplificare il percorso verso SaaS.
  • Sentinel: трансформация лицензирования, LDK 8.3 Nov 11 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Михаил Чухломин, Региональный менеджер, Thales
    Компания Thales, мировой лидер в сфере монетизации софта, приглашаем посетить вебинар «Sentinel: трансформация лицензирования, LDK 8.3»

    Вебинар состоится в четверг, 11 ноября 2020 г., 11.00 – 12.00 (время московское).

    На вебинаре мы поговорим о том, какие трансформации происходят в сфере бизнеса, построенного на продаже софта и технологичных устройств. Обсудим то, как меняются требования к современной системе лицензирования и защите программного обеспечения, поговорим о влиянии глобального кризиса полупроводников и периодических локдаунов в мире, поделимся советами о том, как продолжать развивать бизнес в условиях современного мира и как с этим может помочь Sentinel LDK 8.3, который выйдет в начале ноября. Регистрируйтесь, будет интересно!

    Вебинар проводится на русском языке.

    Мероприятие бесплатное при предварительной регистрации.
  • Software Monetization Matters: Finding Revenue Through Compliance Nov 4 2021 4:15 pm UTC 20 mins
    Adrian Pearce, Principal Business Value Consultant & Rachel Present Schreter, Content & Product Marketing Director at Thales
    Software monetization experts, Adrian Pearce and Rachel Present Schreter discuss how any company with a software-driven offering can reap the revenue rewards of ensuring licensing and entitlement compliance. Many customers consuming software or utilizing subscription services of an intelligent device inadvertently overuse or misuse their allotted permissions. In this 20-minute WebChat, Adrian and Rachel discuss easy fixes that can result in readily captured revenue.
  • Comece sua jornada para o licenciamento na nuvem com o Sentinel LDK Recorded: Oct 7 2021 56 mins
    Bruno Flora Silva, Regional Sales Manager, Thales
    O tipo certo de solução de licenciamento pode permitir que os fornecedores de software tomem melhores decisões quanto ao produto, permitindo que as empresas entreguem o software que seus clientes desejam, quando desejam e da maneira que desejam consumi-lo.

    Junte-se a nós em uma sessão interativa ao vivo enquanto damos uma olhada no Sentinel Cloud Licensing e como ele pode ajudar sua organização a mudar para a nuvem a fim de se mover mais rapidamente, se adaptar a novas oportunidades e ficar à frente da concorrência.

    Neste webinar ao vivo, discutiremos:

    1. Como o Sentinel LDK permite que ISVs hospedem facilmente licenças em nuvem
    2. Como o licenciamento em nuvem oferece controle total para fornecedores de software
    3. Como o Sentinel LDK pode atender às necessidades de uma implantação mais segura e confiável
  • The Path to Software Licensing – The Hybrid Licensing Environment Recorded: Sep 30 2021 50 mins
    Darim Rahmatallah, Senior Product Manager, Thales Software Monetization
    If you’re an on-prem vendor, learn how to SaaS-ify to remain relevant in the subscription economy with more gain and less pain.
  • Buy the Rocket or Reserve a Seat? How Usership is Taking Over the Software World Recorded: Sep 30 2021 15 mins
    Amy Konary, Global VP, Subscribed Strategy Group, Zuora
    Today people are buying less and renting more. Find out what this means for the future of your industry and how you can profit from it.
  • Change at Philips: lessons from the 3,000 foot level Recorded: Sep 30 2021 21 mins
    John Hubbard, Business Process Expert, Software Entitlement & Licensing, Philips
    Philips, a leader in health technology, reviews their experience in licensing and entitlements for software platforms and embedded software.
  • How to Harness the Power of Recurring Revenue in Digital Transformations Recorded: Sep 30 2021 21 mins
    Stephan Liozu, Chief Value Officer, Thales Group
    International pricing guru, Stephan Liozu, offers guidance on structuring your pricing to maximize revenue growth.
  • Oxford Instruments Case Study Recorded: Sep 30 2021 17 mins
    Dean Bass, Product Development Director, Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis
    This hardware manufacturer became #1 in their market with customer-centric licensing and entitlements. A must-see for hardware manufacturers.
  • Lift-off! Making A Successful Launch Plan + Assessing the Business Value Recorded: Sep 30 2021 29 mins
    Dave DiMilo, VP, Global Solutions Team & Julie Donnell, Director, Global Businees Value Team, Thales Software Monetization
    How to create your licensing plan and understand the value in doing so. Great for executives and those championing digital transformation.
  • Where Companies Fail and How to Avoid the Traps of Shifting to Subscriptions Recorded: Sep 30 2021 21 mins
    Mark Thomason, Research Director at IDC
    IDC’s, Mark Thomason presents a state of the industry overview with a focus on key pitfalls to avoid in transitioning to recurring revenue.
  • Maximize Revenue and Profitability with Software Licensing Recorded: Sep 14 2021 58 mins
    Michelle Robidoux, Consulting Principal BSA, Extreme Networks and Manoj Tharakan, Solution Architects Manager, Thales
    In this step-by-step guide to implementing a software licensing plan, Michelle Robidoux of Extreme Networks takes us through their real-world process in transforming a traditional hardware-focused business utilizing software licensing and entitlement. Your questions answered live by Michelle and a Thales expert.
  • Comience su viaje hacia el Licenciamiento en la Nube con Sentinel LDK Recorded: Sep 8 2021 57 mins
    Ximena BENÍTEZ, Sales Engineer, Thales and Jorge Enrique LOPEZ FRANCO, Regional Sales Manager, Thales
    En los últimos 12 meses se ha visto un cambio drástico en la forma en que las empresas otorgan licencias y venden su software para satisfacer las demandas de sus clientes. Los usuarios finales ya no están atados a una ubicación o dispositivo y esperan acceder al software desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento.

    Pero para algunas organizaciones, el cambio a las licencias en la Nube puede ser un desafío, y surgen muchas preguntas en torno a la implementación, la seguridad de los datos y habilitación del usuario final.

    Únase a nuestros expertos en licenciamiento para esta sesión en vivo de 30 minutos, donde discutiremos:

    1. Cómo Sentinel LDK permite a los ISV alojar fácilmente licencias en la Nube
    2. Cómo las licencias en la Nube ofrecen un control total para los proveedores de software, eliminando la pérdida de ingresos por incumplimiento
    3. Cómo Sentinel LDK puede satisfacer las necesidades de una implementación más segura y confiable

    Regístrese ahora y comience su viaje hacia el Licenciamiento en la Nube hoy mismo.

    Una grabación estará disponible para quienes se registren.
  • Sentinel LDK New Generation License Keys: Migration Benefits and Tips Recorded: Sep 7 2021 39 mins
    Kevin Bailey, Thales and Stephen Anderson, Thales
    You’re probably already aware of the benefits of digitizing your software product delivery: increased customer satisfaction, lower costs, and increased business flexibility — just to name a few. So if you’re still selling products using legacy Sentinel hardware keys, you might dream of snapping your fingers and becoming a “tech-forward” company. But the reality is that there are significant roadblocks making this transformation difficult. What you need is a dedicated partner to guide you through the migration process.

    After decades of experience working with thousands of companies just like yours, we’ve encountered and surmounted every obstacle surrounding the migration from hardware to virtual keys. Now, we’re offering you our unmatched expertise. Together, we can make your legacy products even more valuable, relevant, and profitable revenue drivers.

    Join us for a live webinar. In just 30 minutes, we’ll show you:

    - How modern virtual-key-enabled licensing accelerates business growth
    - What the hardware-to-virtual-key migration path involves
    - How you can achieve ultra-fast proof-of-concept
    - Why the hardware keys you rely on are fast becoming irrelevant
  • How To Offer Subscriptions That Stand Out From The Crowd Recorded: Jul 21 2021 48 mins
    Julie Donnell, Director, Business Value, Thales
    As more businesses from across all industries offer subscription-based models, software and services offerings need to stand-out to compete. Companies are no longer asking “if” they should offer subscription models, but “how” best to do so and profitably. Smart businesses are deploying innovative recurring revenue offerings that are creating new streams of revenue for their businesses.

    Join Thales expert Julie Donnell, Director, Business Value, of Thales and discover new and innovative ways to secure repeated business and renewals. For software and services companies, there many options beyond the simple monthly or annual based offering that help your organization stand out!

    Listen to this webinar and learn:
    -What are the most important factors you should have as part of your subscription strategy
    -Tips for creating the right value to secure renewal revenue.
    -The common challenges of a subscription offering
    -How to avoid the most common mishaps with your subscription model

    Julie Donnell, Director, Business Value, Thales

    Julie has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry with a passion for customer experience. Before coming to Thales, she led the software licensing and deployment program at Minitab, where her team developed a cloud licensing platform as well as utilized commercial licensing products. Her experience with end-to-end global software delivery allows Julie, as a Business Solution Advisor, to help customers prepare for licensing projects and measuring financial impact.
  • The Path To Software Licensing - The Hybrid Licensing Environment Recorded: Jul 20 2021 50 mins
    Darim Rahmatallah, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Thales Software Monetization
    If you’re a software vendor who’s not quite sure how to make the transition from on-premise software to the cloud, or from perpetual licenses to subscriptions, we’ve got the webinar for you. You may know that by 2025, a majority of software will be cloud-enabled. You may even be thinking of moving in that direction, if you have questions, you aren’t alone.

    Hybrid licensing is the establishment of a single licensing solution for vendors who offer a combination of product deployments from on-premise to SaaS. It provides a straightforward way to simplify your customer experience, monetize, and synchronize across your different product offerings.

    In this webinar, join Darim Rahmatallah, a software licensing expert with more than 20 years’ experience, as he explains why hybrid licensing is the solution you need. In this webinar you will learn:

    - why is hybrid a hot topic right now
    - how can it boost your on-premise offering
    - when can it simplify your path to SaaS
  • Farms go Smart – Digitalisierung in der Landwirtschaft Recorded: Jun 10 2021 25 mins
    Dr. Steffen Walther, Manager, Produktmanagement Precision Farming, CLAAS E-Systems
    In diesem Vortag, der anlässlich von Sentinel Insights 2021, dem Thales Software Monetization Business Forum gehalten wurde, zeigt Dr. Steffen Walther, Manager, Produktmanagement Precision Farming bei CLAAS E-Systems, wie sich durch die Digitalisierung in der Landwirtschaft mehr Nachhaltigkeit, Produktivität und Zeiteinsparung erzielen lassen. Davon profitieren Kunden sowie Händler gleichermaßen indem Sie die Lösungen mittels Lizenzmanagement flexibel und effizient nutzen können.
  • Go Hybrid – Neue Pfade beschreiten mit Software-basierter Lizenzierung Recorded: Jun 10 2021 15 mins
    Stefan Haupt, Director Sales Engineering, Thales DIS CPL Deutschland GmbH
    Digitale Transformation und neue Geschäftsmodelle erfordern auch eine Anpassung bei der Lizenzierung und der damit verbundenen Prozesse. In diesem Vortrag, der anlässlich von Sentinel Insights 2021, dem Thales Software Monetization Business Forum gehalten wurde, erläutert Stefan Haupt, Director Sales Engineering bei Thales, was man unter Hybrid Licensing versteht, warum das Thema gerade jetzt so wichtig ist, vor welchen Herausforderung Unternehmen hier stehen und wie Thales sie hierbei unterstützen kann.
Thales - Maximize the potential of your software
Thales Sentinel is the leading global partner for software licensing, delivery, and protection. We provide customers of all sizes with a variety of solutions that scale with your needs as your business grows. See how our strong security foundation can help you maximize the potential of your software.

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  • Presented by: Dean Bass, Product Development Director, Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis
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