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Ask the Expert: Why is it critical that organization mature their cyber risk pro

Kirk Hogan, CIO and Practice Lead, Security Operations at Iceberg Networks and Bill Vollono, Sales Engineer at Recorded Future sat down to discuss how the pandemic is having an effect on cyber risk programs.
Recorded Mar 4 2021 5 mins
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Kirk Hogan, CIO, Practice Lead, Security Operations, Iceberg Networks; Bill Vollono, Sales Engineer, Recorded Future
Presentation preview: Ask the Expert: Why is it critical that organization mature their cyber risk pro

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  • 10 Weeks to Rapid Delivery Driving Quick Wins in Risk & Security with ServiceNow Recorded: Oct 6 2021 25 mins
    Melissa Cohoe, General Manager ServiceNow IRM, Iceberg Networks; Tom Sweeney, VP Sales, Iceberg Networks
    This session will be of interest to organizations who would like to deploy risk and security programs quickly and with success. Iceberg Networks has created the Iceberg Rapid Delivery Program to get organizations production ready in just 8-12 weeks. The program helps teams achieve quick wins that you can take back to management through a program that recognizes value quickly and cost effectively.

    What you will learn in this session:
    - The benefits of a rapid versus custom deployment
    - Achieve quick wins for the business and drive executive buy-in
    - To leverage the proven methodology behind the Rapid Delivery program for repeatable success
    - Achieve predictable outcomes in a timely manner
    - How to establish a solid foundation for your program and support consistent improvements
  • Auditing Fourth-Party Risk and Beyond Recorded: Aug 11 2021 31 mins
    Dawn Ward, Senior Solution Consultant, Iceberg Networks; Chris Murphey, VP Advisory Services, Iceberg Networks
    Organizations are already painfully aware of the consequences of the pandemic on their operations due to supply chain interruption. Gaps have been identified and new regulations are being announced in response to the myriad of disruptions in the last 18 months. Moving forward, internal auditors should take the opportunity to improve the resilience of their organization by assessing the third-party risk management program through a new lens.

    You will find this discussion of interest if you are looking to:
    • Ensure that your organization’s third-party risk management program is robust enough to address the risks that have emerged from fourth- and Nth-parties in the past year.
    • Address the need to remodel fourth-party strategies to ensure or improve operational resilience.
    • Improve rigor and processes to ensure resilience of the organization in relation to its third- and fourth-parties.
    • Build the confidence of the executive team that the organization is resilient and that a robust third-party risk management program meets the standards.
    • Understand if you and your vendors are assessing and managing risk appropriately.
  • Maturing your Risk Program with ServiceNow Advanced Risk Recorded: Jul 21 2021 56 mins
    Andrew Vesay, GM of Operations at Iceberg Networks and Alison Musci, Director of Risk Solution Sales at ServiceNow
    Risk leaders continue to feel pressure from both regulators requiring more sophisticated and advanced risk reporting and from senior execs to reduce costs due to the economic downturn, as a result, risk leaders are required to mature their programs quickly with budget constraints. Without a proper plan including processes and technology with consistent and efficient RCSAs, leaders are stuck in manual and tactical execution without an accurate view of risk across the organization.

    Subject matter experts, Andrew Vesay, GM of Operations at Iceberg and Alison Musci, Director of Risk Solution Sales at ServiceNow discuss advancing your risk maturity across the organization with ServiceNow’s Advanced Risk solution.

    This session will be of interest if your organization is striving to:
    1. Automate work using common tools and centralized processes: using advanced risk assessments to drive common workflow, interface and forms.
    2. Manage Multiple Risk Methods across the organization, allowing departments to keep their unique processes.
    3. Address Diverse Risk Factors within your organization and assess risks based on factors and scale that work for you.
    4. Easily Aggregate data: Allow automation to pull from the unique risk systems to ensure risk data is accurately aggregated and summarized for automated dashboards and presentation with transparent drill downs.
  • Exposure: Managing Third-Party Risk in a Digital World Recorded: Jul 21 2021 60 mins
    John Heuer, Iceberg Networks; Marshall Toburen, RSA; and Dan Carayiannis, RSA
    As organizations integrate digital technology and increasingly introduce third-parties to all areas of their operations, they need to consider how that shift affects their risk management plan. Organizations need to mature their third-party risk management (TPRM) programs to keep up with the growing threats of the digital landscape, their vendor community and account for their overall expanded risk profile.

    Industry experts discuss how risk leaders can make the business case for maturing their TPRM program and how organizations can leverage the benefits of the program.

    Here’s what you will learn:
    • The key indicators of a mature TPRM program.
    • Third-party technology and human risk considerations.
    • What questions boards and organizational leaders are asking about third-party risk.
    • Expert insights organizations can use to implement a mature TPRM program.
    • Use cases of how other large organizations are implementing and optimizing their own TPRM programs in the field.
  • A Risk-Based Approach to Bridging the Energy Sector Security Gap Recorded: Jun 30 2021 33 mins
    Mitch Blackburn, ServiceNow; Michael DeLoach, Iceberg Networks
    NERC has recently partnered with the Department of Energy (DOE) to expand the Cybersecurity Risk Information Sharing Program (CRISP) to include operational technology. The program is aimed at protecting the security of the North American high voltage electric grid. However, NERC’s regulations are not expansive enough to fully prepare organizations to manage and mitigate the cyber and operational risks that come with the migration to new digital operational technology.

    In this session, experts from ServiceNow and Iceberg Networks will discuss how organizations can protect themselves and mitigate disruptions to their critical services using the ServiceNow platform. You will also learn how to take a risk-based approach to mature your cyber and operational resilience programs.

    What you will learn in this session:
    - How organizations can minimize risk or avoid disruption of operations with a mature operational resilience program
    - How to prioritize which vulnerabilities pose the greatest threat and how to prioritize and plan for remediation
    - How to address the compliance hurdle that comes with new regulations to close these security gaps
    - How ServiceNow can bridge the risk and security gap of digital OT devices

    Hear from our subject matter experts:
    Mitch Blackburn, Global Head of Energy & Utilities Industry Solutions, ServiceNow
    Michael DeLoach, Solution Consultant, Iceberg Networks
  • Basel Releases Principles for Operational Resilience and Operational Risk Recorded: May 5 2021 34 mins
    Michael Murphy, ServiceNow and Andrew Vesay, Iceberg Networks
    Learn about the implications and how Iceberg Networks and ServiceNow are helping firms manage risk and resilience in real time.

    In the era of pandemics, geopolitical unrest, and post-pandemic economic changes “How do we become a more resilient enterprise” is the discussion on the minds of executives across all avenues of business. This conversation has been accelerated in the financial services space with the recent release of the Basel committee guidance on Operational Resilience and Operational Risk (March 2021).

    Even if your organization doesn’t fall under the purview of Basel the principles remain applicable across jurisdictions, industries, and geographies.

    In this session we will look at the implications of Basel guidance on the following:
    • Building an ‘active’ operational resilience framework
    • Using indicators across your environment to monitor risk and resilience
    • Monitoring for macro level risk while surfacing micro level issues before they become real problems
    • Strategies for setting and adjusting risk tolerances
    • Turning your dashboards into an actionable navigation tool versus a static report

    Operational resilience is the outcome of sound risk management practices. Learn how resilient organizations manage risk and resilience by taking an end-to-end view of critical business across the enterprise. A critical component is the ability to anticipate potential operational disruptions and take actions to prevent, respond, and adapt.

    In a truly resilient enterprise, key risk indicators and scorecards are updated automatically in near real time. Risk reporting is driven by continuous monitoring of risk and controls with workflows against your established risk appetite and tolerances. The result is when risk indicators are flagged on your scorecard meaningful action is taken.

    Speakers: Michael Murphy, Global Solution Senior Director, Financial Services Compliance, ServiceNow and Andrew Vesay, Chief Strategy Officer, Iceberg Networks
  • The Vulnerability Response Management Journey Recorded: Apr 14 2021 7 mins
    Iceberg Networks
    In this video, we will show you how Iceberg Networks can guide your organization through the solid foundations of your vulnerability response journey in just 8 weeks. Through this scalable process, we will show you how to identify the information that you can trust to prioritize your vulnerability response. With the help of the ServiceNow Security Operations platform, we will enhance the information available to you, automate workflows and populate dashboards with the answers to the most prominent questions that affect the security of your organization.
  • The Future of Cyber: Maturing your Cyber Program over the Life of your Business Recorded: Mar 31 2021 52 mins
    Kirk Hogan, CIO Practice Lead Security Operations, Iceberg Networks; Bill Vollono, Enterprise Sales Engineer, Recorded Future
    The impact from the global pandemic has shed a light on the challenges that remote working has placed on organizations of all sizes globally. While the threats tied to remote work are not new, the challenge has been scaled greatly as organizations have sent the majority of their workforce to work from home and threat actors look for opportunity in the organizations who have not had the chance to ramp up their cyber programs. This particular challenge has garnered the attention of senior leadership, which presents a unique opportunity for security teams to highlight how critical it is to mature their cyber program now.

    Join us to learn:
    • Why your cyber program should be informed by threat.
    • How to choose which areas of your business to protect first.
    • How to make smart security investments that are aligned with business priorities and generate optimal results from your cyber program.
    • Why security teams will need to pivot their strategy over the life of their business to ensure a successful cyber program and how you can apply these strategies.
    • Why generating reports is ineffective and how to effectively measure your cyber program.
    • How to increase your risk and security intelligence to make more confident decisions and provide trustworthy information to the board and executives.
  • Why Taking a Risk-Based Approach to your Cybersecurity is paramount today Recorded: Mar 9 2021 53 mins
    Brenda Deugo, Consultant - Iceberg Networks and Karl Klaessig, ServiceNow
    COVID-19 is exponentially changing and propelling organizations into new business models – where digital transformation of further business processes, employees increasingly working remotely and increased cyber threats are forcing CISO’s and security leaders to mature their cyber and security programs quickly.

    We will discuss how taking a more mature and programmatic approach to a cyber risk management program will align IT with the business and as a result:
    - Gain leadership trust and buy-in for security programs
    - Give the board confidence that we are prepared for a security event and we can prevent or minimize the impact
    - Effectively communicate the business impact of the cyber risk management program to non-technical leadership
    - Prioritize which vulnerabilities pose the greatest threat to the business and how to prioritize and plan for remediation
    - Demonstrate the return on investment that a mature cyber risk management program delivers to the organization
  • Ask the Expert: How can we justify investing further in our cyber program? Recorded: Mar 4 2021 6 mins
    Kirk Hogan, CIO, Practice Lead, Security Operations, Iceberg Networks; Bill Vollono, Sales Engineer, Recorded Future
    Kirk Hogan, CIO and Practice Lead, Security Operations at Iceberg Networks and Bill Vollono, Sales Engineer at Recorded Future sat down to answer more questions about how organizations should evaluate their cyber risk programs.
  • Ask the Expert: Why is it critical that organization mature their cyber risk pro Recorded: Mar 4 2021 5 mins
    Kirk Hogan, CIO, Practice Lead, Security Operations, Iceberg Networks; Bill Vollono, Sales Engineer, Recorded Future
    Kirk Hogan, CIO and Practice Lead, Security Operations at Iceberg Networks and Bill Vollono, Sales Engineer at Recorded Future sat down to discuss how the pandemic is having an effect on cyber risk programs.
  • Managing Risk through Digital Transformation Recorded: Dec 4 2019 39 mins
    Ken McPherson, CEO, Iceberg Networks
    Calculated risk-taking is and has always been at the essence of business growth and the route to success. Rich opportunities in Digital Transformation have tempted many organizations to circumvent to their GRC program and rush into Digital Transformation projects without a clear picture of the new risks they are taking on, or without the controls needed to manage those risks. Having a strong governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program is the right tool for managing non-financial and compliance risk through digital transformation.
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Iceberg Networks helps organizations make more confident and effective business decisions. We plan, deploy, and manage successful programs for Integrated Risk Management (IRM), providing organizations the framework to achieve trusted, aggregated and transparent risk & security intelligence.

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  • Title: Ask the Expert: Why is it critical that organization mature their cyber risk pro
  • Live at: Mar 4 2021 8:30 pm
  • Presented by: Kirk Hogan, CIO, Practice Lead, Security Operations, Iceberg Networks; Bill Vollono, Sales Engineer, Recorded Future
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