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The acceleration of eCommerce with former SVP of Digital Transformation at IKEA

- How has e-commerce evolved over time?
- How has the e-commerce landscape changed as a result of the pandemic?
- What should retail companies be focussing on to maximise their e-commerce opportunities?

Some insight to e-commerce but all relatively obvious
For people who do not already use customers - big selling moment 3/4s of the way through, explaining Elastic in detail. Not interesting in its own right.
Recorded Jul 13 2021 36 mins
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Presented by
Michael Valdsgaard former SVP of Digital Transformation at IKEA | Hendrik Haas from Regional Vice President at Elastic
Presentation preview: The acceleration of eCommerce with former SVP of Digital Transformation at IKEA

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  • Predictive maintenance in industrial IoT Nov 24 2021 2:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    Arthur Eyckerman Principal Solution Architect at Elastic | Anne Maria Modée Senior Soluiton Architect at Elastic
    The future of manufacturing that is driving industry 4.0!

    Manufacturers increasingly collect more and more data from different IoT sensors in their factories. Collecting telemetry such as temperature, sound, and frequency, is an efficient way to monitor the health of IoT devices. Leveraging machine learning to detect early warning signs of expensive failures before they occur has become a driving force for improving productivity. For many, predictive analytics leading into predictive maintenance is a top business objective. There are advantages to be had, and KPIs that can greatly benefit, such as: reduction in maintenance costs, decrease in unexpected failures, increased uptime, and increased mean time between device failures.

    Classic programs for maintenance services, like SCADA, rely on manually coded thresholds, alert rules, and regulations. These rigid maintenance cycles have components exchanged whether it’s needed or not. By leveraging machine learning it’s possible to observe thousands of sensors in real-time, building dynamic patterns while considering contextual data to set individual maintenance plans.

    Learn how the Elastic Stack can help you solve key challenges when implementing predictive maintenance, like data collection, normalization and analytics.
  • Fireside chat: Elastic and former PayPal CIO Nov 22 2021 1:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Michael Down | Principal Solutions Architect | Elastic, Brad Strock | Former Global CIO at PayPal
    The financial services sector stands at a potentially industry-defining moment, with Covid-19 having significant impact on the industry. With a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19, Gartner has forecast technology spending in the banking and securities industry to recover in 2021, growing 6.6% globally.

    Respected financial analysts are saying that only those that have the ability to create new value, and ultimately new sources of revenue, will see long-term success. Could this be a critical moment for financial services?

    Additionally, as the larger, established banks address the financial and reputational challenges that FinTech has created for them — not to mention the continually changing needs of customers during the pandemic and beyond — the financial sector continues to shift. What are the most important issues the modern financial enterprise must address to thrive in 2021?

    Elastic principal solutions architect Michael Down will discuss these questions and more with former PayPal CIO Brad Strock:

    - How have attitudes already shifted within the sector and have the bigger banks done enough to strengthen their position?
    - What is the risk versus reward when implementing innovation at scale?
    - What can financial institutions learn from organizations like PayPal who began their journey with technology and data at the heart of their strategy?
  • Getting started with Elasticsearch Nov 18 2021 2:00 pm UTC 65 mins
    George Kobar, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Elastic
    What is Elasticsearch?

    Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of addressing a growing number of use cases. As the heart of the free and open Elastic Stack, it centrally stores your data for lightning fast search, fine‑tuned relevancy, and powerful analytics that scale with ease.

    This video is perfect for users that are new to Elasticsearch or users that want to see features like the frozen tier and runtime fields in action. We’ll cover getting started, which includes deploying, managing, and analyzing data in Elasticsearch.
  • How Elastic delivers an innovative approach to insight engines Nov 4 2021 6:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Diane Tetrault, Director Product Marketing at Elastic & Matt Riley Director of Product Management at Elastic
    Insight engines have become ingrained in today’s customer and employee experiences. They are reshaping and streamlining our interactions with colleagues and impacting how we engage with customer support, ecommerce, mobile apps, and other websites. But traditional insight engine implementations have fallen short of expectations, with soaring costs and long time-to-value.

    Elastic believes the best way to meet your rising user expectations is with an innovative, modern, solution carefully engineered to make getting started with insight engines rapid and simple.

    In this practical, product-focused webinar, you’ll learn:
    - How to evaluate insight engines based on speed, scale, and relevance
    - The many ways search can heighten customer and employee experiences
    - The ease and benefits of getting started with a free and open solution
  • Threat Intelligence adoption with Elastic Security Nov 3 2021 4:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    Haran Kumar, Senior Security Specialist, Elastic
    Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is considered as one of the essential capabilities in an organization’s security program. When used properly, CTI will help organizations take decisive action to protect their users, data, and reputation against adversaries.

    In this webinar, Haran Kumar, Senior Solutions Architect in Elastic’s global security specialists group, will briefly discuss threat intelligence adoption in security operation centres (SOCs) from planning and collection of open source threat feeds to efficient analytics that could help organisations to better understand past, current, and future threats.


    - Threat Intelligence in SOC
    - Collection of threat feeds with Elastic Security
    - Threat Intel integration with security detection
    - Analytics with threat enrichment
  • Hands on with Elastic SIEM Nov 2 2021 5:00 pm UTC 69 mins
    Mark Settle, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Elastic & Mike Paquette, Director of Product - Security Market, Elastic
    Does your team analyze security data with the Elastic Stack? If so, come check out Elastic SIEM, the first big step in building our vision of what a SIEM should be.

    - You’ll get a first look at how Elastic SIEM can help your security analysts and threat hunters defend your organization:
    - New Beats capabilities simplify the ingestion of security-relevant data from your IT environment
    - The Elastic Common Schema (ECS) enables uniform security analysis
    - The Elastic SIEM app equips analysts with workflows to qualify events and perform initial investigations
  • Content findability with Elastic Workplace Search: A practical guide Oct 28 2021 6:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    John Ragsdale, TSIA | Matt Riley, Elastic | Diane Tetrault, Elastic
    2020 has accelerated our new normal in remote working. Teams around the globe suddenly find themselves working virtually, using new tools and adapting to digital collaboration. With dozens (or even hundreds) of content sources and apps in use at most organizations, it’s no surprise that individuals are struggling to find the content they need to do their jobs.

    Chances are that the information you and your colleagues need to do your jobs already exists…you just can’t find it. Providing a unified search solution across all your content sources empowers your teams with easy content findability, saving hours of time each week. But you also want to ensure that implementation (and post-implementation admin, tuning, and upkeep) isn’t overly complex, time-consuming, or budget unfriendly.
    Join John Ragsdale, distinguished vice president, Technology Research at TSIA, Matt Riley, vice president of product management at Elastic, and Diane Tetrault, director of product marketing at Elastic, for a Q&A panel featuring practical tips and advice on how utilizing unified search helps to maximize team productivity, reduce content silos and duplication, and boost ROI.
  • Introduction to logging with the ELK Stack Oct 27 2021 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    Amy Ghate, Senior Solutions Architect, Elastic
    In this webinar we’ll help you plot a course for your observability journey. We'll go over the basics, show you how to get started using the Elastic Stack for your logs, metrics, and application trace data, and show you how log analytics and observability with the Elastic Stack can benefit you and your business. Join us to see how these three pillars of observability can help you get to the bottom of issues faster and reduce your MTTD/R.
  • Guide to APM: Amping up your logs and metrics for the full picture Oct 26 2021 4:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    Neha Duggal, Principal Product Manager, Elastic
    As architectures grow more complex, with cloud-native architectures and hundreds — or thousands — of microservices shaping the user experience, application performance monitoring (APM) is increasingly pivotal to the success of modern organizations. Get a rundown of the latest features and see Elastic APM in action with a demo from the experts.
  • SIEM trends: What to look for in a security analytics platform Recorded: Oct 22 2021 29 mins
    Haran Kumar, Security Specialist, Elastic
    SIEM is continuously evolving and today’s SIEM software, with forensic capabilities to piece together events after the fact, can support big data and provide credible risk assessments. Security analytics must adapt to changing threats while integrating with new technologies and increasing flexibility.

    The webinar discusses the major trends in SIEM and how Elastic Security addresses and adopts these trends.

    In this webinar, we will discuss:
    - Evolution of SIEM and SIEM deployments
    - SIEM trends towards strong cloud monitoring and management
    - Integration with security ecosystem for better visibility and orchestration
    - Advanced analytics with MITRE ATT&CK® framework adoption
  • Blueprint to becoming insights driven Recorded: Oct 20 2021 15 mins
    Ravi Ravishankar, Vice President, Product Marketing, Elastic
    Watch this webinar to get an overview of the Data → Insights → Action loop that can help you liberate your data and operationalize insights across your entire organization.
  • Infrastructure monitoring with the Elastic Stack Recorded: Oct 19 2021 34 mins
    Jamie Smith, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Elastic
    Ready to get started on your observability journey? We'll go over the basics of using the Elastic Stack for your infrastructure and system metrics. We'll also show how combining your infrastructure metrics with your logs and application traces can benefit you and your business. Join us to see how Elastic Observability can help you get to the bottom of issues faster and reduce your MTTD/R.
  • Best practices for security monitoring and threat hunting with Elastic Security Recorded: Oct 14 2021 67 mins
    Marius Iversen, Solution Architect, Elastic
    Threats are always evolving. Elastic Security allows you to prevent, detect, and respond to threats — and reduce false positives and mean time to respond (MTTR).

    We’ll show you the tools you need to deploy Elastic Security your way. Join Marius Iversen, solutions architect at Elastic, for a webinar on security monitoring and threat hunting on Elastic Cloud — the official managed Elasticsearch experience with powerful, out-of-the-box solutions, including enterprise search, observability, and security.
  • Elastic on Azure: Accelerate time to value with the integration enhancement Recorded: Oct 13 2021 16 mins
    Bianca Laurendine, Product Marketing Manager, Elastic
    Want to accelerate time to insights within your Microsoft Azure environment? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to easily find, deploy, and manage Elasticsearch within the Azure portal so you can quickly get visibility into the health, performance, and security of your Azure applications and data.
  • Intro to Elasticsearch architecture and Kibana dashboarding Recorded: Oct 12 2021 54 mins
    Amy Ghate, Senior Solutions Architect, Elastic
    Everyone talks about Elasticsearch, but not everyone has had a primer on how the architecture works and how you interact with it. Learn about architecture principles, sharding, high availability, disaster recovery, indexes, and APIs. With this as a foundation, learn how to use Kibana to create troubleshooting dashboards using HTTP logs.
  • Best practices for managing logs, metrics, and APM with Elastic Observability Recorded: Oct 7 2021 58 mins
    Mikkel Kidmose, Solution Architect, Elastic
    Observability is more critical than ever before, and many enterprise organizations have 10 or more monitoring tools. But with Elastic Observability, you can bring your logs, metrics, and APM traces together at scale in a single stack to monitor and react to events happening anywhere in your environment.

    We’ll show you the tools you need to deploy Elastic Observability your way. Join Mikkel Kidmose, solutions architect at Elastic, for a webinar demonstrating how to manage logs, metrics, and APM on Elastic Cloud — the official managed Elasticsearch experience with powerful, out-of-the-box solutions, including enterprise search, observability, and security.
  • How has COVID-19 changed the role of the IT Leader? Recorded: Oct 6 2021 49 mins
    Kim Huffman - Global VP of IT & Leah Sutton - SVP of Global HR - Elastic, Frederic Giron - VP & Research Director - Forrester
    The COVID-19 pandemic upended notions of what business resilience should look like and cemented the shift to remote and hybrid working models as a permanent fixture for many global organizations.

    IT leaders have realized that an adaptive business model with employee experience at its core is the key to building business resilience in times of disruption. As they look to reset strategy and rebuild organizational resilience for the post-pandemic age, what are the lessons from the pandemic? And, what should they prioritize as they reinvent their infrastructures to support remote workforces?

    In this webinar, Kim Huffman, Global VP of Information Technology at Elastic, and Leah Sutton, SVP of Global Human Resources, sit down with guest speaker, Forrester VP and Research Director Frederic Giron to discuss the evolving role of the IT leader as not just as the leader of corporate IT, but also an active partner in steering cross-departmental vitality, growth, and longevity for employees.
  • Elastic Agent and Fleet: Simpler data onboarding for security and observability Recorded: Oct 6 2021 36 mins
    Animesh Bansriyar, Principal Solutions Architect | Ravi Ramnani, Senior Solutions Architect
    Elastic Agent, centrally managed by Fleet, enables users and customers to integrate data across multiple data sources while also providing endpoint security. Learn how Elastic Agent serves as the single unified agent to accelerate the onboarding and management of new data sources while Fleet centrally manages all Elastic Agents, making installing and updating integrations and protections straightforward.

    With Elastic Agent, Elastic Security users benefit from integrated ransomware and malware prevention, as well as remediation capabilities directly from the endpoint. Elastic Observability users gain better visibility across their applications and infrastructure, as well as secure, centralized agent management.


    - Learn how Elastic Agent and Fleet streamline ingest with a single agent for multiple data types
    - See how one click can perform mass updates and extend monitoring of your entire fleet of agents
    - Learn how to enable Elastic Agent integrated security features.
    - See Elastic Agent and Fleet in action during a live demo
    - Get your questions answered during an interactive Q&A
  • Put your data to work with Elastic Recorded: Oct 5 2021 55 mins
    Dan Courcy, Senior PM Manager & Fermi Fang, Product Marketing Associate & Ethan Groves, Sr. PM Engineer - Elastic
    Given exponential data growth and despite a proliferation of new tools to help organizations solve for a growing problem with data — content is becoming more difficult to find, enterprise IT is becoming more complex, and cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated.

    Join this webinar to learn how the world’s leading organizations are putting their data to work using the power of search. Why search? Because search is the most intuitive way to find answers and to solve problems.
  • How to build dashboards that drive insight and action in Kibana Recorded: Sep 30 2021 57 mins
    Dustin Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Elastic & Jason Burns, Principal Product Manager, Elastic
    If you build dashboards in Kibana, this webinar is for you. Join product experts as they demonstrate the latest features designed to make your Elasticsearch-driven dashboards more than just informative, but also actionable.
Seach. Observe. Protect.
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  • Title: The acceleration of eCommerce with former SVP of Digital Transformation at IKEA
  • Live at: Jul 13 2021 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Michael Valdsgaard former SVP of Digital Transformation at IKEA | Hendrik Haas from Regional Vice President at Elastic
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