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AI and Cloud Computing - A Match Made In Heaven

AI has been a hot topic for quite some time now, with much debate around how AI can transform certain industries and solve challenges. But one topic that hasn’t been as closely addressed is how AI is transforming technology - particularly, Cloud computing.

In episode 8 of AI: The Future of Business, we’re asking what AI means for the Cloud and vice versa, and how businesses can take advantage of their integration.

Join us to hear:

- How AI is transforming Cloud computing
- How Cloud is accelerating AI adoption
- Which leading industries are driving AI in the Cloud
- Leading use cases for AI in the cloud
- Pros and cons of Cloud computing for AI
- Best practices for utilising AI in the cloud

Ramesh Dontha, Digital Transformation Pro
Sid Sharma, Analytics Evangelist, Sisu Data
Fred Tabsharani, Founding Member, Loxz Digital Group
Recorded May 25 2021 61 mins
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Presented by
Ramesh Dontha, DX Pro | Sid Sharma, Sisu Data | Fred Tabsharani, Loxz Digital Group |
Presentation preview: AI and Cloud Computing - A Match Made In Heaven

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  • Exploring, analyzing, and sharing data at cloud scale Recorded: Oct 21 2021 27 mins
    Davide Russo, Product Manager, Sisu and Joel McKelvey, Product Marketing, Sisu
    Introducing Sisu Explorations and Dashboards!

    Sisu now makes it easier than ever to ask questions of cloud-scale data, monitor metric performance, and share and collaborate when making data-driven decisions.

    Join this webinar with Davide Russo, Product Manager, and Joel McKelvey, Product Marketing, to see a live demo of the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine, where we will:

    -Show Explorations and how to pivot and filter data to find new insights
    -Show Dashboards to identify and track changing metrics
    -Demonstrate the power of ML-driven automated analytics

    This webinar will detail how data-forward organizations can use the power of machine learning, combined with data exploration and dashboards, to analyze cloud-scale data and make it accessible.
  • Data & Analytics 2021, Part 2: Evolving Trends & What’s Next Recorded: Sep 22 2021 62 mins
    Eric Topham | Dr. Sue Tripathi | Berit Hoffmann | Kiara Thomas
    Gartner predicts that “by 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modeling”. Over the course of the history-making 2020-21 period, data analytics has evolved together with AI to produce more accurate predictions and educated suggestions. Join Eric Topham alongside a panel of industry experts and thought leaders for part two of our Business Intelligence Report episode “Data Analytics 2021: Defining Trends and Trajectories,” where we will continue our exploration of the ways data and analytics are transforming human-machine relationships and what’s next on the horizon.

    This sequel episode, “Data & Analytics 2021, Part 2: Evolving Trends & What’s Next,” will look at evolving data and analytics trends over the course of 2021, including expectations versus realities in these unprecedented times. Topics to be covered during this session include:

    -How data collection and usage is continuing to pivot due to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
    -Which data & analytics practices have proved most relevant in 2021—and which have been rendered obsolete
    -Updates on emerging data visualization techniques, building data narratives, using external data, evolving data dashboards & more
    -Next-gen enterprise tech and tools when it comes to leveraging data & analytics that drive success
    -And more

    - Eric Topham, CEO & Co-Founder at The Data Analysis Bureau
    - Dr. Sue Tripathi, Managing Director, Data and Analytics, Global Services at NTT DATA
    - Berit Hoffmann, Chief Product Officer at Sisu
    - Kiara Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at Quality Resolution Systems
  • Bridging the Decision Gap — What's Next in Analytics? Recorded: Sep 9 2021 38 mins
    Peter Bailis, Sisu CEO and Joel McKelvey, Sisu VP of Product Marketing
    With more data available than ever before, data teams need better ways to diagnose changing metrics and enable business stakeholders with fast, actionable insights. Yet, despite massive investment in data and analytics, business users still lack the context to make sense of the insights they receive from analysts.

    Join Sisu CEO, Peter Bailis, and VP of Product Marketing, Joel McKelvey as they dive into these recent developments in the collection and analysis of data. Attendees will learn how to move beyond simply reporting on metrics to revealing the key factors that drive changing metrics. The speakers will discuss the importance of composability, automation, contextualization, and augmentation in key factor analysis and address some of the findings in the May 2021 Gartner® Cool VendorsTM in Analytics and Data Science report.

    Gartner Cool Vendors in Analytics and Data Science, Julian Sun, David Pidsley, Shubhangi Vashisth, James Richardson, May 10, 2021
  • How to build a data-driven company Recorded: Aug 19 2021 39 mins
    Berit Hoffman, Sisu & Falon Donohue, Narya
    Whether you’re at an enterprise tech giant or grassroots startup, building a data-driven foundation is crucial for a business. So, where do you start?

    In this on-demand webinar, Rehgan Avon, CEO of Women in Analytics discusses last month's WIA Conference. She shares the special fireside chat where Falon Donohue, Partner at Narya VC, interviewed Berit Hoffmann, Sisu Chief Product Officer. They discuss what it takes to build a data-driven company and address a number of thought provoking audience questions.

    Watch this session to learn:
    - How to build a culture that supports employees’ successes and failures
    - How to navigate the journey to a C-level role in product and how to get there
    - How to manage the opportunities and challenges of an early-stage startup
  • How Fractory found the path to repeatable growth Recorded: Aug 12 2021 45 mins
    Heikki Tilk, Fractory & Nate Nunta, Sisu
    Finding the factors or combinations of factors driving repeatable business is critical for building a successful new business.

    Join Sisu and Heikki Tilk, VP of Demand Marketing and Marketing Operations of Fractory on Thursday, August 13th at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET to find out how why Fractory turned to Sisu to get a complete view of the drivers of their manufacturing platform and identify where to act to drive repeatable business.
  • How augmented analytics unlocks the critical insights in your data Recorded: Jul 15 2021 34 mins
    Brynne Henn, Sisu Data & Regina Karson, Women in Big Data, US Board Advisor
    Organizations everywhere are racing to generate, collect, and leverage tremendous amounts of data. Which can often lead to a talent war between companies to hire data analysts or data scientists to help tame their data and extract valuable insights.

    But what if we told you that the real issue is not whether to hire analysts or scientists? Rather it's how to augment the work of both functions so results can be created instantly in a digestible format that doesn't require experts to translate.

    Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, July 15th at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET where our analytics experts will discuss how adopting augmented analytics will unlock faster and more comprehensive insights from the data you’re collecting.

    In this webinar, you’ll explore:
    — What is augmented analytics
    — Benefits and core techniques of augmented analytics
    — How to make smarter decisions with augmented analytics
  • Accelerate data exploration with a new Sisu Recorded: Jul 8 2021 44 mins
    Grant Shirk, VP of Product Marketing & Nate Nunta, Director, Services + Solutions Architecture
    Meet the completely new Sisu, purpose-built to accelerate data analysis and decision-making. It’s the fastest way for teams to comprehensively explore highly dimensional data and answer questions about metric performance.

    Join Sisu’s product and analytics experts will deep dive into the research behind the new platform, discuss four new ways Sisu accelerates data exploration, and demonstrate the capabilities of our augmented intelligence solution.

    In this lively, interactive discussion, you’ll learn:

    — Why traditional BI tools hinder cloud-scale data exploration
    — How Sisu uses machine learning and augmented data exploration to prioritize your attention on the subpopulations in your data that matter
    — New ways to quickly drill down and answer ad hoc questions on your changing business metrics
  • Explore, explain, and showcase data with Sisu’s new Smart Waterfall Charts Recorded: Jun 17 2021 44 mins
    Gaurav Saraf, Product Manager
    Meet Sisu’s Smart Waterfall Charts, an industry-first, one-of-a-kind combination of data exploration and storytelling.

    The ever-increasing size and complexity of cloud data magnifies the primary challenge analysts face: quickly delivering the right information to the right person at the right time. Sisu’s new Smart Waterfall Charts address this challenge head-on by helping every analyst rapidly find the factors that matter in their complex data and then effectively synthesize, visualize, and share them.

    On June 17th, Sisu’s analytics experts will dive into the new feature, discuss three ways Smart Waterfall Charts support decision-making, and more.

    In this lively, interactive discussion, you’ll learn:

    — Why legacy BI tools hinder building fast, iterative waterfall charts.
    — How Sisu Smart Waterfall Charts automatically surfaces a sequence of populations, bridging multiple features, that are having the biggest impact on a metric.
    — How our new algorithm surfaces only the highest-impact, statistically valid drivers, ensuring analysts can focus on only relevant populations in the data.
  • Five Bad Data Habits that Lead to Costly Decisions – and How to Break Them Recorded: May 27 2021 47 mins
    Peter Bailis, CEO & Berit Hoffman, VP of Product
    To compete in today’s dynamic startup environment, leaders know they need to seize any opportunity to use data about the current performance of their business to make informed decisions about their product, strategy, and business as a whole. Moreover, cloud warehouses and new SaaS-optimized data stack bring together more data about end-to-end customer experience from acquisition to engagement to renewal.

    But while it’s a trope that data-driven culture of decision-making is critical to a business, many companies are still making some of their most important decisions based on gut-feeling alone. Join this webinar to learn the five data habits you must avoid and how to start using all your data to inform decisions in real-time.
  • AI and Cloud Computing - A Match Made In Heaven Recorded: May 25 2021 61 mins
    Ramesh Dontha, DX Pro | Sid Sharma, Sisu Data | Fred Tabsharani, Loxz Digital Group |
    AI has been a hot topic for quite some time now, with much debate around how AI can transform certain industries and solve challenges. But one topic that hasn’t been as closely addressed is how AI is transforming technology - particularly, Cloud computing.

    In episode 8 of AI: The Future of Business, we’re asking what AI means for the Cloud and vice versa, and how businesses can take advantage of their integration.

    Join us to hear:

    - How AI is transforming Cloud computing
    - How Cloud is accelerating AI adoption
    - Which leading industries are driving AI in the Cloud
    - Leading use cases for AI in the cloud
    - Pros and cons of Cloud computing for AI
    - Best practices for utilising AI in the cloud

    Ramesh Dontha, Digital Transformation Pro
    Sid Sharma, Analytics Evangelist, Sisu Data
    Fred Tabsharani, Founding Member, Loxz Digital Group
  • Get the Facts with Sisu Recorded: May 19 2021 28 mins
    Grant Shirk and Kendall Garey
    When your key metrics change, how you respond — and how quickly you respond — matters. In this live demo, our product experts will show how Sisu uses all your data in real time to quickly explain why your metrics are changing.

    In our monthly Sisu live demo, you’ll not only see the platform in action with concrete examples, real data, and a few real-world customer stories, you’ll also see how Sisu can help you find the facts buried in your data faster than manual exploration. Augment your analytics team’s ability to answer your toughest business questions, and accelerate your company’s decision-making.

    In this 30-minute interactive demonstration, you’ll learn:

    - How Sisu simplifies even the most complex analysis
    - How to quickly diagnose key sales, marketing, and operational KPIs
    - How analytics teams at Samsung, Upwork, and Mejuri use Sisu to make fast, informed decisions
  • See how Kitu Super Coffee drove hyper-growth by operationalizing their data Recorded: Apr 22 2021 38 mins
    Callum McCann, Sisu & Don Moore, Kitu Super Coffee
    Whether you're a fast-growing entrant in a category, or a retail stalwart looking for your next big hit, extracting the most value from your data is a critical step in driving growth. But, with dozens (or hundreds) of data sources, how do you turn all that data into effective decisions? And which metrics matter most?

    Join us for an in-depth conversation with Don Moore, Senior Business Insights Manager at Kitu Super Coffee. At one of the fastest-growing food and beverage companies in the world, he tackled the challenge of building a modern analytics stack with positive energy. Learn from his experiences and dig into:
    -Building a stack with the end in mind - ETL, Warehouse, and Analytics platforms
    -Effective strategies for augmenting data to dive deeper into metric drivers
    -Finding the most actionable facts in your data, faster
  • Decoding Decision Intelligence: Frameworks and Technologies Recorded: Apr 20 2021 63 mins
    Eric Topham, The Data Analysis Bureau, Peter Bailis, Sisu Data, Pragyan Nayak, Hitachi, Bipin Chadha, CSAA
    In the quest to modernize the way they think about making decisions, organizations are turning to AI and automation wherever possible. AI models can help with creating predictions and labels, but to get deeper insights on the meaning behind the data, organizations are starting to embrace decision intelligence.

    Discover how businesses can use decision intelligence to create strong decision models for their processes and how to map actions to outcomes.

    Learn about the decision intelligence framework and hear from the experts on what DI can mean for your business. Viewers will hear more about:
    - The impact of the pandemic on the quality of decisions made, especially in the context of business
    - The emergence of decision intelligence
    - How DI differs from AI 
    - Eliminating errors and biases when making a decision
    - Decision intelligence for critical business moments
    - How data and analytics leaders can leverage DI to design, model, align, execute, monitor, and tune decision models and processes in the context of business outcomes and behavior

    Moderator: Eric Topham - CEO & Co-Founder, The Data Analysis Bureau
    Panelist: Peter Bailis - CEO at Sisu Data
    Panelist: Bipin Chadha - VP Data Science at CSAA Insurance Group
    Panelist: Pragyan Nayak - Chief Data Scientist at Hitachi Vantara Federal

    This episode is part of The Business Intelligence Report original series with Eric Topham, Co-Founder & Data Science Director at The Data Analysis Bureau. We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive panel session.
  • Three simple tricks to accelerate Snowflake analytics Recorded: Mar 31 2021 54 mins
    Grant Shirk & Callum McCann
    While cloud data warehouses like Snowflake make it easier and less expensive to manage large, rich data, most companies still face an analytics bottleneck. To effectively turn all that data into better decisions, we need better analytics tools purpose-built for Snowflake-scale data.

    Join the Sisu team as we define three quick wins to unlock the value of your Snowflake data for faster, more comprehensive analysis, including:

    -Techniques to optimize query times on complex Snowflake data
    -Data structures and schema to turbocharge analysis
    -New ways to turn your Snowflake data into decisions, faster
  • How to be the best partners for business teams Recorded: Oct 7 2020 38 mins
    Joanel Bernardo, Sisu & Lizz Harell, Mode
    Data teams can’t set up insights correctly without domain experts. Domain experts can’t move forward without access to data. This collaboration is ideal but hard to achieve. Typically, data teams are reactive, servicing a long queue of requests, and business teams experience frustration at the long wait time.

    Mode and Sisu will have a discussion about ways in which data teams can proactively be better business partners to business teams.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to understand:

    -How data teams can become better partners to their businesses
    -What it takes to go from reactive analysis to proactive partners
  • Augment, Don't Automate Recorded: Sep 30 2020 51 mins
    Peter Bailis & Benn Stencil
    The future of informed decision making is augmenting analysis, not automating it. Machines are good at detecting anomalies and alerting humans to investigate them, but can’t draw insights and make decisions. A future where high-level decision making is automated by AI is not here yet. Human reasoning is still a key component of critical business decisions.

    The founders of Mode and Sisu will discuss why the future of analytics should not be about replacing humans, but about helping us move faster through proactive analytics. They’ll also discuss the mindset of making informed decisions and the tools and structures needed to do it quickly.

    In this on-demand webinar, we'll cover:

    -How you can augment human reasoning
    -How a modern data stack will augment analytics
    -Where AI and analytics is headed
  • Three Data Trends Shaping Analytics 3.0 Recorded: Sep 1 2020 44 mins
    Sid Sharma, Danielle Leong, & Natalie Kwong
    Today — with the rise of cloud-native data warehouses and advances in scalable inference methods — we’re at a cusp of a third phase of analytics that not only affords better, faster processing of data, but also lets operational data analysts impact decisions like never before. Sid Sharma calls this phase Data Analyst 3.0.

    In a follow up discussion to his widely-read article on the next evolution of data workflows for Data Analyst 3.0, Sid joins Danielle Leong from Teachers Pay Teachers and Natalie Kwong at Harness for a fireside chat. Join the conversation as they discuss this new phase of data analytics and share their take on three major data trends that will dominate 2020 and beyond:

    1. The Emergence of the Analytics Engineer

    2. A Return to SQL (especially for data modeling)

    3. The Need for Augmented Analytics tools.
  • The Future of Analytics | Proactive Intelligence for Faster Diagnostics Recorded: Jun 17 2020 63 mins
    Peter Bailis, Sisu & Matt Aslett, 451 Research
    In this on-demand webinar, Sisu CEO and Founder Peter Bailis chats with 451 Research VP of Research, Matt Aslett, about how analyst teams can accelerate analysis to help decision-makers by adopting proactive, diagnostics analytics.
  • The Future of Analytics | Accelerating Operational Decisions with Sisu & Imply Recorded: May 5 2020 56 mins
    Peter Bailis, Sisu & Jad Naous, Imply
    Hear Peter Bailis of Sisu and Jad Naous of Imply discuss their experiences helping companies transition to a data-driven culture, accelerating their ability to capture, use, and analyze fast-moving data. Access the on-demand webinar today.
  • What's Remote Got To Do With It? Making Analytics More Collaborative Recorded: Apr 8 2020 57 mins
    Grant Shirk, Sisu, Emilie Schario, Gitlab, Simon Ouderkirk, Wordpress, & Tristan Handy, dbt
    Listen on-demand to this virtual fireside chat with three analytics leaders from GitLab, Fishtown Analytics, and WordPress.com on how we can make analytics collaborative, successful, and remote-friendly.
Accelerate Data Exploration
Sisu enables organizations to operationalize all their data to empower everyone to make the best possible decisions. As the industry’s first decision intelligence engine, Sisu helps teams leverage their data to quickly understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how to take action. Based on years of research at Stanford University and proven at Microsoft and Facebook, the Sisu proprietary engine uses scalable machine learning to analyze cloud-scale data in real-time to surface relevant business insights in seconds. Innovative organizations worldwide — including Samsung, Wayfair, Mastercard, Gusto, and more — rely on Sisu to make the best decisions for their business. To learn more about Sisu, visit www.sisudata.com.

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  • Title: AI and Cloud Computing - A Match Made In Heaven
  • Live at: May 25 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ramesh Dontha, DX Pro | Sid Sharma, Sisu Data | Fred Tabsharani, Loxz Digital Group |
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