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CMMC Tips Part 2: Levels 1 and 2 and COTS

Where NIST 800-171 was one size fits all, CMMC has five levels of possible maturity that a company can achieve. The lower levels provide administrative relief compared to prior regulations.
Recorded Aug 10 2021 21 mins
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Presented by
Amy Williams and Chris Adkins, BlueVoyant
Presentation preview: CMMC Tips Part 2: Levels 1 and 2 and COTS

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  • How to Accelerate Your Migration to Splunk Cloud Platform Nov 18 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Milan Patel - BlueVoyant, Andy Hershey - Splunk & Anthony Giallombardo - Concanon
    Many companies are finding that the best way to save on Infrastructure costs is to leverage cloud technologies to support their business-critical applications. But making the transition to the cloud has its fair share of speed bumps along the way.

    How do you get there from where you are now? Especially when you’re faced with limited resources, time, and budget to effectively optimize, manage, and scale security operations.

    It’s time to rethink how technology, people, process, and data privacy are applied to modernizing security operations.

    Join BlueVoyant, Splunk & Concanon to learn how you can start tapping into the value of your data within days instead of weeks and months.

    Panel Speakers:
    Milan Patel, Global Head of Managed Security Services, BlueVoyant
    Andy Hershey, Group Vice President Global Cloud Sales & GTM Transformation, Splunk
    Anthony Giallombardo, Director of Cybersecurity, Concanon
  • Demystifying Microsoft: Unlocking Microsoft Cloud Security’s Full Potential Recorded: Oct 28 2021 51 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Micah Heaton, BlueVoyant | Abhi Kumar, Microsoft | Abhishek Vyas, Admiral Group
    In the last 18 months, there have been more than 281,000 data breach notifications and 272.5 million euros imposed in fines in Europe, according to DLA Piper. As security breaches lead to losses in revenue and reputation, leaders must rethink their approach to organisational security to ensure that they stay ahead of current threats, and maintain a good security posture.

    Some organisations are still unaware of the full range of Microsoft's capabilities, from the ability to integrate it with third-party solutions, utilizing it to expedite threat detection, and prevent data breaches. As such, many are not leveraging the full potential of Microsoft cloud security, and are therefore falling behind in the race to secure their business.

    Join this panel to learn how to fully integrate and operationalize Microsoft solutions and learn to thrive and succeed in the current threatscape.

    Join us as experts in the field discuss:
    - How to reduce alert fatigue, optimize logs, and concentrate on high value sources of information
    - The integration between Microsoft’s EDR technology and incident response across the productivity and collaboration layer
    - How to create a unified threat hunting experience across security portals
    - The differences between traditional endpoint and cloud-based device management
    - How you can extend the cloud perimeter beyond the Microsoft cloud
  • Modern SOC & the optimization of Microsoft Security Recorded: Oct 19 2021 60 mins
    Milan Patel (Head of Managed Services) & Micah Heaton (Director of Microsoft Security Solutions)
    Modern SOC & the optimization of Microsoft Security
  • M365 Security Solutions: Access & Security on the Endpoint Recorded: Oct 14 2021 61 mins
    Micah Heaton - Director of Microsoft Security Solutions
    M365 Security Solutions: Access & Security on the Endpoint
  • Optimización de la Estrategia de Ciberseguridad con un SOC de Nueva Generación Recorded: Oct 11 2021 21 mins
    Juan David Castañeda, LATAM Sales Engineer, BlueVoyant
    Las amenazas cibernéticas crecen y el costo promedio de una brecha de seguridad se incrementa de manera acelerada. Conozca las últimas novedades para establecer una transformación digital segura y la forma de optimizar su estrategia de ciberseguridad con tecnología de clase mundial.

    Disfrute nuestra conferencia ofrecida en el marco del evento Cybersecurity Finance & Government 2021.
  • Migrating to a cloud based SIEM: Microsoft Azure Sentinel and pitfalls to avoid Recorded: Oct 6 2021 41 mins
    Micah Heaton, Robert Hannigan and Adrian Grigorof
    Watch our LinkedIn Live Session on Migrating to a cloud based SIEM: Microsoft Azure Sentinel and pitfalls to avoid
  • Microsoft Security: Information Protection in the Microsoft Cloud Recorded: Sep 28 2021 41 mins
    Micah Heaton, Robert Hannigan and Owen Allen
    How can you ensure that remote working doesn’t compromise your data control? By using the latest thinking from Microsoft, BlueVoyant is helping customers simplify compliance and reduce risk. Join Micah Heaton, Robert Hannigan and Owen Allen in the latest Microsoft webinar series. We take a closer look at what information protection means, the need for data governance and how Microsoft’s approach to information protection means it’s possible to minimise risk without affecting productivity.

    The webinar will give insights into best practice when building a data strategy and how Microsoft tools can help in areas such as:

    - keeping up with industry regulations and standards
    - identifying and mitigating insider risks
    - scaling data protection with automation
    - cost saving

    We will also cover record management, data classification and how Microsoft can extend the protective solution beyond the cloud perimeter.
  • Threat Detection Thursday: Breaking all the rules! Recorded: Sep 23 2021 59 mins
    Owen Allen and Mike Scutt
    In this follow-up to Threat Detection Thursday: Threat Hunting Edition, Mike Scutt, Head of Advanced Threat Detection, will break down detection methodology and guide you through implementing a robust, low-noise detection strategy. This session will provide an overview of detection types, applicability, and rule aggregation to help you better focus on events that matter. If you can't tell your RBA from your UBA, join us on our journey to detection excellence!
  • Third-party risk dilemma: how secure is secure? ​ Recorded: Sep 22 2021 38 mins
    Phil Venables, Goldman Sachs Bank; Debora Plunkett, Board Director, BlueVoyant; Jim Penrose, COO, BlueVoyant;
    Third-party cyber risk is fast becoming the defining cybersecurity challenge of our time.

    That’s why we’ve surveyed 1500 CIOs, CISOs and CPOs to understand the scale and scope of third-party cyber risk, the impact it is having, and the way cyber risk professionals are approaching and mitigating the issue.

    80% revealed they have suffered a third-party related breach
    29% admitted they wouldn’t know if a cyber risk emerged in a third-party vendor
    77% do not monitor their entire supply chain

    Our panel will discuss the research and reveal ways your organization can gain more control over your cyber risk management program.
  • The latest on the M365 E5 Security Licensing Journey Recorded: Aug 25 2021 52 mins
    Micah Heaton (BlueVoyant) and David Branscome (Microsoft) - hosted by Robert Hannigan (BlueVoyant)
    The latest on the M365 E5 Security Licensing Journey
  • Your greatest cybersecurity risk is your weakest link: Third Party Cyber Risk Recorded: Aug 23 2021 46 mins
    Amy Williams, Tom Conway - Director, Federal Business Development, Thomas Lind - Strategic Intelligence
    CMMC regulation was born from recognition that the defense industrial base’s cyber security attack surface isn’t siloed, it’s connected. Subcontractor networks and their employees, third-party applications and anything else that touches a prime contractor’s systems present cyber risk, leaving sensitive data as vulnerable as the weakest link in the prime’s ecosystem.
    This webinar will cover why subcontractors are usually the first point of attack in the supply chain, common ways they are attacked and the value of assessment. Most importantly, we will provide guidance on how prime contractors can lead improvements in supply chain protection through continuous monitoring.
  • BlueVoyant Reveals Cybersecurity Weaknesses within Defense Industrial Base Recorded: Aug 19 2021 56 mins
    Austin Berglas, Amy Williams and Thomas Lind III
    The latest BlueVoyant strategic threat intelligence report focuses on the continued challenges associated with securing the Defense Industrial Base. We analyzed hundreds of defense contractors, to identify clear patterns as well as the steps needed to improve their security posture.They will discuss key findings, and more, in a highly informative session that will delve into the detail of the report and discover more about the results.
  • A deep dive into Microsoft Security Recorded: Aug 18 2021 49 mins
    Micah Heaton, Robert Hannigan and Adrian Grigorof
    BlueVoyant's deep dive into Microsoft Security - the first part in the Microsoft series
  • Today's Cyber Crime Pandemic and what to do about it Recorded: Aug 18 2021 62 mins
    Robert Hannigan
    Robert Hannigan joins the ISF Chairman and guests to discuss Cyber Crime
  • Defense Supply Chain Under Cyber Siege Recorded: Aug 17 2021 40 mins
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Admiral Michael Mullen, and BlueVoyant CEO, Jim Rosenthal.
    We’re incredibly honored to have had unique perspectives from former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Admiral Michael Mullen, and BlueVoyant CEO, Jim Rosenthal.

    Watch our revealing chat “The Defense Supply Chain Under Cyber Siege” about the continuing challenges of securing the Defense Industrial Base and the findings of our latest research report.
  • Secure your Edge with BlueVoyant MDR and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Recorded: Aug 16 2021 60 mins
    Micah Heaton & Owen Allen
    BlueVoyant’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, powered by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, enables you to get protected quickly and benefit from the always-on security operations coverage you need in today’s dangerous, highly interconnected world. In this webinar you’ll hear how we’ve combined the power of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with BlueVoyant’s elite security operations team to work on your behalf 24x7 to identify, investigate and remediate today’s sophisticated, advanced and unrelenting cyber attacks. See how to maximize your protection by augmenting the device detection from Defender for Endpoint with a team of dedicated and trained Security Analysts. Join us as we describe how our joint solution protects user identities, devices, and data against Zero-Days, advanced attacks, and data breaches while providing you additional peace of mind. High-level Agenda:

    · Gain insights on endpoint security challenges in today’s highly connected world

    · Learn about the power of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint + managed security operations

    · Discover how businesses can leverage their existing investment to deploy this service

    · Hear implementation use cases and real-world results

    · Identify next steps to bring your endpoint security to the next level
  • CMMC Security for All: A Holistic Approach Recorded: Aug 13 2021 28 mins
    Amy Williams and Chris Adkins
    The term ‘supply chain’ implies a straightforward linear process. But the reality of the Department of Defense (DoD) network is a tangled web of connected companies, big and small. And currently, the biggest attack targets are those smaller businesses, who have the leanest budgets. We will discuss:

    · Why cyber attack strategies have recently shifted to smaller companies
    · How to improve security in companies with smaller budgets
    · What actions SMB's in the Defense Industrial Base can take, in the short and longer term
  • 3rd Party Risk for Prime Contractors and Mitigation Steps Recorded: Aug 12 2021 21 mins
    Amy Williams and Chris Adkins, BlueVoyant
    The DoD is looking for help from Prime Contractors. We will discuss why supply chain cybersecurity management is challenging and provide a demonstration of BlueVoyant’s offering to improve visibility.
  • CMMC Level 3: Description and Tips for Fast Tracking Recorded: Aug 11 2021 21 mins
    Amy Williams and Chris Adkins, BlueVoyant
    Level 3 is the most commonly requested compliance level and is the most like prior regulations. We will offer some tips and tricks for getting organized quickly and being best prepared for the assessors.
  • CMMC Tips Part 2: Levels 1 and 2 and COTS Recorded: Aug 10 2021 21 mins
    Amy Williams and Chris Adkins, BlueVoyant
    Where NIST 800-171 was one size fits all, CMMC has five levels of possible maturity that a company can achieve. The lower levels provide administrative relief compared to prior regulations.
At BlueVoyant, we recognize that effective cybersecurity requires active prevention and defense across both your organization and supply chain. Our proprietary data, analytics and technology, coupled with deep expertise, works as a force multiplier to secure your full ecosystem.

Accuracy. Actionability. Timeliness. Scalability.

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  • Title: CMMC Tips Part 2: Levels 1 and 2 and COTS
  • Live at: Aug 10 2021 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Amy Williams and Chris Adkins, BlueVoyant
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