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Customer Link, a PwC Product

76% of organizations say they lack the ability to transform raw data into actionable insights that could improve customer experiences.*

What if you could know what your customer is thinking?

Customer Link, a PwC Product, is a customer data platform that unifies your data and decades of PwC’s third party data to build a 360° view of your customers. Create better, more personalized experiences with unmatched customer data you can’t get from just any customer data platform.

*Source: Turn Data Into Insights With Customer Analytics, February, 2019
Recorded May 14 2021 2 mins
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  • Marketing Analytics in a Cookieless and Privacy-Focused World with Customer Link Recorded: Oct 12 2021 35 mins
    Brian Morris, Derek Baker, Greta Capps, Daniel Shields, and Anoop Singh
    Prepare for the future with Customer Link, a PwC Product.

    Join a discussion with marketing, technology, and analytics leaders to learn about the seismic shift — as well as the implications and the path forward — occurring within marketing analytics, driven by the imminent sun-setting of the internet cookie, emergence of privacy protection regulations around the world, and the fast-pace of technology evolution. In particular, the panelists will cover:

    1. What is identity resolution? Why is it so important in marketing?
    2. What does the death of internet cookie mean for marketing? Why is it a big deal?
    3. How should the marketing analytics function evolve from data and technology standpoints?
    4. What does the marketing technology stack look like in the post-cookie world?
    5. How has Customer Link been designed to deliver insights in a cookie-less world?
    6. What insights can Customer Link surface to aid in prospecting, cross-sell, and retention?
    7. How can PwC help organizations on marketing analytics?

    Webinar Panelists:
    Brian Morris, Marketing Data & Analytics Leader, PwC
    Derek Baker, Media, Data & Technology Leader, PwC
    Daniel Shields, Data & Analytics Technology, Subject Matter Specialist, PwC
    Greta Capps, Marketing Data & Analytics, Subject Matter Specialist, PwC
    Anoop Singh, Marketing Data & Analytics, Subject Matter Specialist, PwC (Facilitator)
  • Upskill, reskill or hire? The impact of upskilling on workforce transformation Recorded: Sep 9 2021 60 mins
    Susie Patton, Mona Jolly, Alexandra Hom
    Over the course of the pandemic, many business leaders have come to realize that the skills their organizations will need in the future are not the same ones they’ve required in the past. There are three main ways businesses can manage skills shortages: hire new talent, reskill current staff or upskill employees.

    Join PwC's Susie Patton, Alexandra Hom and Mona Jolly as they discuss how to more accurately identify skills gaps and mismatches so you can help make your organization future-proof. You will learn:

    Why hiring new talent may seem like a simple solution to a complex problem—and what makes it so difficult
    What it takes to reskill employees so they can do different jobs than the ones they have now
    How upskilling has become essential to organizations today, and the key considerations for getting it right

    Join us as we discuss the upskilling approach, and what you should know before you get started.

    Susie Patton, Senior Manager
    Mona Jolly, Director
    Alexandra Hom, Director
  • Upskilling is critical: Is your company ready? Recorded: Aug 19 2021 57 mins
    Matthew Rice, Satpreet Grewal
    Your workforce needs to look different than it did five years ago. Digital transformation, disruptions like COVID, and the emergence of new digital tools to drive efficiencies all require more than just investing in technology. You also need to know when to use it, how to manage it, and what skills will have the most impact on your company.

    Join PwC's Matt Rice and Satpreet Grewal as they discuss PwC's upskilling journey, and provide context to consider your own company's:
    - Capability to identify gaps in key digital skills across your most critical roles
    - Readiness for future disruptions such as the current pandemic
    - Ability to work differently, improve productivity, and leverage new technology
    - Measurement of the success of your digital transformation efforts

    Preparing the workforce for the future will require commitment, but the cost of inaction could be even higher. How do you know if upskilling is an investment you should prioritize? Is your company on a path to generate value from digital skills development? Find out where you stand, uncover skills gaps and learn recommended next steps to start your own upskilling journey.

    Matthew Rice, Director
    Satpreet Grewal, Director
  • Data Transparency: Breaking Through the Noise in Digital Advertising Recorded: Jul 29 2021 32 mins
    Derek Baker, Principal - CMO Advisory, PwC & Ravi Patel, Director, Media and AdTech, PwC
    Marketing leaders are constantly seeking to better understand the ROI of their advertising efforts. Even with greater access to data and technology, measuring the return on ad spend can still be a black box for many marketing departments. The digital advertising supply chain is layered, complex, and rife with fraud. Much of what is believed to be working media is lost to factors in the digital ecosystem.

    Changes in the data landscape--from evolving consumer habits, ever-changing data privacy laws, and the deprecation of third party cookies--can create additional layers of complexity for marketing leaders.

    This is where data transparency can be a game-changer for digital advertising. Being able to cut through the noise and trace your ad spend through the digital ecosystem is critical to building an effective marketing program for your brand, future-proofing your marketing efforts, and unlocking value.

    In this webinar, we’ll explore:
    • Navigating a cookie-less future while helping to optimize the supply chain
    • Creating a clear picture of media spend and its real impact on ROI
    • Getting insights on tracing ad fraud while helping improve brand safety
    • Identifying digital advertising metrics and channels that aren’t likely effective media spend
  • Planning for a Resilient Return to Office | Check-In, a PwC Product Recorded: Jun 17 2021 34 mins
    There is little doubt that the future of work is hybrid, with workers in certain roles working at home, in the office, or moving between these environments. In fact, a majority (53%) of global business and IT leaders expect hybrid work models to be accepted work practices for many industries. Tune in to this webcast featuring IDC’s Amy Loomis, Global Research Director for the Future of Work, for the latest in return-to-office trends, and a list of recommendations to smooth the transition to a hybrid work model.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to build resiliency to support hybrid work, how to model your leadership for the resilient enterprise and what organizations will need for a resilient return to office.
  • COVID-19 and Your Campus: Planning for a Fall Return | Check-In, a PwC Product Recorded: Jun 17 2021 60 mins
    Kristin Guehlstorf and Larry Gioia
    It’s been a year of scrambling for colleges and universities trying to find the best ways to keep students learning on campus while also doing what’s possible to protect staff, faculty and those same students. And many have managed to find a way, working with what they’ve got--health checks, community testing, alerts, manual contact tracing, periodic quarantines and asynchronous and hybrid classes. They’ve run the gamut in their plans and have had to follow a myriad of state and local guidelines. Some campuses have been very strict with aggressive COVID-19 testing requirements in order to gain access to buildings on campus, while others have limited in-person activities, quarantining large groups of students every time there is a positive case.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to leverage technology to help maintain a daily status of each member of your campus community, on or off-campus, and to automate the contact tracing process to more precisely identify people at risk of exposure after the fact--with a focus on privacy. This kind of holistic approach allows your case management team to keep potentially ill people away from campus and focus on helping students, faculty and staff stay safe rather than spending hours manually searching for clues to identify possible exposures. We’ll also discuss how you can improve your campus’ ability to react, safely and securely, beyond the pandemic. Join us as we share how schools can set in motion returns to classrooms, sports fields, events, and beyond – all in a way that protects privacy and limits disruptions to in-person learning.
  • How to Open Campuses Amid Lingering Covid Concerns | Check-In, a PwC Product Recorded: Jun 17 2021 63 mins
    Larry Gioia
    As fall semester planning is underway, how can colleges strike the right balance of normalizing academic life, while maintaining safety best practices? This discussion between higher education subject matter specialists, including PwC’s Larry Gioia, is full of helpful advice and practical ideas for those involved in return-to-campus planning. Watch this virtual forum on demand to hear how a blend of affordable, reliable—but less intrusive—practices can help make the upcoming academic year safer.
  • How to futureproof the workplace: pandemics and beyond | Check-In, a PwC Product Recorded: Jun 17 2021 58 mins
    Katherine Cobb and Laura Skladzinski
    As we work towards the goal of herd immunity, business leaders are asking what aspects of pandemic response should be retained for years to come, and what elements can be expanded upon for new use cases such as natural events, and security threats. For forward-thinking employers, proactivity, and readiness is an essential part of the new order. But, despite this, pulling back on investing resources might be tempting…. Instead, companies should push ahead to improve their response programs. A potentially even more immediate threat could be on the horizon. Employers should be better prepared next time.

    What can be built upon and what will likely drop away? Watch this webinar on-demand for a thoughtful discussion around how forward-thinking employers are thinking though this for now, and the ‘next time.’ You’ll walk away with an understanding of essential privacy considerations and processes, as well as learning common questions our clients are asking us.
  • Continuous monitoring with Risk Command, a PwC product Recorded: Jun 16 2021 39 mins
    Justin Offen, Laura Skrief, and Michael Green - PwC
    Risk Command, the key to effective third party risk management.

    Third party risk management has always been a challenging area for risk and compliance professionals, never more so than today. As the global economy rebounds, third party risk has taken on new dimensions. As cyber risk is increasing, so ESG risk is coming under deeper scrutiny from investors and consumers. Whatever the nature of the risk, the key to success is building a truly effective risk management program.

    Join our PwC third party risk solutions team to learn more about three key aspects of an effective third party risk management program:

    ● How do you identify the right continuous monitoring solution?
    ● How do you measure the effectiveness of your program?
    ● What are today’s emerging risks, and how are companies approaching mitigating those risks?

    Webinar speakers:
    Justin Offen, Principal - Forensic Services, PwC
    Laura Skrief, Partner - Cybersecurity, Privacy and Forensic Services, PwC
    Michael Green, Director- Cybersecurity, Privacy and Forensic Services, PwC
  • Risk Assessment at Start-up Speed with Risk Proof Recorded: Jun 9 2021 28 mins
    Nirupama Suryanarayanan, Principal Partner Financial Crimes & Joe Bimmerle, Financial Services Product Portfolio Leader - PwC
    Risk Proof, a PwC product, empowers your organization to think faster and act quicker to stay on top of the ever-changing world of financial risk. Risk Assessment for anti-money laundering, fraud and sanctions continue to be manual and time-consuming processes. Most institutions rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to produce reports that are often hard to explain to executive management.

    ● What if you could digitize the process and spend more time focusing on having the right controls and presenting your risks and forecasts to management, the board and your regulators?
    ● What if you could help your business think through the risks and controls to introduce new payment products, crypto assets or expansions in lines of business?
  • PwC Products Portfolio Recorded: May 17 2021 2 mins
    PwC, US
    Take a look at our current PwC Products offerings and the everyday business challenges they help solve for by business need and industry.

    Real solutions to real challenges:
    We are industry specialists who build products connected to a purpose. Spanning across four strategic areas of transformation, our products tackle the very real challenges our clients face today, and unlock new opportunities for growth in the future.

    Protect business integrity:
    Leverage data, understand risk, and emerge stronger

    Empower your people:
    Build a culture of innovation, excitement and growth

    Make better, faster decisions:
    Get the right information to the right people at the right time

    Transcend through tech:
    Rethink the way you do business by unlocking emerging technologies
  • Risk Proof, a PwC Product Recorded: May 17 2021 2 mins
    PwC, US
    $42B losses reported due to fraud in the past 24 month*

    What if you could help assess and manage financial crime from one consolidated place?

    Risk Proof, a PwC Product, empowers your organization to think faster and act quicker to stay on top of the ever-changing world of financial risk. It streamlines risk assessments into a single platform—making the entire process visual, interactive, trackable and actionable. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time knowing what risks and controls to focus on so you can help increase your protection.

    *Source: PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 2020

    Risk Proof offers a comprehensive view of evolving risks and empowers better compliance decisions. This digital platform centralizes the disparate parts of an assessment with visually-oriented reporting, intuitive data interaction, and tracking of all activities. You get more insight into how financial risk threats connect to each other and back to your business.

    Prevent tomorrow’s threats today.

    Enhance workflow efficiency:
    Risk Proof helps transform the manual spreadsheet-based assessment process into a fully digital approach, further reducing the possibilities for human error and time wasted on repetitive work.

    Improve consistency across your enterprise:
    With all your assessment questions organized into a template you control, your process can be standardized for more dependable scoring throughout your various lines of business.

    Promote process accountability:
    Utilize a fully searchable audit history of actions taken on any assessment to understand who or what data drove a given response and gain a better view of your historic decision-making.
  • Risk Command, a PwC Product Recorded: May 17 2021 2 mins
    PwC, US
    69% of organizations are failing to use proactive detection in their control environment.*

    What if risk and compliance became your competitive advantage?

    You could be more agile, more adept at identifying opportunities and better able to anticipate change. All powerful drivers of competitive advantage and growth. Risk Command is a suite of PwC Products that identify and monitor potential threats, helping you respond and remediate with speed and confidence.

    *Source: PwC, Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 2018

    Our latest Risk product from PwC, Risk Command, the proactive risk and compliance platform that helps you identify, monitor and rapidly respond to risk issues.

    You can eliminate silos because Risk Command brings everything up to a single view, helping you to identify and capitalize on areas of convergence across compliance and fraud programs, and aligning compliance activities with corporate.

    Increase consistency with a single view of how the organization works as a whole, there is more consistency in risk and compliance actions– and fewer decisions, fueled by reliable recommendations, can have broader reach.

    Through the power of AI, reduce manual errors and is able to identify and reduce false positives. This gives your teams increased time on high priority tasks, allowing you to achieve more.

    Assess risk. Respond quickly. Emerge stronger.
  • Customer Link, a PwC Product Recorded: May 14 2021 2 mins
    PwC US
    76% of organizations say they lack the ability to transform raw data into actionable insights that could improve customer experiences.*

    What if you could know what your customer is thinking?

    Customer Link, a PwC Product, is a customer data platform that unifies your data and decades of PwC’s third party data to build a 360° view of your customers. Create better, more personalized experiences with unmatched customer data you can’t get from just any customer data platform.

    *Source: Turn Data Into Insights With Customer Analytics, February, 2019
  • Indoor Geolocation Platform Recorded: May 13 2021 2 mins
    PwC, US
    Industries spend millions of dollars in staff time searching for lost equipment and finding people in need.

    What if there was a simple way to accurately track the location of your most critical assets?

    Unlike any IoT geolocation solution you’ve seen, Connected Solutions’ Patented Indoor Geolocation Platform, a PwC Product, uses no in-room infrastructure. Operating with no beacons that require maintenance, impact aesthetics, or pose security threats, IGP equips you with an IoT geolocation solution in days – not months. How? IGP leverages pre-existing signals and their strengths, such as WiFi and Bluetooth to create a unique fingerprint for each room or major space on your property. Say goodbye to the days of reliance on WiFi hotspots, cellular networks, or cumbersome beacon deployments, so your enterprise focuses on what’s really important – your customer experience.

    Introducing PwC’s Indoor Geolocation Platform, a part of Connected Solutions. IGP lets you instantly locate inventory, equipment, and even employees when they need to be found.

    Locate staff:
    Meet compliance requirements to pinpoint the whereabouts of your most critical assets – your employees – when they request assistance to their location using a rapid response button.

    Track assets:
    Always know where inventory is so you can prevent it from being lost, stolen, or misplaced – helping staff improve time management and focus their energy where it matters more.

    Decrease waste:
    Monitor and regulate energy consumption using connected sensors that roll up to an analytics dashboard – so you can identify inefficiencies and optimize operations.
Real solutions to real challenges
The evolution of problem solving. For over 170 years, PwC has been helping clients like you solve the world's most important problems. Today, our products are designed, developed and supported to help you lead the next phase of your evolution. For more information, visit www.pwc.com/us/en/products.html

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