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Inflation fighters: Why now for real assets

Join Head of Real Assets Multi-Strategy, Vince Childers, CFA, to learn how the backdrop of increasing inflation risk and multi-decade relative low valuations are providing a particularly compelling investment opportunity in real assets.

This 45-minute interactive webinar will address how:

• A blend of real assets offers the potential to complement traditional equity and fixed income portfolios and therefore enhanced risk-adjusted returns
• Listed real assets can help defend against inflation, which appears likely to build in the long run
• Real assets may offer an effective long-term solution, now trading at their cheapest levels relative to stocks in 20 years
Recorded Sep 14 2021 42 mins
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Vince Childers, CFA, Head of Real Assets Multi-Strategy
Presentation preview: Inflation fighters: Why now for real assets

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  • Listed infrastructure: Unbound in the reopening economy Recorded: Oct 7 2021 45 mins
    Bob Becker, SVP, Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure & Tyler Rosenlicht, SVP, Head of Midstream Energy & MLPs
    With economies reopening, fundamentals have strengthened for most infrastructure sectors. We believe this represents an opportunity amid increasing investor focus with the passage of a bipartisan infrastructure bill in the U.S. Senate. View our webcast as we discuss:

    1. Why valuations relative to global equities remain attractive and near 10-year lows, despite all-time high investor interest
    2. The potential benefits of infrastructure’s inflation-linked revenues and asset values
    3. What secular growth opportunities are being driven by the renewable energy transition
  • Office sector headwinds and opportunities Recorded: Sep 20 2021 7 mins
    Alec Overby, Senior Analyst, U.S. REITs, Cohen & Steers
    Office landlords have been heavily impacted by the pandemic and now face uncertainty as tenants evaluate their needs in hybrid working environments. Senior Analyst Alec Overby reviews the current state of the sector, including the changing work-from-home landscape, our outlook over the near and long term, as well as how we see valuations and potential for opportunity.
  • REIT investing: The active advantage Recorded: Jul 28 2021 6 mins
    Brian Cordes
    REITs have historically been fertile ground for active managers leveraging their information advantage to add potential value for investors. Brian Cordes, Head of Portfolio Specialists, discusses the three things we think give active, specialist managers a potential edge when investing in real estate.
  • Positioning for waves of change with global infrastructure Recorded: Jul 28 2021 49 mins
    Ben Morton, Quynh Dang and Saagar Parikh, moderated by Michelle Butler
    Fiscal policy, green initiatives and vaccine progress are creating waves of opportunity in infrastructure. View our webcast replay to learn the key sector themes and supportive secular drivers we are seeing amid one of the most favorable backdrops for listed infrastructure in years.
  • Real estate and inflation Recorded: Jul 15 2021 5 mins
    Evan Serton, Senior Portfolio Specialist
    An accelerating economy has led investors to wonder if the spike in inflation will last. Evan Serton, Senior Portfolio Specialist, discusses real estate properties’ historical relationship to inflation, the fundamental drivers behind real estate’s inflation sensitivity, and how REIT share prices respond to rising rates.
  • Hedging inflation with infrastructure Recorded: Jul 14 2021 6 mins
    Michelle Butler, Senior Portfolio Specialist
    The potential for high inflation to linger and how to protect investment portfolios in that environment is a common investor concern. Michelle Butler, Senior Portfolio Specialist, discusses:

    1. How listed infrastructure has historically delivered inflation sensitivity when needed
    2. The drivers behind that sensitivity
    3. Current sub-sector opportunities
  • Real Estate Opportunities in '21 and Beyond Recorded: Jul 1 2021 39 mins
    Jon Cheigh, Dan Charles and Jan Willem van Kranenburg
    In the current market environment, income, inflation protection, and valuation support are all in high demand. We believe there is a unique opportunity in listed real estate to find all three. Learn more from our Cohen & Steers real estate investment team in our webcast replay.
  • The impact of rising rates and inflation on real assets and alternative income Recorded: Jun 22 2021 49 mins
    Jon Cheigh, Ben Morton, Vince Childers, Elaine Zaharis-Nikas, Brian Cordes
    With extraordinary fiscal stimulus policies and a healing economy driving inflation expectations higher in a historically low bond yield environment—the investment landscape is evolving quickly, creating new opportunities in real assets. Hear from our lead portfolio managers as they discuss strategies with the potential to protect against rising inflation and interest rate risk. View our webcast replay to learn more.
  • Global Listed Infrastructure: Renewables, Biden and the Path Ahead Recorded: Jun 2 2021 54 mins
    Ben Morton and Chris DeNunzio, moderated by Michelle Butler
    Listed infrastructure is gaining increasing attention from investors, offering a history of equity-like returns and lower volatility, with valuations currently at 10-year lows relative to the broader market. Additionally, after decades of infrastructure underinvestment in developed markets, the urgent need for a sustained economic recovery has the asset class front of mind. Learn more from Head of Global Infrastructure, Ben Morton in our webcast replay.
  • REITs Well Positioned for a Grand Reopening Recorded: Jun 2 2021 43 mins
    Jason Yablon, Ji Zhang and Alec Overby, moderated by Evan Serton
    Just as the pandemic upended certain types of real estate in 2020, we believe progress in vaccine distribution and fiscal stimulus are creating the potential for a Grand Reopening that could directly benefit some of the most impacted REIT sectors. View our webcast replay to learn more.
  • Weighing Environmental and Social Factors in Infrastructure Investing Recorded: May 20 2021 4 mins
    Michelle Butler, Senior Portfolio Specialist
    A discussion on weighing environmental and social factors in infrastructure investing.
  • ESG Integration at Cohen & Steers Recorded: May 20 2021 5 mins
    Michelle Butler, Senior Portfolio Specialist
    An overview of ESG integration at Cohen & Steers.
  • The path ahead for global listed infrastructure Recorded: May 20 2021 7 mins
    Ben Morton, Head of Global Infrastructure
    Historical underinvestment and demographic trends like global urbanization and rising standards of living have increased demand for infrastructure upgrades. Combined with the urgent need for a sustained economic recovery, infrastructure is front of mind for investors around the world. Head of Global Infrastructure, Ben Morton shares why 2021 is shaping up to be an attractive vintage year for the asset class.
  • Where Real Estate and Technology Intersect Recorded: May 20 2021 4 mins
    Jason Yablon, Head of U.S. Real Estate
    The shift to everything online is driving demand for infrastructure to support the digital economy. Senior Portfolio Manager Jason Yablon shares his insights on how REIT investors stand to benefit from this global secular trend.
  • Proprietary ESG Scores and Our Approach to Engagement Recorded: May 20 2021 6 mins
    Michelle Butler, Senior Portfolio Specialist
    Cohen & Steers proprietary ESG scores and our approach to engagement.
  • Stimulus proposal could add fuel to infrastructure tailwinds Recorded: May 20 2021 5 mins
    Ben Morton, Head of Global Infrastructure
    Head of Global Infrastructure, Ben Morton shares why we see the proposed spending package and tax changes as a clear positive for listed infrastructure. He highlights how the stimulus ties into key themes we’ve highlighted over the past year in decarbonization, data growth and the transport recovery.
  • Factors Driving the Infrastructure Opportunity Recorded: May 5 2021 7 mins
    Ben Morton, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, Cohen & Steers
    Investing in infrastructure accesses the hard assets that underpin societies and economies globally. Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Ben Morton talks about the secular drivers and key subsector themes the team sees and how we as active managers can dynamically allocate to take advantage of them.
  • REITs in a rising rate environment Recorded: May 5 2021 6 mins
    Jason Yablon, Head of U.S. Real Estate, Cohen & Steers
    Whether looking at global or U.S. real estate, REITs have generally performed very well during times of higher interest rates. But it is important to understand and focus on what is driving interest rates. Senior Portfolio Manager Jason Yablon explains the key drivers and how active managers can take advantage of the interest rate sensitivity in individual sectors.
  • REITs: Vaccines and Value Recorded: May 5 2021 5 mins
    Brian Cordes, Head of Portfolio Specialists, Cohen & Steers
    With positive vaccine trials making headlines and where we are in the economic cycle, Brian Cordes, Head of Portfolio Specialists, sees reasons to believe that REITs currently offer attractive relative valuations. He discusses these factors and where we are seeing opportunities.
World's largest active investor in listed real assets since 1986
Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do, Cohen & Steers is the leading global investment manager specializing in real assets and alternative income, focused on delivering diversification, alpha and income.

Our teams are relentless in their drive to provide superior investment solutions and passionate about constantly innovating to meet the needs of clients today and anticipate their challenges of tomorrow.

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  • Title: Inflation fighters: Why now for real assets
  • Live at: Sep 14 2021 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Vince Childers, CFA, Head of Real Assets Multi-Strategy
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