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Never Buffer: A New World Benchmark for Content Delivery Success

This webinar, presented by GlobalDots and NPAW, will showcase a new CDN balancing solution and discuss the benefits and advantages of having a multi-CDN strategy for video delivery.
Recorded Sep 21 2021 34 mins
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Presented by
Francesco Altomare, GlobalDots; Ruben Senor-Megias, NPAW; Dan Rayburn, Streaming Expert
Presentation preview: Never Buffer: A New World Benchmark for Content Delivery Success

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  • Defending eCommerce from Next-Gen Identity Fraud Recorded: Oct 19 2021 52 mins
    Dr. Eduardo Rocha, GlobalDots | Mario van Riesen, Shape Security
    Following the 2020 uptick in eCommerce traffic and offers, automated fraud has become overwhelmingly sophisticated. As they manage to impersonate human behavior while stealing and abusing user credentials, “bad bots” become harder to differentiate from real users. Hence the pressing need of retailers to augment their security postures, without compromising a frictionless customer experience.

    Expect to learn more about:

    - Attack Evolution: from commoditizing Credential Stuffing and Account Takeover into human-like behaviors and dark web marketplaces for stolen accounts
    - Tangible Business Outcomes: financial loss stats and use-cases
    - Countermeasure (in)efficacy: why traditional countermeasures such as MFA and CAPTCHAs often fall short
    - Security ≠ Friction: the latest ecommerce-specific solutions to mitigate automated fraud while improving conversion rates and brand loyalty
  • How Security Can Speed Up Business: 3 Security Leaders Interviewed Recorded: Oct 18 2021 11 mins
    Dror Arie, GlobalDots; Eyal Webber-Zvik, Cato Networks; Guy Flechter, Cider Security
    Cloud has surged. Attack surface has broadened. As security leaders struggle to protect the business from sophisticated, evolving threats, they must also settle the long-standing conflict between performance and security: Remove security friction to allow full-speed business processes like product development, HR growth and customer acquisition, without compromising on the organization’s security and compliance posture. Innovation may sound like the answer. However, with limited time and man hours for research and evaluation, it is very hard to keep up with innovation and implement the optimal solution with correct, precise configurations. This requires a new approach to innovation adoption in general, and to public cloud security architecture in particular.

    We interviewed 3 security leaders: A CISO, a security architect and a security vendor, regarding their view of the challenges and their way of winning them.


    Eyal Webber-Zvik: VP of Product Marketing at Cato Networks
    Dror Arie: Senior Security Engineer at GlobalDots
    Guy Flechter: Founder of Cider Security and former CISO at AppsFlyer & Liveperson
  • Safer, Smarter: Cloud WAF 2.0 (Hebrew) Recorded: Oct 17 2021 35 mins
    Dror Arie, senior solution architect at GlobalDots
    Cloud transformation is an opportunity to implement a WAF that fits your new, agile IT infrastructure. Appliance-based WAF, or a migrated one, is insufficient for 2021’s security challenges. However, many organizations are concerned that the current range of Cloud WAFs is insufficient for their needs. Starting today, this concern belongs in the past.

    In this webinar, held in Hebrew, we will present the world’s only cloud-native WAF which was named Leader by Gartner. This will allow you the peace of mind of having an acclaimed solution, alongside the cloud-native scalability which can take on attacks on any volume whatsoever.

    What you’ll learn:
    How cloud WAF works, and how it’s different from appliance-based or lift-&-shift WAF.
    How cloud WAF better protects your web assets.
    How cloud WAF saves you money and hassle.
    How long it takes to implement, and what it takes on your end (spoiler: almost nothing).

    About the speaker:
    Dror Arie is a senior solution architect at GlobalDots, specializing in the Web sphere. Dror has led complex cloud-related projects for dozens of Israeli and international organizations, including cloud transformation, security, cost & performance optimization. Dror maintains tight, lasting relationships with clients, from preliminary consultation to post-implementation professional services.

    About GlobalDots:
    For 17 years, GlobalDots has been leading global and local enterprises such as Playtika, AppsFlyer, Discount Bank, Lufthansa & Fiat, towards security & performance innovation. We are always up-to-date with the latest cloud technologies, working with world leaders and cutting-edge startups in multiple categories. Our tight, ongoing relationships with our clients provide them with a quick, precise and holistic access to innovative solutions, helping them streamline their business processes and grow leaner, faster, and smarter.
  • Privacy by Design: Why Data Privacy & Security Officers Must Collaborate Recorded: Sep 28 2021 59 mins
    Dr. Eduardo Rocha, GlobalDots | Dr. Anna Schmits, Akamai Technologies
    When falling into the wrong hands, abuse of user PII can have a devastating effect on the user’s lives and your business reputation.

    Facing today’s surging cybercrime, data privacy & security is becoming harder and harder to comply with - even if you care about GDPR and privacy principles. This was well demonstrated in the recent security and data breaches experienced by British Airways and The North Face where user personal data has been scrapped and abused because of inappropriate protection of their websites.

    Join us in this webinar, unfolding our approach to data safety as a joint effort of privacy and security professionals.

    Dr. Eduardo Rocha, senior solutions architect & anti-fraud expert @ GlobalDots, will outline the privacy risks posed by today’s highly sophisticated manual & automated fraud capabilities, and the benefits of a holistic anti-fraud approach for both user and business.

    Dr. Anna Schmits, EMEA Data Protection Officer @ Akamai Technologies, will explain how advanced bot and script detection tools can assist to secure personal data provided by end users against exfiltration and abuse.
  • Never Buffer: A New World Benchmark for Content Delivery Success Recorded: Sep 21 2021 34 mins
    Francesco Altomare, GlobalDots; Ruben Senor-Megias, NPAW; Dan Rayburn, Streaming Expert
    This webinar, presented by GlobalDots and NPAW, will showcase a new CDN balancing solution and discuss the benefits and advantages of having a multi-CDN strategy for video delivery.
  • Ensure Business Continuity with Managed DNS solutions Recorded: Sep 14 2021 48 mins
    Francesco Altomare, Senior Solution Architect at GlobalDots; Danielle Russell, Director of Product Marketing at NS1
    How managed / dedicated DNS solutions enable business resilience by:
    Increasing availability, reliability, and uptime for your internal and external applications
    Improving your cyber risk SLA and accelerating compliance
    Protecting your web assets against large-scale outages and service issues
    Providing reliable and highly secure access to your remote workers and business partners
    Learn what does a resilient web performance stack look like? How much effort does it take to implement?
  • Secure the Transition to the Cloud Without Losing Business w/ Steven Puddephatt Recorded: Aug 3 2021 51 mins
    Steven Puddephatt, Sarbjeet Johal, Ben Field, Eyal Arazi
    Securing Your Digital Transformation Journey: hosting cloud expert Steven Puddephatt (GlobalDots)

    Only 27% of organizations migrating to the cloud “completely trust” the security offered by their cloud providers, according to The State of Web Application and API Protection 2020 by Radware. Of those who’ve migrated to public cloud, 47% are using more than one infrastructure provider for hosting their production apps.

    Moving to the cloud is all about agility and speed, but this agility and flexibility frequently come at the expense of security, leaving organizations, customers, and their data at risk. The worldwide public cloud services market grew from $242.7 billion in 2019 to $257.5 billion in 2020. In November 2020, Gartner predicted that it would increase another 18.4% in 2021 to $304.9 billion. As more and more organizations adopt multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, there’s additional challenges and threat vectors to an
    increasingly complex environment. The key to staying secure is to deploy automated defenses which can close-off vulnerabilities without slowing down the business.

    Radware and guest experts discuss essential insights into the security challenges of moving to
    the cloud, and how to address them.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - How organizations are leveraging public cloud environments to accelerate their business transformation
    - Why public cloud security is different than legacy IT security, and how the shared Responsibility Model impacts security
    - What are common threats and vulnerabilities to applications and data hosted on public cloud environments
    - What are the tools and procedures organizations should adopt to reduce their vulnerability to data breaches
    - And more!

    -Steven Puddephatt, Technical Sales Architect at GlobalDots
    -Sarbjeet Johal, Cloud Consultant
    -Ben Field, Regional Director at Radware
    -Eyal Arazi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Radware
  • Open Source? Open Threats. Overcoming Organizational Risk Exposure. Recorded: Jul 27 2021 58 mins
    Steven Puddephatt, GlobalDots | Alyssa Miller, SNYK | Shalom Carmel, GlobalDots
    As open-source software rapidly becomes the foundation for modern enterprises, it increases exposure to security vulnerabilities.

    We’ve compiled information from public and private data sources, then generated insights in order to gain a better understanding of the current state of security, highlighting what attackers target for exploitation.

    Spotlight Topics in the Fireside Chat:
    What prevents companies from recognizing and reacting to threats that open-source software poses to organizations and how to bring on their agenda.

    Effectively leveraging past software security experiences to drive better practices.

    ‘Legacy’ vulnerabilities that continue to be exploited.

    Why are they still so prevalent and how the risk evolved?

    Lessons maintainers can learn from commercial software vendors to help secure their open-source containers.

    Basic steps organizations can take to begin building a DevSecOps culture & mindset.
  • Demo: Inside Snyk's Open Source Security Solution Recorded: Jul 5 2021 13 mins
    Steven Puddephatt, Senior Solutions Engineer at GlobalDots
    Open source code is only as safe & reliable as your ability to scan it. Dependencies don’t only jam production – they might also pose real security risks. This is what makes an automated Open Source Security solution so vital to your cloud security stack.

    In this demo, our solution architect Steven Puddephatt will walk you through the highlights of Snyk’s cloud-native Application Security solution, encompassing open source libraries, proprietary code, containers, and IaC.
  • Beyond the Wall: Cloud Cost Reduction Case Study (Hebrew) Recorded: Jul 5 2021 29 mins
    David Amir, FinOps Team Leader at GlobalDots
    While FinOps is a trivial part of cloud management in 2021, most companies quickly hit their cost-reduction wall. Going beyond that wall takes true cloud economy expertise, DevOps capabilities, and innovative technology on top of "classic" FinOps tools.

    We'll share the story of a fast-growing eCommerce company amidst the Pandemic. After applying some cost optimization effort, it still couldn't cope with soaring costs and complexity. We therefore took on the challenge to break that wall and reach new heights of cloud cost savings by tackling it from all fronts: DevOps and FinOps expertise alongs with third-party Cloud Cost innovation, into one that's cost-optimized by design.
    We ended up revamping this company's cloud infrastructure, enabling a 30% cloud cost reduction in an incredibly short time.

    Join us to hear the fundamentals of breaking your cloud cost reduction wall.
  • Demo: Inside Radware's Cloud Native Protector Recorded: Jul 5 2021 11 mins
    Steven Puddephatt, Senior Solutions Engineer at GlobalDots
    How many of your users’ cloud permissions are actually necessary? Can there be one source of truth for vulnerabilities in multi-cloud environments? And how hard is auto-hardening? This demo is all about answering these questions.

    Watch GlobalDots solutions engineer Steven Puddephatt break down the basics of Cloud Workload Protection, and explore one of today’s category leaders.
  • Ensuring Website Protection and PCI Compliance Recorded: May 12 2021 58 mins
    Dr. Eduardo Rocha, GlobalDots | Matt McGuirk, Source Defence
    Magecart is an umbrella term for dozens of criminal groups that place skimming code in the Javascript of websites to intercept data typed into forms. This practice, known as Formjacking, is one of the leading threats facing e-commerce today.

    However, experts predict we haven't seen the worst of it yet. Organizations shouldn’t only expect formjacking and similar threats, but also thoroughly prepare for them. In this webinar:

    Dr. Eduardo Rocha, Senior Sales Engineer at GlobalDots will outline the security risks posed by today’s highly sophisticated manual & automated fraud capabilities, and the benefits of a holistic anti-fraud approach for both user and business.

    Matt McGuirk, Solutions Architect at Source Defense, will break down the relationship between Magecart, formjacking and PCI compliance, explore who is responsible for protecting against third party script attacks and how to properly defend your organization while staying compliant.
  • Perché SASE é il Futuro dello SD-WAN e della Security Recorded: May 12 2021 58 mins
    Francesco Altomare, GlobalDots | Matteo Del Corno, Source Defense | Arthur Braudo, Cato Networks
    Unisciti a Matteo Del Corno, direttore italiano di Cato Networks e Arthur Braudo, insieme a Francesco Altomare, Senior Technical Sales Engineer presso GlobalDots mentre discutono del panorama SD Wan in Italia. Conosci direttamente da Cato Networks la strategia SASE.

    Partecipa al webinar ed apprendi:

    Quali modelli Managed SD-WAN sono oggi disponibili per le aziende?

    In che modo la scelta del modello di gestione influisce sui costi di rete, sull'agilità e sulla flessibilità?

    In che modo le offerte emergenti di SD-WAN gestite differiscono dai servizi di rete gestiti legacy?

    In che modo Cato fornisce una SD-WAN nativa per il cloud con sicurezza integrata e un modello di gestione flessibile.
Cloud Innovation Leaders
For over 17 years, GlobalDots has been on a mission to introduce new, cutting-edge cloud solutions to businesses worldwide. Fusing an insatiable hunger for innovation with a diligent team of hands-on experts, we help our customers thrive in a quickly-changing world.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends & innovation, all explored in our webinars.

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  • Title: Never Buffer: A New World Benchmark for Content Delivery Success
  • Live at: Sep 21 2021 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Francesco Altomare, GlobalDots; Ruben Senor-Megias, NPAW; Dan Rayburn, Streaming Expert
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