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Managing Budget in Turbulent Times

In this webinar you’ll learn how BrandMaker’s Budget Planning and Management Solution gives marketers unprecedented agility with real-time visibility and control over their marketing budget.

In this Webinar you will learn:
- How three of the largest brand marketers manage budget changes most efficiently using BrandMaker’s solution.
- How you can have all marketing budget information at your fingertips 24/7
- What integrated performance management could look like for you
- How to optimize ROI by shifting budgets to best performing activities based on real-time data

Watch the webinar now and increase your productivity from better budget allocation.
Recorded Jun 18 2021 24 mins
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Presented by
Frank Muzzi and Wayne Cerullo
Presentation preview: Managing Budget in Turbulent Times

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  • Inspiring Moments – Martech 2021 erleben! Oct 21 2021 8:00 am UTC 47 mins
    Leonard Sommer, BrandMaker; Dr. Ralf Strauss, Marketing Tech Lab; Renata Dadic, Deutsche Bank; Ralf Ellermann, Rodenstock
    Wo steht Marketing Tech heute? Insights, Trends und Strategien im Unternehmensmarketing 2021

    In diesem Webinar erhalten Sie Einblicke in die aktuelle Marketing-Tech-Studie des Marketing Tech Lab und die konkreten Projekterfahrungen von CMOs in Unternehmen. Dr. Ralf Strauss, Managing Partner der Marketing Lab GmbH, stellt Ihnen die Highlights des „Marketing Tech Monitor 2021“ vor, der dritten großen Martech-Studie in D/A/CH, für die mehr als 1.000 Unternehmensentscheider befragt wurden. Im Anschluss berichten Renata Dadic, Head of Media & Website Management der Deutschen Bank, und Ralf Ellermann, Global Head of Marketing bei Rodenstock, von ihren Martech-Projekterfahrungen mit BrandMaker aus der Praxis.

    Das Webinar im Überblick

    - Vorstellung von Schlüsselaussagen zu Marketing Ops aus dem Marketing Tech Monitor von Ralf Strauss
    - Praxiseinblicke in BrandMaker Projekte bei der Deutschen Bank von Renata Dadic und bei Rodenstock von Ralf Ellermann
    - Zusammenfassung und Überblick zu BrandMaker Marketing Operations Lösungen von Leonard Sommer
  • BrandMaker in 5 Minutes Recorded: Sep 3 2021 5 mins
    James Delande
    A concise overview of BrandMaker feature and benefits
  • Think Bigger About Marketing Operations Recorded: Aug 26 2021 20 mins
    James Delande, Director of Product Marketing at BrandMaker
    Marketing has always been difficult, and now it’s harder than ever. Consumer expectations are increasing, new communications channels are exploding, and companies are awash in data – but they still can’t get the information they need to improve personalized experiences.

    In this informative webinar you’ll learn how to “Think Bigger” to gain a holistic view of your current ecosystem. This session will outline how to make the most out of your applications and process with 360-degree visibility, flexibility, and control over your stack. James Delande will cover how you can eliminate data silos, gain agility, and automate processes for streamlined marketing operations that not only deliver a compelling ROI, but also aids in the retention of valuable marketing staff.
  • Automate Your Financial Management To Drive Agility And Real-Time Optimization Recorded: Jul 13 2021 41 mins
    Ted Lesher, Managing Director at BrandMaker, Featured Speaker: Rusty Warner, Forrester Research Analyst
    A new study from Forrester reveals that marketers may only be settling for “good enough” when it comes to the management of their marketing spend.

    Forrester’s survey of marketing decision-makers reveals that the current processes for adjusting marketing budget in response to external and internal factors are slow and effort-intensive. Centralizing and automating these efforts will create flexible, transparent, and real-time marketing organizations, allowing them to optimize the value of their operations.

    Join guest presenter Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Rusty Warner for a webinar on Thursday, July 13 to learn key findings from the study including:

    • How quickly marketing decision-makers are able to adjust or reallocate their marketing budget in response to internal and external stimuli
    • What aspects of planning, budgeting, and performance management marketers are improving or looking to improve
    • The capabilities marketers consider critical for effective spend management
    • Forrester’s recommendations for organizations seeking to improve the value of their marketing operations

    The presentation will also feature Ted Lesher, Managing Director at BrandMaker who is responsible for the management and financial performance of BrandMaker's North American business operations including strategic planning, strategic account development and business process optimization. As a SaaS industry expert with over 25 years’ experience helping large enterprises address cross-functional operational inefficiencies, Ted brings an insightful perspective and strategic insights to the world of Marketing Resource Management (MRM).
  • BrandMaker Case Study: Marriott Hotels Recorded: Jun 25 2021 10 mins
    Ted Lesher
    In this session you will hear directly from Marriott Hotels uses the BrandMaker platform to provide their users across the globe with contextually relevant content to the local level with assets that can be quickly modified locally - without the expense of a local designer.

    With 30 brands, 130 countries, and 25 languages across their portfolio, Marriott corporate can leverage content that aligns the vision from corporate to local properties with consistent and compliant content that can be customized locally to empower users to modify as needed in their locale.

    With the digital environment growing daily, users now have a system that is deep and wide, with consistent and seamless asset delivery to local management. Corporate can monitor content use with a 360 degree view of all local activity via dashboard analytics that is easy to use, provides immediate course correction to deliver a highly cost effective management of Marriott's brand.

    Learn how you can leverage BrandMaker technology to drive revenue and deliver compelling ROI.
  • The ROI Impact of World Class Marketing Operations Recorded: Jun 25 2021 11 mins
    Romek Jansen
    According to BrandMaker's latest Pulse survey of enterprise marketing leaders, only 5% of enterprise marketers expect an increase in their 2021 budget over 2020, but 50% of them say they will need to achieve more with the same or less budget than 2020.

    Marketing operations is now the central nervous system of the entire marketing function. Its how marketing gets stuff done!

    Across all its operations capabilities, BrandMaker provides marketers performance monitoring and reporting across all silos in a single source of truth. This comprehensive, real-time visibility on all marketing activities and resources is essential to demonstrate marketing contribution and to optimize performance.

    Learn how you can quantify your Marketing ROI and improve revenue.
  • 9 Tips on Optimizing Campaign and Work Management Recorded: Jun 23 2021 23 mins
    Ted Lesher
    According to the latest Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2020, 28% of CMOs cite marketing operations as their most important strategic capability. By 2023, 60% of marketing teams will embrace a marketing work management platform and will consider it both a required and primary platform in their adtech and martech stack.

    The basic problem that marketers often face is the lack of transparency in campaign planning and communication. Campaign briefings are usually sent to a large mailing list as an attachment. As you know, there is always a back-and-forth with large mailing lists: comments are exchanged and new updates are sent around until finally the most current information is not apparent.

    However, for a successful campaign execution, all parties involved need access to current campaign information, as well as the qualitative and quantitative goals of the campaign, at anytime from anywhere in the world.

    Knowing where you stand at any given moment is essential to maximize the use and effectiveness of your marketing budget. Say goodbye to monster excel sheets and never-ending email back and forth! You need a quick overview of the relevant budgets and meaningful reports.

    Learn how BrandMaker can put the power into the hands of marketers to gain efficiency, automate processes and improve marketing ROI. Watch now!
  • 7 Hints to Improve Your Content Strategy Recorded: Jun 23 2021 13 mins
    Ted Lesher
    Managing all your assets on one platform is no longer a wish but a reality!

    In recent years we have seen significant changes in customer behaviors. At the same time we as marketers are being asked to provide more content for new and existing customer touchpoints within lower budgets and in less time.

    While you can’t influence the size of your budget or your lack of staff, you can now influence the processes behind your content creation with BrandMaker’s content strategy solutions.
    In our latest BrandMaker eBook and webinar we offer 7 hints to help you manage your content strategy efficiently and effectively:

    #1 Plan strategically and set priorities (content scoring)
    #2 Create clear briefings and make sure everyone has access to all the information
    #3 Automate repetitive workflows
    …and 4 more valuable “hints”!

    Check out our 7 Hints to Improve Your Content Strategy
  • Measuring the ROI of Your Marketing Operations Recorded: Jun 23 2021 10 mins
    James Delande
    We believe marketing operations has evolved to the point where it is no longer feasible for enterprise-level marketing organizations to try to manage data and digital communications manually.
    Gartner’s latest report states that marketing ops is now one of the top three concerns of CMOs today. Gartner’s CMO Priorities Report identifies operations as the top skill-area CMOs want to upgrade.

    At the root of this challenge is the need to change the way we think about marketing operations.
    Marketing ops today includes all the people and processes that make marketing happen.

    BrandMaker demonstrates how marketers can increase their success with automated and optimized planning, budgeting, work management, digital content creation, and brand management tools and operations know-how that enable the true orchestration of marketing.

    Learn more in this short introduction to how you can quantify your ROI and improve campaign performance.
  • Managing Budget in Turbulent Times Recorded: Jun 18 2021 24 mins
    Frank Muzzi and Wayne Cerullo
    In this webinar you’ll learn how BrandMaker’s Budget Planning and Management Solution gives marketers unprecedented agility with real-time visibility and control over their marketing budget.

    In this Webinar you will learn:
    - How three of the largest brand marketers manage budget changes most efficiently using BrandMaker’s solution.
    - How you can have all marketing budget information at your fingertips 24/7
    - What integrated performance management could look like for you
    - How to optimize ROI by shifting budgets to best performing activities based on real-time data

    Watch the webinar now and increase your productivity from better budget allocation.
  • Five Starting Points to Boost the ROI of Marketing Recorded: Jun 18 2021 7 mins
    Romek Jensen
    Forrester predicts marketers’ need for Marketing Operations Management (MOM) will grow 80% by 2023.

    Forrester also cites BrandMaker as a leader in the fast-growing need for marketing operations management (MOM), particularly in providing enterprise-wide capabilities needed to manage global marketing operations.

    Learn how these 5 staring points can transform your MOM for quantifiable gains:

    1. Remove the strategy to ops disconnect
    2. Increase cross-regional synergies
    3. Empower your agencies
    4. Eliminate agency iterations
    5. Attract and retain marketing talent

    Watch today to get started!
  • Think Bigger about Marketing Operations: 3 Case Studies Recorded: Jun 18 2021 15 mins
    James Delande
    Did you know that enterprise marketing teams spend 80% of their time on marketing execution, leaving just 20% for marketing strategy?

    Marketing operations is a top priority for CMOs today. Organizations now need technology to manage the operations of marketing in the digital age. The advantages of adopting a marketing operations solution are more dramatic than ever, as are the costs of not adopting one.

    Marketing operations is taking a central role in the intelligence, development, and management of the marketing function. It is the difference between marketing groups that are functioning smoothly and able to respond to marketplace challenges and opportunities, and those that are not.

    Learn more now!
Think Bigger About Marketing Operations
BrandMaker is the leading SaaS provider of effective and scalable marketing operations (marketing ops) management solutions. BrandMaker delivers the visibility, control, and agility that enterprise marketers require to optimize their marketing operations. BrandMaker tames the complexity of multinational marketing campaigns, budgets and team workflows, enabling companies to work across borders, cultures, and silos for efficiency and value. Independent research firms recognize BrandMaker as a leader in marketing ops. More than 300 leading enterprises, including Deutsche Bank, BestBuy, and Daimler, trust its solutions to increase collaboration, efficiency, and performance of their marketing planning and execution. For more information, please visit www.brandmaker.com

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  • Live at: Jun 18 2021 6:37 pm
  • Presented by: Frank Muzzi and Wayne Cerullo
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