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Global Trends in Contact Centre Virtual Agents & How BPO’s Can Benefit

Conversational AI has evolved to be a game-changer for BPOs​. Hosted by MatchBoard, join a discussion with Audiocodes and Cognigy to learn about the unstoppable trend of AI and automation in customer service. Discover how BPOs can create exceptional customer value with Conversational AI​. Hear how to capitalize on it to increase the share of the wallet and win new business.


•Voice-bot use cases and commercial advantages​
•Human-machine interaction in contact centers​
•Local partner support to optimize your sales success
Recorded Aug 5 2021 55 mins
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Presented by
Bora Wiemann, Partner Manager APAC
Presentation preview: Global Trends in Contact Centre Virtual Agents & How BPO’s Can Benefit

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  • Self-service via Conversational AI+RPA: A Vision of Customer Service Automation Oct 14 2021 4:00 pm UTC 24 mins
    Cognigy and Blue Prism
    An RPA-chatbot integration is a game-changing combination. Together, Cognigy and Blue Prism bring access to legacy systems and traditionally manual processes to a modern conversational interface, saving agents time by handling verification and triage before a human gets involved.

    What You'll Learn

    • How Cognigy integrates with Blue Prism to trigger robots, activate swarms and respond to users in their channel of choice, synchronously or asynchronously
    • How chatbots or voice bots can solve customer issues quickly by connecting them with Blue Prism
    • How automation to customer-facing functions reduces human touchpoints

    Take your contact center automation to the next level through a natural-language interface.
  • How Enterprises Can Maximize ROI from Conversational AI Investments Oct 6 2021 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Forrester, Lufthansa Group and Cognigy
    Many leading enterprises deploy conversational AI platforms for customer service automation. Choosing the right technology is only the beginning of a marathon. Integration into the digital ecosystem, prioritizing use cases, scaling from local projects to a global rollout – there are countless barriers on the road to successful adoption.

    To address this topic, Cognigy will bring to stage one of the world´s leading analysts in Conversational AI space and a seasoned expert in rolling out a global Conversational AI project.

    • Guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Vasupradha Srinivasan, has helped clients around the globe to implement the best strategies and tactics to leverage the full potential of Conversational AI. In her keynote, she will share exclusive Forrester research around industry best practices and success factors for boosting the ROI from phone and chatbots.

    • Lufthansa Group aims at providing outstanding support services 24/7 on a global scale with the help of Conversational AI. Nick Allgaier, Product Manager of Digital Assistants, will share how Lufthansa Group elevates customer service in their contact centers for cost-efficient and customer-centric end-to-end service automation.

    This webinar is an excellent chance to learn how to get the most out of your investment from Conversational AI and learn how to optimize teams, processes and technology for the best results.
  • Chatbots and Conversational AI: Transforming Contact Center Efficiency Recorded: Sep 8 2021 31 mins
    Derek Roberti, VP of Technology, Cognigy
    Contact centers are paying the price for under-investment in automation technologies. Now is the time for change and Conversational AI is a perfect place to start.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    • Why Conversational Automation is the missing piece in contact centers
    • How Conversational AI enables contact centers to transform their operations
    • Strategies for building a roadmap and getting started quickly
    • How a global manufacturer reduced inbound calls handled by human agents decreased 30%, providing a dramatic cost savings
  • Cognigy Insights: Conversational AI Analytics Like Never Before Recorded: Aug 24 2021 47 mins
    Sebastian Glock, Senior Technology Evangelist, Cognigy
    Join our webinar to see the unveiling of the latest chapter in Cognigy’s history of innovation: Cognigy Insights. This fully integrated Conversational AI Analytics Suite meets the highest demands, enabling enterprises to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency based on data-driven insights, generated from bot- and human-to-human interactions.

    What Cognigy Insights can do for you:

    • Enable data-driven decision making: Get easy and intuitive access to conversational KPIs, and allow every stakeholder to monitor, report and optimize virtual agents as well as contact center processes.
    • Optimize end-user experiences: Use empirical evidence to spot friction in processes, incorporate user feedback and create better experiences, leading to more successful and enjoyable automated interactions.
    • Increase your ROI on Conversational AI: Tap into reliable, comprehensive data that helps streamline bots and contact center operations for better effectiveness, leading to a higher degree of automation and an increased ROI.

    We’ll also introduce Inbuilt Machine Translation, a powerful technology that will help bot designers speed up their time-to-market by factor 5 or more. What’s in for you?

    • Save costs for localization: Machine translation is fast, reliable and costs only a fraction manual localization.​
    • Service more customers: Every additional language helps reach new audiences or improve service quality for non-native speakers.​
    • Streamline contact center operations: Agent augmentation enables contact center managers to simplify their workforce management.

    Watch our 1-hour webinar to see a full demo of Cognigy Insights and an overview of our brand-new new translation options like auto-localization, language detection and bi-directional real-time translation.

    This webinar is also available is a webinar in German in CEST time zone: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/18959/497440
  • Cognigy Insights: Conversational AI Analytics auf Enterprise-Level Recorded: Aug 24 2021 51 mins
    Sebastian Glock, Senior Technology Evangelist, Cognigy
    In unserem kommenden Webinar stellen wir die neuesten Features und Erweiterungen von Cognigy.AI vor. Im Mittelpunkt: Cognigy Insights, eine vollständig integrierte Conversational AI Analytics Suite. Mit Cognigy Insights können Unternehmen die Qualität ihrer Voice- und Chatbot-Services verbessern und ihre Contact Center Prozesse optimieren – alles auf Basis von datengetriebener Analyse.

    Wie Cognigy Insights Unternehmen hilft:

    • Datenbasierte Entscheidungen: Einfacher und intuitiver Zugang zu allen relevanten KPIs und tiefe Einblicke in sämtliche Conversational AI Prozesse inkl. umfassender Reporting und Monitoring Funktionen.
    • Bessere Experiences für Nutzer: Mit Cognigy Insights analysieren Sie Friktion in Prozessen, können Nutzerfeedback schnell auswerten und direkt in die Entwicklung und Verbesserung virtueller Agenten einfließen lassen.
    • Höherer ROI für Conversational AI: Umfangreiche und verlässliche Daten helfen dabei, Prozesse zu optimieren und Serviceautomatisierung noch besser in der Praxis einzusetzen.

    Zusätzlich stellen wir weitere Neuerungen vor:

    Mit nativ-integrierter KI-Übersetzung macht Cognigy.AI es möglich, die Time-to-market für mehrsprachige Virtuelle Agenten um den Faktor 5 oder mehr zu verkürzen. Was maschinelle Übersetzung zur perfekten Ergänzung Conversational AI?

    • Effiziente und kostengünstige Lokalisierung: Maschinelle Übersetzung ist schnell, zuverlässig und kostet nur einen Bruchteil manueller Lokalisierung.
    • Besserer Service & neue Kundengruppen: Mit zusätzlichen Sprachen erreichen Unternehmen neue Kundengruppen oder erleichtern Menschen den Zugang zu Services.
    • Optimierte Contact Center Operations: Dank „Agent Augmentation“ können Contact Center Manager ihr Workforce Management vereinfachen, ohne die Servicequalität zu reduzieren.

    Registrieren Sie sich zu unserem 60-minütigem Webinar und lernen Sie Cognigy Insights sowie unsere brandneuen Übersetzungs-Möglichkeiten kennen!
  • Why Your CX Depends on Conversational Automation Recorded: Aug 11 2021 15 mins
    Derek Roberti, VP of Technology, Cognigy
    As businesses and economies open up, customer experience will be a key differentiator. Smart companies aren't going to get stuck in the hiring frenzy. They are going to work harder to keep their best talent and provide them with solutions that support them – and the focus is on AI-based solutions because they provide the best experiences. Without automation in place the challenge of communicating with our customers is consistency and quality at scale. How do we keep up with volume of messages on the channels where our customers are, and give them the best experiences?

    Join this webinar to:

    • Hear how conversational automation helps companies move away from handling interactions and instead, design interactions, to meet the CX customers really want.
    • Get inspired to explore solutions that can enable your business to provide faster, friendly, more accurate information to employees and customers.
    • Learn how Conversational AI voice- and chatbots deliver an improved customer experience, with the end goal of lowering costs, improving customer retention, and driving new revenue opportunities.
  • Global Trends in Contact Centre Virtual Agents & How BPO’s Can Benefit Recorded: Aug 5 2021 55 mins
    Bora Wiemann, Partner Manager APAC
    Conversational AI has evolved to be a game-changer for BPOs​. Hosted by MatchBoard, join a discussion with Audiocodes and Cognigy to learn about the unstoppable trend of AI and automation in customer service. Discover how BPOs can create exceptional customer value with Conversational AI​. Hear how to capitalize on it to increase the share of the wallet and win new business.


    •Voice-bot use cases and commercial advantages​
    •Human-machine interaction in contact centers​
    •Local partner support to optimize your sales success
  • How A Top Insurance Company Uses Conversational AI Recorded: Jul 28 2021 18 mins
    Sebastian Glock, Senior Technology Evangelist at Cognigy
    In this short interview, Dr. Ina Baumann, SVP IT-Steering at ARAG shares her experiences with Conversational AI. ARAG is a market leader in the insurance industry in Europe and was one of the early pioneers to take advantage of the power of conversational automation. For several years ARAG has worked with Cognigy.AI to drive service excellence and process automation. Hear how ARAG is using an enterprise-grade Conversational AI platform (Cognigy.AI) for conversation-based customer service automation and agent support to drive business impact and growth.

    Watch this 18-minute interview to learn:

    • Practitioner insights on the business impact of bots and virtual agents
    • Learnings, challenges, and best practices for a Conversational AI strategy
    • Practical advice on how to implement and scale Conversational AI enterprise-wide
  • Scaling Communications in a Crisis Using Virtual Agents Recorded: Jul 22 2021 28 mins
    Derek Roberti, VP of Technology, Cognigy
    --- Rescuing Your Customer Experience in a Crisis ---

    Recent events have tested companies' processes, and many contact centers have been caught off-guard. One major challenge they have faced is the ability to scale. How can you scale your support communications and be better prepared for any future situation?

    Watch this webinar to get perspective on how virtual agents are helping companies handle and respond to problems and questions faster, eliminating wait times and delivering critical information in a time of need.

    Learn strategies and best practices for leveraging digital options, making use of virtual agents, and getting started sooner rather than later. From power outages to natural disasters to having an entire contact center work from home, having the right communication technology in place will save time, stress, and money during any crisis.

    • How can you scale your support communications to remain agile no matter how the market changes moving forward?
    • How to use virtual agents to enhance your existing automation AI, RPA and bots when handling emergency situations
    • Best practices for building a resilient, high-performing operating model
    • How to ensure virtual agents are delivering accurate, timely information across all channels
  • Extending Your CX Using Conversational AI and RPA Recorded: Jul 8 2021 15 mins
    Derek Roberti, VP of Technology, Cognigy
    Most businesses using automation technologies aren't maximizing the potential of their investment. For too long, two powerful automation technologies have taken different paths in the enterprise. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) found its home primarily in the back-office, automating processes in the CFO organization. While chatbots or virtual agents have lived in the domain of Customer Experience, automating interactions with users through a natural language interface. Nowhere are these technologies better combined than in the contact center, a place where chatbots are new and RPA is often unknown. Conversational AI expands reach by connecting end-users with automated processes.

    Join this conversation to learn:

    • How the combination of Conversational AI and RPA solve many common customer service experience problems enterprises are facing today
    • Why conversational automation matters
    • How conversational solutions and RPA work together - see a live demo and hear use cases
  • How Leading Companies Use Conversational AI to Supercharge Customer Service Recorded: Jun 29 2021 30 mins
    Sebastian Glock, Senior Technology Evangelist, Cognigy
    Conversational AI combines artificial intelligence and automation to streamline customer interactions across channels at scale. During this webinar you will learn how to handle more service requests in less time, provide instant answers and 24/7 support with Conversational AI.

    In just 30 minutes you will learn about:

    • Challenges and Opportunities for 2021 in the customer service space, including digitization, increasing cost efficiency, reducing waiting times and much more.
    • What Conversational AI means and how it is transforming the future - we will dive into its magic: From Siri to Alexa, to smart watches and smart cars.
    • Use Cases & Time-To-ROI - hear how leading companies identify use cases and look at your the potential ROI of your Conversational AI project.
    • How to Start with Conversational AI - see you a detailed estimated project timeline from kick-off until your first go-live.
  • How to Build a Voice Bot in under 15 Minutes Recorded: Jun 8 2021 15 mins
    Matthew Greenslade, Customer Success Manager, Cognigy
    Watch this how-to video to see how to create a simple Voice Bot end-to end: from creating a Virtual Agent in Cognigy.AI to making your first live phone call to a bot.
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  • Title: Global Trends in Contact Centre Virtual Agents & How BPO’s Can Benefit
  • Live at: Aug 5 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Bora Wiemann, Partner Manager APAC
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