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The Financial Benefits Of Documenting Your IT Environment

Learn how documenting your IT environment can help to reduce costs and improve productivity in this free webinar!
Live online Nov 19 1:00 pm UTC
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Presented by
David Cuthbertson
Presentation preview: The Financial Benefits Of Documenting Your IT Environment

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  • Common challenges of change management – what we have learned Dec 16 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Join us for our upcoming webinar, showing you some of the typical issues when it comes to change management.
  • The Financial Benefits Of Documenting Your IT Environment Nov 19 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Learn how documenting your IT environment can help to reduce costs and improve productivity in this free webinar!
  • Troubleshooting IT Systems Complexity Live 45 mins
    David Cuthbertson, Rene Samuels
    For our October webinar, Rene Samuels from the Netherlands is our guest presenter. Rene is often brought in by customers to help troubleshoot system and application dependencies, where complexity and change risks cannot easily be described or understood. By engaging with different IT teams to help simplify and map detailed system dependencies, Rene facilitates the common understanding needed for major transformation and transition projects. We have asked Rene to explain how his approach and the use of the AssetGen system overcome the factors that prevent internal customer initiatives from achieving the results he can deliver.
  • How To Simplify Data Centre Migration Planning Recorded: Sep 17 2020 48 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Migrating data centres or moving to co-location is complex and subject to cost overruns, especially where existing infrastructure documentation is of questionable quality. We'll show how the use of database driven toolsets can help automate the project processes and avoid many of the typical problems that organisations with overstretched teams encounter.
  • Case Study On Baseline Auditing of Multiple Data Centres Recorded: Aug 13 2020 48 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    How we approached the baseline auditing of a large multi-data centre environment - with the issues and decision points along the way. As well as the common issues of inconsistent data on a large scale, there were also a few unexpected challenges on the way...
  • Control by design - How to build a vendor independent cloud infrastructure Recorded: Jul 9 2020 47 mins
    David Cuthbertson, Iain Cox
    With multiple approaches to implementing cloud computing, customers have a variety of technical choices to consider as part of their cloud strategy. Many vendors have attractive offerings which may look tempting at first glance, but you could end up being locked in with no capability of porting to another platform. It’s good to make sure that you retain control of both cost and technology – even when vendors consolidate and change pricing policies. Iain Cox of EA-Optimised will cover how his organisation approaches the strategic and technical issues that lead to a vendor independent approach. From his experience Iain will use various case studies to illustrate the type of skills and information needed for successful deployments, where the latest techniques are to use standardised components to help give flexibility and use multiple vendors for resilience. EA-Optimised have implemented multiple deployments over 10 years across many vendors for their clients – mainly public and financial sector.
  • Managing Connectivity Across Multi-Site Enterprises Recorded: Jun 19 2020 47 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Our webinar covers methods and best practices to manage multi-site connectivity and data centres. We will cover common issues such as naming and labelling, network configurations, build documents, workflow, etc. Alongside record keeping these are all challenges that make connectivity management difficult. The aim is faster delivery of change with less effort/cost and centralised control. Both data and power examples are coverednin the webinar.
  • Visio Automation For Enterprise Infrastructure Recorded: May 21 2020 49 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Visio is a great tool for creating a diagram that visualizes data centers, racks, networks, floor plans, data centers, wifi hotspots, systems, applications, cloud computing, etc. In our webinar we'll show how to create and update the 100s or 1000s of diagrams needed for medium and large organisations.
  • Cyber Security & Configuration MGMT: Meeting the needs of NIST/CMMC/ISO27001 Recorded: Apr 9 2020 43 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    The newer Cyber security frameworks repeat the same need for configuration management processes as other frameworks such as ITIL and Cobit. Informed decisions and risk assessments should be based on maintained understanding of your IT infrastructure and systems, not a quick look before certification. Guessing and assuming dependencies does not continuously secure an environment, build confidence in control measures, or help when reacting to ransomware or attacks. This webinar looks at some of the requirements of cyber frameworks and how to reduce the effort in delivering suitable configuration management processes and outputs.
  • Integrating Excel, Visio with Data Center Management Toolsets Recorded: Mar 19 2020 40 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    How to link specialist data center management toolsets with Excel and Visio. Combining the flexibility of MS office tools with data center monitoring and workflow management.
  • Part 2 Practical Mapping of Applications, Systems and Cloud Infrastructure Recorded: Feb 13 2020 47 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    The Part 2 session is a hands on "how I do it for real" by David Cuthbertson, covering database driven mapping linked to Visio diagramming. A quick journey from multiple whiteboards to a system that can cope with 1000s of servers and applications. Ideal for anyone trying to combine ITIL CMDBs with impact analysis and risk assessments. To get most benefit from this webinar we recommend you watch Part 1, where David covered different approaches to mapping IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Data Center Capacity Management Without DCIM? Recorded: Jan 9 2020 47 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    As most data centers don’t have integrated DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) toolsets – it doesn’t mean they’re badly managed. Often it means that streamlined processes and existing information sets work well enough to manage data center space and capacity, with expensive DCIM systems not offering enough value, or requiring more skills to do the same job. This webinar covers how data capacity management and control can be improved by adopting best practices, process changes and better use of existing data.
  • Part 1 How to Map Applications, Systems and Cloud Infrastructure Recorded: Dec 12 2019 48 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Understanding and communicating change impacts, dependencies and risks is made all the more difficult when it is all conceptual. This webinar looks at the different methods available to create and maintain diagrams when 100s or 1000s of servers are involved.
  • Automating Visio Infrastructure Diagramming Recorded: Nov 14 2019 47 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Creating and updating large amounts of Visio diagrams for multi-site enterprises isn't difficult if you automate the process. This webinar shows how simple it is to create and maintain network, data centre, floor plans, ITIL service maps, etc.
  • Reducing "Human Error" In Complex IT Systems & Infrastructure Recorded: Jul 25 2019 48 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Managing the complexity and inter-dependencies of IT systems is vital for day to day management, as well as reducing the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks. All best practice management frameworks such as ITIL, 27001, CoBit, NIST, etc emphasize the importance of understanding and managing IT systems complexity – but actually doing it in practice is not simple. If you’d like to know why IT systems continue to “fail” without faults or cyber-attacks, then you’ll find this talk very illuminating.
  • How to baseline your physical IT infrastructure Recorded: Jul 12 2018 45 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Planning and managing changes to data centres and equipment rooms isn’t easy if you don’t what is there and how devices connect. This webinar look at how to avoid the unnecessary project delays and costs associated with repeated site surveys and multi-site auditing. Maintaining knowledge of the local physical infrastructure is vital for centralised planning, provisioning and operational management, but you need a baseline to start with. With this baseline you can maintain knowledge of local infrastructure through improved change processes, as well as simplifying and reducing workload on infrastructure teams. Undertaking a baseline project isn’t easy, but there are methods and practices we’ll be covering that reduce the pain and improve the accuracy of baseline audits.

    David will be covering;

    - Data centres
    - Equipment rooms
    - Networks
    - Servers
    - Data and power connectivity
  • [Ep.15] Ask the Expert: Managing Change in Cloud-Based Systems Recorded: May 24 2018 38 mins
    David Cuthbertson, CEO, Square Mile Systems and Kelly Harris, Senior Content Manager, BrightTALK
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Ask the Expert Series.

    Join David Cuthbertson, CEO of Square Mile Systems, as he takes a deep dive into cloud management. Many senior decision makers have negative feelings regarding the issues of technical teams and don't want to bring them to light - data security, change control, lock in to a supplier who overcharges, proper outage stats, etc.

    Just as there is more awareness of outsourcing contract nightmares, many of the same issues apply to cloud providers. Managing change in cloud-based systems is still a relatively new issue as most technical teams don't think about how cloud systems are managed and the potential risks posed by many suppliers without a viable business model.

    Audience members are encouraged to send questions to the expert which will be answered during the live session.
  • How To Map Applications & Infrastructure for GDPR, Change control and Risk Recorded: Oct 12 2017 46 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    David Cuthbertson will show you methods and techniques to help achieve a baseline map of your IT systems, supporting not just GDPR issues but also change control, operational management and risk assessment.
  • The Financial Benefits of the AssetGen Infrastructure Documentation System Recorded: Aug 10 2017 46 mins
    David Cuthbertson, Jerry Bowman
    David Cuthbertson and Jerry Bowman will cover how deploying the AssetGen system directly reduces engineer workload, change and auditing costs - through increased productivity and better team interfaces. This webinar will focus on the ROI and other financial benefits which are achieved by improved infrastructure documentation delivered by the AssetGen system.
  • How To Document IT Infrastructure Recorded: Jul 6 2017 48 mins
    David Cuthbertson
    Many organisations would like more complete and accurate IT systems documentation, but cannot find a way around their current methods such as multiple isolated spreadsheets and diagrams. Our webinar will cover techniques to reduce workload and improve consistency for IT infrastructure technologies such as networks, servers, applications, data centres, cabling, etc. The larger the infrastructure the greater the benefits of our
IT Infrastructure Management and Documentation Techniques
How to implement improved practices and systems for enterprise environments covering data centres, networks, services etc.

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  • Title: The Financial Benefits Of Documenting Your IT Environment
  • Live at: Nov 19 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: David Cuthbertson
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