Revolutionizing the Data Sharing Landscape: Data Sharing in the Privacy Age

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Duality CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Alon Kaufman, and CBO, Michael Hughes

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Data collection has been a fundamental part of any enterprise's strategy. It began in the form of databases that were enacted, maintained, mapped and eventually grew to what is being stored on premise, in the cloud, in hybrid infrastructures. The more data that was collected, the more that was invested in extracting value from the data in the form of BI, data analytics, data science - and companies were soon to begin offering ways to provide ‘out of the box’ solutions around big data. However, as much as there’s been progress on the day to day management of enterprise data - regulations have prevented the actualizing of the value of big data and more importantly how an enterprise can benefit from collaborative data sharing in an age where privacy is as critical as the data that is collected itself. Imagine a world where one financial institution can share sensitive data with another financial institution while preserving privacy, that can help them save money for their customers and mitigate risks from fraud and money laundering schemes. Or a world where you can share sensitive patient information across healthcare institutions with trust, ensuring none of the sensitive data is ever exposed, and all of the actionable data is learned, leading to accelerated clinical trials, drug studies and ultimately allow for making educated decisions to improve patient care and health outcomes on more meaningful data. We welcome you to imagine the world that Duality is committed to shaping via their privacy preserving data collaboration platform. As our global data footprint continues to grow, so does the need for adopting technologies that enable you to: - Initiate privacy preserving analytics that drive value and actionable outcomes - Leverage multiple data sources and 3rd parties modeling capabilities - Deploy an enterprise ready end-to-end, data sharing platform
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Duality is the leader in privacy enhanced secure data collaboration, empowering organizations worldwide to maximize the value of their data without compromising on privacy or regulatory compliance. Founded and led by world-renowned cryptographers and data scientists, Duality operationalizes privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) to accelerate data insights by enabling analysis and AI on encrypted data, while preserving data privacy, compliance and protecting valuable IP. On our channel, we'll be featuring our team of world-renowned cryptographers and data scientists and exploring 3 key areas relating to PETs: the vision (how data is changing as a concept), the business side (practical applications), and technical walkthroughs. Enjoy!