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In a few years, quantum computers will be able to break the encryption we use every day to keep our online communications private and secure. The day quantum computers will be capable of taking such actions is commonly referred to as Q-Day. Q-Day poses a threat to infrastructure such as water, energy and electricity, in addition to services such as health, safety, security, and national defense. Join Michael Cubeddu, Co-Founder at Aliro Quantum, as he speaks in detail on exactly what organizations should know about Q-Day, what infrastructure vulnerabilities to take into account, and the steps that can be taken now to safeguard against quantum and classical attacks. In this webinar you will learn: What is Q-Day and what impact will it have on critical infrastructure and industry verticals The most likely path to Q-Day and how quantum computers will break the current cryptography we rely on, how we know this is a real threat, and what the estimated timelines look like Which encryption schemes will be made ineffective by a cryptographically-relevant quantum computer or network of quantum computers and why How a quantum networking solution enables scalable, multi-vendor Quantum Secure Communication channels and why it’s the ideal, sustainable solution Organizations who are preparing their businesses, security posture, and connectivity for the quantum age are investigating how to plan, design, and implement quantum-secure cybersecurity solutions today. This webinar will help prepare you to navigate the quantum future.
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Enterprises and governments are racing to address the evolving threat landscape which includes Harvest Now Decrypt Later (HNDL) infiltrations, sophisticated Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and hacks by evolving quantum computers. Attention is turning to Advanced Secure Networking which leverages entanglement to mitigate these security threats while supporting new applications unaddressable with existing networks. The solution is Advanced Secure Networks. These networks are capable of supporting a wide variety of applications including modern secure communications, secure access to cloud and generative AI LLMs, data, and algorithms, and secure networking of quantum computers. Aliro also provides advanced secure network simulation as a professional service or as an on-premises offer. We help you navigate what you need to know right now to prepare for & navigate the advanced secure network future. These networks provide defense-in-depth with PQC interoperability to protect sensitive data, enable quantum computer networking, and enable distributed quantum sensing with unparalleled accuracy.