A Risk-Based Case For Zero Trust Authentication

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Patrick McBride, Co-Founder

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Are your cybersecurity defenses truly protecting your organization? Join us for a deep dive into the critical topic of "A Risk-Based Case for Zero Trust Authentication." In this exclusive webinar, we'll explore the challenges organizations face in securing their digital environments and the practical strategies to mitigate these risks. In this webinar, we'll cover: 1️⃣ Understanding the Threat Landscape: We'll dissect real-world threats organizations face today and why traditional security measures fall short. 2️⃣ The Limitations of MFA: Not all Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods are created equal. Learn why common MFA approaches can leave your organization vulnerable. 3️⃣ Practical Exploits: Explore a library of actual exploits against various MFA systems to understand their vulnerabilities. 4️⃣ The AI Factor: Discover how artificial intelligence is making attacks more sophisticated and why relying on user behavior alone isn't enough. 5️⃣ Phish Resistance: Learn about strategies and technologies that reduce the risk of phishing attacks and improve security. 6️⃣ Session Hijacking: Witness a live demo of a session hijacking attack and understand how attackers can gain unauthorized access. 7️⃣ Zero Trust Authentication: Uncover the concept of Zero Trust Authentication and see it in action through a live demonstration. Stay ahead of evolving threats and secure your organization with a risk-based approach to authentication. #Cybersecurity #ZeroTrust #Authentication #Webinar #Security #RiskManagement

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