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How to Leverage Cloud Transformation to Improve Security Profile and Compliance

While numerous business transformation and technology modernization initiatives are focused on moving significant workloads to cloud infrastructures and platforms, most organizations will continue to operate a combination of data centers, private-cloud and public-cloud resources for the foreseeable future.
During this session we will discuss the strategic shifts in the threat landscape, how access security can help mitigate those risks by securing cloud apps at the access point, and how access management solutions can help you comply in an agile way with ever evolving regulations.
Recorded Sep 24 2020 57 mins
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Presented by
Shaun Chen, Director of Sales Engineering, APAC Region at Thales
Presentation preview: How to Leverage Cloud Transformation to Improve Security Profile and Compliance
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  • Payment at a Crossroads - Multiple Paths of Development Ahead Oct 21 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dr. Udo Milkau, Senior Fellow, KuppingerCole Analysts
    The current status-quo of payments - from a global point of view - is very heterogenous, but always on an edge. It is hard to compare “Mercado Pago” in South America with “SEPA Instant Payments” in Europe” or the Mobile Money platforms in China (AliPay and WeChatPay) with the digital wallets of US firms (Apple Pay and Google Pay). If we try to put the current developments into a nutshell, we still see four well-known features: cards, platforms, tokens (not to be mixed with “tokenization” as secu-rity technology) and finally electronic payments emerge.
    Although one could think about technology as basis of these different segments, the real drivers are:
    • proliferation of mobile devices,
    • political struggle on a global scale,
    • innovation vs. precautionary principle/central regulation and
    • social benefits of centralization vs. decentralized initiatives.
    Nonetheless, all these “social” developments have a strong impact on technology!
    Developments within payments highlights multiple antagonistic trends: consumers’ perspective vs. central schemes, traditional means of payments vs. digital payments, development in Europe (driven by regulation) vs. innovations in US/Asia but with a political tension between Dollar and Renminbi, and finally a tension between customer convenience and security requirements.
    All these different trends have a strong impact on whole payments chains from the consumer via merchants to banks or payment services provides and call for rethinking of resilience of the payments systems around the globe. Nobody has a crystal ball for the future, but current individual develop-ments entrail a long chain of adoptions needed to serve customer in the future with highest standards.
    Join Dr. Udo Milkau, Senior Analyst at Kuppingercole for an insightful and thought provoking keynote session to open up our Global Payments Summit.
  • How To Launch Payment Innovations Faster Oct 21 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Dmitry Yatskaer, CTO, OpenWay
    The presentation by OpenWay, a global leader in digital payments software, will cover the use cases of a wallet-driven payment ecosystem in Asia, cloud-based payment processing for neobanks in Europe, domestic QR code and instant payments schemes and more.
  • Friction vs. Risk: The Parent Role of Security Vendors and Enterprises Oct 21 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Simon Keates, Payments Strategy Manager at Thales; Claire Massie, Director of Marketing, EMEA, Thales
    Leading on from Toddler to Teenager, Simon continues his travel through the eyes of a millennial. If we think about how we “pay” for items today, it’s all about the “one-click” engagement. Think Amazon: one click, one scan and the purchase is made. If we engage with a seller where a single click payment process is not accepted, how often do we move on to one who does accept Apple Pay, PayPal etc. However, what risk does this bring the consumer - a millennial who has had everything readily available? The millennial group are now the senior players within the enterprise, making decisions on infrastructure. strategy and process. They want their experience to be that of the consumer - instant, easy, frictionless. What onus does that put on the security vendors and enterprises to manage this risk and essentially act as the parent? What is our role in the payments process? It our duty to ensure that the payments industry is fit for modern purpose, can scale to deal with future challenges, needs and the unknown and enable all this without opening up risk.

    Simon Keates discusses how this need from frictionless payments impacts and potentially increases risk and what we, as the payment market, should be doing about it.
  • Panel Discussion: The Future of Payments Oct 21 2020 6:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Bharat Panchal, Abhisek Arun, Atul Bhuchar, Stuart Houston and Simon Keates
    This panel discussion will cover three topics for discussion

    • The Future of Compliance - The data security compliance and regulation challenges alone are daunting for banking and financial services firms. Panelist to share what their outlook on financial services and institute mandates especially on data and compliance towards the rise in fintech and digital banks.
    • The Future of Payment Data - To protect their reputation banking and financial services firms and their executives must safeguard critical financial data from exposure. Panelist discuss the challenges facing traditional banks, digital banks, fintech and ecommerce enterprises dealing with thousands and millions of transactions per day.
    • The Future of Financial Technology and Threats - As the generation move into a cashless society, the needs for more integration and updated technology is expected. Panelist their outlook on the future of payment technologies and their recommendations on keeping up with the future of payment.

    Mangala Martinus, Managing Director, Payments Consulting Network, Australia

    Bharat Panchal, Chief Risk Officer, FIS India, Middle East and Africa
    Atul Bhuchar, Executive Director & Group Payments Head, GTS DBS Bank
    Abhisek Arun, Chief Operating Officer, Paytm Payments Bank
    Simon Keates, Head of Strategy, Payment Security, Thales CPL
    Stuart Houston, Director, Financial Services APAC, Google Cloud
  • Panel Discussion: Payment Security Trends and Technologies in APAC Oct 21 2020 3:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Brian Grant, Thales; Trish McGinness, Victoria Richardson, and Paul Creswick from AusPayNet
    • Why HSMs are still relevant for Financial/Payments marketplace
    • Where is the industry moving to?
    • Open platform banking in Asia, Australia & across the world
    • Changes in the customers behaviour & what it means for the industry, e.g. the reduction of using Cash since Covid-19

    Brian Grant, Thales
    Trish McGinness, Head of Industry Compliance, AusPayNet
    Victoria Richardson Chief Strategy Officer, AusPayNet
    Paul Creswick, Security Evangelist, AusPayNet
  • Protecting Your New World Powered by the Cloud, Data and Software Oct 20 2020 6:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Charles Goldberg, VP of Product Marketing, Thales Data Protection
    As data breaches continue with regularity and compliance mandates get more stringent, organizations need to protect sensitive data in both on-premises and cloud environments.

    Thales helps organizations move past silos of encryption and crypto management solutions to attain central and uniform deployments of data protection solutions and prepare your organization for the next security challenge and new compliance requirements at the lowest TCO. Our advanced data discovery, data encryption, key management, network encryption, hardware security module and data protection on demand solutions enable customers to protect and remain in control of their data wherever it resides – across cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT environments.

    In this session, you will learn how we can help you:
    • Protect your data against evolving threats
    • Strengthen your security and compliance posture
    • Reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Is the Public Cloud Ready for Mission Critical Payment Systems? Oct 20 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Timothy White, Chief Architect – Retail Payments and Cloud, ACI Worldwide
    In the cookie cutter world of the Public Cloud, can it rise to meet the non-functional requirements of today’s payment systems? Here we’ll look at where the cloud excels and its shortcomings in regards to payment systems.

    Key topics:
    • The Cookie Cutter World of Public Cloud
    • The Need for Horizontal Scalability In All Tiers of the Application
    • IaaS vs. PaaS
    • Why the Need for Co-Located Data Centers?
    • Security – What the Public Cloud does well
    • Security – What the Public Cloud is lacking
  • The Digital Transformation of Payments: Emerging Trends and Battlegrounds Oct 20 2020 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jordan McKee, Research Director, Customer Experience & Commerce, 451 Research
    Payments are being transformed by the confluence of new technologies, new entrants and new customer demands. As more transactions go digital, innovation and disruption is now widely apparent across all segments of the payments industry, spanning from card issuers to merchant acquirers. Join Jordan McKee, Research Director at 451 Research, as he discusses the current state of the payments industry and offers guidance on where emerging trends and battlegrounds are unfolding. He will share perspectives and market data on a wide range of topics, including alternative payment methods, “payments-as-a-service”, fraud, the rise of real-time payments and the market impact of COVID-19.

    Key topics
    • The “payments mindset shift” – how enterprises are looking at payments today
    • The way in which COVID-19 has accelerated digital payments
    • Key trends in the fraud landscape, including SCA/PSD2 and 3DS2
    • The state of alternative payments, including installments, contactless and digital wallets
    • The global proliferation of non-card transactions, including request-to-pay and real-time payments
    • The rise of embedded finance, including the role of the cloud and “payments-as-a-service” in powering the next generation of payment applications
  • Toddler to Teenager: Dealing with the Maturity of the FinTech World Oct 20 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Simon Keates, Payments Strategy Manager at Thales; Claire Massie, Director of Marketing, EMEA, Thales
    Over the last two decades , the level of customer loyalty has changed, no longer do we as consumers always stay with the first bank that our parents introduced us to. But has the financial world wholly developed with this approach? It has in respect of methodology and go to market strategy, with the advent of challenger banks, contactless payments and electronic based agreements. And it has done so in order to deal with the instant gratification requirements of the modern user but, has the banking fraternity developed the security of the payments to match the world in which we live? Has the banking security world grown up? Is the history of banking breaches and identity theft no longer of interest to the consumer when getting the best deal and mobile access counts for everything? In this modern age, what role does FinTech security have, and how do we as the payments market, vendors and suppliers ensure that this new world has best practice security at its core. Join Simon Keates, Head of Strategy for our Payments business, for this investigation on the digitalisation of FinTech, and the impact of growth from a toddler to a teenager.
  • payShield 10K – the future of payment protection Recorded: Oct 13 2020 63 mins
    Simon Keates, Head of Strategy, Payment Security at Thales and Cas Liddle, Sr. Solutions Architect at Thales
    You can rely on payShield 10K payment HSM to deliver the protection, performance, and operational efficiency needed to confidently secure digital payments.

    This informative webinar will cover:

    payShield 10K new product features and its benefits 
    Roadmap and what's new to come
    How to be compliant in the payment industry
    Six steps to migrate to payShield 10K
  • IDC Webinar: Aplicando um enfoque multidimensional para a segurança de dados Recorded: Oct 12 2020 62 mins
    Luciano Ramos, Gerente de Pesquisa, IDC Brasil e Abilio Branco, General Manager, Data Protection, Brasil, Thales
    O fortalecimento dos canais digitais e o foco na experiência do usuário como parte de uma estratégia digital estão fortemente suportados no consumo de serviços da nuvem. Atualmente, na América Latina, 49% dos dados das organizações estão sendo armazenados em Cloud.

    Você está considerando uma estratégia adequada para proteger esses ativos na sua organização?

    Adicionalmente, cerca de 45% do orçamento de TI irá para instâncias em um ou mais provedores de serviços, sejam tradicionais ou de nuvem pública ou privada. Isso significa que dados estratégicos para as operações estarão dispersos em diferentes ambientes para processamento e armazenamento.

    Conheça os resultados do Informe de Ameaças de Dados 2020, realizado pela IDC com executivos da América Latina e patrocinado pela Thales.
  • IDC Webinar: Aplicando un enfoque multidimensional para la seguridad de datos Recorded: Oct 9 2020 68 mins
    Carlos Davila, Analista Senior, IDC Latinoamerica, Roman Baudrit, VP Data protection, LATAM, Thales
    El fortalecimiento del canal digital y el foco en la experiencia del usuario forman parte de una estrategia digital que se soporta fuertemente en el consumo de servicios en nube. Actualmente, en Latinoamérica, 49% de los datos de las organizaciones están siendo almacenados en la nube.

    ¿Se está considerando una estrategia adecuada para salvaguardar estos activos en su organización?

    Adicionalmente, 45% del presupuesto de TI se destina a instancias en uno o más proveedores de servicios, ya sean tradicionales o de nube pública o privada. Esto significa que más datos estratégicos para la operación estarán más dispersos en distintos ambientes para su procesamiento y almacenamiento.

    Conozca los hallazgos del Informe de Amenazas de Datos 2020, realizado con ejecutivos da LatAm por IDC y patrocinado por Thales.
  • Welcome to Thales Global Payments Security Summit Recorded: Oct 5 2020 3 mins
    Todd Moore, Vice President of Encryption Products, Thales
    Todd Moore, Vice President of Encryption Products, shares what you can expect from the Thales Payments Security Summit. Learn about the latest trends and strategies in payments security from payments in the cloud, real-time payments, and the growth of contactless payments, to new fraud vectors and the market impact of COVID-19.
  • Need for Identity and Access Management Architecture for Enterprises Today Recorded: Oct 1 2020 93 mins
    Rana Gupta,VP Thales CPL joined by L&T Infotech, Mphasis, Persistent Systems, Quess Corp, Airtel, Tech Mahindra, Mindtree
    As proliferation of cloud technologies increase, firms are posed with the challenge of ensuring data security, network security, application security in a complex data environment with limited funding on IT Security and highest possible rate of return. Also, with the growth of the cloud, the concept of a defined perimeter and perimeter security is losing its context. Hackers are finding innovative ways to impersonate employees and exploiting their privileges to steal critical and sensitive data.
    In the past five months, as remote working has increased due to the pandemic, there have been increased cases of hacking, phishing, and other online frauds, as hackers try to take advantage of possible vulnerabilities.
    With this context in mind, Thales CPL along with Indian Express and Technobind is coming together with top CIOs ,CTOs and CISOs of the IT industry for virtual round table conference, wherein they will be sharing their views, perspectives and best practices on how they can secure user identity in a constantly changing digital environment.

    Panelists are;
    Dilipkumar Panjwani, CISO CDPO & IT Controller, L&T Infotech Ltd (LTI)
    Sethu Seetharaman, Chief Risk Officer, Mphasis
    Amarjit Singh, Head - Strategic Projects, Security, Persistent Systems
    Aditya Vardhan, Head Cyber Security and Risks – Quess Corp (MFX India & Qtek Systems)
    Manish Tiwari, Global CISO, Airtel
    Ved Prakash Nirbhya, CIO, Tech Mahindra
    Chandan Pani, CISO, Mindtree
    Moderated by Rana Gupta VP of APAC Sales, Cloud Protection and Licensing, Thales
    And also joined by Prashanth GJ Co-Founder & CEO, Technobind
  • 金融業界のDXを取り巻くデータ脅威の動向、各組織の取り組みを解説 Recorded: Oct 1 2020 45 mins
    タレスジャパン株式会社、クラウドプロテクション&ライセンシング、シニアテクニカル スペシャリスト 畑瀬 宏一

    第1回のウェビナーは、「2019年タレス データ脅威レポート 金融サービス版」から、100の米国金融サービス組織の回答者からの調査結果をまとめた具体的なデータ結果に基づき解説してまいります。金融業界におけるDXが、金融サービスの機密データにどのような影響を与え、各組織はその保護にどう取り組んでいるのか、マルチクラウド利用が増加する中で、法規制に対応しながら効果的に機密データを保護することの重要性について考察していきます。

  • アクセス管理でOffice 365を保護するベストプラクティス Recorded: Sep 29 2020 41 mins
    タレスDIS CPLジャパン株式会社、IAM事業本部 担当部長、 芳賀 悟
    タレスのSafeNet Trusted Accessを利用すると、この質問に「はい」と答えることができます。
  • Securing Cloud Apps with Next Gen Access Management Solutions (Live Demo) Recorded: Sep 25 2020 60 mins
    Umesh Arya, Regional Sales Engineer, Identity & Access Management, Thales
    Simplifying and securing access to the cloud is becoming more complex for IT security teams. Today's enterprises use, on average, 29 different cloud applications and services. In fact, 10% of organizations use more than 100 cloud services. In addition, cloud services are seen as one of the leading source of data breaches.

    This session will discuss how IT security teams can simplify secure access to the cloud while providing a more simple and seamless way for employees to access cloud services without having to worry about password fatigue. This session will also include a live demonstration of SafeNet Trusted Access, Thales' cloud-based access management solution.
  • How to Think Ahead of the Attacker: Taking Control of Security in the Cloud Recorded: Sep 25 2020 55 mins
    Welland Chu, Director of Business Development for APAC Region at Thales; Harry Pun, Cybersecurity Executive, Microsoft
    There is an old Chinse saying, where there is opportunity there is also risk. This applies to the digital transformation journey many businesses are undertaking today. Businesses are driving significant digital transformation initiatives in order to accelerate performance and create new opportunities. Much of this transformation is being powered by the cloud. This means that more data and information is being stored in the cloud, creating significant risk especially for cyberattacks and data breaches. This interactive Tech Talk will discuss the challenges of maintaining a strong security posture in the cloud and how to think ahead of attacks before placing sensitive data in the cloud. This session will also present a playbook of practical steps organizations should follow for cloud security.
  • Putting Continuous Security First in Your Cloud-first Strategy Recorded: Sep 24 2020 48 mins
    Sundaram Lakshmanan, CTO, CipherCloud; Danna Bethlehem, Dir. of IAM Prod. Mktg., Thales; Haider Iqbal, Dir. Bus Dev., Thales
    Cloud adoption is the stepping stone for any organization’s digital transformation initiative. As digital-native businesses emerge, and incumbent businesses embark on their journey to transform their internal and external processes; IaaS and SaaS become the very fabric of the business. But as the adoption of cloud services evolves, so does the threat landscape. Often, IT teams find themselves scrambling to keep pace with business needs because their age-old perimeter-based security controls were not built to scale in today’s digital world.

    Join Thales and CipherCloud experts to learn how to navigate this very fluid threat landscape with solutions that scale up with your business needs, and help you achieve the true potential of your digital transformation objectives.
  • Securing the Application Development Lifecycle at the Speed of DevOps Recorded: Sep 24 2020 57 mins
    David Zendzian Exec. Tech Advisor, VMware Tanzu; Steve White, Exec. Tech Advisor, VMware Tanzu; Rohini Deepak, Thales
    Organizations making the digital transformation have a lot of considerations to make with compliance being one of the most important. In navigating security for digital transformation, it is easy for organizations to fall into the trap of addressing just the most basic compliance obligations first before fully grasping more complex issues that have implications in the software development lifecycle.

    In this session, Thales and VMware Tanzu will discuss how they work together so security serves as a tool that facilitates the transition to the ‘cloud-native’, DevOps world. Attendees will also learn how the collaboration between VMware Tanzu and Thales eases the friction business leaders face in digitally transforming their organizations.
Decisive Technology for Decisive Moments
Today’s enterprises depend on the cloud, data and software in order to make decisive decisions. That’s why the most respected brands and largest organizations in the world rely on Thales to help them protect and secure access to their most sensitive information and software wherever it is created, shared or stored – from the cloud and data centers to devices and across networks. Our solutions enable organizations to move to the cloud securely, achieve compliance with confidence, and create more value from their software in devices and services used by millions of consumers every day.

We are the worldwide leader in data protection, providing everything an organization needs to protect and manage its data, identities and intellectual property – through encryption, advanced key management, tokenization, and authentication and access management. Whether it’s the securing the cloud, digital payments, blockchain or the Internet of Things, security professionals around the globe rely on Thales to confidently accelerate their organization’s digital transformation. Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing is part of Thales Group.

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  • Title: How to Leverage Cloud Transformation to Improve Security Profile and Compliance
  • Live at: Sep 24 2020 4:00 am
  • Presented by: Shaun Chen, Director of Sales Engineering, APAC Region at Thales
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