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Have you been wanting to use YOUTUBE? We will show you CHEAP, FREE and INEXPENSIVE ways to start TODAY! How to get a following and use it to make MORE MONEY! We are going to be giving you a LOT of information in a short time - so have your PENS OUT!
Recorded Jun 12 2011 24 mins
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Prabhjit Singh
Presentation preview: YouTUBING IT!
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  • State of the Economy: National and Local Recorded: Sep 11 2011 22 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    So what is going on in the economy? Where are we going? How are we doing with this recovery? Is their a recovery? This will be worth EVERY single moment of your time. We will GIVE you all the material in PDF form!
  • Twittering IT! Recorded: Aug 14 2011 25 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Ok so what the HECK is Twitter? How much TIME is this going to take me? Is it worth it? We will MAKE it EASY and create a TIME SENSITIVE plan. We will make this WORK for you and it WILL make you MONEY!
  • FACEBOOKING IT! How to use this POWERFUL Tool! Recorded: Jul 10 2011 22 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Do you have a facebook profile? Still kind of confused about how to make this THING make you MORE MONEY! Well wait NO LONGER! We are going to give you the INFO you need to drive MORE attention to your profile. In 30 MINUTES - we will be FINISHED.
  • YouTUBING IT! Recorded: Jun 12 2011 24 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Have you been wanting to use YOUTUBE? We will show you CHEAP, FREE and INEXPENSIVE ways to start TODAY! How to get a following and use it to make MORE MONEY! We are going to be giving you a LOT of information in a short time - so have your PENS OUT!
  • Ged RID of your FREAKING FEAR!!!!??? Recorded: May 8 2011 23 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Does your FEAR limit you? Not allow you to ask the questions you really need to ask of your clients? Does it hurt your ability to speak to people? Do you not do stuff because you are just FEARFUL. In 30 minutes we will give you the TOOLS to GET OVER YOUR FEAR! SO you can move on and make MORE MONEY!!!!
  • Power TALK: The Art of Moving Individuals! Recorded: Apr 10 2011 29 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Have you ever heard an individual speak and you felt exactly what they were saying? You wanted to help them in any WAY you could? You just were drawn to them. You had a magnetic pull to them? That is called - Power Talk. In 30 minutes - we will show you PROVEN techniques to teach you how to speak to your client. Move them to do what you need and close the deal.
  • Double Your Business in the NEXT 12 Months Recorded: Nov 29 2010 21 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Do you currently own a business and want to figure out how to double the income you are making in the next year? During this 30 minute webinar we will show you specific proven techniques that are guaranteed to INCREASE your business! At the end of the webinar, we will tell you how you can get a white paper on EACH of these PROVEN techniques. SIGN UP NOW!
  • Moving from Self-Employed to BUSINESS OWNER! Recorded: Dec 28 2009 32 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    STOP doing the practices of SELF EMPLOYED and do those of a BUSINESS OWNER & make MORE MONEY due to IT!
  • Social Networking: Gaining a Business ADVANTAGE! Recorded: Sep 28 2009 30 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Social Networking is the LARGEST THING that has hit businesses since the creation of the internet! Businesses that DO NOT have a presence on the social networkers are NEGATIVELY IMPACTED because of it! So what do you do? LISTEN to our 50 MINUTE WEBINAR on using Social Networking.

    We will explain how to get yourself up and running, getting your contacts in, connecting your social networking, how to interact and receive more connections! WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO FULLY USE THIS TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE YOU $ !
  • Using your GUT INSTINCTS for Business Success! Recorded: Sep 7 2009 33 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    When making a decision - what percentage of your decision is based on your GUT INSTINCT? We as individuals know MUCH MORE then we EVER admit. In the book "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell he basically says - you know in the blink of your eyes whether an individual is honest or not? Have you ever met an individual, did not speak to them much, but know you could NOT TRUST them! Would you like to hone your gut insticts - save thousands to millions of dollars on bad decisions. Make EVERY DECISION THE BEST DEDISOSn
  • Going GREEN in REAL ESTATE! Recorded: Jul 29 2009 32 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Have you HEARD about the GREEN MOVEMENT? Who has not? But do you know how this is changing the way individuals look at housing? Individuals not only look at how nice the house is, the area, but they also are looking at the energy efficency. What are the specifically looking at? What is an energy audit? What does it cover and how much does it cost? What should I know as an investor? Consumer? Investor? Attend this FREE 50 minute webinar/teleseminar and learn all this information and MORE! Understand and learn everything about GREEN and its effects on Real Estate!
  • The Ability to Say NO! - Negotiating the Right Way! Recorded: Jul 13 2009 34 mins
    Prabhjit Singh
    Do you have a hard time to say NO! Ever felt at the end of your negotiation you should have said no more often and could have gotten a better deal? Well you should attend the 50 minute webcast "The Ability to say NO! - Negotiating the Right Way!" We promise that it will be AMAZING information that you can put in your toolbox and use as soon as you get off the webinar!

    We promise you that we will not be selling anything except good FREE information!
real world knowledge. fun. next level.
If you would like to increase your sales, increase your productivity, be able to lead individuals better or just make more in your business - this is the channel for you! We look forward to engaging with you and getting your business to the next level!

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  • Title: YouTUBING IT!
  • Live at: Jun 12 2011 11:00 pm
  • Presented by: Prabhjit Singh
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