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Long Distance vMotion with Nexus 1000V & Virtual Security Gateway

Jake Howering, PM SASU & Sal Lopez, TME, SAVBU, Bob Vizza, Cisco Host
Jake Howering (Product Manager - Data Center Virtualization & Cloud) from Systems Architecture and Strategy Unit (SASU) and Sal Lopez (Technical Marketing Engineer – Nexus 1000V and Virtual Security Gateway) will discuss Cisco’s just released validated design for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Release 4.0 and the implications for Long Distance vMotion using both the Nexus 1000V and the Virtual Security Gateway (VSG). Some of the benefits include the ability to offer new services to internal & external clients, and the ability to deploy consistent port policy.
Jul 27 2011
63 mins
Long Distance vMotion with Nexus 1000V & Virtual Security Gateway
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  • Building a Robust Converged Branch Infrastructure Recorded: Jul 22 2014 57 mins
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    Multisite organizations are reducing the number of servers in their branch offices by moving applications and server capacity to the data center. Yet, they continue to place a few essential applications locally because of performance and availability issues. Deploying Cisco UCS E-Series servers with VMware vSphere HA/FT feature along with StorMagic SvSAN virtual storage simplifies branch office infrastructure with central management & control while maintaining optimal application experience and availability for branch office users.
  • Cisco UCS + VMware Horizon DaaS Recorded: Jul 9 2014 59 mins
    Danny Allen, CTO, Horizon DaaS, VMware, Tony M Paikeday, Partner Marketing, Cisco, Bob Vizza, Cisco Host
    Cisco UCS has transformed the data center with unique innovations and operational simplification. Vmware Horizon DaaS is an unique platform driving the cloud based delivery of virtual desktops and applications at scale. This webinar will discuss the joint work by the Vmware and Cisco teams to deliver the best-in-class experience for the DaaS customers. In also discusses the various integrations and reference architectures developed to scale, automate and accelerate the adoption of DaaS at service providers and cloud providers.
  • Delivering Enterprise Mobility with Cisco UCS and VMware Horizon Recorded: Jul 1 2014 60 mins
    Bhumik Patel, VMware, Partner Architect,Tony Paikeday, Cisco Marketing Mgr, Bob Vizza, Host
    Organizations like yours are using desktop and application virtualization to accelerate the transformation of desktops into mobile workspaces. Cisco UCS – the North American market leader in x86 blades offers a differentiated platform for VMware Horizon with greater scalability, simplified management and an exceptional user experience for organizations of all sizes. Learn how to accelerate your desktop transformation with this joint solution for industry leaders Cisco and VMware
  • Cisco UCS and VMware Integrations for operational simplification Recorded: May 14 2014 53 mins
    Ashok Rajagopalan,UCS PM, Cisco & Bhumik Patel, Architect, VMware & Bob Vizza, Host
    Cisco and VMware are working together to support the implementation of simplified data center. Integrated Management solutions for the virtualized data center are critical to the success of driving operational simplifcation.
    Attend this webinar to:
    o Learn how Cisco UCS Service Profiles and vSphere Auto Deploy provides the most rapid and simplified means of deploying new resources
    o Understand architecturally how UCS Manager integrates with VMware vCenter, vCenter Orchestrator and vCenter Log Insight
    o Look at multiple data center Management use cases and benefits from deploying the integrated solutions
  • Managing an End-to-End Hybrid Cloud Network Recorded: Oct 22 2013 53 mins
    Ranga Maddipudi, Cisco Product Manager; Bob Vizza, Cisco Host
    Webcast Description: Webcast Description: Learn how Prime Network Services Controller, which runs on the VMware vSphere hypervisor, enables hybrid clouds and network security. Learn about the Cisco Nexus 1000V InterCloud architecture, in which Prime NSC enables security for vPath to migrate workloads to public cloud providers, and how Nexus 1000V, VSG, ASA 1000V work together to control network security.
  • UCS: Delivering Unprecedented Innovation to Create Flexible Virtual Environments Recorded: Sep 10 2013 53 mins
    Roger Barlow, UCS PM, Cisco; Bob Vizza, Cisco Host
    Join us to learn about the complementary nature of UCS's unified physical infrastructure and VMware's virtual infrastructure. Roger will discuss current and future integrations between UCS and VMware's management stack, including monitoring, orchestration, and provisioning integrations. We will also review some of the integrations that were presented at VMworld 2013.
  • Maintaining VDI Application Performance in the Branch Office Recorded: Jul 24 2013 52 mins
    Jay Chokshi, Cisco Sr PM Mgr and Marilyn Basanta, VMware Tech Slns Architect, Bob Vizza, Cisco Host
    As enterprises gain experience with VDI deployed in their core enterprise locations, introduction of VDI into their branch office locations seems to be the next logical step. These locations do not have on-site support personnel making it difficult to update PC’s and troubleshoot problems.

    In this session will demonstrate how customers can achieve operational consistency between branch and data center application deployment while still maintaining high availability and optimal application experience for users in the branch office.
  • Desktop Virtualization with VMware View on Cisco EMC VSPEX Recorded: Jul 10 2013 50 mins
    Mike Brennan, Mgr Tech Mktg, Cisco & Bob Vizza, Sr Mgr Cisco
    Organizations are facing a wave of IT challenges such as increasing budget pressures, operational and physical constraints, and data security. Business leaders are looking for new ways to improve their ability to compete while moving into the virtual world of computing.
    During this session you will learn about the Cisco EMC Solution for VMware View on VSPEX. Topics discussed will be; Automated Desktop Provisioning, Streamlined Application Management, Advanced Virtual Desktop Image Management, and Automated Desktop Operations Management. Cisco EMC VSPEX is a simple, efficient, and flexible solution to today’s IT challenge for shared infrastructures.
  • Business Transformations at Cisco Recorded: Jun 10 2013 3 mins
    Bob Vizza, Senior Manager
    Business Transformations at Cisco
  • Nexus 1000V on Open Source Hypervisors Recorded: Mar 20 2013 62 mins
    Han Yang, Cisco Nexus 1000V PM
    The very first Nexus 1000V prototype supported open source hypervisors. However, Nexus 1000V supporting VMware vSphere came to market first. Come join this session to find out how Nexus 1000V has gone back to the future in supporting open source hypervisors with OpenStack as the primary management tool. In addition, come find out how Cisco is making VXLAN even easier to deploy without the need for IP multicast in the underlying physical network.
  • VMware View on UCS Recorded: Mar 6 2013 60 mins
    Courtney Burry, VMware; Ashok Rajagopalan, Cisco; Tony Paikeday, Cisco & Bob Vizza, Cisco
    Learn how Cisco and VMware can jointly help you deliver a simple cost-effective VDI solution and the associated value proposition! Join our speakers to gain a greater understanding of how your desktop solution can benefit from a joint Cisco and VMware solution.
  • Cisco's UCS E-Series with vSphere for Branch Office Applications Recorded: Feb 20 2013 63 mins
    John Flood, Cisco PM, SRTG and Chris Romano, VMware, Staff Systems Engineer
    Multisite organizations are reducing the number of servers in their branch offices by moving applications and server capacity to the central datacenter. Yet, they continue to place a few essential applications locally because of performance, availability, or compliance requirements. By making use of x86 blade servers, these lean branch offices can lower equipment and operating costs, right-size and simplify infrastructure, and improve hardware provisioning and remote management.

    In this session, you will also learn how deploying vSphere in remote office and branch offices can greatly simplify operations through centralized management and control through vCenter. In addition VMware High Availability and Fault Tolerance keep business critical application “always up and running” in the branch. This session will demonstrate how customers have achieved operational consistency between branch and datacenter application deployment while still maintaining optimal application experience for users in the branch office.
  • NAM and DCNM: Virtual Blades on the Nexus 1010 & 1010-X Recorded: Apr 18 2012 62 mins
    Deepak Bhargava, NAM PM, Andrew Levin, DCNM PM, Gunnar Anderson, Nexus 1000V PM
    You will learn about the Network Analysis Module (NAM) and the Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) which can be hosted on the Nexus 1010 & 1010-X.
  • Cisco's CloudLab Deep Dive: Hands-on labs for N1KV, VSG & VXLAN Recorded: Apr 11 2012 25 mins
    Syed Ghayur, TME; Gunnar Anderson, PM
    You will learn how to access and use Cisco's CloudLab located at Several labs are available covering Nexus 1000V, Virtual Security Gateway (VSG), and VXLAN.
  • vCloud Director, Nexus 1000V, and VXLAN Technical Deep Dive Recorded: Apr 4 2012 63 mins
    Sean Gilbert, AS; Han Yang, PM; Gunnar Anderson, PM
    You will learn about the technical features and benefits of VMware's vCloud Director and how it leverages VXLAN technology by utilizing Cisco's Nexus 1000V virtual access switch embedded in the hypervisor.
  • Vblock & Nexus 1000V / VSG / vWAAS Recorded: Mar 28 2012 62 mins
    Steve Phillips, VCE Dir. ; Syed Ghayur, TME ; Gunnar Anderson, PM
    You will learn about the technical architecture of Vblock and how the Nexus 1000V virtual access switch, the Virtual Security Gateway (VSG), and the Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS) enables VM networking and virtual services on the Vblock platform.
  • QoS for multimedia traffic in the Virtualized DC (w/ Nexus 1000V) Recorded: Mar 21 2012 62 mins
    Christine Oldroyd, SA; Syed Ghayur, TM; Gunnar Anderson, PM
    You will learn about QoS frameworks to address multimedia traffic across the entire data center including at the hypervisor level utilizing the Nexus 1000V.
  • FlexPod & Nexus 1000V/1010 Recorded: Mar 14 2012 61 mins
    David Klem, Architect; Tom Bisson, SBDM; Syed Ghayur, TME; Gunnar Anderson, PM
    You will learn about the technical architecture of FlexPod and how the Nexus 1000V/1010 enables VM networking on this platform.
  • vWAAS and Nexus 1000V Technical Deep Dive Recorded: Mar 7 2012 62 mins
    Nat Chidambaram, PM, Ravi Mishra, TME, Syed Ghayur, TME Gunnar Anderson, PM
    You will learn about the latest technical features of vWAAS and how it integrates with the Nexus 1000V's vPath architecture.
  • Nexus 1010-X v1.4 Technical Deep Dive Recorded: Feb 29 2012 60 mins
    Gunnar Anderson, PM & Cuong Tran, TME
    You will learn about the latest new technical features and benefits of the just released Nexus 1010-X v1.4.
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  • Title: Long Distance vMotion with Nexus 1000V & Virtual Security Gateway
  • Live at: Jul 27 2011 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jake Howering, PM SASU & Sal Lopez, TME, SAVBU, Bob Vizza, Cisco Host
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