Mobile Virtualization Best Practices

Benjamin Robbins, Palador Inc; Ben Goodman, VMware Horizon; Nick Turner, Enterproid; Carl Nerup, OK Labs
Best practices to secure and separate the personal from the corporate on mobile devices.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has brought added challenges to the enterprise. As more employees connect to the corporate network with their personal devices, complexities emerge around data and management. When it comes to BYOD it is increasingly clear that there is a need for separation of the personal from the professional.

IT administrators need a strategy on how to control policy, management, and data removal in isolation on personal devices. Organizations are turning to mobile virtualization to solve this issue.

Join us on July 11th to discover the best practices on how to secure and separate the personal from corporate on mobile devices through mobile virtualization.


Benjamin Robbins, Principal, Palador Inc
Ben Goodman, Lead Evangelist, VMware Horizon
Nick Turner, VP Biz Dev, Enterproid
Carl Nerup, VP of Business Development, OK Labs
Jul 11 2012
59 mins
Mobile Virtualization Best Practices
Join us for this summit:
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  • Unacquainted Friends: Virtualization and Big Data Mar 11 2015 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Big data and virtualization have seldom had their paths intersect to this point as, like most breakthrough innovations, big data has been delivered in very tightly integrated packages during the initial phase of adoption. However, with an increasing number of enterprises embracing a “virtualized first” approach to their IT infrastructure, broad-based acceptance of big data will require a more modular and VM-centric mode of consumption going forward. This session will focus on how these complementary technologies can come together to better yield big knowledge from big data analytics.
  • Improving App Performance with All Flash Arrays and Software-defined Storage Mar 10 2015 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    All-flash Arrays (AFA) promise increased performance and greater storage density, but how can they be seamlessly incorporated into an existing storage infrastructure?
    Join DataCore Software and Pure Storage as we discuss the power of combining the speed of all-flash arrays with the intelligence of an SDS platform to accelerate your key applications and resolve performance problems quickly and easily. We will also discuss a roadmap for non-disruptive migration from legacy storage to the all-flash data center.
  • Understand the Business Value Lifecycle for 3D Modeling and Project-Oriented ERP Recorded: Mar 5 2015 35 mins
    New projects drive revenue. Every project is different, has different deadlines, and has different data management requirements. Delivering an IT infrastructure that can deal with the erratic workloads and constantly changing data needs is nearly impossible, let alone being confident that Finance will be able to run reports fast enough to close the books at the end of the month with no complaints. Join Chris McCall, SVP Marketing from NexGen Storage to discuss new value-driven data management capabilities designed to deliver a superior end user experience for project-oriented architecture and engineering firms.
  • Delivering Cost Effective Low Latency for Virtualized SQL Applications Recorded: Feb 26 2015 58 mins
    Milliseconds can mean millions of dollars made or lost but if you have to pay millions of dollars for it in the first place, is it really worth it? Loading up servers with flash or buying the most expensive storage systems on the planet have been the only way to achieve the lowest possible latency for virtualized SQL apps that require HA. Join George Wagner, Sr. Product Marketing Manager from NexGen Storage to discuss how new value-driven data management capabilities can deliver extreme low latency to the data that needs it without breaking the bank.
  • Cost Effectively Run Multiple Oracle Database Copies at Scale Recorded: Feb 26 2015 41 mins
    Scaling multiple databases with a single legacy storage system works well from a cost perspective, but workload conflicts and hardware contention make these solutions an unattractive choice for anything but low-performance applications.

    Attend the webinar to learn about:
    - How SolidFire’s all-flash storage system provides high performance at massive scale for mixed workload processing while simultaneously controlling costs and guaranteeing performance
    - How to deploy four or more database copies using SolidFire’s Oracle Validated Configuration, at a price point at or below the cost of traditional storage systems
    - SolidFire’s Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee; every copy receives dedicated all-flash performance, so IT admins can deliver solutions with confidence and maximize business efficiency
  • Unleashing the Power of VDI in Banking & Insurance Recorded: Feb 19 2015 32 mins
    Desktop computers have been in existence for over 30 years, but the innovation in the last 10 years has fundamentally transformed the way we use them. The desktop is now increasingly found in the cloud, thanks to the technological advancements leading to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). While VDI has been in existence for the past 8 years or so, it has become more relevant in the banking and insurance industries in recent years. Insurance agents and Wealth Managers work in a heavily regulated industry. While adhering to heavy regulations, the Insurance Agents and Wealth Managers have a critical need to access important information in real time to better serve their clients.

    Now with VDI they’re able to break free from the limitations of the traditional infrastructure, being able to access real time information any time anywhere, enabling them to focus on their clients’ needs. Join us in this session to learn from Craig Beattie from Celent and Muthu Somasundaram from VMware, how VDI has helped accelerate the pace of innovation in the Insurance and Wealth management industry, while maintaining compliance with all regulations.
  • VDI Workshop: Image Creation, Optimization and Troubleshooting Recorded: Feb 19 2015 47 mins
    Configuring a VDI image is a complex task for the systems engineer. This session will help prepare the engineer for creating an image as well as vetting and troubleshooting it before it gets to production. Topics include:

    - Image Creation Best Practices (Scripts, What-to-dos, What not-to-dos)
    - Image Testing (Tools free and not)
    - Troubleshooting (How to find out what’s wrong when it goes wrong)
    - VDI Deployments (Why?)
    - User Experience Monitoring (You need it, but how?)
  • Virtual SAN & Storage Virtualization: Insight from the CTO Office Recorded: Feb 19 2015 23 mins
    Join Roni Putra and Robert Bassett -masterminds behind the origins of storage virtualization- and hear their personal opinions on Virtual SAN, where storage technology is today and the future of data storage in general. This is an incredibly candid session about the ever changing storage landscape by two people responsible in large part for the changes now happening.
  • Operation Convergence: Challenges in Making Convergence Work Recorded: Feb 19 2015 42 mins
    Converged systems offer the potential for greater efficiency in operations. Existing policies, procedures and organizational structures can limit enterprise returns and may require organizations to change in order to deliver the goods. Risk reduction for application deployment, faster provisioning times and greater service efficiency are big drivers for organizations to look at adopting the many types of integrated platforms that are available. They can increase storage flexibility and tackle scaling concerns. They can also create challenges in breaking through technology silos and department boundaries. This presentation will look at the options that are available and strategies to make these investments worthwhile.
  • Achieving Elite Data Management: Virtual Storage and You! Recorded: Feb 19 2015 26 mins
    As data becomes more precious and valuable, but at the same time more difficult to contain and manage effectively, there are new levels of demand for highly skilled, all data managers.

    Join Matthew Fordham and learn how to become an elite data manager as he shows you how to manage data virtually and effectively and how a virtual storage center can be the fastest track!
  • Meet Your Recovery SLA’s with Automation & Array Snapshots Recorded: Feb 19 2015 40 mins
    As your virtual estate grows and you add critical applications to the environment, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to vm protection is no longer an option. Core applications need to be treated differently to tier 2 or 3 systems, and simple manual tasks in a modest environment become impossible to manage in a growing virtual estate. Automation is also a key component if you are planning to move to a private cloud model.

    This session will show you how to:
    · Meet Protection/Recovery SLA’s with Automation

    · Leverage automation to control vm sprawl

    · Improve RPO/RTO with VM & App aware snapshots

    · Effectively protect high workload VM’s
  • Optimising your Virtualization Investment Recorded: Feb 19 2015 36 mins
    Virtualization has come a long way since just being able to offer more efficient resources and improved HA. You’ve already invested heavily in VMware technology, but are you really getting the most from what they have to offer? Naturally you can’t be experts in everything, so join this session with Rackspace, the VMware specialists, as Lindsay shows you how to fully benefit from the latest developments and enable you to offer IT as a more cloud-like experience, without having to re-write any of your applications.

    o Understand the benefits of an Outsource model v’s On-Premise

    o Critical Success Factors to consider when outsourcing IT to managed hosting or the cloud

    o How to start your journey to the Managed Infrastructure Services

    o DR-to the-Cloud: Best Practices

    o VMware Dedicated vCenter, Server Virtualization and Dedicated VMware vCloud offerings
  • Improving Server Efficiency with Intelligent Flash Arrays: 3 Case Studies Recorded: Feb 18 2015 48 mins
    Server virtualization has become ubiquitous as a means to drive IT efficiency. But as you move more workloads to a virtualized environment, chances are your legacy storage system is struggling to keep up. Flash-based storage arrays can help solve the performance problem, but flash can be expensive and the performance and functionality they provide can vary widely.

    Join us and learn:
    How flash can help neutralized the I/O blender effect that occurs in virtual environments
    The pros and cons for both all-flash and hybrid systems
    What to consider before you purchase a flash-based storage array
    How real-life organizations used flash to overcome inefficiencies and significantly reduce IT costs
  • Enterprise Class Storage: the new rule of three Recorded: Feb 18 2015 37 mins
    Today’s modern storage solutions follow the old fashioned rule of three. Dominated by three words: Software-Defined Storage.

    Learn about the trifecta of benefits from efficiency to flexibility to financial responsibility by joining Rolf Versluis, CTO at Adcap, a leading reseller in the SouthEast and Michael Letschin, Director of Products at Nexenta as they discuss the trends and use cases for Software-Defined storage and their play with the major virtualization vendors.

    Attend to learn more about:
    - What is the rule of three?
    - Defining the world of SDx - software only, hyper-converged or traditional
    - What are the business advantages of SDS
    - How SDS can be integrated in your virtual environment
    - Deployment options
    - Examples of SDS deployment architectures
  • Clearing up the Software-Defined Chaos: Storage and Networks Recorded: Feb 18 2015 49 mins
    2014 was a year of industry hypes and a lack of clarity around a lot of new topics like Cloud, Convergence, VDI, BYOD, Big Data and more.

    Software-defined storage and networks have the potential to go the way of ill-understood and difficult to explain as they being to sit at the top of the CIO's agenda.

    So join Ossama El Samadoni as he looks at the reality behind software defined technologies and helps you to clear up the chaos!
  • Driving MSSP Revenue and Differentiation with Advanced Threat Protection Recorded: Feb 18 2015 38 mins
    Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) have seen significant growth in 2013.
    As a result, business of all sizes are looking to their MSSPs to provide the appropriate service to anticipate and mitigate the risk.

    But providing an efficient and cost effective Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) managed service is more than just adding a Sandbox to the MSSPs offerings.

    In this webinar we will try to look at the MSSP’s services and ecosystem via an APT prism and understand how this type of threat can help MSSPs create new revenue generating services and increase competitive advantage in the market place.
  • Storage Virtualization and Software Defined Storage – An Intimate Relationship Recorded: Feb 17 2015 46 mins
    At the moment, “Storage Virtualization” and “Software Defined Storage” are marketing-led storage buzzwords—but do they represent technologies that have been around for years?
    In this presentation, we will cover:
    - The real definitions behind the technologies
    - Their relationships to one another
    - Product offerings for both areas
    - Value delivered by the solutions
  • Change Gears! Accelerating Network Changes with Intelligent Automation Recorded: Feb 17 2015 46 mins
    Today’s IT environment has seen an accelerated pace of change and complexity—all increasing demands on IT. Tens, hundreds and even thousands of changes per day should not be done manually.

    Join us for a discussion of effective solutions for automating changes in the network, modifying security controls, resolving routing dilemmas and compliance rule conflicts. This session will provide insights gained through years of experience in the network security arena, and share with you how network changes can done securely, accurately and quickly.
  • Virtualization Management Mastery: Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Reporting Recorded: Feb 17 2015 30 mins
    Virtualization has enabled consolidation of hardware, greater application efficiency and availability, and scalability. It is the foundation for private cloud and the bridge to public cloud, which establishes the hybrid cloud ecosystem. As companies deploy, update, and maintain their virtualized applications across multiple platforms, they will need a single point of truth to optimize cost savings and operational efficiencies.

    Virtualization management needs to be the single point of truth for IT managers. The truth starts with visibility via monitoring, pivots into business continuity and optimization with troubleshooting, and provides reporting capabilities for baselines, efficacies, and data-driven decisions.
  • The Secrets of Successful VDI for State, Local, and Education IT Organizations Recorded: Feb 12 2015 37 mins
    Every day hundreds of Public Administration organizations roll out hundreds and thousands of new virtual desktops. Centrally managing desktops rather than hundreds of devices is appealing but the costs associated with data storage devices with enough horsepower to handle boot storms and virus scans can kill projects before they even get off the ground. Join Vince LaPaglia, Technical Marketing Engineer and VMware Certified Professional from NexGen to discuss new value-driven data management capabilities required to roll out cost effective VDI projects that deliver a superior end user experience.
The software-defined data center
Virtualization is no longer a passing trend. Organization deploying it in their servers, desktops, storage and networks are experiencing increased performance and decreased costs, when implemented and managed properly. Join this channel to hear leading experts discuss this maturing technology and how you can create your own software-defined data center.

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  • Title: Mobile Virtualization Best Practices
  • Live at: Jul 11 2012 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Benjamin Robbins, Palador Inc; Ben Goodman, VMware Horizon; Nick Turner, Enterproid; Carl Nerup, OK Labs
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