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The industrialisation of cybercrime

In the last decade, cybercrime has industrialised. It’s no longer the preserve of a small number of skilled hackers. The webinar will focus on the industrialisation of cybercrime and will highlight how fraud, particularly identity fraud, is on the rise in the UK.

Tools for carrying out sophisticated cyber-attacks are now cheap, mass-produced, and easily accessible. Hacking communities, discussion groups and online walkthroughs are plentiful and easy to find. The raw material for crime - personal information - is available at low cost and neatly packaged for resale in online marketplaces. It really is possible for anyone, aged 8 to 80, to get involved if they want to.

Andy will warn that as more services move online, the opportunities for abusing stolen personal data increase. He will stress the need for greater communication and partnership between major fraud targets - financial institutions, utility companies, online retailers and the like - which can make the UK provide a strong stance against fraudsters and help to win the battle against cybercrime.

The webinar will cover and consider the evolving circumstances of data breach; the link between breaches and identity fraud; and the risks for those whose data is appropriated. Andy will explain why the response to data theft is currently inadequate; and identify some measures which could provide consumers with greater security and peace of mind, as well as the potential business benefits of doing so.
Recorded Oct 6 2016 49 mins
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Presented by
Adam Tyler, Chief Innovation Officer, CSID global
Presentation preview: The industrialisation of cybercrime

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  • Ensuring a Technology Relevant Workforce Oct 18 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Pam Sheary
    The pace of emerging technologies has increased significantly, challenging individuals to maintain knowledge of relevant skills and Business Areas to staff programs with the appropriate level of engineering skills needed for optimum performance on contract in a timely manner. Develop strategies that enable a proactive rather than reactive approach, allowing engineers and organizations to stay ahead of the curve to optimize on contract performance and be prepared for future work. Learn about different engineering shapes to determine which shape is most appropriate for you and /or your organization. Broaden your horizons and explore available options that can be used to develop a Personal Development Plan that includes learning new skills and gaining experience using these skills. Don’t miss opportunities – stay ahead of the curve!

    Pam Sheary is a Lockheed Martin Fellow with 30+ years of software and systems engineering experience in the Department of Defense (DoD) industry, including 12 years managing International software development efforts. She continues to serve as the Chief Software Engineer on very large government contracts. Pam is a recognized technical leader within Agile / DevSecOps, Quantitative Management, and Risk and Opportunity Management. Pam’s work to establish Enterprise-level Code Quality has been leveraged across various government agencies. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Pam served in various Software and Systems engineering roles developing and testing software embedded systems and application development tools with geographically dispersed teams. Pam earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh with continued graduate studies in Computer Engineering and Web Design /Accessibility. She holds several certifications, including the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and SAFe® for Government.
  • Security on a Shoestring Oct 14 2021 1:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Ashwin Pal | Partner, Cyber Security and Privacy Risk Services | RSM Australia Pty Ltd.
    It is now widely known that SMBs are a key target for cyber criminals. They are now seen as the ‘low hanging fruit’ as SMBs generally cannot afford the same investment in cyber security initiatives when compared to larger firms. Unfortunately, as far as the cyber criminals are concerned, anyone on the internet is fair game. Unlike their larger counterparts, a cyber attack on an SMB can be very debilitating and can even cause the business to shut down. SMBs face their own unique challenges when it comes to defending against cyber-attacks. Within this presentation, you will hear about how the Invictus Games in Sydney in 2019 was secured using minimal funding and time as a case study. We will then explore some of the unique challenges faced by SMBs when it comes to cyber security. We will look at how focusing on your core business and risk management helps direct efforts to the right places in a cost effective manner. We will then explore what a typical attack looks like and discuss the basics that need to be covered to provide an SMB with an ability to defend itself from cyber-attacks while avoiding overspend.
  • Human-Centred Security: Effectively managing behaviour Oct 12 2021 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Dan Norman
    On Tuesday 12th October at 13:00 BST, Dan Norman, Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF will be discussing Human-Centred Security and how to effectively manage behaviour.

    In this session we will be addressing:
    - The vulnerabilities in human behaviour that make them susceptible to manipulation
    - The key factors that influence security behaviour
    - Strategies and initiatives to protect the workforce and to effectively manage security behaviour.

    Dan Norman is a Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF, helping ISF Members to manage current and emerging information/cyber risks. Dan’s historical focus has been on threat intelligence and technology forecasting, with emphasis on running cyber security exercises to prepare organisations for future threats. Dan is also the lead author of the human-centred security research series, which leverages psychological theory to understand manipulative attack techniques and identifies how weaknesses in the human mind can lead to security incidents.
  • How do you monitor your cloud controls in a multi-cloud environment? Sep 16 2021 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Benoit Heynderickx
    On Thursday 16th September at 13:00 BST, Benoit Heynderickx Principal Analyst at the ISF will be hosting a live webinar exploring cloud control visibility and how to monitor your cloud controls in a multi-cloud environment.

    In this session we will be looking at:
    - The main challenges faced by security professionals when it comes to monitoring the controls deployed over the multitude of cloud services recently acquired
    - The various solutions at-hands for cloud controls monitoring and reporting across the whole multi-cloud environment
    - Future trends leveraging the use of AI techniques for cloud controls monitoring.

    Benoit is a principal analyst at the ISF. He is the project lead for the ISF’s Supply Chain suite of products and the research lead for cloud security. Benoit has over 20 years’ experience in information security risk and assurance and has worked across various industries and large organisations. Benoit also has a keen interest in the emerging quantitative techniques in information risk analysis.
  • No Silver Bullet – Essence and Accident in Cyber Resiliency Engineering Sep 14 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Teresa Merklin
    Cybersecurity incidents and failures impact critical public infrastructure, national defense, corporate economic interests, and personal privacy. As the magnitude and frequency of cyber events continues to escalate, vendors and agencies are desperately seeking solutions to solve this issue once and for all. In the 1980’s the software development industry was facing similar challenges. That crisis prompted Frederick Brooks to write his iconic paper “No Silver Bullet – Essence and Accident in Software Engineering.” The solutions and technologies detailed in that paper are eerily similar to the “breakthrough” solutions currently proposed for cyber. This presentation examines the “Silver Bullets” of cybersecurity, lessons we can learn from that parallel history, and the essence of challenges that confront modern security practitioners.

    Teresa Merklin is a Fellow at Lockheed Martin where she specializes in Cyber Risk Assessment and Engineering for Cyber Resiliency. She is currently attached to the Aeronautics Cyber Range which performs cyber assessment and penetration testing across the complete portfolio of Lockheed Martin aircraft and related systems. She has 30+ years of career experience starting out in embedded software development which slowly morphed into cybersecurity over time. Teresa holds a BSEE from Oklahoma State University, a Masters of Software Engineering from Texas Christian University, and an MBA from the University of Dallas. She holds the CISSP and CSSLP certifications.
  • Innovations in new Threats on the Cloud Sep 13 2021 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Shayak Tarafdar, Team Lead | Himanshu Dubey, Sr. Director, Engineering, SEQRITE
    Public cloud infrastructure has emerged as the backbone for innovation-driven growth. By embracing the cloud, enterprises can modernise their IT infrastructure and conjure solutions to serve customers digitally in new and innovative ways. Digital transformation & cloud adoption has further accelerated in recent times, as COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to setup remote working at an unprecedented scale. Public Cloud services enabled fast & smooth migration to “working from home” by enabling connectivity from anywhere and supporting essential services such as video conferencing & real time communication.

    This rapid increase in cloud adoption has introduced numerous new security threats and challenges. Also, this has opened up new attack avenues for Cyber Attackers, and subsequently cyber-attacks against cloud installations are only going to increase in time to come.

    In this presentation we will discuss:
    • Cloud security risks & challenges
    o Multi vector attacks against cloud installations
    o Cloud jacking due to misconfigurations and using shared software
    o Among others
    • Impact of these threats
    • Preventive measures
  • Threat Horizon: Emerging Cyber Risks for APAC Sep 7 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Dan Norman
    On Tuesday 7th September at 10:00 BST, Dan Norman, Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF will be hosting a live webinar to explore the emerging cyber risks that the APAC region may face.

    In this session we will be addressing:
    - The key political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors impacting APAC
    - Future cyber and physical threats that will likely emerge over the next 2-3 years
    - Strategies to mitigate emerging risks.

    Dan Norman is a Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF, helping ISF Members to manage current and emerging information/cyber risks. Dan’s historical focus has been on threat intelligence and technology forecasting, with emphasis on running cyber security exercises to prepare organisations for future threats. Dan is also the lead author of the human-centred security research series, which leverages psychological theory to understand manipulative attack techniques and identifies how weaknesses in the human mind can lead to security incidents.
  • 5G and Cyber Threats Aug 24 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Katie Grzywacz
    5G brings the power to connect billions of new devices and enable their use in new ways. With that comes significant risk. What types of threats does 5G introduce and what should we consider as we start incorporating 5G into our products?

    Katie Grzywacz is a Lockheed Martin Associate Fellow and is the chief cyber architect for the LM Space Centers of Excellence. She has 16+ years of experience that includes security engineering and offensive security testing. She is currently researching cyber threat scenarios that apply to a multitude of 5G use cases.
  • Advanced Threat Prevention - Defending Against Sophisticated Threat Actors Aug 19 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ondrej Krehel, PhD, CISSP, CEH, CEI , EnCE Digital Forensics Lead, CEO and Founder, LIFARS
    Advanced threat protection services and solutions are must in today’s business environment to protect data as well and the integrity of a business. Threat actors now have the resources to wage war like never before. Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP is made of several components and functions:

    • Continuous monitoring and real-time visibility - Threats are often detected too late. After the damage is done. Monitoring and quick action is a must or you will pay the price in resource utilization and reputation damage.
    • Context - Monitored threats must contain context for security teams to effectively prioritize threats and organize response.
    • Data awareness – Having an understanding of data, its sensitivity, value.
  • Quantum vs. Quantum Aug 19 2021 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Bruno Huttner, Director of Quantum Strategic Initiatives, ID Quantique
    As emphasized by the recent controversy about quantum supremacy, the quantum computer is already a reality. Although the timing of the arrival of a quantum computer capable of factoring large integers and therefore of breaking most existing public key cryptosystems is still under debate, the risk to our cybersecurity infrastructure is now real and steadily increasing. In order to prepare our cybersecurity framework to the quantum era, and build a Quantum-Safe infrastructure, action must be taken today.

    Fortunately, some solutions exist today and are constantly improving. There come in two very different flavours. One is to find new mathematical problems, which should be immune to the quantum computer threat. This is the domain of Post-Quantum Cryptography. The second is to use the peculiar properties of quantum itself to fight against the quantum computer threat. Current solutions are known as Quantum Random Number Generators, which improve the quality of keys, and Quantum Key Distribution, which enable secure distribution of these keys. Quantum Networks and the future Quantum Internet will soon make these solutions usable in a broad context.

    In this presentation, we will outline both solutions and focus on the quantum ones.
  • Application Security 2021 Aug 18 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jo Peterson | Dustin Lehr | Derek Fisher | Les Correia | Nick Moy
    The notion that software runs the world and the world runs on software became even more of a reality during the pandemic. In addition to enabling work from home efforts, organizations hit the Fast Forward button on digital transformation efforts in the last 12-18 months. Gartner points out that the global expenditure on enterprise software will grow by approximately 10.8% and be $516.9 billion in 2021

    Software applications can be the weakest link when it comes to the security of the enterprise stack

    In this session, we’ll explore:

    • Current state of application security
    • Best practice guidance
    • Importance of a mature application security program

    Jo Peterson, Vice President, Cloud and Security Services, Clarify360
    Dustin Lehr, Director, Application Security, Fivetran
    Derek Fisher, VP Application Security, Envestnet|Yodlee
    Les Correia, Global Head of Application Security, The Estee Lauder Companies
    Nick Moy, CISSP, GCSA | VP Application Security, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.
  • Exploring Cyber Threats & Breach Prevention 2021 Aug 17 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Towerwall | SecureCloudDB | Alert Logic | Nasuni |
    The last 12 months have been incredibly turbulent in the cybersecurity world. The move to a hybrid work model has seen many organisations turn their security on its head, with the adoption of security solutions like SASE and Zero Trust. Ransomware has also spiked: according to a new Group-IB report, in 2020 ransomware surged by 150%. As the security landscape evolves and new threats seem to be at every corner, it’s essential to re-evaluate your security posture to ensure that your organisation is as safe as possible.

    But what are the key trends thought leaders expect to face this year, and how can we navigate these security threats? Are security teams fully prepared to tackle new risks and breaches?

    Join our panel of expert thought leaders as we discuss:
    - The key cybersecurity trends of 2021, from SASE, ZTNA and beyond
    - Breach prevention, and how to find the right solution for your organisation
    - What the ‘new normal’ means for your security teams
    - Identity-first security, and why it’s so valuable today
    - And more

    Moderated by:
    Michelle Drolet, CEO, Towerwall

    Panelists include:
    Bharath Vasudevan, VP, Alert Logic
    David LeBlanc, SecureCloudDB
    Anne Blanchard, Senior Director, Nasuni
  • Staying Ahead of the Breach in 2021 Aug 16 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kalani Enos, CEO, KEnos Technologies | Michelle Drolet, Towerwall | Christopher Kruegel, VMware | Ido Safruti, PerimeterX
    Cyber attacks on companies, governments and individuals grew significantly in 2020. What can enterprises do to better protect their data? Is breach prevention even possible?

    Hear from the experts on what the new normal for organizations looks like, the cybersecurity best practices to adopt and what's in store for the rest of 2021.

    The topics up for discussion will include:
    - Cybersecurity in the new normal
    - How attackers have take advantage of the pandemic
    - Critical steps to take on the path to preventing data breaches
    - Why data protection and cybersecurity should not be separate functions
    - Best practices and solutions for breach detection and response
    - Lessons from the field and recommendations for CISOs

    Moderated by:
    Kalani Enos, CEO, KEnos Technologies

    Panelists include:
    Michelle Drolet, CEO, Towerwall
    Christopher Kruegel, VP Security Services - Network and Security Business Unit (NSBU) at VMware
    Ido Safruti, CTO & Co-Founder, PerimeterX
  • Develop Cyber Genius with the Cyber Aptitude and Talent Assessment Aug 4 2021 6:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Doug Britton, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf & Dr. Mike Bunting
    Please join us in a panel discussion as we explore the challenges surrounding talent development in the cybersecurity industry from professional development, to recruiting, hiring, and building high-performing teams. Cyber Aptitude and Talent Assessment (CATA) identifies the cognitive overlap between aspiring individuals and master practitioners. Identifying that overlap allows for powerful predictions about future success in a variety of cybersec positions such as offensive, defensive, analytical/forensic, or design/development positions.

    You'll leave this talk with a deeper understanding of the scientific rigor that validates and sets the CATA tool apart, how CATA helps the individual cybersec professional (and anyone wishing to become a cyber sec pro) align their career decisions with their innate cyber aptitude, how human resource managers can streamline their talent pipeline, eliminate noise, and find the best possible candidates for their org, and how hiring managers can use CATA to cognitively fingerprint their highest performing teams and develop a talent mapping and succession plan.
  • Protecting Critical Web APIs: Evolution of Attack Vectors & Defense Strategies Recorded: Jul 15 2021 43 mins
    David Senecal, Sr. Director of Product Architecture & Research | Spandan Brahmbhatt, Sr. Data Scientist, Arkose Labs
    Web APIs that handle critical workflows like login or new accounts creation are constant targets of attacks. Web site owners need to protect these endpoints in order to prevent account takeover as well as the proliferation of fake accounts.

    In this presentation, we’ll look through real examples at how attackers evolve their strategies as soon as protections are in place. We’ll also provide some insights into the most effective detection methods in order to counter the evolution and to stay ahead.

    And finally, we’ll discuss how the evolution of the Internet ecosystem is affecting the web security world and make the task more complex.
  • Secure Win10 desktops & apps in the cloud while defending against ransomware Recorded: Jul 14 2021 40 mins
    Brad Peterson, VP Marketing, Workspot
    Cloud desktops help IT teams secure their Windows 10 desktops and applications for medium and large size companies globally. Centralizing and virtualizing the Windows 10 desktop and the applications running on it help control OS and app versioning, patching, deployment, access and with backups – which can be a significant plus against ransomware.
  • How Moving to the Cloud Changed Security Strategy Forever Recorded: Jul 14 2021 50 mins
    Nathan Wenzler | Chief Security Strategist | Tenable
    Organizations have been moving to the cloud for several years now, but in the last year, our world has forced nearly everyone to leverage the scalability and speed of cloud platforms to support a remote workforce. With so many critical business functions running from these providers, it's imperative to protect our data, systems and assets. But traditional strategies struggle to keep up with the scope and scale of the modern cloud environment, which is forcing a change in how we approach our security assessments and mitigation techniques.

    In this presentation, we'll discuss the benefits and challenges presented to many organizations by the sudden move to cloud-based services and a newly remote workforce focused on business continuity, not security. We'll also talk about some of the new ways we must evolve how we approach security and our internal programs to better align with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of cloud services and assets and protect our organizations effectively, efficiently and at the speed required by today's modern attack surface.
  • Cyber Authors Ep.5: Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone Recorded: Jul 14 2021 55 mins
    Neil Daswani President of Daswani Enterprises | Sushila Nair VP Security Services NTT DATA
    The cybersecurity industry has seen an investment of over $45 billion in the past 15 years. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the field remain unfilled amid breach after breach, and the problem has come to a head. It is time for everyone―not just techies―to become informed and empowered on the subject of cybersecurity.

    Knowing this, author Dr. Neil Daswani covers some of the largest security breaches and the technical topics behind them such as phishing, malware, third-party compromise, software vulnerabilities, and unencrypted data in his latest book, Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone.

    In this session, Neil Daswani is joined by Sushila Nair where they’ll discuss:
    - Effective prevention and detection countermeasures
    - Meta-level causes of breaches
    - Crucial habits for optimal security in your organization
    - and much more!

    Whether you are seeking to implement a stronger foundation of cybersecurity within your organization or you are an individual who wants to learn the basics, this webinar will answer your questions and prepare you for the future of cyber security.

    This episode is part of Cyber Authors, a new series with Sushila Nair. We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive interview.
  • The Dual Mission of the CISO in 2021 Recorded: Jul 14 2021 61 mins
    Jo Peterson | Dr Rebecca Wynn | Konrad Fellmann | Jason Thomas | Sujeet Bambawale
    The CISO community has demonstrated flexibility, tenacity and perseverance throughout the last 18 months.  As the world moves past the pandemic, CISOs are continuing to adapt their organizations.  For many there is a dual mission to enable organization growth as well as a need to prepare and protect for the unforeseen.

    What is clear is that most organizations expect disruption, on some level, to continue for the foreseeable future.

    In this session, we’ll discuss a five pronged approach with tools and tips to help CISOs prepare:

    • Budget and Reserve Budget
    • Emerging Threat Mitigation
    • Maximizing Current Technology Investments
    • Utilization Review to include Optimization and Automation Efforts
    • Fostering Innovation with Emerging Tech

    Moderated by Jo Peterson, Vice President, Cloud and Security Services, Clarify360
    Panelists include:
    Dr Rebecca Wynn, Global CISO & Privacy and Risk Officer
    Konrad Fellmann, VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Cubic Corporation
    Jason Thomas, CISO, Cole, Scott, Kissane
    Sujeet Bambawale, CISO, 7-11
  • Managing Multi-Cloud Security in 2021 Recorded: Jul 14 2021 53 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe | Stephen Archer | Peter Wood | James Johnson
    93% of enterprises already have a multi-cloud strategy in place (Flexera 2020 State of Cloud Report). Multi-cloud security protects data and applications from advanced, sophisticated security threats. Some other benefits include reduced costs and better service delivery. But what are the main multi-cloud security trends you can expect to see in 2021?

    Join cloud and security leaders as they discuss:
    - The benefits of multi-cloud solutions for your security posture
    - The challenges associated with a multi-cloud strategy and how to navigate and overcome these challenges
    - The cloud security landscape of 2021

    Moderated by:
    Simon Ratcliffe, CIO Advisor and Mentor, IT Evangelist, Ensono
    Stephen Archer, Senior Specialist Solutions Engineer (Cloud & Automation), F5 Networks
    Peter Wood, Partner, Naturally Cyber LLP
    James Johnson, Cloud & Data Security Specialist - ATG - EMEA, Proofpoint.
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  • Live at: Oct 6 2016 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Adam Tyler, Chief Innovation Officer, CSID global
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