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Update your email defenses to meet the new threatscape

Unless your organization handled classified information, it was once generally considered “good enough" to protect email with little more than a basic password. When spam floods hit, we all collectively understood that we needed to do a bit more in order to protect the sanity of email traffic (not to mention the sanity of our users). Fast-forward to the current threatscape, where protecting business email is mission critical, but the tools and techniques are tricky to understand, deploy and support with adequate staff training. There is a lot more we can and should be doing, but it can be challenging to navigate the security maze.

In this webinar we’ll discuss a variety of techniques and technologies you can use to improve your email security to meet new threats:

- Filtering unwanted/malicious email traffic
- Why you need encryption on both the message- and network-level
- Using more robust authentication options than just a password
- How you can use authorization to decrease spoofed messages
- Decreasing the risk of damage from software vulnerabilities
- Creating a culture of security to help identify and thwart phishing

Many of these strategies can be useful for protecting your own personal email account or traffic. But as an administrator of a company email infrastructure, there are quite a few other things you can do to meaningfully increase security, which don’t require you to shell out big bucks on fancy new products.
Recorded May 9 2019 53 mins
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Presented by
Lysa Myers & Cameron Camp, Security Researchers
Presentation preview: Update your email defenses to meet the new threatscape

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  • [PANEL] Security as a Service Aug 29 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Panelists TBA
    As in-house security becomes increasingly complex and costly, organizations are in need of a reliable and safe security provider. Join industry experts as they discuss the latest trends in SEaaS, including:

    -Why your organisation needs to move towards SEaaS
    -The different models of security as a service
    - SEaaS solutions and strategies
  • [PANEL] Easy Steps to Enhance IoT Security Aug 28 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Panelists TBA
    With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, IoT devices are often added into enterprise environments without due consideration for the security and privacy risks they pose to the business. Oftentimes, IT security teams do not have full visibility into how many IoT devices are connected to the network. This creates security gaps, as IoT devices are notoriously vulnerable to hacks and attacks.

    Join this interactive panel experts to learn about how enterprises can enhance endpoint, and therefore IoT security.

    Attendees will learn more about:
    - IoT and today's enterprise
    - What's on your network? How do you evaluate IoT devices?
    - Why visibility is key
    - Controlling access to your IoT environment
    - Vendor risk and holding vendors accountable for their IoT equipment
    - Areas for automation and where to reduce your IT security team's involvement
    - Patching and upgrading
    - Expert recommendations for enhancing IoT security
  • [PANEL] How to Simplify Cyber Risk Management? Aug 27 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Panelists TBA
    In today’s multi-cloud and hybrid environments, CISO's are struggling to secure assets, manage security policies across clouds, monitor and mitigate risks, while also supporting the business. How are CISOs solving the challenge of complexity?

    Join this panel of experts to learn how to simplify cyber risk management as well as maximize the value of your team and technology.
    - Risk scoring and security controls
    - How to identify risks for organizations and their third-party vendors
    - How to prevent, detect, and respond to, privacy and network security incidents
    - Best of vulnerability and risk management in a multi-vendor environment
    - Best practices and use cases across industries
  • [PANEL] Insider Threats Aug 22 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Panelists TBA
    As there have been countless insider threat breaches recently, it’s no surprise that research suggests that up to 60% of cyberattacks are due to insider threats. With so much at stake, it's vital for organizations to protect against insider threats.

    Join this interactive panel of industry experts as they discuss:

    -How to protect your organisation from insider threats
    -Latest technologies and solutions
    -Benefits of early and timely detection
  • SOC as a Service – What you must know? Aug 21 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Senthil Palaniappan, CEO & Founder at Sennovate Inc. | Kumar K, Lead Solution Architect at Sennovate Inc.
    Running SOC on-premise is highly complex and expensive. This calls for expertise (for example -Firewall, DNS, Network analyst, Active Directory Domain), and well preparedness to handle unique situations. It becomes imperative for starter companies to build the credibility success factor to stay competitive as against large enterprises.

    Register for this webinar and you will learn about:
    - SOC as a Service, and its Importance
    - Key Components of SOC - Asset Discovery, Threat detection, Vulnerability Assessment, & Behavioural Monitoring
    - Rapid Incident Response & Event Investigation
    - Better Risk & Compliance Management
    - Choosing a MSSP SOC Vendor vs Build your own SOC
    - How to select the right MSSP SOC Vendor

    About the speakers:

    Senthil Palaniappan, CEO & Founder at Sennovate Inc.
    - Over 25 Years of Industry Experience in Information technology
    - Specializes in Information Security, Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure and Integration
    - Consulted with various fortune companies

    Kumar K, Lead Solution Architect at Sennovate Inc.
    - Over 18 years of industry experience
    - Specializes in various Identity and Access Management products including oracle and various cloud products
    - Vast experience in building custom solutions with Oracle Access Manager.
  • [PANEL] Email Security Strategies and Solutions Aug 21 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Panelists TBA
    With email security breaches constantly making headlines, it is crucial for organisations to be ahead of the curve. Join this interactive panel of industry experts as they discuss the latest trends in email security and how to prevent becoming the next international headline.

    Join this Q&A panel to learn more about:

    -Emerging trends in email attacks
    -How to stay on top of the latest threats
    -Best solutions to protect your organisation
  • [PANEL] Top Threats to Network Security and How to Protect Against Them Aug 20 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kalani Enos, kenos Technologies LLC | Greg DeBrecourt, Aerovironment | Peter Wood, Naturally Cyber
    Securing the networks from attackers remains a key challenge in 2019. With billions of people affected by data breaches, governments and businesses are continuing to spend more time and money trying to better protect against cyber attacks.

    Join this panel of experts as they discuss the biggest threats to enterprise networks and how to better protect against them:
    - Top threats to network security
    - Watering hole attacks: Explanation and examples
    - Microsegmentation and lateral movement prevention
    - How to improve the security of network infrastructure devices
    - Real time breach detection: Myth or reality?
    - Steps to take to better secure your networks

    - Kalani Enos, Founder and CEO, kenos Technologies LLC (moderator)
    - Greg DeBrecourt, Cyber Security Manager, Aerovironment
    - Peter Wood, Partner, Naturally Cyber LLP
  • Hybrid Cloud Security Policy Considerations Aug 19 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Predrag "Pez" Zivic, Sr. Security Solutions Architect, Pensando Systems
    This talk will explore the challenges of defining security policies for hybrid and multi-cloud implementations. The attendees will see the new components needed for hybrid cloud security policies. The considerations of what content is needed for multi-cloud security policies will be listed. The clear advantage of workload context will be used to show how security policy can be created for cloud-based workloads. Security policy for dynamic movement of workloads to different cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and private clouds will be explored. Ideas on how to properly create a security policy for dynamic workload movement will be presented.

    Attendees will see that the role of IP in a multi-cloud security policy is diminishing or even presenting an obstacle. Hybrid and multi-cloud security policies introduce a new paradigm in security, and presentation attendees will learn how to embrace it.
  • [PANEL] Beyond Perimeter-Based Security Aug 19 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jo Peterson (Clarify360) | Tina Gravel (Cyxtera)
    For years organisations have relied on perimeter-based security strategies to protect and secure their networks. As the workplace becomes increasingly fluid, it is clear that relying solely on perimeter-based security is no longer suitable.

    Join this exclusive panel of industry experts as they discuss:
    • Where traditional perimeter-based security models fall short
    • Notable cyber attack methods and how to protect against them
    • Strategies for improved network security and how to implement them

    - Jo Peterson, VP Cloud Services, Clarify360
    - Tina Gravel, SVP Global Channels, Cyxtera
  • PCI Dream Team: Ask Us Your Toughest Questions [Part 7] Aug 13 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ben Rothke | David Mundhenk | Jeff Hall | Arthur Cooper "Coop"
    The PCI Dream Team is back for another interactive Q&A session.

    With hundreds of different requirements, the various Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards can be overwhelming. While the PCI Security Standards Council has provided lots of answers, the devil is often in the details.

    Our panelists are some of the top PCI QSA’s in the country, with decades of combined PCI and card processing experiences. They’ve seen it all: the good, bad and ugly; and lived to tell the tale.

    Join Ben Rothke, David Mundhenk, Arthur Cooper, and Jeff Hall for an interactive Q&A session, and get answers to your most vexing PCI questions. No PCI question is out of bounds.

    - Ben Rothke, Senior Security Consultant at Nettitude
    - David Mundhenk, Senior Security Consultant at Herjavec Group
    - Jeff Hall, Senior Consultant at Wesbey Associates
    - Arthur Cooper "Coop", Senior Security Consultant at NuArx
  • [Earn CPE] Automating Your Third-Party Risk Management Program Jul 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Colin Whittaker, IRD; Chris Poulin, BitSight; Jason Sabourin, OneTrust; Syuyin Leow, LogicGate; Todd Boehler, ProcessUnity.
    The current state of vendor risk management (VRM) is bleak. More than half of all information security breaches are caused by third-party vendors, and according to Deloitte 83% of today’s business leaders lack confidence in third party VRM processes. Given the growing complexities in accurately collecting and screening third-party data and the need for deeper due diligence, automation is key to a successful risk program. However, many corporations haven’t adopted automation in their third-party risk management programs.

    The lack of automation adoption can be traced to a few core reasons. Disparate systems, out-of-date data, and inconsistent policies can all stifle a company’s ability to modernize their third-party risk management program, and companies often suffer from more than one of these. When applied effectively, automation can not only help prevent these roadblocks; it can also drive the efficiencies procurement and compliance leaders are looking for. Join this CPE accredited panel webinar as our expert panel address some key steps to automating third-party risk management, including how to:

    -Manage an up-to-date vendor master to create one source of truth across the entire corporation,
    -Leverage automation and machine learning to standardize data governance,
    -Drive efficiencies and reduces costs, while ensuring the highest accuracy in your third-party risk management program.
  • [PANEL] Cloud Security Common Sense Tips & Tools Jul 25 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Tim Woods (Firemon) | Ed Moyle (Prelude Institute) | Raef Meeuwisse
    Organizations are increasing their spend on cloud security solutions (up to $12.7 billion by 2023). What are the biggest challenges for businesses when it comes to securing the cloud, the solutions they are increasingly turning to, and the best practices needed to improve security overall?

    Join this panel of experts to learn more about the current state of cloud and what organizations are doing to secure it. Attendees will learn about:

    - Moving to the multi-cloud
    - What's the deal with Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS)
    - Compliance challenges and how to overcome them
    - Common sense tips for cloud security
    - Recommended tools and solutions
    - Words of wisdom from the experts

    - Tim Woods, VP Technology Alliances, Firemon
    - Raef Meeuwisse, ISACA Expert Speaker & author Cybersecurity for Beginners
    - Ed Moyle, General Manager and Chief Content Officer, Prelude Institute
  • [PANEL] Biometrics: Key Privacy and Security Considerations Jul 24 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dr. Ann Cavoukian | Shahrokh Shahidzadeh | Dr. Christopher Pierson
    Passwords are increasingly ineffective and organizations and governments are turning to biometrics for authentication, cyber security and even national security.

    Join this panel of experts as they discuss the rise of biometric technology and its impact on privacy and security for users, consumers and organizations.

    - The current state of authentication
    - Are biometrics safer than passwords
    - Top biometric technologies that could kill passwords
    - Privacy implications and the risk of breach
    - Safeguarding biometric data
    - The future of data privacy and security

    - Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Distinguished Expert-in-Residence, Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence Ryerson University
    - Dr. Christopher Pierson, CEO & Founder, BLACKCLOAK
    - Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO at Acceptto
  • Breach Protection - Addressing the Human Factor Recorded: Jul 18 2019 60 mins
    Dan Lohrmann (Security Mentor) | Joseph Carson (Thycotic) | Rick Holland (Digital Shadows) | Shlomi Gian (CybeReady)
    Insider threats involving stolen or compromised credentials are a persistent issue for organizations worldwide. Whether it's a breach caused by a external vendor accessing an organization's systems, an organization's data being accessed by attackers that have breached a vendor, or an organization's own employees falling victim to phishing or other attacks, the risk of breach is bigger than most organizations realize.

    Join this panel of experts to learn about strategies and best practices for dealing with insider threats, breach prevention and improving your organization's overall security posture.

    Some of the topics up for discussion include:
    - What's new in breaches
    - Addressing the human factor
    - Insider threats and managing privileged access
    - Security awareness in the age of cyber attacks
    - Words of wisdom from the experts
    - Best practices for improving security

    Dan Lohrmann, Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer, Security Mentor
    Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist, Thycotic
    Rick Holland, CISO, Digital Shadows
    Shlomi Gian, CEO, CybeReady
  • Emerging Data Privacy and Security for Cloud Recorded: Jul 18 2019 58 mins
    Ulf Mattsson, Head of Innovation, TokenEx
    Personal data privacy will be the most prominent issue affecting how businesses gather, store, process, and disclose data in public cloud. Businesses have been inundated with information on what recent privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA require, but many are still trying to figure out how to comply with them on a practical level. Many companies are focusing on data privacy from the legal and security side, which are foundational, but are missing the focus on data.

    The good news is that these data privacy regulations compel businesses to get a handle on personal data — how they get it, where they get it from, which systems process it, where it goes internally and externally, etc. In other words, the new norms of data privacy require proactive data management, which enables organizations to extract real business value from their data, improve the customer experience, streamline internal processes, and better understand their customers.

    Join this interactive webinar to learn more about:
    - The latest trends and strategies for securing sensitive data in cloud and the enterprise
    - How to discover and capture your data inventory
    - What’s needed to prevent a data breach by securing your critical data and protect your reputation
  • Using Threat Intelligence in the Security Operations Center Recorded: Jul 17 2019 44 mins
    Roselle Safran, President, Rosint Labs
    For security operations centers (SOCs), threat intelligence can be overwhelming and distracting or it can be a powerful asset that improves SOC efficiency and effectiveness.

    Join this presentation to learn how to make the most out of threat intelligence and productively apply it to all the key functions of SOC operations – prevention, detection, and response. Attendees will learn a framework for using threat intelligence in the SOC as well as processes that can be readily incorporated into workflows.

    About the Speaker:
    Roselle Safran is President of Rosint Labs, a cybersecurity consultancy that provides operational and strategic direction to security teams, leaders, and startups.
  • Golden Chickens: Threat Actor Deep Dive Analysis Recorded: Jul 17 2019 43 mins
    Chaz Hobson & Daniel Young, QuoScient GmbH
    Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analysis and investigation is critical to identifying, tracking and efficiently countering threat actors and adversarial techniques. In this webinar, we will dive into the Golden Chickens threat actor family uncovered and show you how to rapidly identify and derive actionable intelligence for this threat actor. In this presentation, you will see:

    In depth overview of this emerging threat actor and their primary targets
    The analytic methodology that led to the uncovering of this threat actor
    Drive this analysis of complex and multifaceted adversaries
    Understand the steps that can be taken to identify and mitigate this and other related threat actors

    Chaz Hobson: Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, QuoLab
    Daniel Young: IR Lead and Senior Sales Engineer, QuoLab
  • Introducing Adaptive Threat Response Recorded: Jul 17 2019 37 mins
    Robin Smith CISSP, CISM, CISA – Cyber Security Researcher, Lifeboat Foundation
    This webinar examines the imperative to introduce greater agility into threat response. There are too many orthodoxies dictating cyber standards, limiting an organisations ability to move quickly once threats to standards and services are identified.

    This webinar will provide an insight into new methods for threat response that focus on lean methods to speed responses and deliver an improved security posture for the organisation.
  • [PANEL] Fighting Cyber Crime: Tips, Tools and Tech Recorded: Jul 16 2019 64 mins
    Chris Roberts (Attivo), Nathan Wenzler (Moss Adams), Ali Golshan (StackRox), Kevin Sheu (Vectra)
    According to a recent FBI report, cyber crime cost organizations $2.7 billion in 2018. Business email scams that targeted wire transfer payments accounted for almost half of that.

    How are businesses protecting against cyber crime? What are the best practices when it comes to cyber crime prevention, breach detection and data security in general?

    Join this panel of experts from the industry as they discuss the latest trends in cyber crime and how organizations can get a step ahead of attackers.
    - New in cyber crime
    - Is ransomware still a threat?
    - Biggest priorities when it comes to cyber threat prevention
    - Tips from the front lines of security
    - Tools, technologies and policies that make security professionals' lives easier

    Chris Roberts, Chief Security Strategist, Attivo Networks
    Nathan Wenzler, Senior Director of Cybersecurity, Moss Adams
    Ali Golshan, Co-Founder & CTO, StackRox
    Kevin Sheu, Vice President, Product Marketing, Vectra
  • Demystifying Hacking Recorded: Jul 16 2019 23 mins
    Orson Mosley & Naz Markuta - Cyber Security Researchers, 6point6 Cyber Lab
    The world of hacking remains a mystery for many. In this webinar, our 6point6 Cyber Lab ethical hackers will demystify hacking by running a live demo and will discuss tips on what you can do protect yourself from hacks.

    Orson Mosley, Cyber Security Researcher, 6point6 Cyber Lab
    Naz Markuta, Cyber Security Researcher, 6point6 Cyber Lab
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  • Live at: May 9 2019 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Lysa Myers & Cameron Camp, Security Researchers
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