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CISO Strategies for the Cloud

CISO Strategies for the Cloud: Key Factors to Consider when Building a Successful Cloud Strategy addresses the critical information security elements that every organization needs to consider as part of their Cloud Strategy. This presentation brings together experts in Information Security, Cloud Architecture, and Big Data Analytics to provide the attendee with the information they need to put a secure cloud strategy in place today.
Recorded Sep 23 2020 46 mins
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Presented by
Graydon McKee, Willie Robinson & Vadapalli Sricharan Pyramid Consulting Solutions
Presentation preview: CISO Strategies for the Cloud

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  • Protecting Connected Devices from Cyber Threats Oct 7 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rick Holland, Mark Lynd, Terence Jackson & Dirk Schrader
    The proliferation of connected devices at home and in the workplace has opened the door to attackers, who often find poorly protected IoT devices as easy targets and entry points.

    This panel of security experts and industry leaders will explore the security risks that connected devices pose for individuals and organizations in the U.S. and what can be done to secure devices, deter attackers and overall minimize the risk of breach.
    - How connected devices have changed the game from a cybersecurity perspective?
    - Why connected devices are easy targets for attackers
    - Other cyber threats to be aware of when it comes to connected devices
    - What you can do to secure your devices at home and at work
    - Understanding the risk of breach
    - Best practices & how to #BeCyberSmart

    This panel is part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2020.

    We welcome and encourage audience participation and questions.

    Terence Jackson, Chief Information Security Officer, Thycotic (Moderator)
    Rick Holland, CISO, Vice President of Strategy, Digital Shadows
    Mark Lynd, Head of Digital Business - CISSP, ISSAP & ISSMP, NETSYNC
    Dirk Schrader, Product Marketing Manager, NNT.
  • How She Got There—Women in Health IT Oct 6 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Moderator: Karen Diamond, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, pureIntegration
    Women are increasingly finding a career in healthcare IT. According to a recent article in Healthcare Finance News, women make up 66% of all entry-level healthcare employees and 30% of C-suite positions in healthcare IT.*

    Our panelists are challenging the ecosystem—transforming the information technology space in healthcare, driving improved patient care, and leading with a purpose.

    Join us for an open and honest hour-long conversation with influential women in healthcare information and technology who are leading the way to a more diverse and enriched community. Gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that these female executives have experienced as they have navigated their careers. Learn from them how they are leading their organizations to digitally transform and serve their patients in more effective ways. Discover how they see the healthcare ecosystem evolving to achieve more diversity and balance in the workforce.

    Webinar host pureIntegration is an IT consulting services firm, led by a team of 53% women and minorities.

    *Reference: https://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/news/women-healthcare-hold-most-manager-positions-lack-minority-representation-persists
  • The Evolution Beyond Secure Email Gateways Oct 6 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Landewe, Cofounder at Avanan
    Why Securing Cloud-Based Email Requires a Different Approach

    Email gateways including Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Barracuda were designed to protect on-premises email servers, but when you moved your email to the cloud, it revealed five vulnerabilities that continue to expose your users to attacks.

    It's why companies are switching from gateway vendors. Come learn how the migration to Office 365 and Gmail necessitated an evolution in how to secure cloud email, and why Secure Email Gateways are not the right answer.
  • CISO Insights: How to Practice Cyber Hygiene & #BeCyberSmart Oct 5 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dan Lohrmann | Earl Duby | Keith Hollender | Adam Ford
    By popular demand, the CISO Insights series is back in October for National Cyber Security Awareness Month with a new episode on securing connected devices.

    Join this interactive Q&A discussion with CISOs to learn more about:
    - Why connected devices are a popular target for attackers
    - Steps for easy cyber hygiene at home and at work
    - Building a security culture together
    - CISO recommendations & best practices

    - Dan Lohrmann, CSO & Chief Strategist, Security Mentor, Inc.
    - Earl Duby, CISO, Lear Corporation
    - Keith Hollender, former CISO; Partner, Global Cybersecurity Practice Lead at MorganFranklin Consulting
    - Adam Ford, CISO of Illinois

    This panel is part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2020.

    We welcome and encourage audience participation and questions.
  • 2020 Refreshed List - Top 10 API Security Threats Every DevSecOps Should Know Recorded: Sep 24 2020 38 mins
    Amit Jain, CTO and Co-Founder, Mesh7
    Today’s cloud-native workloads run as heterogeneous APIs and services in a highly distributed manner. As the infrastructure layer is getting more mature, hardened and robust, threats are moving deep into the application layer.

    This session goes through the updated Top 10 threats that are prevalent in the cloud-native environment, specifically as it relates to data in transit, and talks about mechanisms to detect and protect against them.
  • SECURITY UNDER A CLOUD Recorded: Sep 24 2020 38 mins
    Victor Monga Senior Network & Security TAM, VMware
    Cloud provider and/or Cloud consumer have to consider cloud security best practices. But with the rise of public clouds, we have started focusing on putting all eggs in one basket. In this session, we will discuss what are security hygiene tasks you should discuss as a cloud provider and/or consumer.
  • [*CPE] A Third-Party Risk Management Masterclass Recorded: Sep 24 2020 76 mins
    Stephen Boyer, BitSight; Jon Ehret, RiskRecon; Chris McCloskey, OneTrust; and Todd Boehler, ProcessUnity.
    *Attend live for 1.5 CPE Credits

    Third-party risk management (TPRM) programs are designed to offload that risk, but the current approach isn’t providing the intended results. According to the Ponemon Institute, nearly 61% of U.S. companies have experienced a data breach caused by a third party.

    To build an efficient TPRM program, it's critical to understand which vendors and suppliers present the most risk, as well as which ones are essential to your operations. By understanding where to prioritize your time, you can onboard key vendors faster, spend the right amount of time performing due diligence, and invest the most resources assessing and monitoring the third parties that matter most, helping to increase security and performance.

    On this webinar our panel of experts will share their experiences and discuss how to:

    - Overcome the most common vendor risk challenges
    - Prioritize your third parties by criticality
    - Streamline your due diligence and vendor assessment process
    - Encourage effective communication between internal stakeholders
    - Establish a continuous improvement cycle to encourage better results year over year
    - Achieve efficiencies out of TPRM tools
  • Dissecting Cybercrime – Mule Networks- unwitting accomplices in cyber crime Recorded: Sep 24 2020 59 mins
    Alex Holden
    Every year tens of thousands of individuals are getting recruited by cybercriminals for legitimately looking jobs of reshipping clerks, accounting specialists, and many other positions. This year, due to the pandemic, these work-from-home jobs got a new level of legitimacy and unprecidented demand. We will examine current schemes for stolen goods re-shipment, charity scheming, money laundering, and more. What your organization should be aware of, how you are impacted, what you should be doing to stay ahead of this ever-changing networks of money and goods mules.
  • 6 ways CISOs are securing and navigating the cloud Recorded: Sep 24 2020 61 mins
    Jo Peterson, Clarify 360; Brian ThompsonVP, Veeam Software; Michael Goldgof, Barracuda Networks; Carl Eberling, Forcepoint
    Cloud Adoption is on the rise again. According to IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Survey, 59 percent of respondents said their organizations would be mostly or all in the cloud within 18 months. Cloud changes our approach on so many levels—new technology, new shared responsibility model and new cybersecurity considerations

    In today’s session, we’ll explore 6 ways CISOs are navigating the cloud:
    - Securing an extended perimeter
    - Upskilling the team
    - Balancing Risk Management in Third Party Relationships
    - Defining the Shared Roles in a Shared Responsibility Model
    - Enhancing Visibility
    - Taking Advantage of Automation

    Jo Peterson, Vice President, Cloud and Security Services, Clarify360
    Brian Campbell--VP, Cyber Security Architect, Veeam Software
    Mike Goldgof--Senior Director, Product Marketing at Barracuda
    Carl Eberling-- CIO/CISO- Forcepoint
  • Zero Trust Security: A Bridge to the Cloud Recorded: Sep 24 2020 40 mins
    Jason Garbis, Senior Vice President of Products, AppGate
    Zero Trust security represents a transformation of security principles, technology, and processes which can effectively address today’s IT and threat landscape, and help organizations securely embrace the cloud. Zero Trust not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional security tools and technologies, it provides a unified policy model and set of enforcement points across a heterogeneous technology landscape.

    This is important, because cloud environments, for all their power and promise, do utilize a different set of security technologies, tools, and models compared with the traditional on-premises infrastructure. While there are often very compelling business and technology drivers to adopt the cloud, from a security perspective these changes bring with them a new set of challenges.

    The good news is that a Zero Trust approach – utilizing the open, modern Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) security architecture – is entirely achievable, and brings enormous security and operational benefits. As such, not only can embracing Zero Trust improve enterprise security, it can act as a secure bridge to the cloud.

    In this session, we’ll define Zero Trust as a set of principles, and explain how the Software-Defined Perimeter - which verifies and secures all access to all resources, and strictly limits network access – avoids the limitations of traditional security

    We’ll explain how an SDP implementation delivers fine-grained network access control, in a way that’s tied to each user’s context, and is dynamically responsive to changes in Cloud environments. We’ll make this concrete with a customer case study, showing how one enterprise obtained technical, business, and compliance benefits from deploying this solution as part of their Cloud migration.
  • The Necessity for a Behavior Security Approach to Finding & Fixing Blindspots Recorded: Sep 24 2020 41 mins
    Pratik Roychowdhury, CPO, Mesh7
    So you've deployed your cloud-native application in production. And you've put in place network policies and security & compliance solutions to ensure that your applications are protected and compliant.

    What if I told you that your data might still be leaking out? What if your applications are still talking to unsanctioned domains and CnC sites? What if your use of cloud services are getting compromised? What if rogue insiders with access to credentials are misusing your environment or stealing info? What if I told you that you still have a number of risky security holes and blind-spots in your environment that you are not aware of?

    This session talks about the effective strategies -- of how to detect and mitigate against intrusions and risks from lateral breaches, egress breaches, cloud services breaches, in your environment and how to mitigate them -- so you can focus on productivity and business continuity.
  • Misconfigurations and You Recorded: Sep 23 2020 16 mins
    Dennis E. Leber, CISO, University of Tennessee Health and Science Center
    Misconfigurations are the leading cause of cloud breaches. As the Security Leader of your organization does your strategy properly address these challenges? Do you know what to discuss with the Senior leaders of you business? This presentation covers the considerations and some tips on how to relate these risks to the Leadership.

    Take aways:
    1. Considerations when selecting cloud solutions
    2. Tips on how to communicate with Leadership
    3. How to evaluate the shared security responsibilities that come with cloud solutions
  • Preventing & Detecting Cloud Security Incidents Recorded: Sep 23 2020 57 mins
    Jeff Foresman, VP of Security Operations & CISO, Digital Hands
    We have seen explosive growth in organizations moving applications, services and systems to the Cloud but unfortunately many do not understand how to secure these environments. Numerous IT and Security departments approach security in the cloud as they were securing individual servers in a data center and do not understand how to prevent data breaches or accidental data disclosers. Organizations are also struggling with how to effectively get full visibility into the cloud environment to monitor for malicious activity or configuration errors.

    This presentation will focus on how to prevent and detect cloud security incidents including:

    - Cloud Security Threats
    - Review of Cloud Data Breaches
    - How to Prevent Cloud Security Incidents
    - How to Detect Cloud Security Incidents

    Attendees to this discussion will come away with an understanding of the threats to cloud platforms and how an organization can develop solutions to effectively prevent and detect cloud data breaches. We will also provide best practices and native cloud solution recommendations to harden and monitor their applications, services and systems.
  • Battling Disinformation, Voter Suppression & Cyber Attacks Recorded: Sep 23 2020 61 mins
    David Morris | Lee Imrey | Mark Rasch
    This episode of the Election Hacking Original series will explore the impact of social media platforms on democratic elections, with a special focus on the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

    Join this panel to ask your questions and learn more about:
    - Has anything changed since 2016 and how
    - What can we learn from examples of other elections around the globe when it comes to the spread of disinformation
    - How has disinformation been used to suppress voting
    - What's new on the threat landscape for November
    - What is the likelihood of a cyber attack against elections

    Moderator: David Morris, Executive Director at Digital Risk Management Institute

    This episode is part of the Election Hacking Original series examining the threats to democratic elections, the technologies used to power and hijack elections, and what's needed to educate and empower voters before Election Day.
  • Identities, Privileged Access & Cloud Security Recorded: Sep 23 2020 59 mins
    Brandon S. Dunlap; Jeremy Snyder, Rapid 7; Morten Boel Sigurdsson, Omada; Corey Williams, CyberArk
    Securing the access to cloud data assets has never been more important. According to the latest Verizon DBIR, 73% of cloud breaches involved an email or web application server, while 77% of these cloud breaches also involved breached credentials. What does this mean for enterprise cloud security, especially in the time of COVID19 and remote working?

    Join this keynote panel to learn more about:
    - How the landscape has changed in 2020
    - Why attackers are focused on identities
    - Understanding privileged user behavior and securing identities
    - Discover how organizations are doing IAM, and what's needed for a more secure enterprise
    - Best practices and recommendations by the experts
  • CISO Strategies for the Cloud Recorded: Sep 23 2020 46 mins
    Graydon McKee, Willie Robinson & Vadapalli Sricharan Pyramid Consulting Solutions
    CISO Strategies for the Cloud: Key Factors to Consider when Building a Successful Cloud Strategy addresses the critical information security elements that every organization needs to consider as part of their Cloud Strategy. This presentation brings together experts in Information Security, Cloud Architecture, and Big Data Analytics to provide the attendee with the information they need to put a secure cloud strategy in place today.
  • CISO Journey to Cloud Recorded: Sep 22 2020 39 mins
    Park Foreman, Security and Compliance Architect, IBM Multicloud Management Platform
    Cloud adoption is becoming and essential part of an organization’s competitive survival. This talk will provide guidance for the CISO organization is what to expect and how to stay in step with an IT organization tasked with rapid cloud migration. It is a new landscape and new challenges to governance, risk and compliance. Be part of the cloud journey and not left behind.
  • Life on the Front Lines - Staying Sane in the SOC Recorded: Sep 16 2020 57 mins
    Diana Kelley, SecurityCurve | Vinay Pidathala, Menlo Security | Delyan Nestorov, Rapid7 | Charity Wright, Recorded Future
    Join this episode of The (Security) Balancing Act for an insider's view of life on the front lines of cybersecurity.

    This panel will look into what it's like to work in and manage a Security Operations Center (SOC), as well as share best practices for keeping your team of front-line defenders sane, empowered and happy, and your organization secure.

    The topics up for discussion during this episode include:
    - What kind of people are best suited for work in a SOC?
    - What kind of training / certifications / skills are needed to be successful?
    - How to handle alert fatigue and analyst overload?
    - Is automation (ML & AI) the answer?
    - What do you do when IOCs aren't enough?
    - Hunters vs. responders, what's the difference?
    - How the pandemic is impacting security operations?
    - Building a healthy team culture and managing self-care in the age of breaches
    - What's needed to make life easier for these front-line cyber defenders

    This episode is part of The (Security) Balancing Act original series with Diana Kelley. We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive panel session.
  • CISO Strategies for the Cloud: Key Factors to Consider when Building a Successfu Recorded: Sep 11 2020 47 mins
    Graydon McKee, Willie Robinson & Vadapalli Sricharan Pyramid Consulting Solutions
    CISO Strategies for the Cloud: Key Factors to Consider when Building a Successful Cloud Strategy addresses the critical information security elements that every organization needs to consider as part of their Cloud Strategy. This presentation brings together experts in Information Security, Cloud Architecture, and Big Data Analytics to provide the attendee with the information they need to put a secure cloud strategy in place today.
  • Converged Cyber Security In The Era Of Cloud & Digital Risk. Recorded: Sep 9 2020 54 mins
    Nick Savvides, Senior Director Strategic Business APAC, Forcepoint
    The last 10 years have not just changed our applications and systems, but our entire businesses. Digital Transformation has been a key part of most large enterprise’s strategy, fueled by cloud services, mobile devices and ubiquitous connectivity, this is transformation continues to evolve. In the scramble to transform, cloud applications and cloud platforms became commonplace and with security struggling to cope, this led to an explosion of new tools, systems and procedures.

    Where Digital Transformation leads, Digital Risk follows, raising concerns about exposure from the existing cyber-security controls and their assumed risked models. Even these relatively modern approaches are starting to show their age, again struggling to stay ahead of the transforming cloud and network models.

    In a continually transforming environment, where agile is king, cloud comes first, apps are server-less, networks borderless, buildings don’t matter and employees are working everywhere, cyber-security must also transform.

    Our cyber-security thinking and approach must adapt to cater for this new risk reality and cut across both the business and technology silos. This is fundamentally changing the paradigm that cyber-security instrumentation, controls and people are working under.

    In this talk, we will explore how cyber-security organizations can navigate this change to deliver the security and risk out comes their leaders, users and customers expect.
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  • Presented by: Graydon McKee, Willie Robinson & Vadapalli Sricharan Pyramid Consulting Solutions
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