Quantum vs. Quantum

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Bruno Huttner, Director of Quantum Strategic Initiatives, ID Quantique

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As emphasized by the recent controversy about quantum supremacy, the quantum computer is already a reality. Although the timing of the arrival of a quantum computer capable of factoring large integers and therefore of breaking most existing public key cryptosystems is still under debate, the risk to our cybersecurity infrastructure is now real and steadily increasing. In order to prepare our cybersecurity framework to the quantum era, and build a Quantum-Safe infrastructure, action must be taken today. Fortunately, some solutions exist today and are constantly improving. There come in two very different flavours. One is to find new mathematical problems, which should be immune to the quantum computer threat. This is the domain of Post-Quantum Cryptography. The second is to use the peculiar properties of quantum itself to fight against the quantum computer threat. Current solutions are known as Quantum Random Number Generators, which improve the quality of keys, and Quantum Key Distribution, which enable secure distribution of these keys. Quantum Networks and the future Quantum Internet will soon make these solutions usable in a broad context. In this presentation, we will outline both solutions and focus on the quantum ones.
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