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Storage Virtualization with 3PAR

Storage Virtualization with 3PAR
Recorded Nov 4 2008 49 mins
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Presented by
Craig Nunes, VP of Marketing at 3PAR
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  • Roundtable: Virtualization from End to End...Desktop to Server Recorded: Nov 5 2008 51 mins
    Tom Foremski with featured speakers from the Virtualization Summit
    Silicon Valley Watcher editor Tom Foremski moderates a panel of featured speakers from BrightTALK's Virtualization Summit as they respond to questions and engage in a lively discussion of the ins and outs of virtualization.
  • Dynamic Virtual Clients - How to Be Thin and Rich Recorded: Nov 4 2008 38 mins
    Mike Ferron-Jones, Intel's Director of Dynamic Virtual Client Technology
    Pros and cons of virtualization: which models are really the best
  • Storage Virtualization with 3PAR Recorded: Nov 4 2008 49 mins
    Craig Nunes, VP of Marketing at 3PAR
    Storage Virtualization with 3PAR
  • Database Virtualization with xkoto Recorded: Nov 4 2008 33 mins
    Charlie Ungashick and Albert Lee of xkoto
    Charlie Ungashick and Albert Lee of xkoto
  • Disaster Recovery Using VMware’s Site Recovery Manager Recorded: Nov 4 2008 38 mins
    Lewis Smith, Interphase Systems, Inc.
    Now, corporations truly understand that it’s not a matter of if a disaster will occur, but when. Hurricane Katrina is one example of a major disaster that has forced companies to pause and reevaluate their Disaster Recovery strategy. Virtualization technologies have created an affordable DR approach, yielding greater environment flexibility and mobility. However, many manual steps must still be taken to recover or failover an entire IT environment. VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM) can automate most of those manual steps to provide a repeatable, reportable and recoverable solution to complement your corporate DR plan. This presentation will focus on the benefits of SRM and key points of consideration when looking to automate your DR steps.
  • Virtualization: Building an Efficient Datacenter Recorded: Nov 4 2008 24 mins
    Steve Wilson, Vice President of xVM at Sun Microsystems
    Desktop to Datacenter Virtualization: Building an Efficient Datacenter with Steve Wilson, Vice President of xVM at Sun Microsystems
  • Transforming Strategies for Datacenter Virtualization Recorded: Nov 4 2008 28 mins
    Mark Linesch, VP of Marketing at HP Insight Software
    HP discusses the data center challenges to deliver an adaptive infrastructure. Rethinking virtualization in business terms as organizations move to next-generation data centers.
  • Dell Virtualization Recorded: Nov 4 2008 46 mins
    Chris Radcliffe, director of Global Services & Solutions Marketing at Dell
    Dell will discuss the hardware, software and services that can help businesses simplify virtualization.
  • Mastering the Management of Virtualization in Production Recorded: Nov 4 2008 30 mins
    Javier Soltero, Hyperic CEO
    While the cost, flexibility and scalability benefits of virtualization are undeniable, so are the systems and network management challenges created by the virtual data center. Cautionary tales abound, examples of organizations who have not just figured out how to manage their virtualized environments, but how to use management to maximize their performance and availability are still fewer than one would expect. In this Webcast, Javier Soltero, CEO of Hyperic will address best practices for managing and monitoring your virtualized data center, once created. He will also provide expert input on how to evaluate virtualization management tools, tricks for streamlining application-level management, common misperceptions and pitfalls that can be avoided and much more. Last he will offer clear cut examples of companies that have successfully overcome virtualization management hurdles.
  • Virtualization w/ CohesiveFT Recorded: Nov 4 2008 42 mins
    Patrick Kerpan, CTO of CohesiveFT
    Patrick Kerpan, CTO of CohesiveFT
  • A Cloud Computing Adoption Model: A Graduated, Stepwise Approach Recorded: Nov 4 2008 24 mins
    Jake Sorofman, VP of marketing, rPath
    Any IT transformation is complex and high risk, requiring significant change in technology, process and culture. This is why an incremental, plan-driven approach is critical for successful transformation. The Cloud Computing Adoption Model is a graduated, stepwise approach for adoption of cloud technologies. It helps to cut through the hype and lay out a clear game plan incrementing toward cloud without putting projects, budgets and even careers at risk based on a 5-step framework loosely modeled after the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. For each level, the Model outlines the strategic goals, key investment requirements, expected returns, risk factors, and readiness criteria for graduating to the next step.
reporting on the business of technology and media
Former FT journalist Tom Foremski reporting on the business of technlogy and media.

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  • Title: Storage Virtualization with 3PAR
  • Live at: Nov 4 2008 10:45 pm
  • Presented by: Craig Nunes, VP of Marketing at 3PAR
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