Live Interview with Professor Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig
Managing IP's Americas editor Eileen McDermott will interview Stanford Law School professor and author Lawrence Lessig about the implications for IP owners of the ideas presented in his latest book, Remix: Making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy.
Feb 18 2009
29 mins
Live Interview with Professor Lawrence Lessig
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  • We’ll take an in-depth look at the new Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines on social media and consumer compliance risk, and how they may impact your organization. We’ll break down nearly 20 pages of dense government material, distilling the key topics for legal, compliance, risk and finance professionals, including:

    •The purpose and rationale for the new guidelines
    •Which reports, metrics and other artifacts best address the new guidance
    •What your organization should do next

    Join us February 19 for a live webcast featuring James Carnall, Vice President of Cyber Intelligence for Cyveillance.
  • Recently, as the number of patent infringement actions filed by foreign companies against Korean competitors has increased, Korean companies have responded aggressively with counteractions in multiple countries, frequently including Korea. Under this changing environment, the quality and size of the Korean patent portfolio plays a critical role in balancing the overall positions between the disputing parties.

    With recent cases such as the Apple v. Samsung disputes, Osram v. LG Innotek & Samsung LED and the “Viagra case” between Pfizer and Hanmi Pharmaceutical, having a clear understanding of the South Korean legal framework and enforcement practice becomes crucial in successfully protecting your patent portfolio and other forms of IP rights.

    Whether you, or your clients, face litigation in Korea, or will potentially be facing it in the future, this webinar will help you understand the essence of Korea’s legal framework, analyse different enforcement options, and give advice on effective counter-measures.

    Speakers include:
    • James Nurton, managing editor, Managing IP (moderator)
    • Mr. J. Kenneth Oh, vice president, head of IP division, LG Display Co., Ltd.
    • Mr. Duck Soon Chang, partner, Kim & Chang
    • Mr. Stephen T. Bang, partner, Kim & Chang

    The webinar will focus on South Korea’s legal framework and patent enforcement practice, covering:
    • Enforcement options in South Korea
    • How to utilize the bifurcated court system
    • Effective counter-measures to an invalidity defence
    • Analysis and discussion of South Korea’s most notable patent infringement cases

    The live audience will be able to ask questions of the speakers during the webinar, which will be in English and will last one hour.
  • NOTE: All slides are now ready for download under:

    Recently, there has been a rise in allegations that the high costs of the patent litigation system in the US are being exploited to reach settlements even on low-value patents. This has led to concerns from technology companies as well as end-users that the patent system is impeding business development and innovation.

    Key to this debate is the question of damages in litigation: How are they awarded? What is proportionate? Are any changes in the law needed? In this webinar, our panellists will look at the issues raised by the troll debate, what strategies plaintiffs and defendants can adopt and what changes, if any, are needed.

    Whether you, or your clients, face threats from trolls, or will potentially be affected in the future, this webinar will help you understand the essence of the problem, how existing laws can already face these challenges and the consequences of new legislation on the issue.

    Speakers include:
    • James Nurton, managing editor, Managing IP (moderator)
    • Eric E. Bensen, intellectual property author and independent consultant
    • Bryan W. Butler, IP Counsel, IBM
    • Charles R. Macedo, Partner, Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP

    The webinar will focus on patent trolls and damages, covering:
    • What is ‘troll-behaviour’, and what is acceptable?
    • How can existing laws be utilized to tackle the problem?
    • What is being done to change the situation, and will these initiatives be effective or harmful?

    With the troll issue being discussed around the world, there is still a lack of definition and clear understanding. This webinar will provide an invaluable guide for patent owners who are affected by this problem, or might be in the future, as well as their advisers. The live audience will be able to ask questions of the speakers during the webinar, which will be in English and will last one hour.

    NOTE: All slides are now ready for download under:
  • Geoffrey Mason, Esq., Founder and CEO of FastPatentPartner, will discuss how leading patent firms are winning cases and clients in new ways by using custom-built, comprehensive patent data sets and proprietary analytics technologies. Both case studies and practical, do-it-yourself advice will be presented regarding:

    •How Microsoft's acquisition of Skype would have turned out differently if inventor-based patent searching had been used instead of company-based searching
    •How a litigious, well-known technology company discovered issues with its patents pre-litigation by using USPTO patent assignment records in new ways
    •How to use PAIR data to analyze prosecution counsel technical expertise and to pitch your own expertise to clients
  • Social media continues to presents challenges for security professionals as more platforms emerge and more employees and customers than ever interact with them every day. Data leakage via social media platforms and user-generated content websites can compromise customer data, intellectual property, and confidential business operations, as well reveal valuable information that threat actors can use to target your organization.

    We will review common data leakage threats and the importance of monitoring user-generated content, followed by a question and answer session with our experts to review real-life challenges you may be facing.

    What you’ll learn:
    •What kinds of data are most commonly leaked from enterprise organizations
    •Ways your own data could be leaving the building
    •Why DLP solutions only solve part of your problems
    •How third-party monitoring can help reduce the risks

    Featured Speakers:
    Eric Olson (Vice President, Product Strategy)
    Alan Jameson (Product Manager, Former Lead China Analyst)
  • Heard about big data but not sure of its impact in the legal world?
    Join this exciting webcast to learn how applying big data to law created a new category of tools called Legal Analytics, which can help you craft successful IP strategy, win cases, and close business.
    Hear from our customers NXP Semiconductors, Impax Labs, and Fenwick & West, how they are using Legal Analytics as the winning edge in the highly competitive business and practice of law.
  • Managing IP, in association with Guerra IP, invites you to join this free web seminar focusing on IP litigation in relation to companies’ overall IP portfolio strategy in Brazil. The seminar will take place at 12pm EDT/ 2pm BRST/ 4pm GMT.

    Brazil is the world’s 6th largest economy and companies are giving more focus to this rapidly expanding market. Whether you, or your clients, are currently doing business in Brazil, or will potentially move into this market sometime in the future, this webinar will help you understand how IP litigation should factor into your overall IP strategy in this regulation heavy country.

    Speakers include:
    •James Nurton, managing editor, Managing IP (moderator)
    •José Graça Aranha, Regional Director for Latin America, WIPO
    •Colette Durst, senior IP counsel Trademarks, Tyco
    •Sherry Rollo, partner, Husch Blackwell
    •Ricardo Pinho, partner, Guerra IP Brazil

    The webinar will focus on IP litigation, covering:
    * Applicable laws and rules, and also the practical, strategic issues surrounding choice of venue, costs, timing, damage recovery and injunctive relief
    * Case studies and the perspectives of in-house counsel who have recent experience of litigation in the country

    Brazil is a large country, and for many has an unfamiliar legal system. This webinar will provide an invaluable guide for patent and trade mark owners who are investing in the country now or plan to in the future, as well as their advisers. The live audience will be able to ask questions of the speakers during the webinar, which will be in English and will last one hour.
  • A guide to IP protection and strategic investment in Myanmar, September 2013:
    •The unfolding of business in the ‘last frontier’ market of Asia: How domestic industry in progressing and how multi-nationals are expanding in Myanmar

    •How can they make IP pay?

    •An overview of new legislation in Myanmar pertaining to IP, Licensing and Trade: Identifying the gaps in IP rights legislation

    •The government’s moves to comply with TRIPS: Commitment and timeframe

    •Insightfully strategising for a future of rapid development and change: How multinational companies can gain edge and effectively invest in the burgeoning market whilst safeguarding their intellectual assets.
  • In this webinar we will look at the situation surrounding software patents in Europe. Following an up-to-date overview of European patent law around software, our panel will consider the relative importance of patent protection in different countries, some successful and unsuccessful cases and whether the national route can offer a favourable alternative to the EP route. They will also discuss the effect of European software patentability on filing strategies and provide practical guidance to aid prosecution. You will be invited to submit questions to the panel live during the broadcast and there will be time at the end for the panelists to respond to your individual queries.
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  • Title: Live Interview with Professor Lawrence Lessig
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