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5 Proven Hacks To Increase Your Sales Team’s Lead Conversion and Success

Sales and Marketing Alignment is a goal for nearly every company, but few have successfully done it. Technology, processes and personalities can impede efforts to bring sales and marketing together.

Marketers have to use their wits and the tools at their disposal to make "stealth" alignment happen, bringing the benefits of greater alignment without forcing sales out of its comfort zone.

Join us for this webinar where you'll learn:
• How data can eliminate sales and marketing's "blind spots"
• The value of a shared sales and marketing lexicon
• The numbers that prove how better alignment means better sales commissions
Recorded Apr 16 2015 57 mins
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Presented by
Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing; Kerry Cunningham, Research Director, SiriusDecisions
Presentation preview: 5 Proven Hacks To Increase Your Sales Team’s Lead Conversion and Success

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  • Account-Based Marketing on Auto-Pilot Recorded: Oct 19 2017 46 mins
    Gil Allouche, CEO at Metadata.io
    Getting to deep insights and laser-targeted lead gen programs may seem exhausting considering the amount of data that marketers can collect today. Luckily, machine learning can vastly reduce the time and effort required to extract knowledge and grow your pipeline.

    This webinar covers highly precise and efficient ways to boost B2B demand generation. We'll show you how to optimize ads for ABM, improve precision targeting using Machine Learning, and ramp up your sales by using lookalike audiences. You’ll learn about the latest technology and best practices in lead generation and account-based marketing (ABM).
  • Are You Measuring the Performance and Effectiveness of Your SEO Keywords? Recorded: Oct 19 2017 48 mins
    Chris Raulf, SEO Training Expert & Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing
    In today’s online driven world, a website is often one of the most important marketing tools for a business. Yet, many websites even lack the most basic search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

    Being able to research, identify and optimize your website for the keywords your potential customers type into Google is crucial to succeeding with SEO. In fact, it’s essential to outrank your competition in the search engines.

    Any professional SEO agency will perform in-depth keyword research before starting a project, and so should you. In this 45-minute long online session, Chris Raulf, Founder & President of Boulder SEO Marketing, will present:

    • Why you NEED to perform keyword research
    • Tools, tools, tools: Keyword research is a (free and paid) tools driven process
    • How to research and select the initial list of target SEO keywords and phrases
    • How to identify the “low-hanging fruit” keywords that will immediately increase search traffic to your site
    • How to put the keywords to work for you
    • How to measure the performance and effectiveness of your target SEO keywords

    Webinar attendees will learn the concept of keyword research for SEO and be able to measure and monitor the effectiveness of their target SEO keywords.

    About Chris Raulf
    Chris Raulf is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique digital marketing training and consulting agency located in beautiful Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Chris is an SEO training expert and he teaches students around the globe on how to improve their website’s rankings in Google search results. His international background makes him one of the few professionals in the industry who truly live and breath multilingual search engine optimization on a daily basis.

    Learn more about Chris and Boulder SEO Marketing by connecting with him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisraulf) and Twitter (@swisschris).
  • Engaging Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence Recorded: Oct 19 2017 39 mins
    Dhaval Bhatt, Founder and CEO of Resonate AI
    Content marketers struggle with creating engaging content. With social media automation tools, most of the hard-lifting on content distribution is solved. The hard thing about content marketing is not marketing, it's the creation. The age-old question still stands true: How to tell an engaging story that creates "know-like-trust" factor with your audience and results in engagement and sales.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    1) How to identify which tone of voice is generating high engagement for your brand
    2) How to identify the type of story that resonates with your audience?
    3) How to identify the style of voice that generates high-engagement for your brand
  • Taming data: How marketers turn data into real ROI Recorded: Oct 18 2017 61 mins
    Jeff Sinclair, Product Manager, Engagement Platform, Atlassian
    Increasingly, companies have turned to customer data platforms (CDPs) to help them run more relevant marketing campaigns using the large volume of customer data at their fingertips. Customer-focused software company Atlassian will discuss how they made that decision and the types of complex marketing campaigns that they can now run as a result. Research analyst David Raab will also be on hand to discuss how other companies can use CDPs to harness customer data to increase sales and loyalty.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    * Key considerations when deciding to build versus buy a customer data platform
    * How companies are taking advantage of CDPs for more relevant communications
    * How data science can improve marketing efficacy
    * The trends and market factors driving the need for customer data platforms

    Speaker Panel:
    * Jeff Sinclair, Product Manager, Engagement Platform, Atlassian
    * David Raab, Analyst and Founder at The Customer Data Platform Institute
    * Jeff Hardison, VP of Marketing at Lytics
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by: Lytics
  • Quality that Converts: Using Content as a Catalyst for Action Recorded: Oct 18 2017 33 mins
    Charlotte Bohnett, Director of Demand Generation & Brooke Andrus, Content Marketing Manager at WebPT
    On its own, “quality” is a subjective term. What’s high-quality to one person might seem mediocre to another. So, how do you ensure the content your company produces is better—and higher-quality—than what your competitors are offering? Simple: You measure quality based on conversion.

    After all, you shouldn’t be creating content in a vacuum: each piece you produce should have a purpose beyond merely meeting your—or your company’s—subjective standards for quality.

    Beautiful, unique, well-constructed content doesn’t mean a whole lot if it doesn’t move the proverbial needle—whether that needle points to increased top-of-funnel traffic, more demo submissions, or greater upsell potential.

    In this webinar, Charlotte Bohnett and Brooke Andrus will discuss how they’ve leveraged content in a way that not only sets WebPT—a niche healthcare software company—apart from its competitors, but also supports the company’s overarching marketing goals and, most importantly, drives action.

    As part of this discussion, the presenters will highlight several key examples of content that have shown immense conversion value, including:

    - Themed pillar pages, blog posts, and downloads that work in tandem to capture and retain search traffic as well as drive email submissions

    - Free educational webinars that drive genuine lead activity and feature content and design that are far superior to anything else available in the rehab therapy industry—as well as carefully planned and executed promotion and distribution of those webinars

    - An industry salary guide download that has generated unprecedented top-of-funnel email submissions—and is easily replicable in most B2B spaces
  • Interactive Content Marketing: How To Unlock Powerful Data and Boost Conversion Recorded: Oct 18 2017 60 mins
    Neha Mirchandani, Chief Marketing Officer at Dot.vu
    We spend so much time and money on getting our audience to read our content. But what are we learning about them? And what are our returns on investment?

    Content marketing is more than just likes, shares, hits and clicks. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about our customers’ personal traits, preferences, needs and challenges – and to translate those insights into personalized pitches that convert like a machine.

    Learn how you can use interactive content marketing to engage your audience, capture deeper insights about them and personalize content to maximize conversion. Get inspired with loads of examples and leave with great ideas for your content marketing efforts.

    Key takeaways:
    • What is interactive content marketing and why are leading brands using it?
    • New lead-gen tactics using interactive content
    • The 3-step process for higher conversion
    • Analyzing your data needs & how to capture it
    • How to qualify, segment and deliver high-precision pitches
    • Loads of examples and inspiration

    BrightTALK and Dot have created this fun little “What Is Your Marketing Superpower?” quiz: https://dot.vu/p/interactive/marketing-superpower-brighttalk/.

    Are you a creative genius, data nerd, social media maven or lead-gen machine? Take the quiz to find out (it only takes a minute)! We will be using this quiz as an example to explain some of the concepts, so taking it will also improve your experience while you’re tuned in to the talk.
  • How to Write Cold Emails that Boost your Sales Pipeline in 2017 Recorded: Oct 17 2017 48 mins
    Rod Sloane, Predictable University UK Country Manager
    This webinar will show you how to write emails that start more conversations that lead to sales opportunities.

    Presenter, Rod Sloane, will expalin how you can write in the language of your prospect.

    This webinar will expalin how you can boost your sales pipeline immediately..

    Ideal for salespeople, management and executive teams.
  • 3D 360 Live Streaming: Adding the Social Factor to VR Recorded: Oct 6 2017 50 mins
    Samuel McLean
    How to enhance the live streaming experience with 3D 360 VR and live communication with a new platform by Suometry: conVRsation
  • Building a community the FinTech way, from digital banking to blockchain Recorded: Sep 6 2017 49 mins
    Ina Yulo and David Edwards, Senior Content Strategy Managers for FinTech and Financial Services (BrightTALK)
    FinTech is one of the biggest buzzwords these days, and unfortunately this means the market can get quite saturated with content.

    How can you grow, nurture and continue to engage a community of professionals who are keen to learn, educate themselves, and stay updated on the latest trends and topics in FinTech and Financial Services?

    David and Ina are Senior Content Strategy Managers for BrightTALK's FinTech and Financial Services communities which have over 400,000 members globally. Together, they organise online and offline events where leading experts debate and discuss topics ranging from innovation in payments, blockchain, mobile banking, and more.

    Join this session where you will learn:
    -What makes good FinTech content?
    -How to keep your followers or subscribers engaged and coming back for more
    -How to manage conversations where speakers might have opposing views
    -How can incumbents create compelling content that helps them better compete with "cooler" challengers?
    -How can speakers best position themselves to become credible thought leaders?
    -What are the top trending keywords in FinTech that will help your marketing campaigns?
    -How can you make the most out of a speaking opportunity?
  • The Key to Exceeding Advertiser Expectations Recorded: Aug 24 2017 39 mins
    Tore Frihagen, EVP at Cxense | Kimmo Kiviluoto, CEO at Enreach | Tor Helge Løvåsen, Head of AdOps with Agderposten Mediagroup
    Your Audience Data is a treasure trove of insights that can deliver premium services to the readers who expect a personal and engaging experience, and the advertisers who are looking for audience segements that convert.

    Join Tore Frihagen, EVP of Strategic Alliances at Cxense, Kimmo Kiviluoto, CEO of Enreach and special guest Tor Helge Løvåsen, Head of AdOps at Agderposten Mediagroup, as they dive deep into the gap between what advertisers want and what publishers deliver. On this webinar you'll discover how premium publishers are closing the gap and exceeding advertiser expectations with out-of-the-box, next-generation solutions that provide a win-win for publishers, agencies and ad op teams alike.
  • Getting your email marketing team GDPR compliant Recorded: Aug 24 2017 48 mins
    Steve Henderson, Compliance Officer, Communicator Corp
    Join us on this webinar and learn:
    - What are the new challenges with gaining consent for new and existing data.
    - How technology and clever copywriting can help with new sign-ups(examples on how to make sign-up both compelling and compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy)
    - How to run your own GDPR audit

    About Steve Henderson:

    With over a decade’s experience, Steve is a data protection and email deliverability specialist and is an expert on the impact of the GDPR to the email marketing industry. Steve has worked with the DMA since 2012 and was elected to the DMA Email Council in 2015.
    Steve belongs to the CIPP/E (Certified Institute of Privacy Professionals – Europe), the CIPT (Certified Institute of Privacy Technologists) and was recently awarded the IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy.
  • Is Email The Junk Mail of Tomorrow? Not if We Can Help It! Recorded: Aug 23 2017 61 mins
    Liz Miller - CMO Council, Julie Gibbs - Gigamon, Tommy Lamb - Teleflora
    At the dawn of the digital age, email heralded a bold turn away from junk mail and battling the paper bulge of the overworked mailbox. But in today’s crowded engagement landscape, email has started to feel more like a cheap imitation of its scan-and-junk bulk snail mail predecessor.

    According to the technology research group, Radicati, 205 billion emails are sent each day. Not even social can compete with the power of email, according to a Forrester report that indicates that people are twice as likely to sign up to receive a brand’s emails as they are to interact on Facebook. But, as email open rates are increasing year over year according to Epsilon, rising from 31 percent to 34.1 percent, email CLICK rates are in decline, dropping from 3.5 percent to 3.1 percent in Q3 of 2016.

    Nonetheless, email continues to deliver. According to the Direct Marketing Association, in 2016, email had a median ROI of 122 percent, nearly four times higher than other marketing tactics including social, direct mail and search. And, according to a recent CMO Council study, 52 percent of consumers surveyed say email is a critical part of the customer experience, second only to access to a corporate website.

    The spray and pray messaging approach of old is no longer applicable to emails. Where personalization reigns, what are the new rules of email marketing engagement and how have CMOs adjusted strategies to optimize emails as part of a holistic customer experience?

    Join the CMO Council as we assemble a panel of marketing leaders who have all evolved email strategy to advance the customer experience and pull this powerful point of connection out of the junk mail pit.
  • The Four Must Do's to Win the Inbox in 2017 Recorded: Aug 23 2017 47 mins
    Melissa Turqman, Executive Director of Marketing and Product Development at Media Prowler
    The email marketing landscape is a rapid and evolving one. Once colloquially referred to as the “red-headed step child” of digital advertising stemming from its salacious birth in the digital space: synonymous with spam encapsulating male enhancement solicitations, to its powerful advancement today as one of the most economical, effective digital conduits to get a message to a targeted audience and drive ROI.

    Email marketing is truly the proverbial brick and mortar of the digital world. But with the influx of “Email Best Practices” articles claiming hamburger emojis increase inbox penetration to specific days of the week that supposedly drive better email engagement, consumers ostensibly find it hard to discern between fact and punditry. This presentation is designed to help consumers cut through the minutia and arm you with the constituent ingredients in crafting a successful email marketing campaign in 2017:

    • The evolution of the email marketing landscape over the past decade
    • Email does not always work, no advertising vehicle ‘always works’
    • Where email has failed and succeeded
    • The importance of segmentation and running tests

    Presented by Melissa Turqman, Executive Director of Marketing and Product Development at Media Prowler: A formerly owned Jeff Bezos company and leader in the digital and data industry. The entirety of Melissa’s career has been within the media industry with a strong focus on digital advertising.

    Winner of 2016’s Editor and Publisher’s “25 under 35” award: Melissa is regarded as an industry expert with regional and national speaking engagements with some of the highest-level media groups and conferences across the country.

    Melissa’s development of Media Prowler’s most innovative digital products has helped the company win Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in the country for the past 7 years.
  • Using Predictive Analytics to Empower Customer Experience Recorded: Aug 23 2017 44 mins
    Patrick Rice, CEO, Lumidatum
    Predictive analytics & artificial intelligence are transforming the way all companies connect with customers. The customer experience is on the verge of being completely redefined with A.I.

    In this talk, you will learn what it takes for a business to deliver this new 21st-century customer conversation. Patrick will cover:

    - Collecting & Managing CX data - What I learned analyzing 3 billion records at Amazon
    - We have the data, now what? AI & the Future of Customer Experience
    - How to use Predictive Analytics to find the right customer on the right channel
    - 3 ways to drive ROI for your business by applying AI to improve the Customer Experience

    Patrick is CEO of Lumidatum which helps CMOs apply artificial intelligence to the customer experience in order to grow revenue. He has been in the data and analytics space for over a decade including running a machine learning and advanced analytics team at Amazon.
  • Learn How to Save Time and Money When Creating Email Content Recorded: Aug 23 2017 45 mins
    Renee Chemel, VP Marketing, PowerInbox
    Do you have too much email content? Not enough email content? Does your website team get all of the glory and cool content?

    In this webinar we will give you tips on how to save time and money when looking for ways to create content for your email campaigns. It really is as easy as using the same bells and whistles incorporated in your websites and using them directly on your email campaigns.

    Your emails will shine with relevant and engaging content that will be the envy of your colleagues and make your customers want to click whatever your content is offering.
  • How to Use Agile to Drive Marketing Campaigns Recorded: Aug 23 2017 46 mins
    Aniel Bhaga, Head of Growth, Ungapped
    Agile Marketing is a hot topic right now, but not everyone is doing it right. Changing the copy or content during your campaign does not make you agile.

    To be agile, there is a methodology to follow, which allows your marketing campaigns to shift and change faster and easier.

    In this webinar, Aniel Bhaga, Head of Growth at Ungapped, will show you how to use the Agile methods to drive your marketing campaigns to a higher level.
  • Modern Email Marketing - Relatively Simple Algorithms for the Future Recorded: Aug 23 2017 41 mins
    Maurice Flynn, Marketing Director, Altaire
    Maurice Flynn is a recognised expert in real time, marketing prediction (data+tech) & it's real world, enterprise scale application. With his 20+ years in email marketing for companies big and small, he has built a process/algorithm over time to help
    companies achieve dramatic improvement in their marketing across email and other channels with an integrated approach.

    Join this webinar to learn more about Maurice's formula:

    STAGE 1. WHAT 1a - Data:Loyalty/Commerce/ CRM/App/Web/Social /Other 1b
    - Simple Data ETL 1c -Predict::ML+Clustering/ DecisionTrees/Regression
    /Bayes/DeepNN /Other

    STAGE 2. WHY 2a - Predict Value: eg CLTV 2b - By Micro Segments 2c -
    Contextural 2d - Compliant

    STAGE 3. HOW 3a - Content Library 3b - Content Render & Cache 3c -
    Probabilistic ID 3d - Programmatic Real Time

    STAGE 4. OPTIMISE 4a - Control Test 4b - Battle of Algo’s Scoring 4c -
    More Data Sources 4d - Algo Weights
  • Is Real-Time Content Creepy? Recorded: Aug 22 2017 62 mins
    Guy Hanson, Return Path & Jenna Tiffany, Let'sTalk Strategy & Lili Boev, dotmailer
    One of digital marketing's biggest bugbears is the ability for brands to follow customers, often clumsily. Join this webinar on BrightTALK to hear how to make 'real time' work really well for your brand.

    Join us to find out:
    · Why to use it
    · How to use it effectively
    · Whether it actually makes a difference
    · If it's worth the time, money and effort to set-up for the long-term benefits

    Brands are increasingly investing in 'real time' content. This webinar will feature experts in email and real-time marketing to give you the answers your business needs. Explore what this actually means, and what the implications and rules are for marketers.
  • The Art of Enhancing the Customer Experience using Personalisation Recorded: Aug 22 2017 46 mins
    Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing
    Personalisation is the latest trend within email marketing and with good reason - it delivers the goods. However, the reason behind its success is not what you may think. In this must-attend session, Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing de-mystifies personalisation and reveals that contrary to popular opinion, personalisation should not in fact be our objective, but instead it should be to deliver a great customer experience using personalisation as a strategy to achieve this.

    This session will be packed full of practical tips and advice on not only how to achieve a better customer experience using personalisation, but will also demonstrate as to why it's so powerful. Beware though - you may well be pleasantly surprised at the many ways to achieve personalised emails beyond product recommendations!
  • Omnichannel Marketing Excellence: It Starts With Email Recorded: Aug 22 2017 46 mins
    Andy Culligan, Head of Demand Generation, Emarsys
    The ultimate goal of marketing is to provide the consumer with a personalized experience across numerous channels and devices, at scale.

    The first step to achieving omnichannel excellence starts with an often-underestimated channel, email. Why start here? The answer is simple; the consumer is constantly changing channels and devices, but not email address. In essence, an email address is the consumers’ digital ID. This is the first part of key data that the marketer needs to start the omnichannel journey.

    In this presentation, we will focus on how to start your journey with the #1 digital channel for ROI, email.
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  • Title: 5 Proven Hacks To Increase Your Sales Team’s Lead Conversion and Success
  • Live at: Apr 16 2015 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing; Kerry Cunningham, Research Director, SiriusDecisions
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