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Customer Retention Strategies

Now is the time to get close to your customers and leverage technology for smarter customer experience management. Hear how leading companies are looking at customer retention from new angles, finding more ways to encourage employee engagement across the company, and building stronger customer relationships. Learn novel yet practical ways to get more from:
- online communities
- customer references
- customer service
- and other customer experience programs.
Join us in this interactive session to explore a panorama of best practices for affordable and effective improvements in customer retention.

Presented by Lynn Hunsaker, Customer Experience Strategist and head of ClearAction, which specializes in mentoring executives for improvements in customer program management. You’ve invested in marketing campaigns that make promises to customers. For maximum ROI your customers' experiences must match or exceed your promises. Take your customer profitability to the next level with ClearAction’s expert guidance. www.clearaction.biz
Recorded May 28 2009 43 mins
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Presented by
Lynn Hunsaker, Customer Experience Strategist, ClearAction LLC
Presentation preview: Customer Retention Strategies

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  • How to Build a Profitable Client Portfolio via Authentic Connections Dec 23 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Irene Rivkah Krasnoff, Digital Marketing & Sales Strategist, Sapir Management Group
    Social Selling is the art of selling via social media. It's based on cultivating relationships and building authentic connections so that the selling process isn't awkward. As a result, your prospective client isn't defensive, anticipating having to say "no" to you. Why? Because you already laid the groundwork by building relationships via social media, and establishing a deep sense of trust where you're seen as the expert. Soulful social selling is about framing the sales conversation as a two way process to dig deeper into their specific challenges in a totally relaxed environment where the prospective client feels it's OK to say no.

    You can even sell via livestreams and get "hell yeses!"

    By using social media to produce compelling and valuable content, you're laying the groundwork during the early stages of the marketing and sales cycle for the client to internally say "yes" to your products or services. You'll learn how to use social media to develop relationships across 4 key phases: captivate your ideal clients' attention, cultivate online conversations, connect with your ideal clients and deepen the relationships & convert to paying clients without resorting to closing techniques that feel contrived, manipulative and product focused versus client focused.

    Social selling is soulful because you're relying on your intuition to guide the conversation versus using a rigid structure. The conversations are still structured, but you have the flexibility to move in a different direction based on what your ideal client shares with you.
  • Sea of Options: Navigating the Martech Marketplace Recorded: Oct 9 2019 48 mins
    David Pitta, BrightTALK | Sangram Vajre, Terminus | Karen Steele, LeanData | Jon Miller, Engagio
    The Marketing technology landscape is an endless shelf with countless offers, and lofty promises. The number of solutions on the market has doubled in the past three years to over 7000 vendors, each promising to revolutionize your tech stack.

    In this session, we sit down with 3 visionary Chief Officers who have grown their businesses by cutting through the noise of option-paralysis and built winning MarTech stacks.
  • Whole Nine Yards: Customer Experience From MQL to Upsell Recorded: Oct 9 2019 46 mins
    Katie Nachtwey, BrightTALK | Carol Meyers | Lee Roquet, Yellowfin | Kim Hahn, Kustomer
    Customer experience is becoming a top priority for businesses and 2020 will be no different. Now more than ever, a good customer experience has the ability to affect success more than quality of product or service a company delivers. Research shows that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better experience, so how are you setting yourself apart from your competitors?

    Our panel of experts will dive into the importance of the entire customer journey, from collecting in-depth knowledge about your customers with key data to then personalizing their experience to ultimately entice loyalty.
  • If It Moves, It Will Move: Doubling Down on Rich Media Marketing Recorded: Oct 9 2019 52 mins
    Simon Gerzina, BrightTALK | Stephanie Stahl, Content Marketing Institute | John Williams, Verizon | Kevin Karnes, CleverTap
    Most businesses are producing brand content for marketing purposes, but web traffic is rapidly accelerating toward rich media dominance. Streaming content can improve engagement by 18x and more than double your won deal conversions.

    In 2020 content is no longer king, Rich engaging streaming content is king. Dive into streaming content to move customers or better yet, move them to action.
  • Ask the Marketing Expert: Rashmi Vittal, Conversica Recorded: Oct 9 2019 35 mins
    Rashmi Vittal, CMO, Conversica | Olivia Dassler, Marketing Program Manager, BrightTALK
    Join Rashmi Vittal, CMO at Conversica, and Olivia Dassler, Marketing Programs Manager at BrightTALK, for a special Ask the Expert conversation. During this Q&A, Rashmi will share insights on her overarching marketing strategy, her career trajectory, and tips for other marketing professionals. She'll also share her predictions for what the upcoming year has in store for B2B marketing.

    This session is part of our CMO Priorities & Predictions Summit which features some of the world’s leading B2B marketing executives. Walk away with best practices to manage your teams, strategies to successfully take products to market and inspiring ideas for driving marketing program success in the new year.
  • Debunking the Demand Gen Silver Bullet Recorded: Oct 9 2019 60 mins
    Katie Lewis, BrightTALK | Emily Pachuta, Invesco | Matt Preschern, Forcepoint
    Every year B2B marketers are faced with the same conundrum - drive more (and better) leads at a low cost. The goal is clear but the path to get there is not.

    There is no one silver bullet for generating demand. In reality, a well-crafted demand gen strategy relies on a pool of carefully selected marketing channels, trustworthy data sources and constant optimization. In this panel discussion, we’ll discuss demand gen strategies for 2020, as well as predictions for the future of our industry.
  • 8 High-Performance B2B Marketing & Sales Tactics to Accelerate Revenue Growth Recorded: Oct 9 2019 48 mins
    Philippe Ruttens and Michael Humblet
    After helping +300 companies and CMOs to scale, Michael Humblet & Philippe Ruttens will share their most effective Marketing & Sales strategies and tactics to win customers and accelerate your pipeline.

    In this very hands-on keynote, Michael & Philippe will dig deep into 8 concrete cases & steps to prioritise your revenue marketing & sales tactics in 2020, and benefit from learnings gained at some of the most successful European scale-ups, corporates and help you grow faster. They will also cover through additional questions their own experience of working on both the Marketing & Sales sides, helping you to integrate both domains at best, measure your ROI jointly and accelerate your funnel conversion.

    About the speakers:

    Michael Humblet - Founder Chaomatic - maximising your revenue through winning sales strategies

    Michael Humblet is obsessed with designing, building and scaling sales engines and founder of Chaomatic, focused on unlocking & maximizing revenue growth trusted by over +207 companies. He is a seasoned sales strategist who served in different Sales Leadership functions.

    Philippe Ruttens – B2B ROI Marketing Coach

    Bringing over 25 years of experience as a B2B marketer, Philippe coaches CMOs and helps sales & marketing teams transform faster into ROI-driven revenue marketing centres of excellence. Leveraging his multi-sector consultant/interim manager expertise developed at firms like Accenture, EY, MasterCard and Iron Mountain, he combines his strategic demand generation vision with a pragmatic people- and ROI-focused operational approach to help teams achieve their commercial objectives faster. www.ruttens.com
  • Take Best-Practices to Next-Practices: Forward-Thinking B2B Marketing Strategies Recorded: Oct 8 2019 58 mins
    Christa Kleinhans Tuttle, Entrepreneur, Experienced Marketer and CEO, Launch Marketing
    Executive leaders that are willing to take risks and stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends often position themselves to capture lots of new business, talent and market share. The most successful leaders, however, know how to build a strategic foundation that is strong enough to support innovative trends while providing a tried-and-true baseline that keeps things grounded as the marketing landscape continues to evolve.

    Join Launch Marketing’s Founder and CEO Christa Tuttle as she illustrates how webinar attendees can create best practices that can evolve into “next” practices, moving the needle on both innovative and stable success. This presentation will cover several cornerstones of B2B marketing, including messaging and positioning, integrated marketing plans, marketing automation and more.
  • 5 Pillars to Scale your Business on Linkedin Recorded: Sep 18 2019 45 mins
    Chaz Horn B2B Sales and Marketing Strategist
    Join Chaz Hoirn B2B Sales and Marketing Strategist, for this presentation that will give you the five essential pillars.

    When it comes to conquering LinkedIn, Chaz has come up with a system called TABS. He landed on that particular acronym because it’s all about keeping tabs on yourself and your business.

    The “T” is for “technique.” Chaz stresses that technique isn’t about manipulation, but, rather, having the intention to serve. It also refers to being the driver of the sales and marketing process, as opposed to simply being a passenger.

    The “A” refers to “attitude,” which means that you need to get in the proper mindset in order to perform to the best of your abilities. In the proper mindset, you’re able to bypass a lot of the fluff that might come your way and focus in on the core issues.

    “B” is for “behaviors.” This is the process of not just putting yourself to action, but finding the right actions. A large part of successful behaviors has to do with consistency, thinking on the fly, and being spurred by your failures instead of debilitated.

    The final letter, “S,” stands for “strategy.” This is all about finding an audience and establishing yourself as an authority. Without this, your audience has no reason to listen to you over anybody else and will happily scroll right past you to the next person.
  • How Content Elevates (or Aggravates) the Customer Experience Recorded: Sep 18 2019 31 mins
    Jeff Raymond, Executive Director, Client Engagement – Launch Marketing
    At its best, an organization’s content anticipates the needs and interests of those they wish to start or advance a conversation with. It’s simply there when audiences need it and served up in an easily accessible and engageable manner that adds up to a positive experience.

    Conversely, gaps in content availability, inattention to the steps required to get one’s content, and disconnected follow-up leads to negative experiences and, ultimately, unmet objectives.

    Join us as we examine:
    - How to assess whether you have the content you need
    - What it takes to create a reliable and effective content engine
    - The friction points that impede content engagement (and how to address them)
  • Ditch ROI! Return-on-Emotion (ROE) is the real key to storytelling success Recorded: Sep 18 2019 48 mins
    Clarice Lin | The ROI Doctor | Founder of BaselineLabs | Head of Content-Analytics
    In recent years, many companies and marketers struggle to prove the return on investment in content marketing and how storytelling plays such a pivotal role in the overall business strategy. On the other hand, companies who focus only on Return-On-Investment (ROI) face unsurmountable challenges in turning new customers into returning customers.

    If you want your company to outshine your competitors, return on emotion (ROE) is the real key in balancing your monetary returns and getting your customers return yet again and again.

    In this session, I’ll share with you:

    - Why measuring ROI is no longer sufficient in your customer acquisition and retention strategy
    - What Return-On-Emotion is all about and why you’ve to focus on this key metric in 2020
    - How to strike a balance between driving higher profits and keeping your customers happy and satisfied
  • How to use Storytelling in Business Recorded: Sep 18 2019 45 mins
    Matthew Woodget CEO & Principal Consultant, Go Narrative
    Learn about why storytelling is essential in your business and how to apply it.

    Gain insights, frameworks, and tools to apply storytelling to improve team collaboration, business problem solving and marketing communications.
  • Storytelling for the Sales Team Recorded: Sep 18 2019 36 mins
    Rod Sloane, Linkedin Pirate, Linkedin as a Service
    Join this talk to discover:

    - What is a sales story
    - Why you need a sales story?
    - Why you need more than one story ...beyond the company story
    - How to tell a sales story
    - Storytelling Resources
    - StoryTelling Creation
    - Practising your Story
    - Getting better at Storytelling
  • Positioning expertise and delivering experiences in business marketing Recorded: Sep 18 2019 44 mins
    René Power, Founder, Vision B2B Marketing and Training Ltd
    When we talk storytelling from a business marketing perspective, what do we even mean?
    What are the key elements? And how can we tell a story in a way to encourage people to know, like, trust and transact with us?

    In an all new BrightTALK webinar, regular contributor René Power from Vision B2B Marketing and Training will discuss how B2B product and service businesses can produce more interesting content that positions their expertise and delivers a more human customer experience.

    In this session you’ll learn:
    - How to create a story arch that taps into customer interests
    - How to link real experiences and takeaways to motivate customers to action
    - Build and empower experts in your business
    As always, webinar attendees can access a bonus workbook for the webinar by emailing rene@visionb2b.co.uk ahead of live broadcast at 1pm GMT on 18th September.

    René Power, Founder, Vision B2B Marketing and Training Ltd
    René consults, trains and speaks with organisations large and small around the world on topics of marketing, branding, communications and business growth. Training and marketing clients have included Nordson, Kingspan and Rolls-Royce plc. His proprietary Market with Intent programmes are available to clients online, as a coached face-to-face group, as in-company programmes and as a delivered one-to-one marketing service.

    Find out more at www.visionb2b.co.uk
    Connect on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/renefp
    Follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/renepower
  • Scaling Authentic Stories – how to create more (and better) stories Recorded: Sep 18 2019 38 mins
    Yotam Gutman, CEO, Contexy
    Effective storytelling requires authenticity, but also tenacity. The ability to generate quality, engaging content is crucial for creating and maintaining marketing momentum. However, marketers that are required to do so over and over again usually end up “dry”, and either reduce the frequency of publications or their quality.

    In this webinar, content marketer Yotam Gutman will discuss the pitfalls of content marketing and propose tested way to continuously create quality content.

    Key takeaways include:

    - Content ideation strategies
    - Content creation tactics
    - Content re-use methods
    - Tips and tricks for generating content when there’s nothing more to say…
  • How to Scale Your Thought Leadership by Building a Content Machine Recorded: Sep 18 2019 45 mins
    Michael Humblet, Founder, Chaomatic, School of Sales and The House of Spark
    Thought leadership is a new powerful way to scale yourself and your company by building alignment between sales and marketing.

    Discover how to build a B2B lead generation machine where prospects consistently contact you while building your brand. In this session we’ll go into the strategies and pragmatic tactics and we will share tons of use cases.

    Key takeaways:

    - Your prospects have changed – have your methods?
    - Blueprint to scale content
    - framework to flip inbound to outbound marketing
    - Linkedin framework to scale
    - Use cases

    Presenter bio & info:
    Michael Humblet is obsessed with designing, building, training and scaling sales machines and founder of Chaomatic, School of Sales and The House of Spark, focused on accelerating revenue growth. Michael Humblet is the host of The Sales Acceleration Show, a sales and marketing focused Q&A show on how to accelerate your business.

    Linkedin: https://be.linkedin.com/in/michaelhumblet
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/michaelhumblet
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Humbletm
  • FROM STORIES to ROI: 10 steps for transforming your customer insights Recorded: Sep 18 2019 46 mins
    Philippe Ruttens, B2B Marketing & Sales Transformation Consultant & Coach
    Do you think your CEO really cares about how creative your latest storytelling campaign was?

    Of course, content, stories and brand experience are the foundation of B2B marketing to generate customer trust as, even with data and marketing automation, we still play on a human-to-human, P2P field.

    However a more structured approach is required to engage your seven communities optimally through insights-based storytelling. This requires “pain point-based” stories while delivering maximum ROI at every step of the buyer journey, 90% of which is measurable.

    Philippe will explain 10 practical steps as core principles for optimising your storytelling impact with a required ROI and REVENUE focus, accompanied by examples of dashboard/benchmarks, including:

    · How to start from a solid data and insights foundation
    · Develop a list of key questions on your stakeholders’ mind
    · Which KPIs to use as priority for your content, campaigns and channels

    Not only are insights and ROI key components of your storytelling strategy but also the visualisation of your data into stories. The DATYLON framework and examples will also explain further how the way you communicate your data and stories to your stakeholders is key in WOW-ing your audiences, from customers to CEO.

    This webinar is a summary taken from Philippe’s full “STOROI” approach to make your marketing team a success in the 2020s. READ MORE on “The CMO is dead, long live the chief STOROI o

    Bringing over 25 years of experience as a B2B marketer, Philippe coaches CMOs and helps sales & marketing teams transform faster into ROI-driven revenue marketing centres of excellence. Leveraging his multi-sector consultant/interim manager expertise developed at firms like Accenture, EY, MasterCard and Iron Mountain, he combines his strategic demand generation vision with a pragmatic people- and ROI-focused operational approach to help teams achieve their commercial objectives faster. www.ruttens.com
  • Rapid Growth the Lazy Way Recorded: Sep 17 2019 57 mins
    Matthew Pollard, Rapid Growth Coach and Bestselling Author, Rapid Growth Coach®
    Do your members or channel partners feel they are on an endless hamster wheel, just trying to keep their business going? They provide an amazing product or service, but despite all their efforts and good intentions, their day-to-day is a constant struggle to find interested people, set themselves apart, and make the sale – all while competing against established industry players and dealing with customers who seem to care about only one thing… PRICE.

    In this game-changing keynote, participants will walk away with a complete understanding of where they have been going wrong, and they’ll know the three instantly-implementable strategies to turn it all around.

    - Finally differentiate yourself and put an end to competing on price
    - Understand why you can’t (and shouldn’t be) everything to everyone
    - Discover your niche market of motivated, excited-to-buy customers
    - Achieve a new outlook on sales
  • Avoiding the Impact of Dirty Data Recorded: Aug 14 2019 49 mins
    John Muehling, Vice President of Client Strategy, Digital PI
    You've got the Data... Now what? Sourcing, normalization, routing. The data you bring in impacts all of your marketing initiatives and sales outreach. In this session, gets tips on how to bring in data cleanly to keep your march in tip-top shape and connect the data with the correct revenue team member for efficient follow up.
  • Data & Insights to Speed Customer Acquisition Recorded: Aug 14 2019 45 mins
    Natalie Robb, Principal Market Analyst, WaveLength Analytics
    Today’s B2B marketing teams are focused on lead gen to feed hungry sales teams. However, the buying process, especially for large deals, includes various buying committee members and longer sales cycles – which adds up to more complexity. Even with Account-based Marketing (ABM), B2B marketers still struggle to deliver qualified leads. To improve conversions amidst challenge, marketers need to more effectively use data for better go-to-market strategies, market positioning, messaging, and marketing campaigns.

In this live webinar, the founder of WaveLength Analytics, DC Marketing Tech Talks, and the MarTech Magnified conference, Natalie Robb, shares practical advice on using data to improve go-to-market plans, marketing campaigns, and gain share.


    In this webinar, you’ll learn: 
    -Why you need to define your total addressable market and target market
    -How quick and easy customer base profiling helps identify and prioritize new target accounts
    -When and how to do custom, primary research-based market segmentation
    -How to tie custom market segmentation to marketing campaigns and operations

    About the Speaker, Natalie Robb
    As an analytical marketing pioneer at WaveLength Analytics, Natalie Robb is a market analyst with decades of experience crushing data to build go-to-market strategies and high-value marketing content. Natalie uniquely combines technology, data, and marketing with a keen business perspective that has long helped technology and telecom clients gain competitive advantage. Dedicated to helping grow markets and firms, the WaveLength client list includes innovative startups and large tech firms like Microsoft and Nokia. In addition, Natalie organizes the DC Marketing Tech Talks Community and its acclaimed annual conference, MarTech Magnified. Natalie has a BA from University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Learn more at www.wavelength-analytics.com or connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nrobb/.
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  • Presented by: Lynn Hunsaker, Customer Experience Strategist, ClearAction LLC
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