Organizational Transformation for Social Engagement

PulsePoint Group
Successful social engagement requires organizational transformation – putting in place an enablement structure to developing talent to ensuring peer support. In this webinar, based on findings from a collaborative research project with The Economist Intelligence Unit on “The Economics of Social Engagement,” PulsePoint Group will discuss the transformation required for social engagement.

Topics covered:
- Organizational Change: An enablement structure
- Talent development
- Peer support
Jun 14 2012
42 mins
Organizational Transformation for Social Engagement
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  • The Missing Link: Why Marketing and Sales Struggle with Revenue May 15 2014 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many of today’s B2B marketers and sales teams are going full-speed ahead to implement the newest social technologies and run complex nurture campaigns. Unfortunately, results often don’t live up to expectations. Is it because they need more content or better marketing and sales integration? Some might say “yes,” but those are missing the most important step of the customer acquisition process: Knowing Your Buyer.

    Not convinced? In this 20 minute video interview with 10 minute audience Q&A Christine Crandell and Amit Varshneya, Vice President, Consulting Services, Demandbase will have a live debate on why knowing your buyer is the game-changing missing that can transform sales and marketing.
  • Spinning Plates: Personalisation vs. Automation Roundtable May 15 2014 2:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    The connected, digital savvy consumers are more demanding than ever: they expect to receive the right messages and content at just the right time and through the channels they use.

    This requires a often difficult balancing act: making content relevant and self-service whilst not draining the company's resources to do so.

    Join this panel session to learn from the experts how to achieve personalisation through automation and make spinning plates a doodle in 2014.
  • How to Upgrade Your Email Marketing to Marketing Automation May 15 2014 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    - Marketing automation is one of the fastest growing components of the $4.0 billion CRM market. Marketers are moving from traditional email marketing to marketing automation. This presentation covers how to use marketing automation and how to implement it cost effectively, plus three B2C case studies

    - The presenter is Mark Patron, CEO of RedEye, who has over 25 years’ experience in data driven marketing.
  • The Building Blocks of High Performance Integrated Marketing May 15 2014 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    The Building Blocks of High Performance Integrated Marketing
  • Marketing Automation Survival Guide May 15 2014 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Is there more to Marketing Automation than selecting the right vendor and going on their training courses? I think there is.

    I led the deployment of Marketing Automation at IBM in the UK - now the largest B2B Automation deployment on the planet. Since then I have helped several organisations get ready for marketing automation and have concluded that project success is dependent upon the vision you create, the planning you do, the expectations you create and the buy-in you achieve as much as it is about the software.

    Join this webinar to hear me share lessons from this and other MA projects - perhaps it could give you that little insight that would make the difference to your success.
  • Automating Nurturing Campaigns Beyond the Inbox May 14 2014 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Today’s B2B marketers looking to acquire new customers face two daunting challenges: email doesn’t reach 95 percent of their anonymous Web site traffic and more than 80 percent of prospects never even open their emails , contributing to massive missed opportunities.

    Marketers need a better way to stay aligned with prospects beyond the inbox, reaching them anywhere on the Web and throughout the marketing funnel.
    Join Amanda Halle, Senior Marketing Manager, Online Programs at Bizo as she explores how B2B marketers can combine the power of display advertising with marketing automation to generate more leads across all of their marketing channels.

    Join this webinar to learn how to:

    •Convert more anonymous prospects through automated nurturing using display and social ads

    •Engage prospects far more often than possible with email alone by synchronizing display and social advertising with your existing email nurture campaigns

    •Increase lead velocity and MQL throughput to Sales—and ultimately accelerate pipeline and revenue contribution
  • Panel: People, Process, Content -- THEN Automation May 14 2014 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    The role of the B2B marketer has changed because of technology, and this change has been led by an evolution in buying and selling driven by technology. Marketing systems are collecting incredible amounts of data about millions of different (often fleeting) interactions that is practically never applied to anything useful. Furthermore, many technology systems are not properly integrated, and/or their implementation strategy did not plan for broader communication between complimentary technologies. We know both more and less about our prospects than ever before, all because of technology.

    Campaign automation strategy needs to support a broader, more strategic approach to Demand Generation that involves aligning people, process, content and technology around the buyer in order to better support their purchasing journey.

    In this panel discussion featuring demand generation and marketing automation experts, we will discuss how B2Bs should outline their Demand Generation strategy … before they make their marketing technology decisions.
  • A Little Birdie Told Me: Twitter As a Sales and Marketing Tool May 14 2014 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    It’s hard to believe that Twitter is only 8 years old. With just over a billion registered users, it has become a hub for everyone from celebrities, to politicians, and even the Pope to share their opinions and connect with their audiences.

    Though you will be hard pressed to find a business that does not have an account on the Social Media platform, most companies have yet to utilise it to its full potential.

    Join this webinar to find out how Twitter can help you:
    -find opportunities
    -scout your competitors
    -engage and connect with your audience
    -build your brand
    -find secret shortcuts to getting in touch with key influencers
  • B2B Content Marketing Trends Briefing May 7 2014 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In March 2014, senior B2B marketers attended Econsultancy's Digital Cream event to discuss the current content marketing challenges they are facing.

    From these discussions we discovered that many of the early content marketing challenges are no longer keeping marketers up at night. Instead, they have evolved to include organisation challenges, distribution challenges, measurement challenges and more.

    Attend this webinar to discover what is keeping your peers up at night and the emerging content marketing trends.

    By signing up for this webinar, you will also have access to a free copy of Econsultancy's B2B Content Marketing Trends briefing.
  • 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Agile Marketing Job Roles Recorded: Apr 24 2014 2 mins
    Make your marketing teams more effective with function based roles and responsibilities. Join Amanda Wilson of Qvidian as she discusses the value of aligning your marketing team's roles and responsibilities based on function vs. tactic.
  • The real inbound marketing story - Moving from tactics to strategy Recorded: Apr 24 2014 40 mins
    Moving from tactics to strategy with you Inbound marketing lead generation.
    One of the most important elements of successfully realising the full benefits offered by adopting an inbound approach to marketing is managing the transition from tactical campaign-based thinking to that required for strategic inbound marketing.
    Join Hubspot and Tomorrow People for a 40 min webinar discussing the current B2B landscape of inbound marketing and learn how to transform your performance effectively.
  • Work Together Even When You're Not Together! Collaborate in the Cloud Recorded: Apr 23 2014 48 mins
    Collaboration is crucial when it comes to your marketing team. No matter if you're based locally or globally, the concept of work and the way we interact is completely changing. With smartphones and tablets taking over our lives, efficient collaboration, coordination, and consistency around marketing campaigns and messaging can be challenging when running a marketing organization.

    Join this webinar to discover:

    - The latest and greatest in marketing automation and file sharing platforms
    - Content collaboration tools that save time and keep branding consistent between teams
    - How centralizing assets can ease global content translation and localization
    - Real-time content and campaign sharing that can spark new ideas and educate your organization
  • 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Achieving Organic Growth Recorded: Apr 22 2014 2 mins
    The goal for any marketer is organic growth, but how do you achieve it? Join Sean, leading marketing pioneer at companies such as Dropbox, LegMeIn and Uproar, as he shares the importance of product/market fit to your marketing strategy.
  • Launching a Marketing Campaign from Start to Finish in Box Recorded: Apr 22 2014 55 mins
    Collaboration, coordination, and consistency around marketing campaigns and messaging can be challenging when running a global marketing organization. Without the ability to store, share, and monitor your campaigns and content on a common platform, marketers struggle with communicating across the silos of their company. The potential result of this disconnect can range from wasted content to inconsistent messaging.

    Join this webinar with Fathom, a top digital marketing agency, to learn how their marketing team works together with Box to save time, keep branding consistent, and increase efficiency.
  • Big Data In The Age Of The Customer Recorded: Apr 17 2014 41 mins
    Big data has received a lot of media attention in the last two years, but the noise is drowning out the real opportunity. That is to use more available data to help your business win, serve and retain increasingly powerful customer. This webinar will present Forrester's point of view on why most firms are missing the true nature of big data, and illustrate how leaders are using data that is more diverse, messy, and large to make better competitive decisions.
  • Find Out What’s Really Stopping Your Customers from Converting Recorded: Apr 17 2014 41 mins
    You already use analytics tools to get important data about your web traffic. But if you aren’t getting feedback from your users about why they’re doing what they’re doing, you’re only getting part of the story.

    In this webinar, Phil Sharp, Senior Marketing Manager of UserTesting, will show you how usability testing can help you get inside your customers’ heads and uncover the hidden problems that are affecting your bottom line.
  • Unnecessarily Naked: The Digital Marketer’s New Clothes Recorded: Apr 17 2014 31 mins
    Modern data provides a multidimensional view of the customer, giving necessary insight into campaign and budget planning. Digital marketers feel like they’re well covered. But there is still a major dimension that is missing from most digital marketer’s view, leaving them naked to a critical data point - those high value, offline conversions. Creating a clear, accurate marketing plan and budget is tricky enough on it’s own, and it becomes especially challenging when you don’t have insight into all of your conversion points and accurate ROI.

    Join Invoca CMO Eric Holmen and special guest Paul Wicker with Kenshoo, as they discuss how to get a complete picture of cross channel conversions, to create a complete and accurate marketing budget and plan. You’ll learn:

    ●How to leverage inbound call intelligence to get an accurate picture of your digital campaigns that convert offline

    ●How to overcome the challenges that come with connecting the data and budgets spread across multi-location and local campaigns

    ●How to accurately calculate the true ROI and budget of omni-channel campaigns
  • How Does Cisco Use Big Data to Predict Sales? Recorded: Apr 17 2014 40 mins
    Learn how Cisco is using big data to predict sales, improve marketing effectiveness and forecast business. Cisco uses a method called ESP—Enterprise Sales Predications — to understand in advance which prospects are likely to buy, what products/services interest them, when and how much they’ll buy. Get a sneak peak at their secret sauce, and deep dive insights into how these predictions accelerate the sale cycle, increase the funnel, and seamlessly integrating into all downstream sales and marketing systems (CRM, SFDC, marketing automation, and CMS for targeting and personalization).
  • Measuring the Company-Wide Impact of Employee Engagement Recorded: Apr 17 2014 54 mins
    What is the value of an engaged, satisfied staff when it comes to influencing tangible customer metrics like retention, loyalty and even revenue?

    Learn how employee engagement is critical to your organization's overall wellness, and how happy employees will benefit your bottom line.

    Join Mike Phillips and Jerry Rackley as they discuss:
    - Executive buy in - how high employee engagement adds to the bottom line
    - How to increase and measure employee engagement
    - Who should own employee engagement
    - Examples of top engagement initiatives
    - Insights and best practices from Demand Metric and Cvent's 250+ organization study
  • Tapping Data Science to Create Lasting Customer Relationships Recorded: Apr 16 2014 23 mins
    If you’re trying to market to customers without taking data into consideration, then you’re marketing in the dark. To have a truly effective engagement with customers, marketers must get into the minds of their customers. Predictive data science can help businesses anticipate a customer’s next move and even optimize that customer’s potential lifetime value.

    This session will provide tips on how to leverage the power of predictive data science to build customer relationships that last a lifetime. Attendees will also learn how practitioners are putting predictive analytics into action to retain customers, boost margins and grow revenue.
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