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Tracking Content ROI

It's not just another buzz word! Content Marketing is the most effective way to grow your business. It's the art of discovering what your customers want and need to know, and the science of delivering it to them in a compelling and engaging way. Learn the secrets of creating great content and how to optimize it for both readers and search engines. Learn how to win the war of words on the web with content creation, content optimization and content testing that all add up to content marketing. This Webinar is sure to add to your bottom line.
Recorded Jan 20 2010 49 mins
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Presented by
Carolyn McKibbin & Byron White; ideaLaunch.com
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  • How to Grow Your Startup and Scale Your Product Using Rigorous Research Jun 17 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Robert J. Lewis, Ph.D.
    A broad overview of basic research methods accessible to product-based businesses of all sizes. The discussion focuses on the most common and useful qualitative and quantitative research methods, and how to overcome each technique's individual disadvantages.

    Participants will learn:

    - How to define their business problem better, and choose the right method(s) to solve it.

    - How to practically implement several very useful methods without the need for proprietary software.

    - How to leverage the data they already have to find insightful patterns.

    - Which methods are out there. Business leaders often do not realize there is a method that has been built specifically for their class of problem.
    Having a broad understanding of the types of techniques that are out there (*and what they are for*) can be 90% of the battle.

    About the speaker:

    Robert J. Lewis, Ph.D. is a quantitative social scientist and software developer. His academic work in media psychology and entertainment has garnered more than 700 citations in his discipline. He has worked with multiple clients on various types of research problems, including Whatsmywine.com, Summery.ai, Crux Climbing Gym, and Rhu Collective.  Additionally, he taught analytics and research methods to advertising students for seven years at The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Webcam Panel: Are you Leveraging New Technologies to Maximum Marketing Effect? Feb 12 2020 10:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Janice Dru, Cambridge Innovation Center | Ray Renna, IVI RMA GLOBAL | Christie Post, Hypergiant
    Social media, data analytics and artificial intelligence are all changing how marketers are connecting with their customers—are you ready for the revolution? This panel will explore the ways in which new technology is forcing marketing teams to rethink their practices, spanning everything from building the brand to developing new campaigns. Join us for a lively discussion that will help you drive your organization into the next decade.

    Join the Conversation to Learn:

    - How does social media affect brand/campaigns/engagement?
    - How are AI and analytics impacting campaigns?
    - What role does personalization play, and how can I make it happen?
    - What compliance requirements do I need to worry about?
    - How are internal relationships and networks affecting the marketing team?

    Moderated by Melanie Turek, VP Research and Fellow - Connected Work, Frost & Sullivan

    Janice Dru, Senior Marketing Director, Cambridge Innovation Center
    Christie Post, Marketing Director, Hypergiant
    Ray Renna, US Marketing Director, IVI RMA GLOBAL
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Demand Gen Marketers Feb 12 2020 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mary McCoy, Demand Gen Marketing Manager, Klaviyo
    Every demand gen marketer knows how complex the marketing mix has become—every day you get a LI message, cold email, or ABM outreach about how X new tool can get you Y% more leads. It’s incredibly exciting, but it poses a challenge. When constrained by time, resources, and budget, how do you grow acquisition meaningfully and scalably?

    During this webinar, I'll share seven tenets I've learned in my experience leading demand generation for two high-growth SaaS companies. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your marketing know-how, you'll discover how to keep yourself grounded with strategies and tactics that drive results.

    Being a successful DTC marketer isn’t about relying on a silver bullet or mastering one paid channel. I'll show you how to think holistically about the sales and marketing funnel, develop a multi-channel approach, and accelerate sales pipeline. Register now!
  • Content that Connects: Accelerating Demand with C-Suite Content Feb 12 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rob Leavitt, SVP, Consulting, ITSMA & Leslie Cozatt, Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing, C-Suite Audience Engagement, Optum
    Absent compelling content, the most carefully designed campaigns fall flat. The challenge, of course, is that our customers and prospects are inundated with content and tune out all but the most timely and relevant material. And the C-suite audiences we all want to engage are the toughest of all.

    Marketers obsess over the newest tools and channels (TikTok, anyone?) but what we say is at least as important as how we say it. Yes, we’re all moving to more video and interactive (as well as back to direct mail), but how can we ensure that the core of our campaigns is substantive content that our audiences actually care about?

    Crafting compelling content, especially for executive-level audiences, is no simple task. Join ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt and Optum’s Leslie Cozatt to explore what the most skeptical buyers are looking for and how the most successful marketers are developing and using C-suite thought leadership content to accelerate demand in the most challenging markets.
  • Great Campaigns Don’t Chase: Demand Generation Starts with Knowing Your Audience Feb 12 2020 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Keith Johnstone & Dennis Le, Contrast Digital Marketing
    Simplify your demand generation process by breaking it down and focusing on the components that matter most. Dividing the process into 4 steps, you can create an effective demand generation strategy that will drive interested leads into your sales team's open arms. Rather than chasing potential customers down and selling them on the same value propositions you and all your competitors are using, consider what it will take to make them chase you.

    · Define your audience

    o Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns by starting with understanding the needs your product satisfies, and who will benefit most

    · Gather insights

    o Consider how and where your audience spends their time to identify what their interests, needs, or parallel pain points they may suffer from are

    · Demonstrate value

    o Create compelling content that attracts them to you and demonstrates value – something that will make your audience say thank you

    · Set the bait

    o Lastly, use your content and leverage targeted marketing channels to drive leads to you


    As General Manager of Contrast Digital, Keith directs all marketing activities and has a track record of successfully growing client revenues and lead volume quarter over quarter. He has had his insights featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Sales and Marketing Magazine, and HubSpot Sales to name a few.

    Specializing In digital demand generation, Dennis has been in the marketing industry for nearly a decade. He has worked on campaigns across industries including software, professional services, and construction, executing campaigns that have helped drive leads in excess of $20M in potential revenue.


    Keith Johnstone, GM, CMO, CDO, Contrast Digital Marketing

    Dennis Le, Digital Demand Generation Manager, Contrast Digital Marketing
  • B2B Demand Building Strategies Feb 12 2020 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Rod Sloane, LinkedIn Champion
    Successful marketing is about more than just MQLs. More than delivering leads, modern marketing departments are playing ever-larger roles in all stages of business development. Join us for conversations with top demand generation experts on how their strategies can impact the entire sales cycle, fill the pipeline, and accelerate business growth. Deliver more of the leads your sales teams need and take them further than ever before by utilizing intelligent targeting, wholistic campaign design, and effective.

    You could really take any angle on demand gen thought leadership, but some sample topics are:

    - Demand generation strategies
    - Holistic campaign design & effective segmentation
    - Attribution and reporting best practices
  • What’s next in B2B Marketing: Looking beyond inbound and ABM Feb 12 2020 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Karthik Nair, Director of Demand Generation, JOOR
    For every B2B marketer who ever wondered 'why should B2C marketers have all the fun?', the 2010’s had all the answers. We got to learn frameworks such as inbound, ABM, conversational marketing, talk triggers and had access to technologies that helped us achieve those goals.

    So, what’s next? Evoking strong emotions among your users/prospects for your product is the future for B2B companies, and the Product Led Growth (PLG) framework, combined with building communities is how you get there. Marketers should look at adopting specific elements of PLG’s framework whether you sell to SMBs, Mid-market or Enterprise businesses. PLG will soon become a basic expectation, like Inbound became a few years ago.

    At the heart of PLG is the approach of giving users the ability to easily experience the product before the paywall and equip them to appreciate the value in the trial period or trial version. While companies have begun finding their stride with successful sales-marketing alignment, the stakes how now increased, the future is going to be about sales-marketing-product alignment.

    Join this session for:

    1. A quick introduction to PLG and how it will take you further along in the journey to higher personalization and higher organizational alignment

    2. An approach to generating demand with traditional approaches, with some creative nuances, as you set yourself up for PLG

    3. Build alignment with technology/product teams to structure data to move to PLG

    4. A guide to building ‘tribes’ by connecting audiences with each other and with your company around theme of the problem you are solving for them

    5. A recommended approach to structuring your team

    6. Metrics you should track to measure performance
  • RE-SET 2020: DIY AUDIT your Demand Gen ROI in 45 mins Feb 12 2020 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Philippe Ruttens, B2B Marketing & Sales Transformation Consultant & Coach
    “For over 40% of marketers, proving the ROI of their activities is their company second's biggest challenge (after lead generation).”

    Sources: CMO Council, Deloitte

    In this DIY "Revenue & ROI Audit” webinar you will learn in 10 steps how to self-audit your true marketing ROI in 2020 – based on your CEO’s commercial goals – to then plan how to improve on those month after month. We will focus on YOUR specific goals and ROI, combining practical steps and templates, so that you leave this 45-min webinar with your own Dashboard to then apply to your team: from AS-IS to TO-BE… aiming to boost your marketing ROI from 0-200% to 500%

    After more than 20 years helping SMEs and blue chips in various B2B sectors to grow their marketing ROI, international consultant & coach Philippe Ruttens will share tools, sources and his approach to audit your marketing campaigns and operations both through quick wins and long-term transformation. Whether your KPIs and goals are more focused on campaign ROI, profitability, team efficiency, customer engagement or brand trust, you will learn concrete steps and to measure and consistently increase your marketing team performance.

    This will be a dynamic exercise that will benefit you in three ways:

    1. Measure & benchmark your core KPIs based on your 2019 performance and commercial goals -> AS-IS

    2. Refine your 2020 vision, ROI & Revenue targets -> TO-BE

    3. Prioritise next steps to build a simple roadmap to accelerate this new year

    The best 45 mins of your 2020 career: Increase your team & ops performance, from campaigns to content and channels, at both a “next quarter” quick-wins level and for the next 12-18 months.
  • Sea of Options: Navigating the Martech Marketplace Recorded: Oct 9 2019 48 mins
    David Pitta, BrightTALK | Sangram Vajre, Terminus | Karen Steele, LeanData | Jon Miller, Engagio
    The Marketing technology landscape is an endless shelf with countless offers, and lofty promises. The number of solutions on the market has doubled in the past three years to over 7000 vendors, each promising to revolutionize your tech stack.

    In this session, we sit down with 3 visionary Chief Officers who have grown their businesses by cutting through the noise of option-paralysis and built winning MarTech stacks.
  • Whole Nine Yards: Customer Experience From MQL to Upsell Recorded: Oct 9 2019 46 mins
    Katie Nachtwey, BrightTALK | Carol Meyers | Lee Roquet, Yellowfin | Kim Hahn, Kustomer
    Customer experience is becoming a top priority for businesses and 2020 will be no different. Now more than ever, a good customer experience has the ability to affect success more than quality of product or service a company delivers. Research shows that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better experience, so how are you setting yourself apart from your competitors?

    Our panel of experts will dive into the importance of the entire customer journey, from collecting in-depth knowledge about your customers with key data to then personalizing their experience to ultimately entice loyalty.
  • If It Moves, It Will Move: Doubling Down on Rich Media Marketing Recorded: Oct 9 2019 52 mins
    Simon Gerzina, BrightTALK | Stephanie Stahl, Content Marketing Institute | John Williams, Verizon | Kevin Karnes, CleverTap
    Most businesses are producing brand content for marketing purposes, but web traffic is rapidly accelerating toward rich media dominance. Streaming content can improve engagement by 18x and more than double your won deal conversions.

    In 2020 content is no longer king, Rich engaging streaming content is king. Dive into streaming content to move customers or better yet, move them to action.
  • Ask the Marketing Expert: Rashmi Vittal, Conversica Recorded: Oct 9 2019 35 mins
    Rashmi Vittal, CMO, Conversica | Olivia Dassler, Marketing Program Manager, BrightTALK
    Join Rashmi Vittal, CMO at Conversica, and Olivia Dassler, Marketing Programs Manager at BrightTALK, for a special Ask the Expert conversation. During this Q&A, Rashmi will share insights on her overarching marketing strategy, her career trajectory, and tips for other marketing professionals. She'll also share her predictions for what the upcoming year has in store for B2B marketing.

    This session is part of our CMO Priorities & Predictions Summit which features some of the world’s leading B2B marketing executives. Walk away with best practices to manage your teams, strategies to successfully take products to market and inspiring ideas for driving marketing program success in the new year.
  • Debunking the Demand Gen Silver Bullet Recorded: Oct 9 2019 60 mins
    Katie Lewis, BrightTALK | Emily Pachuta, Invesco | Matt Preschern, Forcepoint
    Every year B2B marketers are faced with the same conundrum - drive more (and better) leads at a low cost. The goal is clear but the path to get there is not.

    There is no one silver bullet for generating demand. In reality, a well-crafted demand gen strategy relies on a pool of carefully selected marketing channels, trustworthy data sources and constant optimization. In this panel discussion, we’ll discuss demand gen strategies for 2020, as well as predictions for the future of our industry.
  • 8 High-Performance B2B Marketing & Sales Tactics to Accelerate Revenue Growth Recorded: Oct 9 2019 48 mins
    Philippe Ruttens and Michael Humblet
    After helping +300 companies and CMOs to scale, Michael Humblet & Philippe Ruttens will share their most effective Marketing & Sales strategies and tactics to win customers and accelerate your pipeline.

    In this very hands-on keynote, Michael & Philippe will dig deep into 8 concrete cases & steps to prioritise your revenue marketing & sales tactics in 2020, and benefit from learnings gained at some of the most successful European scale-ups, corporates and help you grow faster. They will also cover through additional questions their own experience of working on both the Marketing & Sales sides, helping you to integrate both domains at best, measure your ROI jointly and accelerate your funnel conversion.

    About the speakers:

    Michael Humblet - Founder Chaomatic - maximising your revenue through winning sales strategies

    Michael Humblet is obsessed with designing, building and scaling sales engines and founder of Chaomatic, focused on unlocking & maximizing revenue growth trusted by over +207 companies. He is a seasoned sales strategist who served in different Sales Leadership functions.

    Philippe Ruttens – B2B ROI Marketing Coach

    Bringing over 25 years of experience as a B2B marketer, Philippe coaches CMOs and helps sales & marketing teams transform faster into ROI-driven revenue marketing centres of excellence. Leveraging his multi-sector consultant/interim manager expertise developed at firms like Accenture, EY, MasterCard and Iron Mountain, he combines his strategic demand generation vision with a pragmatic people- and ROI-focused operational approach to help teams achieve their commercial objectives faster. www.ruttens.com
  • Take Best-Practices to Next-Practices: Forward-Thinking B2B Marketing Strategies Recorded: Oct 8 2019 58 mins
    Christa Kleinhans Tuttle, Entrepreneur, Experienced Marketer and CEO, Launch Marketing
    Executive leaders that are willing to take risks and stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends often position themselves to capture lots of new business, talent and market share. The most successful leaders, however, know how to build a strategic foundation that is strong enough to support innovative trends while providing a tried-and-true baseline that keeps things grounded as the marketing landscape continues to evolve.

    Join Launch Marketing’s Founder and CEO Christa Tuttle as she illustrates how webinar attendees can create best practices that can evolve into “next” practices, moving the needle on both innovative and stable success. This presentation will cover several cornerstones of B2B marketing, including messaging and positioning, integrated marketing plans, marketing automation and more.
  • 5 Pillars to Scale your Business on Linkedin Recorded: Sep 18 2019 45 mins
    Chaz Horn B2B Sales and Marketing Strategist
    Join Chaz Hoirn B2B Sales and Marketing Strategist, for this presentation that will give you the five essential pillars.

    When it comes to conquering LinkedIn, Chaz has come up with a system called TABS. He landed on that particular acronym because it’s all about keeping tabs on yourself and your business.

    The “T” is for “technique.” Chaz stresses that technique isn’t about manipulation, but, rather, having the intention to serve. It also refers to being the driver of the sales and marketing process, as opposed to simply being a passenger.

    The “A” refers to “attitude,” which means that you need to get in the proper mindset in order to perform to the best of your abilities. In the proper mindset, you’re able to bypass a lot of the fluff that might come your way and focus in on the core issues.

    “B” is for “behaviors.” This is the process of not just putting yourself to action, but finding the right actions. A large part of successful behaviors has to do with consistency, thinking on the fly, and being spurred by your failures instead of debilitated.

    The final letter, “S,” stands for “strategy.” This is all about finding an audience and establishing yourself as an authority. Without this, your audience has no reason to listen to you over anybody else and will happily scroll right past you to the next person.
  • How Content Elevates (or Aggravates) the Customer Experience Recorded: Sep 18 2019 31 mins
    Jeff Raymond, Executive Director, Client Engagement – Launch Marketing
    At its best, an organization’s content anticipates the needs and interests of those they wish to start or advance a conversation with. It’s simply there when audiences need it and served up in an easily accessible and engageable manner that adds up to a positive experience.

    Conversely, gaps in content availability, inattention to the steps required to get one’s content, and disconnected follow-up leads to negative experiences and, ultimately, unmet objectives.

    Join us as we examine:
    - How to assess whether you have the content you need
    - What it takes to create a reliable and effective content engine
    - The friction points that impede content engagement (and how to address them)
  • Ditch ROI! Return-on-Emotion (ROE) is the real key to storytelling success Recorded: Sep 18 2019 48 mins
    Clarice Lin | The ROI Doctor | Founder of BaselineLabs | Head of Content-Analytics
    In recent years, many companies and marketers struggle to prove the return on investment in content marketing and how storytelling plays such a pivotal role in the overall business strategy. On the other hand, companies who focus only on Return-On-Investment (ROI) face unsurmountable challenges in turning new customers into returning customers.

    If you want your company to outshine your competitors, return on emotion (ROE) is the real key in balancing your monetary returns and getting your customers return yet again and again.

    In this session, I’ll share with you:

    - Why measuring ROI is no longer sufficient in your customer acquisition and retention strategy
    - What Return-On-Emotion is all about and why you’ve to focus on this key metric in 2020
    - How to strike a balance between driving higher profits and keeping your customers happy and satisfied
  • How to use Storytelling in Business Recorded: Sep 18 2019 45 mins
    Matthew Woodget CEO & Principal Consultant, Go Narrative
    Learn about why storytelling is essential in your business and how to apply it.

    Gain insights, frameworks, and tools to apply storytelling to improve team collaboration, business problem solving and marketing communications.
  • Storytelling for the Sales Team Recorded: Sep 18 2019 36 mins
    Rod Sloane, Linkedin Pirate, Linkedin as a Service
    Join this talk to discover:

    - What is a sales story
    - Why you need a sales story?
    - Why you need more than one story ...beyond the company story
    - How to tell a sales story
    - Storytelling Resources
    - StoryTelling Creation
    - Practising your Story
    - Getting better at Storytelling
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  • Presented by: Carolyn McKibbin & Byron White; ideaLaunch.com
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