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Big Data and Marketing: Small steps to get started

Much has been written about big data, with the term running the risk (if it hasn’t already happened) of falling into disrepute along with CRM and others. But underneath the hype and bandwagon-hopping vendors, there are genuine and exciting opportunities to harness the diverse and rapidly growing range of data sources available to Marketing now. This session will take a look at what is actually meant by big data, how relevant it is to Marketing and what the first steps should be for adopting Big Data Driven Marketing.

Simon Daniels is a specialist in business marketing data strategy and marketing operations, with experience spanning a number of sectors, working across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific regions. Director of Marketing Operations Consulting at Percassity Marketing Data Solutions, Simon regularly advises organisations regarding choosing and exploiting marketing technology and best practice across their sales and marketing functions.
Recorded Mar 14 2013 48 mins
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Presented by
Simon Daniels Director, Marketing Operations Consulting Percassity Marketing Data Solutions
Presentation preview: Big Data and Marketing: Small steps to get started

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  • Getting your email marketing team GDPR compliant Aug 24 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Steve Henderson, Compliance Officer, Communicator Corp
    Join us on this webinar and learn:
    - What are the new challenges with gaining consent for new and existing data.
    - How technology and clever copywriting can help with new sign-ups(examples on how to make sign-up both compelling and compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy)
    - How to run your own GDPR audit

    About Steve Henderson:

    With over a decade’s experience, Steve is a data protection and email deliverability specialist and is an expert on the impact of the GDPR to the email marketing industry. Steve has worked with the DMA since 2012 and was elected to the DMA Email Council in 2015.
    Steve belongs to the CIPP/E (Certified Institute of Privacy Professionals – Europe), the CIPT (Certified Institute of Privacy Technologists) and was recently awarded the IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy.
  • Learn How to Save Time and Money When Creating Email Content Aug 23 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Renee Chemel, VP Marketing, PowerInbox
    Do you have too much email content? Not enough email content? Does your website team get all of the glory and cool content?

    In this webinar we will give you tips on how to save time and money when looking for ways to create content for your email campaigns. It really is as easy as using the same bells and whistles incorporated in your websites and using them directly on your email campaigns.

    Your emails will shine with relevant and engaging content that will be the envy of your colleagues and make your customers want to click whatever your content is offering.
  • Modern Email Marketing - Relatively Simple Algorithms for the Future Aug 23 2017 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Maurice Flynn, Marketing Director, Altaire
    Maurice Flynn is a recognised expert in real time, marketing prediction (data+tech) & it's real world, enterprise scale application. With his 20+ years in email marketing for companies big and small, he has built a process/algorithm over time to help
    companies achieve dramatic improvement in their marketing across email and other channels with an integrated approach.

    Join this webinar to learn more about Maurice's formula:

    STAGE 1. WHAT 1a - Data:Loyalty/Commerce/ CRM/App/Web/Social /Other 1b
    - Simple Data ETL 1c -Predict::ML+Clustering/ DecisionTrees/Regression
    /Bayes/DeepNN /Other

    STAGE 2. WHY 2a - Predict Value: eg CLTV 2b - By Micro Segments 2c -
    Contextural 2d - Compliant

    STAGE 3. HOW 3a - Content Library 3b - Content Render & Cache 3c -
    Probabilistic ID 3d - Programmatic Real Time

    STAGE 4. OPTIMISE 4a - Control Test 4b - Battle of Algo’s Scoring 4c -
    More Data Sources 4d - Algo Weights
  • Is Real-Time Content Creepy? Aug 22 2017 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Antony Humphreys, Adestra & Guy Hanson, Return Path & Jenna Tiffany, Let'sTalk Strategy & Lili Boev, dotmailer
    One of digital marketing's biggest bugbears is the ability for brands to follow customers, often clumsily. Join this webinar on BrightTALK to hear how to make 'real time' work really well for your brand.

    Join us to find out:
    · Why to use it
    · How to use it effectively
    · Whether it actually makes a difference
    · If it's worth the time, money and effort to set-up for the long-term benefits

    Brands are increasingly investing in 'real time' content. This webinar will feature experts in email and real-time marketing to give you the answers your business needs. Explore what this actually means, and what the implications and rules are for marketers.
  • The Art of Enhancing the Customer Experience using Personalisation Aug 22 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing
    Personalisation is the latest trend within email marketing and with good reason - it delivers the goods. However, the reason behind its success is not what you may think. In this must-attend session, Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing de-mystifies personalisation and reveals that contrary to popular opinion, personalisation should not in fact be our objective, but instead it should be to deliver a great customer experience using personalisation as a strategy to achieve this.

    This session will be packed full of practical tips and advice on not only how to achieve a better customer experience using personalisation, but will also demonstrate as to why it's so powerful. Beware though - you may well be pleasantly surprised at the many ways to achieve personalised emails beyond product recommendations!
  • The Science Behind Memorable Visuals Recorded: Jul 19 2017 64 mins
    Dr. Carmen Simon, Memory By Design
    It is intuitive to believe that visuals are more memorable than text. To a certain degree, science confirms this. Research shows that visuals impact recall because they help viewers process information faster and assist them to pay attention by being more engaging than text.

    But there is such a thing as a forgettable visual. Think of all the information you encounter in a typical week. How much of it do you remember? We tend to forget our lives almost as quickly as we live them and visuals can still escape our memories.

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for a free, one-hour educational webinar with cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Carmen Simon, to learn how to stay on people’s minds by applying science-based guidelines from the angle of how the brain processes visuals.

    You will learn how to use visual thinking skills in four areas that are prevalent in business communication: facts, processes, data, and abstracts. And, you’ll discover how to use design elements such as images, text, lines, shapes to create interesting—and memorable—content. Dr. Simon will provide you with universal visual design principles and explain how they influence viewer attention and retention.

    In just one hour, you will learn how to create and select visuals that impact memory and how to avoid those that don't. Visual thinking is important because when you use images correctly, you have the luxury of staying on your audience’s minds long-term. This helps you influence their decisions because people act in your favor based on what they remember, not on what they forget.

    About Dr. Carmen Simon

    Carmen Simon is a cognitive neuroscientist, bestselling author, and leading expert on using memory to influence decision-making. Her most recent book, Impossible to Ignore: Create Memorable Content to Influence Decisions, has won the acclaim of publications such as Inc.com, Forbes, and Fast Company, and has been selected as one of the top international books on persuasion.
  • Transforming Your Digital Advertising With the Power of First Party Data Recorded: Jun 15 2017 26 mins
    Lakshmi Ramesh, Director of Digital Marketing at Treasure Data
    Data Management Platforms (DMPs) have helped marketers improve digital advertising in the last 10 years by providing easy access to 3rd party global audience segments, but smart marketers have realized that this isn’t enough.

    Modern marketers are now looking for ways to incorporate 1st party data into their entire marketing strategy but the problem is that this data is frequently siloed and challenging to access/analyze fast enough to keep up with market demands.

    The solution is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) which is a new system - recently recognized by Gartner - that works in harmony with existing marketing technology to connect internal 1st party data, with external 2nd or 3rd party data.

    Join us for our webinar and you will learn:

    - How to leverage your most valuable asset - 1st party data - to maximize your programmatic advertising impact.
    - The common pitfalls of working only with 2nd and 3rd party data
    - Gain a deep understanding why it’s crucial to unify 1st party data for holistic customer insights as well as activation.
    - Why a Customer Data Platform is essential to integrate 1st party data with your Data Management Platform.
  • How the Application of ABM Fundamentals Enhances the Customer Experience Recorded: Jun 15 2017 43 mins
    Ashley Shailer, Senior Associate at Inverta
    “Know me. Know my business.”

    While this is important in a pre-sales capacity, it’s table stakes for delivering a customer experience that surprises and delights. In this session, we’ll talk about how to define your customer’s lifecycle, and how to apply the fundamentals of ABM (account selection, insights, segmentation and messaging, play development, and measurement) in a post-sale capacity for the purpose of retaining customers, nurturing loyalty, and motivating advocates.

    About Ashley: Ashley is a Senior Associate at Inverta, and has spent more than ten years designing and implementing world-class demand creation and lead management strategies that leverage the latest in marketing technology. She’s held client-side and analyst roles in marketing systems and marketing operations, and consulting roles that leverage her unique expertise in lead nurturing, account-based plays, content, messaging, and social media strategy for more than 40 clients.
  • Collaborative ABM: Partnering with Key Accounts for Innovation and Growth Recorded: Jun 15 2017 49 mins
    Rob Leavitt, Senior Vice President at ITSMA; Jack Barrett, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing at Juniper Networks
    Account-based marketers talk a lot about being customer-centric. But the reality is that most ABM programs take a broad-brush approach to targeting customers that we think should be interested in our solutions.

    A truly customer-centric approach, especially with key accounts, begins with a deep dive into each customer’s business issues and then partners with them to design new solutions and shared success.

    This session will explore why and how a collaborative ABM approach can drive innovation, growth, loyalty, and advocacy with key accounts. The session includes a deep dive into Juniper Network’s award-winning ABM program, as well as examples from other companies including Accenture, Fujitsu, and KPMG.

    Key takeaways include:

    - The importance of collaborative innovation with key accounts
    - The value of transparency: ABM “with” not “for” key accounts
    - The research and development foundation required for collaborative ABM
    - Metrics beyond revenue: Measuring success with collaborative ABM

    About Rob: Rob Leavitt is Senior Vice President at ITSMA, a leadership community for B2B marketers and the pioneers of ABM in the early 2000s. At ITSMA, Rob provides strategic guidance to leading technology and B2B services firms on thought leadership, content marketing, and ABM.

    About Jack: Jack Barrett is Senior Director, Strategic Marketing at Juniper Networks, and leads executive engagement, ABM, demand generation, and channel development across the Americas.
  • Targeted ABM Strategies: Increase Conversions and Reduce Sales Cycles Recorded: Jun 14 2017 39 mins
    Val-Pierre Genton, VP of Audience at BrightTALK
    As marketers are being asked to increase their contribution to bookings and revenue, account-based marketing is being used as a strategy to improve conversions and reduce the sales cycle.

    That said, ABM is only as good as the quality of the underlying data in your database and performance varies substantially depending your approach to execution.

    Tune in to this session and learn how you can:
    - Increase the number of target accounts
    - Increase the number of contacts inside of target accounts
    - Increase appointments with target accounts
    - Improve sales and marketing alignment
    - Grow revenue inside target accounts

    Over the past 17 years, Val has built and sold an Internet business and helped business, sales and marketing executives at Fortune 500, mid market and start-up companies to create value, move markets and accelerate growth. He combines this knowledge with deep insights from millions of data points that are generated as nearly 6M professionals connect with experts and companies on BrightTALK to learn and grow.
  • Orchestrating an ABM Campaign with Advertising, Content & Direct Mail Recorded: Jun 14 2017 49 mins
    Sangram Vajre, CMO at Terminus and Daniel Gaugler, CMO at PFL
    Account-based marketing is a proven strategy for growing revenue for B2B organizations. Ultimately, it's about delivering the right content, on the right channel, to the contacts in your target accounts.

    In this webinar, our “ABM Superheroes” Daniel Gaugler, CMO of PFL, and Sangram Vajre, CMO of Terminus, will discuss how they use marketing technology to do ABM at scale.

    They'll provide a brief overview of the steps in the #FlipMyFunnel model for doing ABM, then discuss how to orchestrate comprehensive, omnichannel ABM campaigns that deliver powerful results.

    Session attendees listening live and tweeting with #ABM will have a chance to win a copy of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies.
  • How to Increase Sales by 800% by Segmenting Your Target Market Recorded: Jun 14 2017 23 mins
    Ben Raffi, CEO at Growlabs.com
    Market segmentation combined with tailored messaging and a scalable outbound process can lead to significant growth. Are you a B2B business trying to fill your pipeline with qualified leads? Are you scaling your sales and marketing operations? In this webinar, you will learn practical strategies to:

    1. Segment your target market
    2. Find qualified leads in each segment
    3. Tailor messaging for each segment
    4. Set up a scalable outbound process

    Ben Raffi, CEO of Growlabs.com, will share his insights and experience. At Universe, he led business development efforts globally, acquiring 28,000 clients in less than 3 years with a team of 10.
  • Building Relevancy into Every Email Campaign Recorded: Jun 14 2017 45 mins
    Shefa Weinstein, VP Product, PowerInbox
    In this webinar we are going to cover 7 easy and fast ways to Kick Your B2B campaigns up a notch by building relevancy into every email campaign. Users are now expecting each email to be handcrafted to their wants and needs. And you need to convince them to read and click, by giving them a reason. In addition, content can now be generated on time of open, keeping it the most relevant it can be.

    Over the course of this session, we will show you ways to help target your audience by GeoLocation or device, automate content so you get more but work less, collect data and build a better list, highlight events with countdown timers and add to calendar action buttons, adding exciting video and including social feeds - providing you with a new toolbox of ideas to make all of your email campaigns relevant without costing you more time.

    Read more about this topic on the BrightTALK blog: https://business.brighttalk.com/blog/live-email-personalization-secret-weapon-abm-strategy/
  • How to Hire, Structure, and Train Your Revenue Team for ABM Success Recorded: Jun 13 2017 39 mins
    Dayna Rothman, VP of Marketing and Sales Development at BrightFunnel
    We know that ABM is an imperative for today's revenue teams, but how do you actually structure your team for success? When it comes to ABM, you need to have 100% alignment between sales and marketing, which requires the right people, in the right roles, running the right plays.

    Join Dayna Rothman, VP of Marketing and Sales Development at BrightFunnel and author of Lead Generation for Dummies as she discusses how to build your marketing, SDR team, and sales team to focus on ABM. In her session learn:
    - How to structure a full-funnel revenue team for targeted ABM plays
    - How to cultivate and hire a SDR and hybrid-SDR team for high-touch, multi-channel ABM outreach
    - How to run integrated ABM campaigns that include marketing, SDRs, and closing AEs
    - How to add account-based engagement as a component of SDR quota
  • How NI's ABM Program of the Year Winner Built Initial Alignment with Sales Recorded: Jun 13 2017 32 mins
    Joe Quinn, Account Based Marketing Section Manager, Americas at National Instruments
    Sales and marketing have long been siloed, and alignment between the two departments is vital to gaining traction and support for an account-based approach.

    When sales and marketing align toward common account goals, sales has better account insights, contacts and positioning at their accounts and marketing has more substantial ROI for their efforts.

    So whether your ABM program is still in a pilot phase or fully integrated into your company, you'll be able to leverage the 7 approaches NI's award-winning ABM program uses to partner with their sales account managers.

    Key takeways:
    - Learn where and how ABM alignment starts and the most powerful tool for continued alignment
    - Leverage 5 best practices for building alignment when establishing new sales account manager relationships
    - Review 3 approaches you should consider for every account marketing objective you work on
  • Mastering Sales and Marketing Alignment in an ABM World Recorded: Jun 13 2017 30 mins
    Mark Yeager, President, Yeager Marketing
    Digital automation tools for marketing are here to stay. They’re getting smarter, and they’re changing the way we think about everything we do as marketers, from how we qualify leads to what content we produce to how we align our sales and marketing teams.

    Aligning marketing and sales has always been a challenging – yet critically important – exercise. You have to define a common language, synchronize strategies, and execute in such a way that each team empowers the other’s success, despite differences in timelines, drivers and goals.

    As the marketing world shifts to embrace digital platforms, particularly around the concept of account-based marketing (ABM), we’re re-evaluating how we can best achieve alignment, and we’re exploring what these new tools offer to expedite and streamline that process.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    - The foundations of sales and marketing alignment: what it looks like and why it’s critical to overall company success
    - How sales and marketing alignment looks different in our emerging ABM world
    - Which digital ABM tools assist in delivering a foundation for alignment

    After watching, you’ll have a framework that will help ensure both groups are synergizing their efforts, and you’ll gain an understanding of how account-based marketing tools can be used to optimize that synergy and deliver a bigger pipeline of opportunities.
  • ABM for Critical Clusters: Driving Growth with a One-to-Few Approach Recorded: Jun 13 2017 45 mins
    Louise Jefferson, Senior Associate at ITSMA
    The rise of account-based marketing (ABM) has brought to the fore two distinctly different approaches: One-to-one for strategic accounts and one-to-many for broader market segments.

    With a true one-to-one, Strategic ABM approach, marketers work hand-in-hand with key account teams to create highly customized programs for individual clients. This can generate dramatic returns but scaling beyond a small number of accounts is hard to afford.

    With a one-to-many, Programmatic ABM approach, marketers identify dozens, hundreds, or even a few thousand named accounts and organize segment-oriented campaigns to drive desirable opportunities through the pipeline. ABM works at scale from the beginning; the key challenge is going deeper with your most important accounts.

    Between these two extremes, a one-to-few, cluster-based approach can split the difference by focusing customized programs on small groups of accounts with similar business issues and initiatives. Marketers craft highly targeted value propositions based on deep insight, a new point of view, and tight collaboration with sales. Examples might include groups of 5-10 large grocery chains, automotive suppliers, or life science firms, each group having similar business challenges.

    This session will explore the why, what, and how of a one-to-few, ABM Lite approach with data and examples from ITSMA research and experience in the field. Key takeaways include:

    - Critical elements of the three types of ABM and how best to apply them
    - Readiness criteria for a one-to-few, ABM Lite approach
    - ABM Lite examples and tactics
    - ABM Lite metrics and impact

    About Louise: Louise Jefferson is a Senior Associate at ITSMA, a leadership community for B2B marketers and the pioneers of ABM in the early 2000s. As part of ITSMA’s global ABM practice team, Louise provides training, mentoring, and consulting services to help large technology and business services firms build ABM competency and accelerate growth with key accounts.
  • Panel: ABM - The Route to Sales and Marketing Alignment Nirvana? Recorded: Jun 13 2017 49 mins
    Peter Lundie, Agent3; Greg Salmon, Agent 3; Emma Gould, BT; Rob Holmes, BT
    Numerous studies tell us that when sales and marketing are aligned, revenue generation is accelerated. And increasingly, Account Based Marketing is being utilised as the means to achieve alignment around driving stronger key and named account revenue. But the route to success is littered with pitfalls and challenges, given it requires new thinking, new technologies and new ways of working.

    Join Peter Lundie, Managing Partner at Agent3 and Greg Salmon, Partner at Agent 3 along with Emma Gould, Marketing Manager at BT Business and Public Sector and Rob Holmes: Business Development Director at BT to learn how Agent3 and BT Business are executing an innovative Account Based Marketing campaign, based on insight, that is driving sales and marketing alignment and resulting in increased revenue opportunities.

    By joining the webinar you will better understand campaign strategy, how to deploy technology successfully, the timelines for success, the roles played by different members of the virtual team and how to measure progress.

    Read more about this topic on the BrightTALK blog: https://business.brighttalk.com/blog/abm-route-to-sales-marketing-alignment-nirvana/
  • Butting Heads: Why ABM Makes Sales and Marketing Alignment Easier, Not Harder Recorded: Jun 13 2017 25 mins
    Riaz Kanani, Joint-MD, Radiate B2B
    In the B2B world, aligning sales and marketing has been a challenge going back decades. If you believe the stereotype, it's because marketing is the colouring-in department and sales are know-it-alls who don’t listen. This session will look at how to align the two when adopting an Account Based Marketing strategy.
  • Discover How to Drive the Biggest Impact with ABM Recorded: Jun 13 2017 38 mins
    Luella Ben Aziza, Strategy Director at MomentumABM
    Hosted by Luella Ben Aziza, Strategy Director at MomentumABM

    Drawing on client examples and insights Luella will explore how ABM delivers the best returns – giving marketing a seat at the top table through closer alignment with sales and commercial goals. In this session Luella will discuss -
    • The different models of ABM and how to choose the best fit for your organisation
    • How to implement and grow a strategic ABM programme, balancing 1:1 focus for high-value opportunities whilst clustering and reaching a broader set of accounts.
    • Understand where automation fits in to ABM – including automated insight platforms and programmatic tactics – and how to blend tech tools with ABM expertise.
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  • Title: Big Data and Marketing: Small steps to get started
  • Live at: Mar 14 2013 11:00 am
  • Presented by: Simon Daniels Director, Marketing Operations Consulting Percassity Marketing Data Solutions
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