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Panel: Public Private or Hybrid Cloud?

In the age of 'cloud-first' IT strategies, how are businesses deciding where and how to host their workloads? How do they decide between public and private cloud - and how can they avoid making the wrong choice? Finding answers to these tricky questions looks set to be a popular theme at IP EXPO EUROPE 2014.

Join us for this exclusive panel debate, in which Consulting Editor Jessica Twentyman will be joined by Kate Craig-Wood, co-founder and managing director of cloud hosting company Memset, and Peter Mansell, sales manager for HP Helion at systems, software and services giant Hewlett-Packard.

Attendees will learn:
- the difference between public and private cloud computing and how organisations choose between them;
- why the hybrid cloud model may offer the best of both worlds, and how a cloud platform like HP Helion can help;
- how leading cloud hosting companies such as Memset are able to advise customers on the best cloud model for their own workloads - and offer all three;
- how smart companies are tackling the cloud integration challenge, stitching cloud systems together to create a coherent whole.
Recorded Jul 17 2014 41 mins
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Presented by
Jessica Twentyman, Editor, IP Expo Europe; Kate Craig-Wood, MD, Memset; Peter Mansell, Sales Manager, HP Helion
Presentation preview: Panel: Public Private or Hybrid Cloud?

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  • Reduce your TCO with a full-featured software load balancer Jul 21 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ashish Shah, Director of Product, Avi Networks
    Hardware or software applicance-based load balancers do not scale horizontally. They often cause configuration delays, overspending, and overprovisioning. Avi Networks leverages the power of central management and insights derived from distributed load balancing resources to provide predictive autoscaling of load balancers as well as application components. Enterprises can eliminate upfront capital costs and adopt an elastic subscription-based model for load balancing. The Avi Vantage platform alleviates operational complexities inherent in buying hardware and managing multiple appliances.

    In this webinar learn new best practices for autoscaling load balancers and applications. Learn the flexibility and cost savings achieved through:

    • Software-defined L4-L7 services and central management
    • Use of commodity x86 servers for load balancing
    • Elastic scaling based on real-time traffic that eliminates overprovisioning
    • Avoiding CapEx and significantly reduced OpEx
  • Monitoring as a Discipline – Unlock Hybrid IT Success Jul 21 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kong Yang, Head Geek of Virtualization & Cloud Practice, SolarWinds
    Performance, agility, and collaboration are essential elements of the DevOps culture, which is a key tenet of Hybrid IT. For IT professionals, embracing DevOps can bring forth the light and dark side. The light is harnessing disruptive innovation through applications and infrastructural advantages to move the business forward. The dark is being disrupted by the very culture and power that you’re trying to enable and embrace.

    ·How do you manage the Force of change across people, process and technology?

    ·Is there a framework you can use to ease into DevOps?

    ·Are there IT Ops skills and techniques that you can leverage when embracing DevOps?

    ·How does Monitoring as a Discipline enable DevOps and unlock Hybrid IT?

    In this session, you will learn the answers to these questions along with techniques and frameworks to successfully integrate DevOps principles into your 2016 Hybrid IT objectives.
  • The Traditional vs Continuous Audit: John Henry vs Steam Drill Jul 20 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Greg Frazier, Sole Practitioner, Greg Frazier, CPA
    Database triggers, coupled with cloud technology and the growing popularity of APIs (application program interfaces) have beefed up the capabilities of continuous auditing. Industries of all sorts, from banking, to ecommerce, to supply chain, to logistics, use applications that incorporate software that instantly alerts stake holders to outliers in data. This is exactly what we auditors need in our profession. Instead, we and our clients continue to rely on annual audits for third party assurance. Fees for the traditional annual audits spiral downward because all of us know that there is little value in an audit opinion on year old information.

    Greg Frazier, CPA & Microsoft Certified Partner- Application Development will discuss the following:

    - What is continuous auditing?
    - How are continuous audits more valuable than traditional audits?
    - How are continuous audits more cost-effective than traditional audits?
  • Cloud Storage: Solving Interoperability Challenges Jul 19 2016 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Udayan Singh, Head, Tata Consultancy, Mark Carlson, Cloud Storage Co-Chair, Cloud Storage TWG Co-Chair
    Cloud storage has transformed the storage industry, however interoperability challenges that were overlooked during the initial stages of growth are now emerging as front and center issues. Join this Webcast to learn the major challenges that businesses leveraging services from multiple cloud providers or moving from one cloud provider to another face.
    The SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface standard (CDMI) addresses these challenges by offering data interoperability between clouds. SNIA and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have partnered to create a SNIA CDMI Conformance Test Program to help cloud storage providers achieve CDMI conformance.
    As interoperability becomes critical, end user companies should include the CDMI standard in their RFPs and demand conformance to CDMI from vendors.
    Join us on July 19th to learn:
    •Critical challenges that the cloud storage industry is facing
    •Issues in a multi-cloud provider environment
    •Addressing cloud storage interoperability challenges
    •How the CDMI standard works
    •Benefits of CDMI conformance testing
    •Benefits for end user companies
  • Policy Automation Keeps you Safe in the Cloud Jul 19 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeremy Snyder, VP of Business Development, DivvyCloud
    2015 was a record year for data breaches in the cloud. Many of these could have been reduced, or even eliminated, with proper policy compliance in the cloud. This webinar will cover how to design and apply policy to your cloud infrastructure to reduce the risk of security breaches, shadow IT and other threats.
  • Securely Implementing Cloud Native Applications Jul 19 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Edward L. Haletky, President, AstroArch Consulting Inc., Managing Director, The Virtualization Practice LLC
    Building Cloud Native Applications securely is more than using containers or building with orchestration and automation. It is a lifecycle which includes moving security from external sources directly into the application. To move security into the application requires knowledge of the application, security, and testing. Developers need to learn more about security, but as they do, the process must also change to protect the developer, the application, and to improve security testing in an automatic method. Automation and Orchestration is crucial, but so is finding out what was done wrong, so it can be corrected. The key to this is a Secure Agile Cloud Development architecture and process. Join us to deep-dive into these processes and best practices for secure application development and management.
  • A Better Architecture for Hybrid WAN Jul 14 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Steve Woo, Co-founder and VP of Products, VeloCloud
    Most enterprises deploy both private MPLS and public broadband Internet to some or all of their branch offices. The right SD-WAN solution will dramatically improve the utilization, performance and ease of management of the these hybrid deployments.

    Join this webinar for a detailed understanding of the architectural details of Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN for hybrid WAN deployments. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how hybrid deployments can be designed, implemented and maintained for a secure, optimal and high quality wide area network.
  • Cloud Object Storage 101 Jul 14 2016 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Nancy Bennis, Director of Alliances, Cleversafe an IBM Company, Alex McDonald, Chair, SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative, NetApp
    Object storage is a secure, simple, scalable, and cost-effective means of embracing the explosive growth of unstructured data enterprises generate every day.
    Many organizations, like large service providers, have already begun to leverage software-defined object storage to support new application development and DevOps projects. Meanwhile, legacy enterprise companies are in the early stages of exploring the benefits of object storage for their particular business and are searching for how they can use cloud object storage to modernize their IT strategies, store and protect data while dramatically reducing the costs associated with legacy storage sprawl.
    This Webcast will highlight the market trends towards the adoption of object storage , the definition and benefits of object storage, and the use cases that are best suited to leverage an underlying object storage infrastructure.
    In this webcast you will learn:
    •How to accelerate the transition from legacy storage to a cloud object architecture
    •Understand the benefits of object storage
    •Primary use cases
    •How an object storage can enable your private, public or hybrid cloud strategy without compromising security, privacy or data governance
  • The value of integration: Results from a benchmark study Jun 30 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sarvesh Jagannivas, VP Product & Industry Marketing, MuleSoft
    Chief architects and CIOs know that API-led connectivity drives business and IT agility. MuleSoft surveyed tech leaders among its customers and discovered not only the value of IT agility, but dramatic, measurable business outcomes for organizations that adopted our approach to integration. This webinar will provide a practical approach to understanding the value of API-led connectivity within your company.
  • Which Storage Architecture is Best for Splunk Analytics? Jun 30 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland
    We will discuss the pros and cons of the three most common storage architectures for Splunk, enabling you to decide which makes the most sense for your organization.

    1. Leverage existing storage resources
    2. Deploy a cloud storage and SaaS solution
    3. Deploy a hybrid, Splunk-ready solution
  • SD-WAN: The Power to Declare Network Independence Jun 29 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mike Wood, VP of Marketing, VeloCloud & Ron Longo, Head of WW Operations, VeloCloud
    Since the dawn of time nearly every being has striven for independence. IT professional tirelessly work to get to the same goal of creating solutions which result in greater independence from how technology was used in the past.

    Join this webinar to learn how Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN delivers independence from underlying transport, freedom to host applications anywhere, liberty for how services are delivered and choices on how far you extend your wide area network. You'll leave with a better understanding of how to gain your independence from the boundaries of the legacy networks of the past decade.
  • Modern Customer Experience Jun 29 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kevin Orbaker, Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft Corporation
    Customer service organizations are now at the epicenter of their company’s ability to differentiate their brand and drive customer loyalty and advocacy. This means having an agile service environment designed to adjust and anticipate the needs of customers and your brand at the pace of innovation. Join us to experience our vision for service organizations in the digital age.

    In this webcast, viewers will learn more about:
    •Interacting with your customers anywhere, at any time, across multiple devices
    •Delivering customer service in a seamless way across physical and digital environments
  • Survivor or thriver? Addressing PSD2 and Open Banking Recorded: Jun 28 2016 59 mins
    Paul Rohan, author of "PSD2 in Plain English" & Danny Healy, Banking API Specialist, MuleSoft
    Open Banking is set to disrupt the financial services value chain. Across the world, this disruption can already be seen with a number of innovative initiatives emerging and with pressure from regulation, such as PSD2 in Europe, beginning to impact institutes.

    With the foundations starting to build, what are the common approaches to Open Banking and how can you avoid the pitfalls?

    Hear from MuleSoft Banking API specialist Danny Healy and industry veteran Paul Rohan, author of "PSD2 in Plain English", for a unique business and technical insight from the leaders in API-led connectivity.

    Will you simply survive? Or change to thrive, in an Open Banking world?
  • What Does Brexit Mean for the Cloud Industry? Recorded: Jun 23 2016 49 mins
    Marco van den Akker, Cloud Evangelist, A state of Cloud
    Brexit it's the talk of the town, in both London and Brussels. What if the Great Britain will leave the European Union? How will this impact the cloud providers and users? Watch Marco van den Akker answer these and other questions in a LIVE video chat on BrightTALK. Don't hesitate to send him questions and he'll try to answer as many as possible during his 15 talk.
  • Empower your Mobile Workforce: Secure and Protected Mobile Environment Recorded: Jun 20 2016 53 mins
    Alex Shteynberg & David Hansford, Microsoft
    29% of today’s global workforce use 3+ devices, work from multiple locations and use multiple apps, while 80%+ employees admit to using non-approved software-as-a-serve (SaaS) applications in their jobs. How do you boost productivity, collaboration, and agility with real-time access to business tools and information while keeping it all secure?

    Join this webcast to learn:
    •How to protect your mobile productivity tools
    •How to save money and set up quickly
    •Keep your data secure on the move
    •Protect everything—across devices, operating systems and applications
  • Windows 10: Digital Transformation through Affordable Innovation Recorded: Jun 16 2016 17 mins
    Peter Gossin, Digital Transformation Manager, Microsoft
    Digital transformation is the process of using today’s technology to modernize outdated processes and meet the most pressing needs of your business.

    Thanks to recent advances in lower cost tablet technology and Microsoft’s suite of cloud and productivity services, complete digital transformation is more accessible now than ever before. A new class of affordable devices is revolutionizing the way businesses and their employees work and interact with customers.

    Sign up now to:
    •Engage your customers
    •Empower your employees
    •Optimize your operations
    •Transform your products
  • SDN — The New Networking Stack Recorded: Jun 15 2016 54 mins
    Dr. Jim Metzler, Co-Founder & Principal Analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates; Todd Krautkremer, SVP, Cradlepoint
    In less than a decade, virtualization and cloud technologies have transformed enterprise computing from top (applications) to bottom (storage).

    During this time, computing has evolved from a tiered and operationally isolated architecture of front-end, application, database and storage servers — each tier having its own teams, processes, tools, and manual functions — to a tightly integrated, fully automated “stack” that’s orchestrated with a common set of people and tools.

    Because of this unification and automation of the computing stack, enterprises can now instantly deploy workloads across private and public clouds with ease. While this evolution has been occurring on the computing side of IT, networks have remained largely unchanged. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies are about to change that.

    Join Cradlepoint and analyst Dr. Jim Metzler in a discussion about SDN and NFV and how they are creating the new networking stack.
  • SD-WAN Economics 101 Recorded: Jun 15 2016 57 mins
    Dan Conde, Analyst, ESG
    Enterprises are seeking to understand the financial benefits of SD-WAN as this new technology continues to grow. Dan Conde, industry analyst at ESG Research, has spent several months researching how software-defined WAN is modernizing wide area networks while delivering substantial cost savings.

    Join Dan Conde in this webinar to gain a better understanding of the key elements of SD-WAN that deliver performance, simplicity, and optimal access to on-premises applications and cloud services. Dan will examine the components of SD-WAN and provide a review of the key financial benefits, basic cost savings and the hidden operational benefits that software-defined networking brings to businesses.
All you need to know, what it means and why it matters
Cloud computing is a general concept that incorporates software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and other recent well-known technology trends in which the common theme is reliance on the Internet for satisfying the computing needs of the users.

This channel features presentations by thought leaders who cover the key topic areas in this increasingly important field.

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  • Title: Panel: Public Private or Hybrid Cloud?
  • Live at: Jul 17 2014 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jessica Twentyman, Editor, IP Expo Europe; Kate Craig-Wood, MD, Memset; Peter Mansell, Sales Manager, HP Helion
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