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OpenShift on OpenStack at Cisco

OpenShift Commons Briefings allow you to have access to trainings you might have missed on DevOps, operations and application development. Join this presentation to learn how to use OpenShift on OpenStack to deploy apps at rocket speed.

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Recorded Jul 22 2015 43 mins
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Presented by
Daneyon Hansen
Presentation preview: OpenShift on OpenStack at Cisco

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  • Big Cloud Solutions for Big Data Challenges in Gaming and Mobile App Development Dec 13 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Harold Smith and Glynn Bird
    For any developer, choosing the right compute infrastructure and back-end database is a critically important decision. In this webinar, we'll explore specific challenges that mobile app and game developers face and how the cloud can provide a winning solution. We’ll also explore cloud solutions for big data challenges for MMOG, built-in analytics, online and offline MOG online modes, infrastructure reference architecture, and social network and cross-platform game use cases.
  • Containers: Best Practices and Data Management Services Dec 7 2016 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Keith Hudgins, Tech Alliances, Docker, Andrew Sullivan, Tech Marketing Engineer, NetApp, Alex McDonald, Chair SNIA-CSI
    Now that you have become acquainted with basic container technologies and the associated storage challenges in supporting applications running within containers in production; let’s take a deeper dive into what differentiates this technology from what you are used to with virtual machines. Containers can both complement virtual machines and also replace them as they promise the ability to scale exponentially higher. They can easily be ported from one physical server to another or to one platform—such as on-premise—to another—such as public cloud providers like Amazon AWS. In this Webcast, we’ll explore “container best practices” that discuss how to address the various challenges around networking, security and logging. We’ll also look at what types of applications more easily lend themselves to a microservice architecture versus which applications may require additional investment to refactor/re-architect to take advantage of microservices.
  • IoT Standardization and Implementation Challenges Dec 6 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Professor Ahmed Banafa, College of Engineering, San Jose State University
    The rapid evolution of the IoT market has caused an explosion in the number and variety of IoT solutions. Additionally, large amounts of funding are being deployed at IoT startups. Consequently, the focus of the industry has been on manufacturing and producing the right types of hardware to enable those solutions. In current model, most IoT solution providers have been building all components of the stack, from the hardware devices to the relevant cloud services or as they would like to name it as “IoT solutions”, as a result, there is a lack of consistency and standards across the cloud services used by the different IoT solutions.

    As the industry evolves, the need for a standard model to perform common IoT backend tasks, such as processing, storage, and firmware updates, is becoming more relevant. In that new model, we are likely to see different IoT solutions work with common backend services, which will guarantee levels of interoperability, portability, and manageability that are almost impossible to achieve with the current generation of IoT solutions.

    Join Ahmed Banafa, Professor at SJSU and named as the "number one tech voice to follow" on LinkedIn, in this engaging and informative all-about-IoT webinar!
  • Solving The Top 3 Cloud Infrastructure Problems through Automation Recorded: Nov 23 2016 60 mins
    Jeremy Snyder, VP Business Development, DivvyCloud
    The cloud is growing, right? In more ways than one!

    Join Jeremy Snyder, VP Business Development at DivvyCloud, for an in-depth look at enterprise challenges in the cloud: from increasing public cloud costs, lack of resources and expertise, data breaches, policy, scale strategies, and more.

    In this webinar we will discuss:
    - The importance of automation from an ownership standpoint
    - The top 3 cloud control challenges for the enterprise
    - Scale strategies
    - Securing your cloud infrastructure
  • BCDR & Cloud Backup – Protect Preserve & Secure Your Data & Infrastructure Recorded: Nov 23 2016 46 mins
    Greg Schulz, Founder/Sr. Advisory Analyst, Server StorageIO
    The answer is BCDR and Cloud Backup, however what was the question? Besides how to protect preserve and secure your data, applications along with data Infrastructures against various threat risk issues, what are some other common questions? For example how to modernize, rethink, re-architect, use new and old things in new ways, these and other topics, techniques, trends, tools have common theme of BCDR and Cloud Backup. Join us in this discussion exploring your options for protecting data, applications and your data Infrastructures spanning legacy, software-defined virtual and cloud environments.

    Topics include:
    - Data Infrastructures exist to support applications and their underlying resource needs
    - Various cloud storage options to meet different application PACE needs
    - Do clouds need to be backed-up or protected?
    - How to leverage clouds for various data protection objectives
    - When, where, why and how to use different scenarios
  • 7 Steps To Your Next Step: The Financial Services Journey To Cloud Recorded: Nov 23 2016 31 mins
    Ray Bricknell, Managing Director, Behind Every Cloud; Kevin Linsell, Director of Strategy & Architecture, Adapt
    Cloud has moved beyond the realms of market hype to become a reality, but for many the journey has only just begun. What risks do you face when moving your IT workloads to a cloud environment? What regulations do you need to take into account? How do you establish what you need in a market proliferated by different providers and platforms? This webinar will answer some of the practical questions companies face when exploring the next step on their Journey to Cloud.

    Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A (So come prepared!)

    Ray Bricknell, Managing Director at Financial Services focused consultancy, Behind Every Cloud, will dish out tangible insights and best practices that will put any cloud conundrum into perspective. Areas covered include:
    - The ins & outs of today’s (ever evolving) Journey to Cloud
    - A view on the industry's regulatory landscape & its impact to IT outsourcing
    - Finding the 'Best Execution Venue' for your IT workloads
    - Dealing with legacy & the realities of migration
    - Minimising operational risk when devising a cloud migration
    - Key learnings from Financial Services companies progressing through the journey

    This is a webinar for executives in Financial Services looking for tangible, strategic guidance and best practices in cloud. The webinar is facilitated by Kevin Linsell, Adapt’s Director of Strategy & Architecture.

    Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A (So come prepared!)
  • MarFS: A Scalable Near-POSIX Name Space over Cloud Objects – New Features Recorded: Nov 22 2016 47 mins
    Kyle Lamb and David Bonnie, Storage Technical Leads, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    It has been said that Objects are for applications and POSIX is for people. The HPC community as well as many other large scale IT organizations have legacy applications and users that know, use, and depend on a near POSIX environment with real folders, ease of renaming and reshaping trees, and other powerful concepts in POSIX.

    MarFS is designed to provide a scalable near-POSIX name space over standard object systems, with target scaling out to trillions of POSIX files, hundreds of Gigabytes/sec of data bandwidth, and millions of POSIX metadata operations/sec.

    MarFS, now in use in production, has met the original developmental goals and many feature enhancements are now being developed. Features such as cloud storage flexibility enabled by a data abstraction layer, calculation of parity for incoming data, and expanded metadata scalability.

    Save your seat to find out the latest on this new technology!
  • Performance Engineering Solution Overview Recorded: Nov 22 2016 50 mins
    Paul Shovlin
    This unique and fresh webinar will take a look at the process foundation of Performance Engineering and various solution blueprints organizations are using at each step of the process to deliver effective Performance Engineering. We’ll take a look at blueprints from HPE, CA, IBM, Micro Focus, Open Source, etc. We’ll also discuss Agile solutions. You may be surprised to discover how well these solutions may work together and you may already have them in-house. We’ll also show example blueprints some larger organizations are using. We are looking forward to this collaborative webinar. We hope you will join us.
  • Can I Trust Data Security in the Cloud? Recorded: Nov 17 2016 56 mins
    Nick Ioannou, Head of IT at The Ratcliffe Groves Partnership, Author, IT Blogger
    In this session we will cover all things cloud: private, hybrid, public, security, data and more. Join us to discuss:

    • Choosing the right long term cloud solution, questions you need to ask
    • Making sure you know what you are getting into, the costs going in, staying there and getting out

    Nick Ioannou is an IT professional, blogger and author with over 20 years’ corporate experience, including 13 years using cloud/hosted software as a service (SAAS) systems. He started blogging in 2012 on free software and IT tips (http://nick-ioannou.com) currently with over 400+ posts. His first book 'Internet Security Fundamentals' aimed at general users, is an easy to understand guide of the most commonly faced security threats and criminal scams.
  • Monitor with Discipline – Cloud, At Your Service Recorded: Nov 17 2016 32 mins
    Kong Yang, Head Geek of Virtualization & Cloud Practice, SolarWinds
    Cloud is just somebody else’s servers and services. As an IT professional, you needn’t worry about someone else’s infrastructure services right? Tell that to your stakeholders as you work through SLAs and terms and conditions.

    In this session, we will discuss how to monitor Hybrid IT, which include cloud services, with discipline and keep your stakeholders satisfied.

    - How do I manage applications efficiently and effectively across data centers that span on-premises and off-premises?

    - How do I put into practice skills and techniques to ensure acceptable Quality-of-Service (QoS) in a continuous service integration and continuous service delivery environment?

    Join us and save your seat today for all things cloud computing!
  • But What About the Data? Considering Cloud Infrastructure & IT Governance Recorded: Nov 17 2016 32 mins
    Kevin L. Jackson, Founder/CEO, GovCloud Network LLC
    With everyone now transitioning to the cloud, the number one focus seems to be on selecting the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP). While this is important, that decision must be driven by proper enterprise data governance. Since the enterprise and CSP share data security responsibilities in the cloud, a failure to align IT governance and cloud infrastructure controls with this fact will lead to yet another cloud transition failure. This webinar will provide the foresight you need for success during your organization's infrastructure transition to the cloud, and more.

    Join us and save your seat!
  • Winning in Cloud - A 360 Degree Perspective Recorded: Nov 17 2016 26 mins
    Philbert Shih, Managing Director, Structure Research
    Join Philbert Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research, for a technical deep-dive into all things cloud. From massive-scale cloud growth rates, to hosting ratios, colocation and migration, we'll be discussing trends, tips and best practices for migrating to the cloud. Whether you're using a 3rd party managed service or a private cloud, you'll want to evaluate data centers of the future, potential partners, cloud infrastructure trends, and what a true hybrid cloud looks like.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - How to properly target a demographic
    - How to build value on top
    - Why the cloud market is separating
    - The innovations and value-adds from both cloud products and cloud services
  • Leverage HPE ALM Solutions in Cloud-based Environments Recorded: Nov 16 2016 59 mins
    Robert Linton, VP ALM, CorTechs, Inc.
    HPE’s ALM software can be implemented in a Private Secure Cloud Environment to support Agile Development & Test efforts. This webinar shares details about a solution that meets this need and the Lessons Learned. See how to plan for HPE ALM software provisioned in a Virtual Data Center Cloud “Dev & Test” environment. This is an on-demand offering with flexible pricing, allows clients to leverage their investment in HPE software, and increase their ROI, while reducing risk.
  • Building in the Cloud: How Teams Design and Architect Cloud-based Companies Recorded: Nov 16 2016 57 mins
    Michael Elliott, Enterprise Cloud Strategist & Cloud Evangelist, NetApp
    These days it seems like everyone is launching a tech startup and cloud-based system or application. Interested in learning how born-in-the-cloud companies get started? Join me on BrightTalk as I lead a discussion with two organizations: one a potential startup born over a weekend to address the real-estate sell-by-owner environment, and another that is now thriving in the cloud, focused on building and implementing solutions to address high velocity technology change. In this webinar, we’ll cover the many intricacies of building in the cloud and scaling operations to address real business challenges. We’ll then open it up to your questions on how to startup and operate in the cloud.
  • Growing Pains: Coming to Grips with Cloud Transformation Recorded: Nov 16 2016 42 mins
    Seth Robinson, Sr. Director Technology Analysis, CompTIA
    Cloud computing has swept across the IT landscape, but how many businesses are making sweeping changes? CompTIA’s latest cloud research shows that overall cloud adoption is still healthy, but progress along the adoption curve has slowed as companies refine their understanding of the model. This webinar will describe the path to becoming a cloud organization, examine the current state of cloud operations, and review the challenges that remain for full digital transformation.
  • Moving to the Cloud – What’s the impact on your Licensing? Recorded: Nov 16 2016 43 mins
    Arthur Tattersall, Senior Licensing Analyst, Concorde
    Cloud service providers like AWS and Azure offer many advantages to the Enterprise, including OPEX operating models, flexible commercial terms and elasticity in computing. In the era of BYOL and License Mobility if you're planning to migrate your existing licensing agreements over to these IaaS environments, you run the risk of eroding your planned savings, creating a suboptimal licensing environment and in the worst case becoming non-complaint. Hear how Concorde has helped leading enterprises gain the visibility and insight to plan for, migrate and manage their licenses to the Cloud and delivered the benefit of Future of Software Asset Management to the IaaS environment.
  • Cloud Computing and the Future of the Sysadmin Recorded: Nov 16 2016 49 mins
    Hugo Almeida, CEO & CTO, Public Cloud Architect at BoldLink - SIG
    Cloud computing is the biggest revolution after the Industrial Revolution after the Eighteenth Century.

    The profound changes and Impact Cloud as with the Everything-As-A-Service movement has in your economy is everywhere.

    Follow me while we focus on how this ever evolving and growing technology is disrupting the System Administrator and Developer of tomorrow.
  • High Availability in a Cloud Environment Recorded: Nov 15 2016 20 mins
    Amy Krishnamohan, Director of Product Marketing, MariaDB
    One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is scalability. As data grows, you can easily scale out your environment. However, as your environment grows, you also need to make sure that your environment is up and running 24X7 with zero downtime. MariaDB Cluster and MaxScale was built to solve this problem. MariaDB Cluster enables multi-master clusters, where all nodes are first-class participants, ready to receive both read and write traffic. MaxScale, a database proxy, can both balance traffic as well as manage and route the incoming transactions.

    Join this webinar to learn how to achieve high availability and scalability in a cloud environment.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Enabling Digital Transformation Recorded: Nov 15 2016 44 mins
    Terri McClure, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
    This webinar will focus on the core components of a cloud infrastructure. It will examine how cloud infrastructure differs from more traditional IT approaches, and how it enables digital transformation within the enterprise.

    Join Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, for a deep dive into today's digital approaches and what's right for your organization!
  • Cloud Computing: Infrastructure and Beyond Recorded: Nov 15 2016 49 mins
    Bernard Golden, CEO Navica, VP ActiveState Software, and author of Amazon Web Services for Dummies
    Infrastructure-as-a-Service is so last-decade. Today’s applications take advantage of a rich stew of cloud computing services up and down the software stack. This presentation will talk about the cloud computing trends that enable next-generation applications and how development teams can take advantage of them to provide competitive differentiation for their organizations.

    Join Bernard Golden, author of "Amazon Web Services for Dummies," to participate in the following discussions:

    Higher-level cloud services enable next-generation applications
    Designing applications beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service
    Managing and monitoring next-generation applications
    Addressing lock-in fears
    Cost implications associated with using richer cloud services
All you need to know, what it means and why it matters
Cloud computing is a general concept that incorporates software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and other recent well-known technology trends in which the common theme is reliance on the Internet for satisfying the computing needs of the users.

This channel features presentations by thought leaders who cover the key topic areas in this increasingly important field.

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