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Is the Cloud Creating Better IT?

Click "Attend" below to join this live expert panel session debating whether cloud computing has created better IT. Bob Tarzey, Analyst & Director, Quocirca; Len Padilla, Senior Director of Engineering, NTT Europe. This session will be moderated by Peter Judge, UK Editor, eWeek Europe.
Recorded Oct 27 2010 48 mins
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Bob Tarzey, Quocirca; Len Padilla, NTT Europe; Peter Judge, eWeek
Presentation preview: Is the Cloud Creating Better IT?

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  • Cloud Industry State of the Nation 2020: Where Are We? Sep 17 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The 2020 Cloud Computing Survey from IDG has found that 32 per cent of respondents’ organizations’ budgets are being spent on cloud computing - and that an incredible 59 per cent said their organizations would be mostly or all in the cloud within 18 months. With the steep rise of adoption seeing cloud continue to take a great leap forward, it’s time to assess the state of the cloud nation.

    Join this panel of cloud and IaaS experts as they discuss the impact of cloud growth on not just the IT team - but the business as a whole. Topics of discussion will include:

    - As cloud is evolving, is multi-cloud the future?
    - How connecting and combining with other services in the cloud techscape can meet an unlimited number of application and data needs
    - How ‘cloud is the answer’ as we enter challenging economic times prompted by COVID-19
    - How cloud is calling for the addition of new cloud roles and functions, and the need to reskill IT for the cloud
  • Revenue Generation and Partnerships in the Multi-Cloud World Sep 15 2020 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sandhya Gorman & Leah McLean, Founders, Multi-Cloud Leadership Alliance
    In this session, we will cover how ISVs (including Startups) of all sizes can create successful partnerships with the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). We will discuss how technology partners can leverage CSP programs and build relationships with the CSPs to drive technical integration; sell with and sell through strategies via the cloud marketplaces and develop joint revenue opportunities. At the end of the session, attendees will be able to hit the ground running and amplify their growth opportunities via the CSPs.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining: Which provider is best for you? Sep 15 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jakub Pawlowski, Enterprise Cloud Architect and CEO, Volentus Ltd
    Cloud initially was only about storage and compute but the choice of a cloud provider is no longer about who can give you such resources cheaper and in the most reliable way. We’re entering the era of specialization now.

    Each cloud provider has now some unique offerings which make it stand out from their competitors and the speed of innovation happening in many services offered makes it really difficult to catch up and make the best choice. It is increasingly tempting to become complacent however the smart companies should have more than one cloud provider in their toolbox so that not every problem looks like a nail.

    We’ll be focusing on the three main cloud providers: AWS, Azure and GCP using as much as possible examples from my past and current cloud migrations.

    In this session you will learn:

    ● A helicopter view on the current cloud landscape
    ● What are each provider's biggest strengths?
    ● What criteria companies use when choosing a cloud provider?
    ● When you should consider using more than one provider and when it is not recommended
    ● What is a typical multi-cloud architecture, using Google Anthos as an example
  • Storage Networking Security Series: Applied Cryptography Aug 5 2020 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    John Kim, NVIDIA; Eric Hibbard, SNIA Security TWG Chair; Olga Buchonina, SNIA Blockchain TWG Chair; Alex McDonald, NetApp
    The rapid growth in infrastructure to support the real time and continuous collection and sharing of data to make better business decisions has led to an age of unprecedented information access and storage. This proliferation of data sources and of high-density data storage has put volumes of data at one’s fingertips. While the collection of large amounts of data has increased knowledge and efficiencies for businesses, it has also made attacks upon that information—theft, modification, or holding it for ransom--more tempting and easier. Cryptography is often used to protect valuable data.

    This webcast will present an overview of applied cryptography techniques for the most popular use cases. We will discuss ways of securing data, the factors and trade-offs that must be considered, as well as some of the general risks that need to be mitigated, including:

    •Encryption techniques for authenticating users
    •Encrypting data—either at rest or in motion
    •Using hashes to authenticate/ Information coding and data transfer methodologies
    •Cryptography for Blockchain
  • A Multi-tenant Multi-cluster Kubernetes Datapocalypse is Coming Recorded: Jun 23 2020 57 mins
    Paul Burt, Technical Product Marketing Engineer, NetApp; Jim Fister, Principal, The Decision Place
    The need for rapid deployment of scalable clusters is creating an opportunity for container solutions such as Kubernetes. But what are the implications of multiple Kubernetes clusters in a broad deployment? What happens if a cluster goes down? What’s the impact on business resiliency? Managing and securing multiple clusters is becoming a key topic and area of debate. Multi-cluster Kubernetes that provides robustness & resilience is rapidly moving from “best practice” to a “must have”.

    In this webcast we’ll dive into:
    •The history of multi-cluster Kubernetes
    •How multi-cluster setups could affect data heavy workloads (such as multiple microservices backed by independent data stores)
    •Managing multiple clusters
    •Keeping the business functioning if a cluster goes down
    •How to prepare for the coming datapocalypse

    After you watch the webcast, check out the Q&A blog at: https://bit.ly/2DE91fL
  • Out of Many, One: Tying Together Your Hybrid Multicloud Recorded: Jun 17 2020 48 mins
    John Burke, CIO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    Enterprises accumulate new cloud solutions rapidly, but still run 40% of their workloads in their own data centers. Without a plan, the result is an unsupportable mess. Join Nemertes Research as we discuss how to pull all the pieces together to make a coherent hybrid multicloud IT can manage, and use to deliver real business value.
  • Value-driven Cloud and Imperative Analysis Recorded: Jun 16 2020 49 mins
    Faizan Seedat
    In the world of enterprise cloud, multi-cloud strategies can be sophisticated. This webinar will discuss cost-savings in the cloud utilizing advanced tools for multi-cloud deployment for reducing CapEx and OpEx while streamlining processes and optimizing revenue cycles.
  • [Panel] The Path to Successful Multi-Cloud Management Recorded: Jun 16 2020 49 mins
    Ensono | CloudHealth by VMWare | iSpeak Cloud | BOIT Consulting
    With some calling multi-cloud ‘the new normal’, more and more companies are moving towards a multi-cloud future. The benefits of a multi-cloud strategy - including reducing vendor lock in and capitalizing on different cloud providers’ strengths - however, take some time to become apparent.

    This panel takes a closer look at how to make the path to successful multi-cloud management as straightforward and clear as possible. From how to manage conflicting infrastructure and serverless applications, to workflow portability, join cloud experts as they discuss:

    - Multi Cloud management myths and reality
    - How Kubernetes based tools can smooth over some of the bumps
    - Managing native services in a centralized manner

    Jeanne Morain - Tech Executive, Founder of iSpeak Cloud

    Simon Ratcliffe - Principal Consultant, Ensono
    George Hamilton - Senior Product Line Marketing Manager, CloudHealth by VMWare
    Nital Gandhi - Founder, BOIT Consulting
  • Who Are You? Cloud Security Must Center on Identity Recorded: Jun 16 2020 51 mins
    John Burke, CIO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    The destruction of hard perimeters, the rise of remote work and mobility, and increasingly hybridized infrastructures push identity to the center of enterprise security. Join us as we discuss identity-centric security in a multicloud environment, and concrete steps you can take towards that goal.
  • Storage Scalability in Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud Environments Recorded: Jun 11 2020 59 mins
    Robert Cone, Intel; Piyush Chaudhary, IBM; Pekon Gupta, SMART Modular
    As data growth in enterprises continues to skyrocket, datacenter cloud scalability, whether on premises, in hybrid cloud or in multicloud deployments, is key for businesses. So, what are enterprise IT organizations supposed to do, given that 'run anything anywhere' is becoming more important than ever? Customers are finding that hybrid cloud storage solutions better meet their IT and business growth needs, so they can rapidly scale their IT infrastructure and cover a wider array of services. This webcast will help architects and consumers of hybrid cloud storage solutions better understand:
    oTrends and benefits of hybrid cloud storage and multicloud deployments
    oThe range of technologies and capabilities under development to help enterprise hyperscalers and cloud service providers (CSPs) serve IT customers
    oHow scalability differs in block vs. file workloads
    oThe important requirements to keep in mind when considering a 'run anything anywhere' objective
  • Value-driven Cloud and Imperative Analysis Recorded: Jun 4 2020 50 mins
    Faizan Seedat
    In the world of enterprise cloud, multi-cloud strategies can be sophisticated. This webinar will discuss cost-savings in the cloud utilizing advanced tools for multi-cloud deployment for reducing CapEx and OpEx while streamlining processes and optimizing revenue cycles.
  • Human-Centric Digital Transformation in Human Resources Management Recorded: Jun 3 2020 58 mins
    Raj Gali, VP HR Director, Intellect Design Arena Limited
    Technology is disrupting every known way of life, and shaking people
    and processes out of their comfort zones. Human Resource management is no exception. However, certain fundamental questions need to be answered.

    * Is technology subsuming the HUMAN aspect?
    * What is the purpose of this Digital Transformation?
    * Is it ‘RESHAPING’ the human aspect or REPLACING it?
    * Is the ‘What’ taking precedence over the Why?
    * Is Digital transformation possible minus disruption?

    Join this session as we discuss:
    *The three major theatres of digital disruption in HR
    *The trends and technologies that are occupying the space
    * The compelling case for embracing Digital Transformation in HR
    * How using different methodologies like ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘empathy mapping’ can help retain the HUMAN element in digital transformation
    * The impact of technologies in creating positive, enabling and refined experiences for employees
  • Uniting Compute, Memory, and Storage Recorded: Jun 2 2020 60 mins
    Alex McDonald, Eli Tiomkin, Jonmichael Hands, Jim Fister
    Discover how the themes of computational storage, persistent memory, and solid state come together in a webcast from the new SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative. We’ll explore how expertise in these three areas can help understand storage architectures, common solution areas, and their impacts on storage devices, systems, and software.
  • Continuous Audit - Achieve More Through Analytics Recorded: May 29 2020 51 mins
    Greg Jordan (Nationwide), Pat Shanahan (Nationwide), Emigdio Zambada (Nationwide), and Brian Sampsel (Covail)
    In honor of International Internal Audit Awareness Month (May 2020), come hear from Greg Jordan, Nationwide's Senior Vice President and Chief Audit Executive, Pat Shanahan, AVP Information Technology Audit Office, Internal Audit and Emigdio Zambada, Nationwide's IA Data Analytics Director, discuss how their department expanded the use of data & analytics by building a continuous auditing program in the cloud. Partnering with Covail, they leveraged advanced analytics like AI and have provided education and resources to all of their auditors to enhance their data analytics skill set.
  • NVMe and NVMe-oF Configuration and Manageability with Swordfish and Redfish Recorded: May 13 2020 53 mins
    Rajalaxmi Angadi, Intel; Phil Cayton, Intel; Richelle Ahlvers, Broadcom
    SNIA Swordfish is an extension of the DMTF Redfish specification to provide a unified approach for the management of storage and services in converged, hyperconverged, hyperscale, and cloud infrastructure environments. Swordfish uses a client-centric approach to develop the dynamic resource models as part of the specification, which describes client needs, management requirements, and use cases.

    NVMe-oF currently support fabric transports like RDMA (iWarp, RoCE, IB), TCP, and FC. NVMe / NVMe-oF currently lacks efficient remote configuration and provisioning management mechanisms to enable NVMe-oF scaling to large converged infrastructures – something Redfish and Swordfish can provide.

    The SNIA Swordfish specification is currently growing to include full NVMe and NVMe-oF enablement and alignment across DMTF, NVMe, and SNIA for NVMe and NVMe-oF use cases. SNIA members are contributing to specification development and helping to shape the ecosystem. This presentation will provide an overview of the work in progress to map these standards together to ensure NVMe and NVMe-oF environments can be represented entirely in Swordfish and Redfish environments.

    Join us! We welcome your feedback, and encourage participation.
  • Your Storage Infrastructure on AI Recorded: May 11 2020 58 mins
    Glyn Bowden, HPE; Alex McDonald, Chair, SNIA EMEA and NetApp; Paul Talbut, SNIA EMEA
    In this webcast, we will explore why your storage may be acting strangely now that it’s been subjected to the whims of data scientists. We’ll look at how and why the I/O patterns have changed, where this will lead, and some of the tactics and strategies you can deploy now to prevent impact from this new movement of storage saboteurs! We’ll discuss:

    •Why are data scientists here? (the benefits a data scientist brings to the organisation)
    •How to spot a data scientist in the wild (data patterns to look out for)
    •Feeding and watering your data scientist (what they need and how to provide it)
    •Planning for more data scientists (how to make your infrastructure data scientist ready)
    •How does data flow through an AI/ML system?
    •Is the data packaged in unusual or specific ways?
    •What stresses does it place on the storage system? Capacity? Performance? Or both?
  • Digital Transformation: Myths, Truths and Trends Recorded: Apr 21 2020 38 mins
    Mark Campbell, Chief Innovation Officer, Trace3
    Explore the reality and the hype of digital transformation. We’ll trace the origins and evolution of digital transformation from automated looms in Victorian England through the application of today’s cutting edge artificial intelligence. On our journey we’ll see where companies are finding the true value of digital transformation … and how to avoid the buzzwords.
  • Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud World: 5 pillars of modern IT ecosystem Recorded: Apr 21 2020 61 mins
    Suria Venkataraman and Amit Seth, National Student Clearinghouse
    Classic debates about whether to use public cloud or private cloud are waning as public clouds companies invest a lot in research and keep the innovation bar high. Does that mean all the enterprise functions should choose to become public cloud native? More than technology choice, is there a clear ROI?

    Hybrid clouds technologies are born out of this vacuum and both industry vendors and consumers is clearly making all the effort to bury the hard-drawn line of public vs private cloud debate - Their strategy is not distinguish boundaries stronger rather make it look weaker. Hybrid Cloud expands characteristics of Network, Compute, Storage, Services and Hardware to support modern IT ecosystem.

    Industry’s leading technology companies are investing and delivering innovating technologies to be part customer’s hybrid cloud ecosystem.

    This talk will cover:

    - Defining Hybrid Cloud
    - Traditional enablers and barriers for public vs private cloud, vacuum filled by Hybrid Cloud
    - Building Blocks of Hybrid Cloud
    - Pillars for Hybrid cloud innovation:
    - Networking
    - Compute
    - Storage
    - Hardware
    - Security
  • NGN [Ep.3] New Normal: The Case for SD-WAN in 2020 Recorded: Apr 16 2020 39 mins
    John Burke, CIO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    Next-Generation Networking Series [Ep.3]: New Normal - The Case for SD-WAN in 2020

    SD-WAN is rapidly becoming the new normal in enterprise WANs - this session will explore why and how, and do a deeper dive into adoption, deployment, and operations data from Nemertes' 2020-2021 Next Generation Networking Research Study.
  • Modernizing Enterprise: IT as Code Recorded: Mar 26 2020 45 mins
    Michael Fraser - CEO, Co-Founder, Chief Architect Refactr, Inc.
    The modern approach to delivering IT solutions for an enterprise starts with a hybrid cloud, security centric approach. Everything IT is being becoming software-defined, a.k.a. “IT-as-Code”. This requires enterprise security and ops teams to know how to connect together APIs, deploy cloud infrastructure, use automation tools, and adopt DevSecOps methodologies for delivering modern IT solutions to their stakeholders. Finding nirvana in the modern enterprise world requires this missing link: repeatable, secure IT-as-Code solution blueprints that can be agile, iterated on, and adapted to ongoing business and compliance requirements.

    In this session you will learn how to build a secure IT solution blueprint using AWS and Azure cloud native templates (IaaS & PaaS) combined with Red Hat Ansible for configuration management (Legacy apps & SaaS), and how to tie into external APIs.

    We will then discuss best practices for applying cloud security controls with every cloud service, automation task and API integration. We will discuss using open source security tools, e.g. Chef Inspec for automating compliance requirements and security remediation.

    To wrap up the session, we will go over the entire lifecycle of solution delivery adding in to the blueprints, with cloud services and other API integrations connect everything together to show own to intelligently deliver end-to-end solution blueprints and how to manage the configuration of the state of the environment over time.
All you need to know, what it means and why it matters
Cloud computing is a general concept that incorporates software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and other recent well-known technology trends in which the common theme is reliance on the Internet for satisfying the computing needs of the users.

This channel features presentations by thought leaders who cover the key topic areas in this increasingly important field.

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  • Title: Is the Cloud Creating Better IT?
  • Live at: Oct 27 2010 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Bob Tarzey, Quocirca; Len Padilla, NTT Europe; Peter Judge, eWeek
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