Cellular Technology "The Bridge"

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John Culbertson, Intellilabs

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Central Offices Tip & Ring, T-1, Sonet, Ethernet, Mobile Switching Offices, GSM, 2G, 3G 4G LTE, 5G… WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, AI, CBRS, PLTE… acronyms galore.. Alexander Bell along with AT&T brought telecommunications to the masses and a boom for business and the growth of our nation. Perishable farm products were shipped to prequalified markets to fulfill identified present needs. Supply chains could be expanded with less waste and be more efficient. Communication portals all located in fixed hard wired buildings. Centralized for call centers, back & front office operations. Tethered in place. Proliferation of fax, LAN, Internet technologies. Branch offices soon created the WAN. Mobile telecom using voice only kept the organization in touch during travel. There became a need for data to be as mobile as voice. Text along with low data applications became available and soon the cellular industry introduced 4GLTE and we were off to the races. The smartphone came about and along with it integrated radios that allowed WiFi off load, bluetooth device connections, radar, greater spectrum frequencies and much more! The most basic form of communication is voice. It is the most popular app used on our cellular phones. We now carry it with us along with our wallets, pocket books and keys. In fact they are now becoming our wallets, pocketbooks and keys. Why? They seem to be the universal connector since many of the technologies can be incorporated into the chipsets “System on a Chip” (SOC).. Our smartphones act as a bridge. Kind of like what we have in NY the “Tri-Borough Bridge” that brings you to LI, Manhattan & The Bronx. 1 bridge, three different land masses (or protocols, spectrum or any part of the OSI model) The basic cellular infrastructure looks like a Community Antenna that currently serves the licensed carriers and their customers. - Utilities & Their Infrastructure - Fourth Utility - Cellular - IOT - Roadblocks - “The Connected Community”

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