Hybrid Clouds: So Challenging, Yet So Promising

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Anand Iyengar, CTO and Co-Founder & Gregory Ness, VP of Marketing, CloudVelocity
A true hybrid cloud operating model requires the seamless integration of physical and virtual apps and services across data centers and clouds, without modification. That is very difficult to do. Yet the promise of unprecedented agility, protection and scale for multi-tier apps is very powerful. So CloudVelocity CTO and Co-Founder Anand Iyengar will take you through the critical steps required and share examples of payoffs already received by forward-thinking IT organizations that are now operating in hybrid clouds.
Apr 17 2013
24 mins
Hybrid Clouds: So Challenging, Yet So Promising
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  • Operating your OpenStack Cloud using Ansible Jul 9 2015 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Walter Bentley, Rackspace Private Cloud Solutions Architect
    Automation is the key to unlocking your private cloud. Ansible is a simple, agentless and powerful automation tool. During this session, we will provide insights and best practices for operating your OpenStack cloud using Ansible. Don't miss out!

    Register today and join us for this interactive session.
  • Flash, Cloud and Appliances: The Holy Backup Trinity Recorded: Jun 30 2015 51 mins
    Mark Campbell, Chief Technology Officer, Unitrends
    IT professionals are facing an explosion of data and an avalanche of devices to protect. So how do you do more with less?

    Learn how the technology associated with next generation all-in-one backup appliances – physical and virtual – can help you solve the core problems of protecting more IT infrastructure and data with less effort and more confidence.
  • Innovation in NAS – How Cloud NAS Ends File Storage Pain Recorded: Jun 25 2015 46 mins
    Fred Pinkett, ‎Senior Director Product Marketing, Nasuni
    The growth of unstructured data, especially files, continues unabated and strains IT resources to the breaking point. It’s not just the storage of that data, but backing it up, providing for disaster recovery and making the data available in distributed offices for collaboration all wreak havoc on staff and budgets. It’s time for an innovative new approach to NAS that takes advantage of the cloud, while still providing local access and performance to users in the home office and remote offices alike, not to mention making files available to mobile users. With backup, DR and central management built-in, Cloud NAS saves time and money by eliminating the need for separate technologies for each of these functions.

    Learn about Cloud NAS - the NAS innovation that solves the challenges of file data storage, protection and access across the enterprise, costs less to own and manage, and ends the cycle of NAS hardware refreshes forever.
  • Reimagining Legacy Storage Strategies Recorded: Jun 25 2015 55 mins
    Sean Derrington, Sr. Director, Product Management, Exablox
    As the amount of unstructured data continues to soar, managing this content has become overly complex and expensive. 30-year-old RAID-based strategies are not a scalable solution for the future. Organizations of all sizes need to reevaluate their storage strategy for both primary and data protection storage. Next generation solutions designed to easily scale capacity and performance are a must to support ever-changing business requirements.
  • Data Protection in Transition to the Cloud Recorded: Jun 25 2015 47 mins
    Fabio Di Niro, SNIA Italy Committee (Cisco)
    Organizations of all types and sizes are moving many, but usually not all, applications and data to public and private clouds, and the hybrid environments thus created are an increasing challenge for those responsible for data protection. There are many new services available in the cloud for backup and disaster recovery that can help, but IT managers want to avoid setting up separate data protection procedures for each of the parts of their hybrid environments.

    Learning Objectives

    - Have a clear understanding of how current trends in data protection and in cloud-based computing and storage are impacting each other.
    - Gain increased knowledge regarding new cloud-based alternative approaches for data protection.
    - Have the ability to make good decisions when changes in data protection are required by new hybrid in-house plus cloud environments.
  • Staying agile in the age of the customer: how the cloud powers contact center Recorded: Jun 24 2015 26 mins
    Niel Levonius, Director, RingCentral Product Marketing
    Forrester Research has stated that we are in the Age of the Customer. US Consumers say they’ve had unsatisfactory service interactions and want resolution on their terms. The proliferation of customer devices has shifted perspectives and expectations, increasing the need for companies to be available to customers across channels and on the customer’s terms. Join Niel Levonius as he discusses the age of the customer and how a cloud contact center supports the customer on their terms.
  • 5 Enterprise Storage Trends Changing the Data Center For Good Recorded: Jun 23 2015 61 mins
    Howard Marks & Scott Jeschonek
    Storage is hot again. After years of storage being buried in the commodity category, new technologies are getting the attention of data center innovators. In this webinar, Howard Marks of DeepStorage.net and Scott Jeschonek of Avere Systems will talk about five trends driving development and providing enterprise benefits too attractive to ignore. Get a fun and informative overview of "what's hot in storage" in this complimentary webcast which will cover big changes like object storage, cloud bursting, brokering and more.
  • Insights for Seamlessly Integrating Cloud and IT Resources Recorded: Jun 23 2015 60 mins
    Lee Gates, Sr. Director, NetApp Cloud Engineering
    Gain pragmatic, actionable insight on how to build and operate a Data Fabric to take full advantage of Cloud and Hybrid Cloud architectures. Learn about products and solutions which are available today helping Enterprise customers cost effectively manage their on-prem IT estate and extend it to and through the cloud. Explore ways to maintain the same Enterprise control, management and IT operations wherever your IT services are being delivered.

    This is the second webinar in our Hybrid Cloud Exchange Webinar series. Follow this series to discover industry-leading insights, partnerships, and resources to help you embrace the hybrid cloud on your terms.

    Lee Gates is a Senior Director of NetApp Cloud Engineering. He leads a team of talented engineers responsible for product and solution development for Hybrid Cloud use cases such as Cloud ONTAP and NetApp Private Storage for Cloud.
  • Server Storage I/O Innovation v2.015: Protect Preserve & Serve Your Information Recorded: Jun 23 2015 48 mins
    Greg Schulz, Founder & Sr. Advisory Analyst, Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO LLC
    A primary role of Information Technology (IT) organizations is to protect, preserve and serve information in support of business functions. The role of data storage is to protect, preserve and serve the needs of IT and various applications that transform data into use for information when needed. In this Server Storage I/O fundamentals webinar we will look at the current state of technology, tools, trends along with techniques as well as what is emerging from cloud, virtual, software defined as well as hardware defined capabilities. In addition, with a sub-theme of head in the clouds, feet on the ground, we will also look at what to use when, where, why and how as well as what matters for different scenarios.

    Key themes:
    •Software defined, virtual, cloud and physical or legacy environments
    •Networking with your servers and storage (LAN, SAN, WAN, DAS, Block, File, Object)
    •What to know about NVMe and emerging flash SSD technologies
    •How to access cloud storage and local storage from the cloud
    •Bulk storage including object, archive, big data, data ponds, data pools and data lakes
    •Changing roles of block and file storage complimenting objects
    •Data protection trends, techniques and tools
    •Various tools to have in your server storage I/O toolbox
  • Top Tips for Transforming to a Software-Defined Cloud Infrastructure Recorded: Jun 18 2015 23 mins
    Jeff Olsen, OpenStack Offer Development Lead - EMC
    Modern businesses need IT innovation and agility, but demand even greater efficiency. The recent Software Defined technology advances have made it possible for you to achieve both, but how do you build a transition plan that balances risk, existing operations, and a cloud future?

    Join Jeff Olsen from EMC as he shares some practical tips to structure and deliver a successful Software Defined transition.
  • Orchestrating Harmony: A Practical Guide to Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Jun 18 2015 45 mins
    Nigel Tozer, Product Marketing Director EMEA
    As Cloud use continues to accelerate, IT’s control is becoming more fragmented, with multiple hypervisors and distributed workloads over multiple clouds adding layers of complexity. This leaves the Ops teams with multiple interfaces and difficulty tracking what is going on, with little chance of automating everything that they need to. Due to these issues, data growth and VM sprawl are just as much an issue in public clouds as they are in private clouds; sucking your Opex budget and pushing up costs.

    Join Nigel Tozer as he explores how to manage VM lifecycles in a Hybrid cloud; how to leverage automation for DR and Dev & Test functions in the Cloud; why you need to keep tabs on data in the cloud; and the importance of dashboards and reporting.
  • Hosting is boring - Should you be consuming cloud as a commodity instead? Recorded: Jun 18 2015 39 mins
    Mike Bainbridge, IT Blogger and Solutions Architect
    With the proliferation of cloud technologies and services you don't need an army of system administrators to run your infrastructure. You can buy, build, manage and destroy a platform from your web browser. Is it really that easy?

    Join Solutions Architect and Blogger, Mike Bainbridge, as he explores whether you should shift your IT focus towards consuming cloud services, instead.
  • Supporting a Growing Mobile Workforce with Cloud Communications Recorded: Jun 17 2015 34 mins
    Matt McGinnis, Senior Director, RingCentral Product Marketing
    The modern workforce is more mobile than ever before. Between 2013 and 2015, Gartner predicted an increase in mobile workers of nearly 30% globally. Matt McGinnis, Senior Director, Product Marketing will discuss the importance of cloud communications in supporting this shift and how IT can support an ever growing and dynamic mobile workforce.
  • Hybrid Clouds: Bridging Private and Public Cloud Infrastructures Recorded: Jun 17 2015 44 mins
    Markus Pleier, SNIA Europe Vice Chair
    Every IT consumer is using cloud in one form or another, and just as storage buyers are reluctant to select single vendor for their on-premises IT, they will choose to work with multiple public cloud providers. But this desirable "many vendor" cloud strategy introduces new problems of compatibility and integration. To provide a seamless view of these discrete storage clouds, Software Defined Storage (SDS) can be used to build a bridge between them. This presentation explores how SDS, with its ability to deploy on different hardware and supporting rich automation capabilities, can extend its reach into cloud deployments to support a hybrid data fabric that spans on-premises and public clouds.
  • Hybrid Cloud: A cloud for every stage of the product lifecycle Recorded: Jun 17 2015 40 mins
    Stephen O'Donnell, CEO, CTO, Tech Analyst and Author
    Globally, product lifecycles are shrinking. 50% of annual company revenues across a range of industries are derived from new products launched in the past three years. As time for the development and introduction stages of the product lifecycle shrink, maturity and decline stages need to be more flexible and support change. But how does the modern business facilitate this?

    Join Stephen O'Donnell as he explores why you should use Hybrid Cloud solutions
    to achieve business alignment with product life-cycles, showing that Hybrid Cloud can improve agility, deliver innovation and drive speed.
  • Supercharge your datacenter with hyper-converged infrastructure Recorded: Jun 17 2015 36 mins
    Steven Duckaert, Sr Systems Engineer, Nutanix
    The demand for simpler, easier to manage and condensed infrastructure has increased dramatically in the last few years. For too long, IT has had to deal with the 3-tier infrastructure challenges, forklift upgrades, capacity planning challenges and performance issues around storage and server infrastructure.

    Join Steven Duckaert, Sr Systems Engineer from Nutanix, as he explains how you can eradicate these challenges, and shows how the right solution can deliver a scaleable, elegant and future proof system for all virtual workloads.
  • Trusted Crypto in the Cloud: Best Practices for Key Ownership and Control Recorded: Jun 16 2015 47 mins
    Stephen Helm, CTO Office, Identity and Data Protection, SafeNet Gemalto
    Traditionally, organizations needing encryption for cloud applications have had to purchase an HSM and manage encryption keys on premises, or have had to trust the cloud provider with the keys, complicating security and compliance matters. These challenges have prevented many of the most security conscious companies from migrating sensitive workloads and data to the cloud.

    Join Stephen Helm as he explains how you can solve these issues, exploring crypto in the cloud, and providing best practices for key ownership and control.
  • Being crushed by the weight of the Cloud? You’re not alone Recorded: Jun 16 2015 38 mins
    Alex Smith, Director of Product Engineering, EMEA, Intermedia
    Dropbox, Salesforce, NetSuite, WebEx… your business keeps adding cloud apps. Everyone high-fives as the server racks are emptied out but then, one day, the overhead of choosing and managing all these apps reaches a tipping point. Finance starts complaining about managing all the vendors. Users tire of remembering complex passwords and take insecure shortcuts. IT tackles endless integration issues. The IT guys feel like crying, but they no longer have a server room to cry in.

    The more apps you add, the harder it becomes to manage your cloud—and to keep it secure.

    Join Alex Smith as he explores the challenges that come with embracing the cloud, or multiple clouds, and gives you solutions that can save you from “Death by 1000 Cloud Apps”.
  • Evaluating Cloud Service Agreements (CSA): Key Criteria for Success Recorded: Jun 11 2015 64 mins
    John Meegan, Open Cloud Technologies, IBM; Mike Edwards, Cloud Computing Standards, IBM; Claude Baudoin, Owner, cébé IT
    The Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) has published Version 2.0 of the Practical Guide to Cloud Service Agreements whitepaper. Cloud Service Agreements (CSA) are a set of documents containing the terms governing the relationship between the cloud customers and cloud service provider. In this webinar, you will be given the tools needed to analyze and negotiate terms outlined in CSAs from different cloud service providers. Authors of the CSCC whitepaper will review a checklist of key criteria and best practices for evaluating CSAs.
  • Top 3 Reasons Enterprises Choose Private Cloud Recorded: Jun 11 2015 27 mins
    Terri Schlosser, Rackspace Senior Marketing Manager
    As we meet with enterprises and talk with customers about their requirements, we consistently hear 3 reasons why customers are looking for a private cloud solution. In this session we will review these top reasons and talk in depth about some of the key drivers for these requirements.

    Please join us to understand these private cloud drivers and if a private cloud solution may be right for you.
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This channel features presentations by thought leaders who cover the key topic areas in this increasingly important field.

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  • Title: Hybrid Clouds: So Challenging, Yet So Promising
  • Live at: Apr 17 2013 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Anand Iyengar, CTO and Co-Founder & Gregory Ness, VP of Marketing, CloudVelocity
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