Energizing your Workforce through Unified Communications

Mark Swendsen, ShoreTel UK Ltd, Managing Director EMEA
Energizing your Workforce through Unified Communications
Jul 2 2009
35 mins
Energizing your Workforce through Unified Communications
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Collaboration and UC

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  • Forrester Webinar - Proficiently Producing Productive People in Contact Centers Jun 23 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Art Schoeller, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Mayur Anadkat, Director of Product and Solution Marketing, Five9
    This webinar will explain how contact centers can improve their agent productivity, and how that effects overall company bottom line. Join Five9 guest Forrester Research analyst Art Schoeller as he explains the value of top-notch behind the scene tools in your contact center.

    As customers continue to demand higher quality service interactions, the contact center agent has had to step up to the challenge. But is the technology behind the scenes promoting these improvements, or hindering the entire process?

    Between self-service to omnichannel solutions, there are a multitude of avenues in which agents can assist in customer interactions. Having the right solution as the driving force behind the scenes in your contact center enables agents to not only better serve customers, but improve efficiency and ultimately sell more.

    Attendees of this webinar will learn:
    •How to handle increasingly complex customer interactions
    •What to look for to efficiently manage multiple channels
    •Additional tools that agents should have at their fingertips to better answer customer inquiries
  • 4 Best Practices for Creating a High Performance Culture Jun 18 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ben Ridler, CEO and Founder, RESULTS.com
    How prepared are you to drive improved performance and revenue? Is your talent ready? How about the entire company? Improving company culture alongside financial performance is the challenge of this decade.

    There are countless article, blogs, etc. about employee engagement from OKRs to KPIs. The point? “Ideas are easy, but execution is everything!”

    In this webinar, we’ll go beyond the theory of employee engagement and uncover the 4 best practices required to create a high performance culture with tangible things you implement in your organization immediately. Learn how to engage Gen Z, Gen Y, and your entire company.
  • Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your IT Footprint Jun 10 2015 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Brandon Knight, VP Consulting Services
    Dealing with multiple vendors is a huge drain on time for business owners and managers. Finger-pointing between vendors, patchworking systems together only to have functionality still fall short and diluted strategic visions are some of the downfalls companies experience when they work with multiple vendors.

    In this webinar we’ll discuss how reducing your IT footprint is critical for your business success, along with:

    - How cloud solutions can help
    - Tips for consolidating vendors and systems
    - Patchworking vs seamless integrations
  • When Does Hosted VoIP Make Sense? Jun 2 2015 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Joshua Davis, Team Lead, RingCentral Sales Engineering & John Ross, Manager, RingCentral Global Customer Care
    Where hosted VoIP fits in the array of business phone solutions? Joshua Davis, Team Lead, Sales Engineering, who was on the IT side managing telecommunications for over 10 years before joining RingCentral early in 2012, and John Ross, Manager, Global Customer Care, who knows his marketing hype from implementation reality, discuss four areas IT should review before choosing a category of business phone solutions:

    •Business/user needs
    •Networking & bandwidth requirements
    •IT resources and expertise
    •Budget parameters

    They list key factors to consider and the pros and cons of each telephony solution. Because the truth is, what’s right for company isn’t necessarily right for another.
  • The Path to Simplicity: Four Steps to Simplifying Cisco UC Provisioning Recorded: May 21 2015 29 mins
    Felix Delgado, Product Solution Specialist, Akkadian Labs
    Felix Delgado explores the labyrinth of provisioning users and devices within Cisco’s UC environment.

    While coworkers rely on mobile messaging, teleconferencing and single number reach, hiding in the background is the confusing, and time consuming task of configuring these Unified Communication conveniences. Without software tools to help navigate, one wrong click can lead to problems for the end user’s phone, voicemail or presence.
  • Distance Without the Disconnect: Maintaining Collaborative Environment Recorded: May 20 2015 30 mins
    Jim Payne, RingCentral Product Marketing Manager
    Jim Payne, RingCentral Product Marketing Manager, will discuss the importance of maintaining an actively collaborative environment amongst your distributed workforce to ensure productivity and engagement. Jim will tell us how a cloud business phone system has the right balance of flexibility and functionality to provide the direct-connect experience that was once only achievable in a closed headquarters-type location.
  • Leveraging SDN and NFV for Next-Gen Mobile Network Infrastructure Recorded: May 14 2015 38 mins
    Anshu Agarwal, VP Marketing, ConteXtream
    Network functions virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined networking (SDN) have the potential to revolutionize mobile service provider networks. The transformation of moving the functions out of dedicated appliances and into virtualized applications that can run on generic hardware makes carriers faster and leaner, allowing them to roll out new services more quickly and be more flexible in how they run their networks. Here we will discuss the different mobile use cases that can take benefit of SDN/NFV paradigm. This new programmable network is also future-protected and designed to help support the new demands that come with the Internet of Things (IoT), BYOD, video and more.
  • Deploying and Troubleshooting Wireless Networks for Mobile UC Recorded: May 14 2015 47 mins
    Christopher Hinsz, Sr. Product Manager, Fluke Networks
    As use of UC continues to grow throughout the enterprise environment, the proliferation of mobile and BYOD devices will drive UC onto the wireless network. Deploying a network for UC requires more consideration than simpler data connectivity. This presentation will look at how to design a wireless network for reliable UC use, and what steps to take to troubleshoot issues when things (inevitably) go wrong.
  • A Crash Course in Hosted Voice Recorded: May 14 2015 39 mins
    Marcus Schmidt, Director of Product Development, West IP Communications
    Enterprises are moving to hosted voice – if you haven’t made the move yet, chances are you will in the next 5 years. Whether you’re familiar with these services or just starting to learn, join us as we provide a quick overview of the technology, delivery methods and benefits of moving to the cloud.
  • Leveraging Mobile and Big Data to Boost Communications & Collaboration Recorded: May 13 2015 34 mins
    Mike Reinhart, Senior Product Marketing Manager, 8x8; David Leach, Business Communications Consultant
    People are mobile. Business is mobile. Advances in communications technologies have made it easier for a mobile workforce to stay connected and productive from anywhere. Attend this session to gain insights you will want to adopt for your business, to ensure your business is capitalizing on the mobile revolution.

    Join the expert team from 8x8, Senior Product Marketing Manager Mike Reinhart and Business Communications Consultant David Leach, as they share market trends, new innovations and customer stories on the following topics:

    •The mobile office
    •Extending your ecosystem
    •Growth flexibility
    •Secure communications
    •Assured performance
    •Advanced analytics
  • Is Your Mobile Strategy Ready? Your Winning Path to Enterprise Mobility. Recorded: May 13 2015 59 mins
    Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester Research; Stefanie Lightman, Sitrion
    What is the most effective way for you to achieve an enterprise mobility strategy that works for your organization? In this session you will:

    ·Learn how to identify areas of your business that will benefit the most from mobile apps.

    ·Learn how a true mobile-centric approach can help you avoid usability compromises across different devices.

    ·Recognize when using off-the-shelf apps is and isn’t the right strategy for providing mobile access to your enterprise applications (e.g., SharePoint, SAP, and Salesforce).

    ·Understand the benefits and tradeoffs of using a secure, low-code mobile development platform like an RMAD solution.

    ·Learn how to choose between different mobile technology tools, frameworks, and platforms.
  • Develop a Strategy for IoT and BYOD-proof Your Wi-Fi Network Recorded: May 13 2015 48 mins
    Kowshik Bhat, Director of Product Marketing, Xirrus
    The new demands placed by BYOD and IoT initiatives are crushing the Wi-Fi networks of today. IT organizations are delicately balancing between managing business expectations and handling the challenges of technology transitions. Future-proof must be a critical evaluation criterion for all new Wi-Fi investment. Is there a perfectly designed Wi-Fi that can withstand the test of time and address the security, compliance and performance challenges posed by the new world of mobility?

    In this webinar you will learn
    • Challenges of BYOD
    • Preparing Wi-Fi for 802.11ac and beyond
    • Securing Wi-Fi for onslaught of IoT and BYOD
  • Leveraging IoT & Wearables to Revolutionize Service Ethics Recorded: May 12 2015 46 mins
    Jeff Wallace, President, Global Kinetics
    Technology can do amazing and complex things, especially in this day and age. But, sometimes modern technology can be applied to solve simple, relatable everyday challenges with fantastic results. Listen in to learn how today's cutting edge IoT & wearables technology can be deployed to drive significant business results including vast improvements in customer service, patient health care, and more. The opportunity is upon us to revolutionize service ethics across many industries in ways unavailable to us before IoT & wearables converged in these simple ways.

    Hear use cases in:
    • Restaurant/Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
  • Making “Cents” of Your Contact Center Channels Recorded: May 12 2015 59 mins
    Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst, Forrester, Richard Dumas, Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, Five9
    Making “Cents” of Your Contact Center Channels: Determining if your contact center is the best bet for a multichannel environment, and how to go about implementing it efficiently.

    As customer service channels continue to evolve, the debate continues when (and whether) companies should employ a multichannel contact center. Deploying a multichannel contact center can be a strong strategic move for enterprises, but should be done with care, making sure to mitigate risks and effectively address challenges before they arise.

    Join our guest Forrester Research analyst Ian Jacobs as he walks through how to determine if your contact center environment should implement a multichannel contact center, or keep efforts on the voice channel they already know best.

    Attendees will learn:

    How your contact center software can enable, or hinder, your multichannel efforts
    How and when companies should evolve their contact center beyond voice
    How to deal with top challenges when building a multichannel contact center environment


    The Five9 Team
  • Mobility in the Workplace: Exploring New Ways to Collaborate Recorded: May 12 2015 62 mins
    Melissa Swartz, UC Strategies; Michael Monroe, WWT; Vipul Galal, BetterWorks; Matt McGinnis, RingCentral
    Last year, Gartner identified mobile computing as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2015, as mobile devices begin hold a permanent role in day-to-day business operations, whether or not organizations have clearly defined BYOD policies set in place. But how can business and IT decision makers ensure that the mobile takeover actually improves in-office & long-distance collaboration and team productivity instead of becoming a distraction?

    Find out the answer to this question and more in this interactive panel session between some of the industry’s leading thought leaders and innovators. Attend live and join the conversation!
  • Implementing a Unified Communications Service Recorded: May 12 2015 46 mins
    John Scarborough, SVP Marketing & Product Management, MegaPath; Todd Carothers, EVP Marketing & Products, CounterPath
    Many organizations are apprehensive when it comes to implementing a brand new unified communications platform, especially when moving from an on-premises system to a cloud-based platform. Contrary to belief, implementing a unified communications platform can be executed both seamlessly and quickly with proper planning, management, and assistance from the unified communications provider.

    In this webinar, you will learn best practices for the selection, implementation, and training processes of your unified communications platform.
  • New Strategies for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Recorded: Apr 30 2015 19 mins
    Marcus Schmidt, Director of Product Development, West IP Communications
    You can’t afford to lose even 5 minutes of business due to downtime these days. In this webinar, we will discuss several new strategies available in the marketplace to keep your communications platform safe from network outages, natural disasters and even that rogue backhoe operator.
  • Business Continuity = Work From Home? Ha Ha Ha Ha! Recorded: Apr 28 2015 49 mins
    Howard Mannella, Managing Principal, Alternative Resiliency Services Corp
    How often have you heard, “We don’t need a Business Continuity Plan because Everyone Can WFH (Work From Home)!” How many times has this oft-quoted bromide been an excuse for lack of proper planning? How many times has this strategy been proven to be inadequate? Who will be the next organization to learn the hard way? Will it be yours?
    In this discussion you will learn:
    · The common myths about working remotely

    · The pitfalls and problems you will encounter

    · Why WFH is an essential but not complete solution

    · Lessons learned from practice – and actual – mass Work From Home events

    · How to strengthen your WFH strategy and mitigate the shortcomings
  • Integrating UC and Customer Service in the Cloud to Improve Response Time Recorded: Apr 28 2015 38 mins
    Paula Bernier, TMC; Fabio Ramos, RingCentral; Steven Larsen, Zendesk
    In our always-connected business world today, customers expect instant and seamless communications. Come learn how companies of all sizes can decrease response times, increase agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction while reducing demand for IT support.

    What attendees will learn:
    - Trends in customer care and communications – expectations in our always-on world.
    - Ways to offer consistent customer experiences across an array of communications mediums
    - How to enable high-definition voice and video collaboration to users – even those on mobile devices
    - Exciting new developments in integrated communications and customer
    - Ability to streamline communications in the cloud
    - How Zendesk and RingCentral integrations enhance customer satisfaction
  • Securing Wi-Fi Networks - A System Approach Recorded: Apr 22 2015 48 mins
    Kowshik Bhat, Director of Product Marketing, Xirrus
    Wi-Fi security attacks, hacking, stolen mobile devices – are these keeping you awake at nights? Are you surprised that Wi-Fi networks can be more secure than your wired networks? Wireless LAN has come a long way from the days of its inception with inadequate security.

    Contrary to common belief, security is not a single protocol or an appliance or an encryption. It is a system of different components working together to ensure your Wi-Fi network is secure and your confidential information is protected.

    Join this webinar to learn about

    - Advances in Wi-Fi security
    - Multi-layers approach to holistic protection
    - Controlling user and device access
    - Controlling applications
    -Xirrus security solutions
Providing the tools for increased employee productivity
Unified communications simplifies and integrates all forms of communications within the enterprise. By ‘unifying’ phone, e-mail, chat, voice mail, fax and other key processes related to internal and external communication, you can automate all forms of human and device communications into a common user experience. As a result, organizations will optimize business processes, enhance human communications, reduce latency and manage flows while eliminating device and media dependencies.

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