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Top People Sharing Best Practices

The CCNG Magnet Program connects top contact centers and the people who run them throughout the industry. It’s a unique extension of CCNG’s mission and helps members share best practice information, insight, and experience.
Recorded Jul 1 2010 8 mins
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Presented by
Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director of CCNG Magnet Program
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  • Workstreams Affected by Work@Home - Moving From an Emergent WAH to Best-in-Class Jun 17 2021 6:00 pm UTC 24 mins
    Eric Berg, CEO, ContactCenterPro Consulting
    In 2020 we all had to move fast in order to ensure our customers received the level of service they needed. Now that things have leveled off, many companies are looking at their long term plans and realizing they need to review all work streams affected by moving to a work from anywhere model and either modify or improve their technology and standard operating procedures.

    Join us for this interactive discussion in which we will share:
    *An overview of all work streams affected by a work from anywhere model
    *How you can move from emergent to best-in-class with your remote workforce
  • Why Performance-Based Training Requires Automation Recorded: Apr 14 2021 61 mins
    Mike Roberts, Citi; Trey Fischer, Kat Lan Tat Services; Dan McCann, SymTrain
    Contact Centers are relied upon to deliver the customer promise. While the challenge to ensure a superior customer experience through training and retention has always been a seemingly never-ending battle, 2020 thrust increased demands on trainers and trainees alike. It upended organizational objectives, expectations, and resources.

    In this panel discussion you'll learn not only why work simulations have propelled performance-based training, but also how the latest technology gives organizations the opportunity to create, manage, and deploy real world simulations that reduce training time, improve agent performance, and increase retention.

    You'll learn about peer company results along with a CCNG sponsored survey that resulted in a white paper: 5 Reasons Performance-Based Training in Contact Centers Requires Automation.
  • Taking a Chapter on Customer Experience from a CX Expert Recorded: Apr 6 2021 7 mins
    Bob Azman, Founder and CXO, Innovative CX Solutions
    Author, CX expert, and CCNG member Bob Azman talks about the latest collection of insights from CX leaders included in the newly updated and released book - Customer Experience 3, the third in a series of books that are a collection of the best and most innovative ideas of customer experience professionals from around the globe.
  • Executive Dialogues: 1A Auto AI Case Study Recorded: Mar 25 2021 20 mins
    Nicole Cummings, Director Contact Center, 1A Auto
    Nicole Cummings shares details and results of their successful initiative to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the email channel at 1A Auto. This case study is part of the CCNG Executive Perspectives Series.
  • State of the Call 2021 Recorded: Mar 1 2021 59 mins
    Alex Algard, CEO, Hiya
    Did you know that 94% of unknown calls go unanswered? Or that customers prefer to be contacted by voice by their financial, insurance, and healthcare providers?

    Hiya analyzes more than 13 billion calls each month and recently conducted a market survey of consumers and businesses to give you the full picture of the state of the call in 2021.

    During this webinar Hiya CEO, Alex Algard, discusses Hiya's annual report results on the key voice call trends identified for 2021.
  • Member Talk - Why Performance Based Training Requires Automation Now Recorded: Feb 5 2021 13 mins
    Dan McCann, CEO, SymTrain
    CCNG member Dan McCann of SymTrain discusses a recent study of 100 contact center managers on the topic of performance based training and how/why automation is needed. This study was featured in a subsequent white paper which may be downloaded from the attachments tab.
  • Why Your Contact Center's Success Depends on Conversational Automation in 2021 Recorded: Jan 21 2021 55 mins
    Derek Roberti, VP Technology, Cognigy
    Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 there has been pressure on all departments to reduce costs, streamline operations, slash headcounts, and become more efficient. The catch is that you also have had to deliver improved results – and all in a business environment that is more complex, more interlinked, and more competitive than ever before. This is where AI comes into play.

    Is AI about to take over contact centers entirely? No. But it is going to power all their interactions, even the human agent ones, as we shall see.

    Derek Roberti, VP Technology, North America at Cognigy, joins David Hadobas for this webinar replay to discuss the benefit and actions that can be taken with AI in 2021 to:

    - Enable cost reduction, performance improvement and new possibilities for customer communication
    - Address business challenges across departments, teams and functions
    - Impact contact center metrics, KPIs and insights
  • 2021 Industry Expert Contact Center Predictions Recorded: Jan 7 2021 61 mins
    Roger Lee, VP Customer Success, Gridspace; Richard Kenny, Sr Mktg Mgr-Contact Center, Poly; Ron Owens, SVP Operations, Avtex
    In case you missed the original live recording of this CCNG Fireside Chat, we invite you to register and join us for the replay. The new year is here and it's time to plan for the ever changing needs within our industry.

    Join CCNG's Fireside Chat for an interactive and energetic discussion as CCNG members share insights and predictions for 2021. Industry experts from Avtex, Poly, and Gridspace will share what they have learned in 2020 to help us prepare for 2021. Each participant will provide recommendations on how to address people, process, technology, and strategy as we continue to serve the needs of our employees and customers in an ever-changing customer service business environment.

    You will walk away with a revised vision for 2021 and actionable steps to take to better provide for your employees and customers alike. Learn how to address, manage and utilize:

    *And Implementation Strategies for 2021 ...
  • CCNG Member Talk -- Stronger Through Adversity Recorded: Dec 18 2020 7 mins
    Joseph Michelli, Author
    Join us as CCNG President and CEO David Hadobas speaks with author Joseph Michelli regarding his new book "Stronger Through Adversity".

    COVID-19 has disrupted business and life in ways we never imagined. Within days of the outbreak, Joseph Michelli―the world-renowned business expert who has cracked the leadership codes of Starbucks, Airbnb, Mercedes-Benz USA, and many other top companies―went to work. He contacted 140+ senior leaders at major companies about their specific challenges and how they were meeting them―getting raw yet thoughtful real-time insights into a crisis that will define an entire generation of leaders.

    You’ll get invaluable insights into crisis management, keeping employees and customers safe, maintaining a culture of engagement, and rapidly innovating. Applying powerful leadership methods used by Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, DHL, Target, Verizon, Kohl’s, Marriott, and many others, you’ll seize and hold the competitive edge in your industry.
  • Executive Dialogues: Getting Started with AI in the Contact Center Recorded: Dec 17 2020 49 mins
    Vince Lynch, CEO, IV.AI
    Magnet members and senior leader guests join Lon Hendrickson for Executive Dialogues, a forum for you to explore strategies and ideas in a facilitated, round-table format, featuring insight from industry thought leaders and personal experience from executive colleagues.

    Topic: Artificial intelligence in the Contact Center -- Getting Started
  • Contact Center Digitalization In the Pandemic Era (and Beyond) Recorded: Nov 12 2020 55 mins
    Heather Pena, Director-Webchat & Operations, NRG and Sam Hahn, Technology Evangelist, eGain
    COVID-19 has changed everything. Consumers are still very wary of exposure to the virus and want to get more things done digitally. While this has always been the case with millennials and Gen Z, COVID-19 has forced older demographics, who are even more concerned about virus exposure, to go digital when it comes to interacting with businesses. The same old limited digital service capabilities do not cut it in this new environment.

    What are the new digital requirements for contact centers? How are leading companies leveraging digital to scale customer service cost-effectively?

    Join us for this webinar replay featuring Heather Pena, Director - Webchat & Operations, NRG, and Sam Hahn, Technology Evangelist, eGain Corporation, as NRG shares its success with digital customer service.
  • Codependency in the Customer Engagement Center Recorded: Oct 22 2020 60 mins
    Ron Owens, SVP Operations, Aria Solutions
    Codependency in the Customer Engagement Center -- the relationship between agent enablement and customer experience.

    Contrary to the typically negative connotation of codependent relationships. the relationship between agent enablement and a positive customer experience is critical. While some organizations regard agent enablement initiatives as a way to meet internal goals -- such as improving retention, curbing turnover, or improving efficiency, the reality is that investments in agent enablement can have a dramatic impact on customer experience.

    During this webinar we’ll discuss some tactics to improve agent enablement that can lead to a better customer experience. For example, organizations that employ successful CRM solutions and integrated business processes are better positioned to have empowered agents delivering personalized service. This not only delivers higher agent satisfaction, but also happier customers, due to faster and more personalized service!
  • CX: Moving Customer Service to Customer Experience and Benefits to your Business Recorded: Oct 1 2020 43 mins
    Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Expert and Consultant
    CCNG partner Aggregage talks with Customer Experience Strategist Kristina Evey on Moving Customer Service to Customer Experience and How It Benefits Your Business.
  • Developing and Executing Effective CX Metrics, Measurements, and ROI Recorded: Sep 24 2020 53 mins
    Bob Azman, Founder - Innovative CX Soultions LLC
    CCNG partner Aggregage talks with Bob Azman on Developing and Executing Effective CX Metrics, Measurements and ROI.
  • CCNG Member Talk - Employee Engagement Recorded: Sep 10 2020 22 mins
    Charity Grzelecki, FNOL Supervisor, Selective Insurance
    CCNG member Charity Grzelecki of Selective Insurance shares insights and perspectives relating to Selective's best practices for employee engagement.
  • CCNG Member Talk - U-Haul Implements Changes to its Work From Home Program Recorded: Aug 19 2020 15 mins
    Jamie Lee, VP Contact Center Operations, U-Haul
    During this discussion with Jamie Lee, VP Contact Center Operations for U-Haul, Jamie shares the changes and adjustments U-Haul had to make to its contact center operations as a result of the pandemic.
  • Work from Home Case Study - Amplity Health Contact Center Operations Recorded: Aug 13 2020 19 mins
    Rob Selvaggi, Sr Director Contact Center, Amplity Health; Mark Miller, JD Power
    Listen as the J.D. Power CX team talks with Rob Selvaggi, Sr. Director Contact Center at Amplity Health, to discuss the success from Amplity Health's work-from-home program.
  • How to Manage Customer Support in an Era of Self-Help Recorded: Jul 30 2020 50 mins
    Kristina Evey
    CCNG partner Aggregage talks with Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Strategy Lead at Spectrum Health, about how the preference for self-service as a customer continues to grow. It's more important than ever that we assess the amount of support being given to our customer service reps. Is there a way to find the right balance between self-service and support?
  • How to Automate Access and Retrieval of Information for Your Agents Recorded: Jul 29 2020 6 mins
    Roger Lee, VP Customer Success, Gridspace
    Watch this 5 minute video to see an example of how to automate access and retrieval of information for an agent during a customer call.
  • Best Practices for Keeping Remote Employees Engaged Recorded: Jul 23 2020 61 mins
    Dave Hoekstra-WFM Evangelist, Calabrio; Doug Zimmerman-QM & Analytics Consultant; and Robin Butterfield-Analytics Consultant
    The benefits of a strong quality assurance program stretch far beyond the walls of the contact center, but in recent times of remote working, you may be struggling to assess agent performance and keep employees engaged.

    As your brand’s voice on the front line, it’s imperative to find new and unique ways to keep your remote agents motivated to maintain performance and deliver quality customer care.

    The topics discussed during this webinar replay include:

    *Do I need to score more calls when my agents are working from home? *How can I make conversations personal over video?
    *How can I make coaching as effective when not in person?
    *Are there tools that can help me keep track of things more efficiently?
CCNG member topics for contact center& customer care professionals
CCNG receives ongoing feedback from our management members in contact center and customer care about the relative hot issues they are most interested in discussing with peers. We bring these Hot Topics to you with regular webcast content provided by our members and partners.

Managing your contact center operations to achieve exceptional customer care in your organization requires access to information about the technology, processes, human capital management, and peer knowledge & experiences. CCNG members share their experience and best practices in how they manage customer care in their enterprise contact center operations to improve the overall customer experience.

This channel features webcast presentations by thought leaders and award-winning operations who cover the key topic areas in this increasingly changing and dynamic field.

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  • Title: Top People Sharing Best Practices
  • Live at: Jul 1 2010 11:45 pm
  • Presented by: Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director of CCNG Magnet Program
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