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Applying the "Quick Wins" DLP Methodology

With all the latest breaches in the headlines, protecting sensitive data is now critical for all types of organizations. Yet deployment of data protection like DLP often seems daunting on the surface. Learn how to achieve rapid benefits while setting yourself up for a long-term deployment with the simple "Quick Wins" process developed by industry thought-leader Rich Mogull and his team at Securosis.
Recorded May 11 2011 49 mins
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Presented by
Rich Mogull, Securosis; John Dasher, McAfee
Presentation preview: Applying the "Quick Wins" DLP Methodology

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  • Finding the Right Data Loss Prevention Solution for E-Discovery Recorded: Sep 13 2011 35 mins
    Gary Clayton, CEO, Privacy Compliance Group
    Organizations face a problem with the growing universe of digital information as it is considered to be business communications and must be preserved according to the same industry-specific regulations governing the retention and discovery of emails and more traditional forms of electronic communications. This poses a number of fundamental problems for organizations, their stakeholders, attorneys, IT professionals and compliance personnel as they try to balance the cost, burden and need for electronically stored information.

    Attend this webcast and learn about the special demands of litigation and discovery, requirements for preservation of relevant information, appropriate disposal of data that is irrelevant or no longer required
    and the role of DLP in the management of ESI, e-Discovery and data protection.
  • Making Data Loss Prevention Effective by Overcoming Uncertainty Recorded: May 12 2011 61 mins
    John Dasher, McAfee & George Dolicker & of Moderator Brandon Dunlap of BrightFly
    Protecting data can be tricky. It has many different forms, resides in many different locations, is subject to an increasing number of regulations but most importantly, it changes constantly. How can DLP solutions keep pace? Suffering from the "garbage in, garbage out" syndrome more than other security solutions, effective data protection places exacting requirements on IT. Join our data protection experts to hear their thoughts on how to make DLP solutions effective within this complex landscape.
  • Applying the "Quick Wins" DLP Methodology Recorded: May 11 2011 49 mins
    Rich Mogull, Securosis; John Dasher, McAfee
    With all the latest breaches in the headlines, protecting sensitive data is now critical for all types of organizations. Yet deployment of data protection like DLP often seems daunting on the surface. Learn how to achieve rapid benefits while setting yourself up for a long-term deployment with the simple "Quick Wins" process developed by industry thought-leader Rich Mogull and his team at Securosis.
  • Learning from WikiLeaks Recorded: Feb 3 2011 46 mins
    John Dasher, Senior Director Data Protection, McAfee
    WikiLeaks has repeatedly published extremely confidential, classified U.S government documents obtained from U.S. government personnel who were not authorized to release the information. WikiLeaks is now threatening to disclose incriminating documents regarding a major U.S. bank. With the focus shifting to businesses, there is a new urgency to address information security within organizations. At risk are emails, documents, databases and internal websites that are critical to your business and your reputation. Routine security policies are usually insufficient should someone with legitimate access decide to go rogue. All that’s needed is intent, access to sensitive data, and a cheap thumb drive. Attend and learn how WikiLeaks happened; why it is relevant to your organization and easy steps that you can take to protect your sensitive information.
  • Delivering Better Healthcare through Data Protection Recorded: Nov 3 2010 49 mins
    Nikfar Khaleeli, Group Product Marketing Manager
    In 2010, the emphasis on cost control in healthcare continues. The HITECH Act of 2009 incentivizes healthcare providers to move to electronic health records (EHR) systems but that comes with increased risk of data breaches. According to the Los Angeles Times, roughly 150 people (from doctors and nurses to technicians and billing clerks) have access to at least part of a patient's records during a hospitalization. Of the 385 organizations hit with data breaches so far this year, 113 were in healthcare! As regulations governing the handling of data get tougher, healthcare IT organizations must take action to protect devices and prevent data loss. Data Loss Prevention and encryption solutions help you deliver better healthcare while controlling costs. Attend and learn how you can pass audits with confidence; reduce the complexity and cost of protecting your data and create a safe environment for physicians to freely exchange information.
  • Take the Doubt out of PCI with Data Loss Prevention Recorded: Sep 23 2010 40 mins
    Marty Ward; McAfee, Inc, Senior Director of Risk and Compliance Product Marketing
    Securing cardholder data is the cornerstone of complying with PCI DSS regulations. Protecting your customer's private data is also essential to protecting the reputation of your business and its brand. IT's role in achieving this goal is critical as the increasing complexity in multiple regulations creates a need for increasingly complex solutions. McAfee believes that a simple approach is better. Having the right tools reduces complexity and creates insight into real-world data use that has previously been hard to achieve. This webcast will discuss the best practices and technologies used by leading merchants to reduce the burden of achieving and sustaining PCI DSS compliance. The goal is to save you time and money by showing you how to appropriately apply solutions that offer the features you need to succeed.
  • Quick Wins with DLP - How to Make DLP Work for You Recorded: May 25 2010 49 mins
    Rich Mogull, Securosis; Mark Moroses, Continuum; John Dasher, McAfee
    When used properly, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides rapid identification and assessment of data security issues not available with any other technology. However, when not optimized, two common criticisms of DLP are 1) its complexity and 2) the fear of false positives. Security professionals often worry that DLP is expensive and will fail to deliver the expected value.

    A little knowledge and some planning go a long way towards a fast, simple, and effective deployment. By taking some straightforward best practice steps, you can realize significant immediate value and security gains without negatively impacting your productivity or wasting valuable resources.

    In this webcast you will learn how to:
    * Establish a flexible incident management process
    * Integrate with major infrastructure components
    * Assess broad information usage
    * Set a foundation for future focused efforts and policy tuning

    You will also hear how Continuum Health Partners safeguards highly sensitive patient data with McAfee DLP 9. Join us for this informative presentation.

    Rich Mogull, Analyst & CEO, Securosis, L.L.C., Mark Moroses, Assistant CIO, Continuum Health Partners, and John Dasher, Senior Director, Data Protection, McAfee
Stories and Solutions focusing on Data Protection
Today, your data is constantly at risk of loss and exposure. The Internet itself, increasing numbers of easily lost or stolen mobile devices, and even insiders pose real threats. This channel will offer information around strong encryption, authentication, data loss prevention, and policy-driven security controls to help you prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

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  • Title: Applying the "Quick Wins" DLP Methodology
  • Live at: May 11 2011 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Rich Mogull, Securosis; John Dasher, McAfee
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