BSM Is Easy: Fall Back in Love with Your Management Investments!

Michele Hudnall & Tobin Isenberg, BSM, Novell
A single service-impacting event costs organizations 1-2 percent of revenue. IT resources cost organizations 1-2 percent of revenue merely "Keeping the Lights On" - reacting and maintaining. It is easy to begin managing infrastructure as services gaining control over the chaos and aligning to business priorities.

Join Tobin and Michele to hear their perspectives. The presentation will cover:
•Today's Challenges & the Coming Cloud
•What is BSM Really?
•What's Not Working
•How Do I Get There with What I Have
•What Do I Need and What Could it Look Like?

Join industry veterans, Michele Hudnall, Solution Marketing Manager BSM and Tobin Isenberg, Director of Product Management; each with 25+ years of industry expertise and experience in this live interactive webcast.
Nov 17 2010
38 mins
BSM Is Easy: Fall Back in Love with Your Management Investments!
Join us for this summit:
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  • It’s Getting Cloudy in IT Service Management May 14 2014 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    There is no doubt that cloud computing is rapidly advancing in the marketplace.
    New cloud based applications and services are coming to market quicker than ever, boasting of reduced cost of acquisition and operation. For some cloud services the pay as you use model is seen as very attractive for many organisations.

    Cloud computing, in its current form, is still relatively new. Best practice frameworks, including ITIL ®, and standards need to catch up and provide guidance on how best to use, deliver and consume cloud based services.

    •Can organisations wait any longer for basic guidance on managing cloud based services?
    •What are the burning issues and gaps in the current best practice guidance?
    •What are the key issues traditional service management are having to face when looking to adopt cloud based services?

    The answer to these questions and more will be provided during this presentation.

    This session will benefit CIO’s, CTO’s, IT Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Service Architects, IT Service Management Practitioners and anyone that wants to understand the effect that cloud based services is having on traditional IT design and delivery.
  • Catalog or IT Portal: Putting Catalogs in Context of Interfacing w/ the Business Recorded: Apr 10 2014 46 mins
    When some organizations talk about “service catalogs,” what some of them really mean is “service request catalog” or even “employee self-help.” The service catalog and the service request catalog are typically critical components of an IT Portal that facilitates a wide array of interactions at all levels between the business and their IT service provider.

    This session will discuss the relationship between these catalogs as well as other artifacts and managing the interfaces with the business at the operational, tactical and strategic levels via an IT Portal on the intranet. How can we more effectively serve our users and customers by managing such a portal and leveraging well-constructed catalogs? Imagine the possibilities.
  • Service Catalog and Request Management Recorded: Apr 10 2014 63 mins
    In this session, long time industry experts Torrey Jones will discuss and demonstrate a Best Practices approach to Service Catalog utilizing HP’s newest SaaS Offering, Service Anywhere. As part of this discussion and demonstration, Torrey will cover how automation can help drive user satisfaction, and positively impact users adoption of a Service Catalog.
  • How Service Catalogs Make IT a Better Enterprise Business Partner Recorded: Apr 10 2014 47 mins
    Standardized service-catalog offerings are an effective way to give cloud consumers instant access to services they want - while still keeping the necessary corporate controls in place.

    Attend this webinar to hear how IT executives can use service catalogs to elevate the business value of cloud-driven enterprise initiatives.
  • Designing a Service Portal from the Outside-In Recorded: Apr 10 2014 49 mins
    A Service Portal is typically a website that hosts service catalogs, request catalogs, related content, feedback methods supporting ideas and complaints, and shopping cart styled order fulfillment procedures. It also acts as the public face of a service business or service provider organization, such as an IT department.

    Traditional IT Service Management initiatives call for some of the elements of a portal to be developed, such as a service catalog, and it’s been habit to design and develop these from the inside-out, from the perspective of the provider, with negative consequences to the customer experience, IT brand image.

    In this presentation we shall explore the approach used by successful service businesses in designing a service portal from the outside-in, from the perspective of the customer, ensuring ease of use and a suitable service experience. Other topics will include:

    - Common mistakes and myths associated with ‘service catalogs’;
    - The functional elements of a service portal and the five design planes;
    - The key concepts of persona, consumer scenario and story in portal design;
    - The role of a ‘service safari’ in understanding the basic needs of customers;
    - How to configure the portal with a knowledge base and request management capability;
    - The organizational consequences of an outside-in approach.
  • Service Catalog: Just Because You Build It, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come Recorded: Apr 10 2014 49 mins
    Do you struggle to get people to use online service catalog? You are not alone! Driving user adoption can be challenging. Today, for many organizations the value of service catalog is elusive and even when implemented successfully, its full value is not realized.

    Join us in this insightful discussion that is sure to help you double your service catalog adoption.
  • Service Catalogue…. The end is nigh? Recorded: Apr 10 2014 46 mins
    A lot of people have said many things about Service Catalogue. But what is the reality? Has the Service Catalogue, as defined by ITIL V3 in 2007, been able to keep up with the demanding, highly tech-savvy, consumerized workforce? As a leading Service Catalogue tool vendor, we see these realities first hand… and we believe the ITIL V3 Service Catalogue is nearing its end!

    This may sound strange coming from a Service Catalogue vendor, but we have seen a definitive shift in focus and we feel this is a game changer. So join Biomni’s CEO Angus Gregory and ITSM commentator Rob England (aka @TheITSkeptic) for a lively debate on what the world’s leading IT organizations are actually implementing and the business value that they are driving for IT and the businesses they support.
  • Getting Started: How to Implement Basic ITIL Request Fulfillment Recorded: Apr 10 2014 45 mins
    In this presentation, Greg Sanker will show you how to go from 'taking tickets' to managing service requests by implementing a basic ITIL Request Fulfillment process in your Service Desk. From personal experience, the presenter will show how basic Request Fulfillment can improve customer service even if you don't have a Service Catalog.
  • A Service Catalogue Can Turn Your Service Desk Into a True Business Partner Recorded: Apr 10 2014 57 mins
    A service catalogue does more than simply list the IT services an organisation provides. It helps IT engage with its customers and build and maintain relationships. It helps to establish boundaries and to set expectations. It helps to transform IT to a service lead organisation. It helps IT to find solutions, contribute to the bottom line and demonstrate business value.

    The service catalogue should be a ‘living’ catalogue where services and support levels can be added and removed as required. Requests for new services, when approved, need to be incorporated into the service catalogue. Listing to the business and its technology needs, now and upcoming, will better align IT with the business, helping the service desk to show real business value and helping to position the service desk as a true business partner.

    To make this happen, alongside the service catalogue should be a detailed plan outlining the Change Management and Request Management process.
  • Policy Management - how to achieve consistent and scalable IT administration Recorded: Apr 10 2014 45 mins
    Join this webinar and learn why consistency is the hallmark of an effective, agile organisation. With thousands of moving parts, ensuring that every user, every system is being managed consistently is critical. This webinar will show you how a best practice IT systems management software effectively defines, manages, applies and enforces IT policies across groups of machines.

    A state-of-the art Policy Management system streamlines the process of creating, setting and remotely applying IT policies to groups of systems across a distributed organisation. Administrators need to be able to view all policies from a single dashboard, customise them and assign them based on organisation, group, machine type, platform or any dynamic view of machines to ensure all systems are in compliance. By automating management by policies and enforcement, administrators can then take immediate action to remediate any system that is not in compliance.
    Benefits of a modern Policy Management system are:

    • Ensure distributed systems are in compliance with IT policies or recurring services
    • Streamline the process of applying and updating policies to multiple machines based on organisation, group, department or dynamic view
    • Achieve greater confidence that distributed systems are secure and in compliance
    • Manage policy enforcement of multiple groups of machines, applying varying and nested policies depending on security risk, business use or service level
    • New machines can automatically inherit policy settings without any intervention
  • The Service Catalog Portal – your window to the customer Recorded: Apr 10 2014 40 mins
    Are you interested in knowing how an online shop is managing the logistics involved in delivering your order in time? Do you order your goods three days later if you see that its status is set to "unavailable"? Do you buy services which are described unclear and nebulous in your private life?

    For many IT organizations, the Service Catalog is just the next CMDB nightmare. Yes, because the CMDB itself is simply a repository of relationships that has minimal value. The true value is in understanding how these relationships impact IT and business services.

    But your Service Catalog Portal is your single point of information for your service customers. So tune in to this webinar as Martin Pscheidl, Chairman of itSMF Austria and Manager of the KPMG IT Advisory helps you see how taking both a bottom-up and top-down approach will help you reach the point which perfectly aligns with what your customer wants and needs.
  • An Agile Approach to the Service Request Catalog Recorded: Apr 9 2014 47 mins
    How do you build a Service Request Catalog with over 100 requests in only a few months? One request at a time!

    Many organizations fail at delivering a Request Catalog because they take on automating all of their requests at once, underestimating the time it takes. An Agile approach to your Request Catalog project will help you get started and keep building momentum until the catalog is ready for release. The key is creating a cycle that enables you to keep defining requests while development is in progress.

    Based on experienced gained through implementing catalog’s for Linium’s customers, this webinar provides you with just that: an approach you can use that leverages Agile development methods and gets your catalog out the door faster than if you tried to do it all at once.
  • What is an IT-as-a-Service Catalog and Why is it a Necessity? Recorded: Apr 9 2014 37 mins
    Creating a service catalog is a critical first step in delivering cloud services and enabling users to order and consume IT services directly. Though a service catalog appears as a list of services to the users, to IT it represents a supply chain of services across various service types, levels, and providers. Organizations must consider a catalog solution that can be flexible to the needs of the business and grow with IT as they adapt to the cloud era.

    Join Gravitant as they outline characteristics and considerations for developing a service catalog. We will walk through what you need to consider when looking for a service catalog solution: automation, flexibility, contract pricing and dynamic catalog options.
  • Three Steps to an Experiential Service Catalogue Recorded: Apr 9 2014 48 mins
    The idea behind the Service Catalogue has been intoxicating for IT organizations. Give people a simple list of services to choose from and then deliver them, lowering costs and increasing efficiency in the process.

    But there is a fundamental flaw in this model. We have entered the “experience age” where customers want much more than a simple order form. They now measure their satisfaction based not solely on simplicity, but on the totality of their experience. In this session, we will explore how customer attitudes and expectations are shifting, the “Four Moments of Truth” in a customer experience and the three ways that you must change your approach to a Service Catalogue to adapt to this future.
  • Plan, Design and Operate Your Service Catalog Recorded: Apr 9 2014 47 mins
    Today many organizations are trying to build service catalogs. Names such as requestable service catalog, actionable service catalog and others have started to appear as projects within many organizations. ITIL gives some guidance but much more is needed.

    In this session, learn the differences and similarities in service catalogs. Also, learn how to plan, design and operate your service catalog for value in Consumerization of your services and managing the Industrialization of the service related to total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI). If you have not started on a service catalog project, this session will be useful for understanding why service catalogs for your practice of IT service management.
  • The Foundation and Future State of Service Catalog Recorded: Apr 9 2014 42 mins
    Forrester’s infrastructure and operations (I&O) team fields hundreds of inquiries every month; it’s through these engagements we track our client’s challenges, interests, and evolution across our various coverage areas. The topics and challenges around the service catalog and service request management varies greatly.

    Tune into this webinar to understand the current state of the service catalog, what the future holds, and how your peers are handling it.
  • Better Service and Tighter Control: Innovations in Service Catalog Recorded: Apr 9 2014 47 mins
    We’ve all witnessed the astonishing evolution of service catalog capabilities over the past few years. Self-service portals for ticketing are increasingly common, and new advancements in automated request management are now emerging, bringing a host of new capabilities and new ways to improve service delivery. In parallel, private and public cloud offerings are becoming mainstream, often bringing specialized catalog portals with them.

    All of these developments create new choices for IT consumers—and new ways for IT to assert relevance, value, and alignment with business priorities. However, IT is still struggling to maintain control. An orchestrated approach to service portfolio management and the service catalog can help IT grab the reins and provide better support to their customers, including demanding lines of business (LoBs).

    Join us for this engaging session where you’ll learn more about the opportunities and the challenges of fast-evolving service catalog capabilities. You’ll also see some practical, real-world examples of how IT can turn service catalog innovations into business advantages.
  • The Truth About the Service Catalog (Panel Session) Recorded: Apr 9 2014 49 mins
    Service, Service Request and the Service Catalog. There has been much confusion surrounding the definition, differences and use of the service catalog. Which is which? Why can't all service requests be part of the catalog?

    In this dynamic panel session, Patrick Bolger, Colin Rudd and Martin Andenmatten will tackle commonly asked questions about the service catalog and give their own opinions based on their many years of experience in ITSM. This will be a very interactive presentation and audience members are encouraged to ask questions throughout the webinar, which will be answered by the experts in real-time.

    If you already have a question in mind, send a tweet with the hashtag #BrightTALKITSM and our presenters will collate before the event and answer them during the debate.
  • Achieve Customer Experience and Business Agility with Unified Service Assurance Recorded: Apr 9 2014 61 mins
    Looking beyond customer retention strategies towards long term customer loyalty, this webinar focuses on achieving end-to-end customer experience, business agility, and operational efficiency by implementing a unified service assurance platform. Agenda includes:

    - Analyst assessment of challenges/benefits with customer-centric service assurance shift
    - Next generation service management platform case study by eircom
    - Unified service assurance delivery challenges, including tools consolidation
    - TCO and business case drivers to lower operations costs and improve CEM & agility
    - Round table Q&A discussion
  • The 3D Service Catalogue for Cloud Computing Recorded: Apr 9 2014 39 mins
    During the last decades, all of us have made many attempts to implement the Service Catalogue according to the ITSM Best Practices. Through our different implementation approaches and the varied results we’ve received, we have discovered that there are many different possibilities for the Service Catalogue.

    With Cloud Computing, having a well-defined Service Catalogue is critical. There are many different service layers, and a successful Service Catalogue will let us compare Self-Hosted Services versus Cloud Computing Services for making decisions as Service Managers. That is where a new Three-Dimensional Service Catalog approach by can be the solution for building better and more affordable Business Services.

    Attend this presentation so that Angel Berniz, Executive Director at can help you discover how to build your very own 3D Service Catalogue.
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