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ITSM Frameworks, Falseworks, and Scaffolding with the former head of ITIL

Join Kaimar Karu, former head of ITIL and lead author of ITIL Practitioner (2016), as he discusses frameworks, falseworks and scaffolding in the concept of ITSM.
Live online Nov 14 1:00 pm UTC
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Kaimar Karu - former head of ITIL and lead author of ITIL Practitioner (2016).
Presentation preview: ITSM Frameworks, Falseworks, and Scaffolding with the former head of ITIL

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  • Future of ITSM: without “IT”, “S” or “TS”? Nov 29 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mark Smalley, the IT Paradigmologist and DASA Global Ambassador
    With all this sexy Digital Transformation, Agile and DevOps stuff going on, good old IT Service Management is in a bit of a rut. Somewhere far from the business in the bureaucratic basement, still waging (un)civil IT wars with their archenemies, the evil developers. The IT Paradigmologist explores three escape routes: enterprise-oriented service management, broader but technology-centric IT management, and user-oriented information management. Or staying put and going digital?
  • Managing IT Services in 2019 Nov 15 2018 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Greg Tucker - Service Management Architect, Ayearon Inc
    By 2019, it has become clear that traditional service management frameworks haven’t kept pace with the industry. Practices that were unproven, but nonetheless widely accepted (if not adopted), have lost the veneer of “good” or “best” practice.

    Meanwhile, new frameworks have been introduced in the last few years that promise to address new challenges and opportunities. What should managers do with these? How far should organizations go to adopt these new practices?

    This presentation will address these questions, and also look at the state of the ITSM tools market at the end of 2018.
  • Three Movements in Service Management: ITSM in 2019 Nov 15 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Dolf van der Haven, Information Security and Quality Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
    Join Dolf van der Haven, Information Security and Quality Manager, at Verizon Enterprise Solutions This webcast as he gives an overview of the three main movements in service management that will have an impact in 2019.

    This webinar will cover the new edition of ISO/IEC 20000-1, VeriSM and the new ITIL 4, and will show the merits of each movement, comparing them and demonstrating that whilst not mutually exclusive, each has their own specific merits.
  • Why You Need ITIL in your Digital Transformation Strategy Nov 15 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    John F McDermott, TIL/ITSM DevOps Customer Simulations, HPE
    ITIL helps you maximize the potential of your digital services and ensures you keep ahead of business demand by giving you a framework of how to adapt your processes, organisation and culture.

    In this session, learn from industry leader John F McDermott of HPE how ITIL can keep you agile, adaptive, and responsive - ensuring you create value and are a pioneering and enabling facilitator of IT and its associated services.
  • Taking a leap into the unknown? A structured approach could soften the landing. Nov 14 2018 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ian Groves, SIAM Professional, SYAMIC
    The purpose of this webinar is to explore how customer service organisations and external advisors, where applicable, can adopt a structured approach to the mapping and visual analysis of existing service and sourcing environments. A key step before speculating on the potential benefits of any service transformation journey.

    As organisations increasingly look towards SIAM as a solution to multi-service vendor integration, SYAMIC introduces a method to help organisations understand the complexity of their current state. Armed with a complete Service Landscape and an assessment of existing capabilities, customers are able to move forward with confidence to develop strategies to deliver a successful SIAM implementation.

    It is essential that organisations must, at all costs, resist the temptation to over simplify their understanding of the “as-is” state in the belief that a new SIAM implementation will overcome all of their existing challenges. There are some things which simply cannot be ignored.

    Therefore, within this webinar we will explore a simple three level framework which provides structure, a common language for customers, advisors and suppliers alike and drives true collaboration across the ecosystem.
  • How to Automate Your IT Organization: Digitize End-to-End IT Delivery Processes Nov 14 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Rob Akershoek, Chair, The Open Group IT4IT Forum
    Your business is becoming more digital, but how digital are your own IT delivery processes? One of the most significant upcoming trends is the radical automation of IT management activities across the entire IT value chain.

    Learn how to create a smart, streamlined and automated IT organization ready to manage the new multi-vendor ecosystem. This presentation provides a complete service automation blueprint (based upon the IT4IT standard from The Open Group) to transform to an agile and automation IT delivery organization.

    This presentation covers all automation capabilities and opportunities to streamline DevOps and Service Management activities such as automated build, test, deploy and monitoring, as well as: self-service and self-help, discovery, AIOps, SecOps, automated event response, data science and analytics.

    Topics discussed:
    - How to design a fully automated IT function?
    - What IT management capabilities can be automated?
    - What is the art of the possible with current automation tools?
    - How do I create a target blueprint for automation framework?
    - What are new trends in IT automation? And how can these new automation options be integrated into your current service management approach such as AI/Machine Learning, ChatBot or virtual agents.
  • ITSM Frameworks, Falseworks, and Scaffolding with the former head of ITIL Nov 14 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Kaimar Karu - former head of ITIL and lead author of ITIL Practitioner (2016).
    Join Kaimar Karu, former head of ITIL and lead author of ITIL Practitioner (2016), as he discusses frameworks, falseworks and scaffolding in the concept of ITSM.
  • Choose your practice, practice your choice! Nov 14 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Simon Dorst, Michelle Major-Goldsmith - Kinetic IT
    As Stephen Covey said “There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles”

    Recent years have seen an explosion of different service management practices, leaving organizations confused about the best way forward. What is the best approach for building a service management model?

    Michelle Major-Goldsmith and Simon Dorst will discuss the basic background, benefits and pitfalls of common ITSM practices like ITIL, SIAM, Agile and VeriSM. Focus will be on a clear distinction of what each of these practices brings to an organisation and provide some advice on both where to start defining a service management model and how to consider integrating the latest best and enabling practices as they evolve.
  • SIAM in the Cloudy world Nov 14 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Steve Morgan - Director, SynaidIT and SIAM-ITSM coach & mentor, and Daniel Breston, Principal Consultant at Virtual Clarity
    You want to benefit from cloud. You want to benefit from Agile, ITSM and DevOps. You want to save money. You create a programme and move your services and applications to some cloudy world. Whether it is hybrid or all someone else’s have you considered the impacted on your overall processes, all of your internal staff, your customers, regulators and suppliers?

    We find that many consider some of these but few look at the entire spectrum. Cloud is a great thing, especially when viewed from the lens of integrating your service with great management (SIAM). Please join Steve Morgan, Director SynaidIT and SIAM-ITSM coach & mentor, and Daniel Breston, Principal Consultant Virtual Clarity & DevOps ITSM blender, as we discuss (argue) the good, bad, great of SIAM in the Cloudy world.
  • ITSM and SecOps: A Critical Intersection Nov 13 2018 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Michael Dortch - DortchonIT.com; Mike Bombard, Virima Technologies; Taylor Lehmann - CISO at Wellforce &Tufts
    IT service management (ITSM) is evolving rapidly as more and more enterprises pursue digital transformation. At the same time, cyber security threats are growing in number, sophistication, and impact on the operations, revenues, and reputations of victimized companies. Meanwhile, at too many companies, service and security management are still operating in separate silos, with cooperation happening only after a threat becomes a successful breach.

    How best to move to a structure in which service and security management are integrated, proactive enablers and accelerators of your business?

    At many companies, this is one of the goals driving an increased focus on security operations, or SecOps. But there are technological, cultural, and organizational challenges to your efforts to bring IT service management and security management closer together.

    Join Industry experts Michael Dortch, Mike Bombard for a stimulating and informative discussion of these challenges and how companies are addressing them successfully. You’ll learn things you can do now to improve both service and security management at your company.
  • Q3 2018 BrightTALK Community Update - IT Service Management Oct 31 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Harriet Jamieson, Content Manager - BrightTALK and Mark Smalley - The IT Paradigmologist
    Discover what's trending in the IT Service Management community on BrightTALK and how you can leverage these insights to drive growth for your company. Learn which topics and technologies are currently top of mind for security professionals and decision makers.
  • Cloud-Based IT Service Management: Where is it going and what do you need to do? Oct 30 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mark O'Loughlin - Managing Director, Cloud Credential Council and Daniel Breston - Principal Consultant, Virtual Clarity
    In recent years the IT landscape and traditional IT model has changed significantly. The fundamental cause of this shift is cloud computing and the latest in digital technologies. New ways of working such as DevOps, Lean and Agile are now being used to achieve the scalability, flexibility and innovation provided by the cloud model and digital technologies. However, it is very evident that many organisations and IT professionals still do not know the basic fundamentals of cloud or digital.

    If the IT Service Management (ITSM) community want to remain relevant in today’s new IT landscape they need to fully understand what cloud is and become leaders and trusted advisors in their organisation an all matters relating to cloud and digital.

    Join leading ITSM and Digital experts, Mark O’Loughlin and Daniel Breston, as they discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by IT Service Management in relation to Cloud and Digital Technologies
  • Q&T SIG Talk Series - Combining LeanFT w/ Selenium & Leveraging LeanFT Recorded: Sep 11 2018 62 mins
    Daniel Horn, Jonathon Wright
    SIG Talk: Quality & Testing - LeanFT: How to Combine with Existing Selenium & How It Enables Intelligent Automation (Complete Edition)

    Another exciting Quality and Testing SIG Talk focused around Micro Focus LeanFT will feature speakers from Germany and the United Kingdom. Both of these experts will share their knowledge and experience with Micro Focus LeanFT and how it can be combined with your existing Selenium test automation as well as how it can enable Intelligent Automation (IA).

    Speaker: Daniel Horn
    Combining Micro Focus LeanFT with your Existing Selenium Test Automation: Based on current market disruptors, we want to give an Introduction into Micro Focus LeanFT. Starting with a short Comparison of LeanFT and Selenium, the main topic will be the integration of LeanFT into existing Selenium solutions. At the end, we will give a few guidelines and ideas for using LeanFT in your projects.

    Speaker: Jonathon Wright
    Enterprise AIOps – Augmented Intelligence – Leveraging Micro Focus LeanFT to enable Intelligent Automation (IA): The dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upon us. Is your favorite test harness up to the job of testing AI platforms like Graph-based ML or Computer Vision? How can you practically start your journey towards Enterprise AIOps? Leveraging Micro Focus LeanFT to enable Intelligent Automation across Functional API, along with Security and Performance testing utilizing microcontainerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, will help you achieve enterprise grade cognitive adaptive testing.
  • Mentoring for Success! A cost efficient and trusted solution Recorded: Aug 23 2018 61 mins
    Kat Turner, Education Portfolio Manager, ITSM Zone
    What is mentoring? What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring? Is mentoring relevant to my organization? What are the strategies and benefits?

    Mentoring is a cost efficient and trusted solution to many of the problems surrounding communication and staff development within an organization.

    All new members of staff, regardless of seniority, should have an appointed mentor to assist in the induction process; the need for ongoing support with all aspects of practice is particularly important for success and happiness!

    This session will seek to debunk the confusion and uncertainty that often surrounds a developmental mentoring role, outlining clearly the responsibilities of the mentor and mentee and highlighting what is to be avoided. Coaching techniques and their appropriateness will be investigated, alongside how to apply these in an agile environment, finishing with strategies on how to embed a mentoring scheme and the benefits for individuals, team and organization!
  • [Panel] Women in ITSM: Opportunities, Lessons, Challenges and Advice Recorded: Aug 15 2018 61 mins
    Claire Agutter, Simone Jo Moore, Sally Bogg, Elisabeth Thomas, Andrea Kis
    Join Claire Agutter, Simone Jo Moore, Sally Bogg, Elisabeth Thomas and Andrea Kisfor an open, honest discussion about the opportunities, lessons and challenges found in a career in ITSM. From entering the industry, to forging a career and making a difference, this one-off panel discussion will explore all facets of being a woman in ITSM in 2018.
  • Q&T SIG Talk Series Ep. 19: Telemetry: Success for Agile, DevOps and SRE Recorded: Aug 14 2018 74 mins
    Todd DeCapua
    Telemetry: The essential ingredient to success with Agile, DevOps and SRE:

    Measurements, metrics and telemetry enable teams and organizations to deliver successful results with Agile, DevOps and SRE; in order to achieve speed, quality and automation targets with built-in performance, security and resiliency.
  • The Chicken and the Robot or: Why AI is not going to take over the world Recorded: Aug 9 2018 39 mins
    Dolf J.H. van der Haven - Quality and Information Security Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
    There is a considerable hype about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on humanity. For some, it is the best thing since sliced bread, bringing eternal leisure and world peace; for others, it is doomsday accelerated, where humanity will either become extinct and machines take over the world or it becomes slaves to the robots.

    In this presentation, we will cover an overview of what AI’s capabilities are today, where it may lead us, and what we need to take into consideration in service management of AI. Furthermore, we will present a service management model that shows realistic perspectives on what AI’s capabilities can and cannot be. This leads to conclusions about whether AI is a threat to humanity or not.

    This is a rescheduled webcast due to technical issues with the first attempt.
  • 7 Reasons Why Value Stream Integration Improves SW Quality Assurance Recorded: Jul 25 2018 56 mins
    Matt Angerer
    In this presentation, we break down 7 key reasons why VSI will inherently improve the effectiveness of your QA and Testing practice. Inspired by Matt Angerer’s trials and tribulations as a Program Testing Consultant for over 8 vertical markets and 10 end-to-end SAP implementations, this presentation is a no-nonsense action-packed roadmap to understanding VSI, but to also apply it immediately for lasting results.
  • Q & T SIG Talk Series - Jenkins & Continuous Integration [Complete Edition] Recorded: Jul 24 2018 67 mins
    Richard Bishop, Chris Trimper
    Quality and Testing SIG Talk Series - Automation with Jenkins and Continuous Integration [Complete Edition]

    This SIG talk features two Vivit Board members, Richard Bishop and Chris Trimper. They will share their expertise and knowledge about automation with Jenkins and Continuous Integration.

    Shown below is an outline of the agenda and topics:

    Speaker: Richard Bishop
    Automating UFT, LoadRunner and Performance Center tests using Jenkins: Richard is a test specialist at Lloyds Banking Group in the UK and in recent years has helped test teams to adopt automated approaches to testing. In a shortened version of his recent presentation at the Micro Focus Universe conference in Monaco, Richard will demonstrate the use of Jenkins as an orchestrater for Micro Focus ADM tools including UFT, LoadRunner and Performance Center. There will be opportunities for Q&A and discussion of the approach that he has used.

    Speaker: Chris Trimper
    Preparing functional test automation for Continuous Integration
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  • Title: ITSM Frameworks, Falseworks, and Scaffolding with the former head of ITIL
  • Live at: Nov 14 2018 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kaimar Karu - former head of ITIL and lead author of ITIL Practitioner (2016).
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